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Hello everyone I'm Wanderer23432 (Or just Wanderer for short)! I write fanfcs for basically any manga I'm currently into, and will post them when and if I feel they are good enough for public reading. Right now I'm really into D. Gray-man so expect to plenty of content from there. Right now my main focus is on my first story Shadow of Madness, but I will write and publish stories when I get a good idea. So until then enjoy whatever I have up!


On Hiatus again, sorry about that, life's gotten in the way but I'm trying to get the next chapter out. Please bear with me as I work on it.

Betrayal of Madness chapter 7 release date: N/A

Betrayal of Madness progress: 20%

Unnamed sequel of Shadow of Madness. I am leaving out any details about this one due to major spoilers to Shadow of Madness

Story news

Birth of Madness is on a temporary hiatus as I am not currently happy with how it is going. It WILL be continued, I just need to work some things out with the story.

Upcoming stories

Shadow of Madness-Extra Stories: Just a series of one-shot chapters that take place during the main story. Basically it will be a "happening at the same time" kind of story. One-shots will be varied.

OC (Main Character) Quick Bio

Name: Matt Kamelot

Age: 18 (Beginging of Shadow of Madness)

22 (Currently)


Sheril Kamelot- Adoptive father

Tricia Kamelot-Adoptive mother

Road Kamelot- Adoptive sister

Tyki Mikk- Adoptive uncle

Wisely- Adoptive brother-deceased

"Mother"-(biological mother, real name unknown. She was killed by Matt on his 10th birthday when he first began to awaken)

Date of Birth: February 29

Height: 5ft 10in (180.34 cm)

Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)

Nationality: American

Affiliation: Clan of Noah

Apostle Memories: 15th Apostle the Noah of Madness (aka Majnun)

Cursed Arm: Due to an injury sustained by Winters Socalo, Matt's left arm had innocence enter his arm. Due to a parasitic aura that later surrounded (and now is gone) Matt's arm has tuend pitch black. A dark red cross, where Matt was injured, represents the sealed innocence in his arm. If the seal were to ever break, the innocence would exocise the Noah within Matt. Matt's arm is now seemingly indestructable and now is unable to destroy innocence. This is speculated to be a result of both the now destroyed parasitic aura and the innocence that still resides in his arm. However, there are many mysteries about the arm that Matt has yet to discover.

Insanity: This is when Matt loses his mind. When this occurs Matt loses control of all rational thinking. Because of this he loses recognition of friend and foe making everyone around him a potenial target. Matt also feels no pain when he has lost control which means he will continue to fight until his body literally ceases to function. When he has lost control his Madness Aura becomes a twisted aura and cna be shot out of Matt's hand like a cannon that explodes on contact.

Cursed Eye: After losing control Matt awoken to find that his left eye was completely black. It is a grim reminder to Matt, who has no recolection of what he did, of his mistakes. The eye has the ability to see the natural aura of anything that doesn't have dark matte. Meaning he cannot see the aura of akuma, Skulls, or Noah. He can focus more on the auras when he closes his right eye, but cannot see auras once he closes or covers his left eye.

Relations with other Characters

Road Kamelot-Road was the first Noah, after the Earl, that Matt ever met. Road has been a very supportive person to Matt who helped Matt out of his depression after he had jopined the Noah. Ever since Matt and Road have been very close. This closeness is shown by their constant teasing and torturing of one another. However despite this Matt cares very deeply for Road, much like the rest of his family, and has shown that he was willing to sacrifice himself so that Road would be safe. Also, because Road has entered Matt's mind twice, they share smothing of a mental link with eachother. This has been shown when Road had summoned her door to Matt without Matt ever needing to say anything, or even been in the same area. Despite having a close bond with Road, Matt has only seen Road as a sister. Road and Matt tend to play games with eachother to pass the time. Their favorite game is a game of chase, where Matt chases down Road, Matt wins if he manages to pin Road to the ground while all Road has to do is evade Matt until Matt gives up. This game has can last for potentially hours as neither really wants to lose.

Tyki Mikk-Tyki was the one who trained Matt for years as he began to awaken as a Noah, because of the fact that Matt was a Noah all of his life (though didn't begin to awaken until 10) Matt had very little control of his powers. Thanks to Tyki though, Matt slowly began to improve. Matt looks up to Tyki as a rolemodel of sorts. Today, Matt tries to emulate Tyki's calm and collected personality when fighting as he feels that this is the best way to fight. One of Matt's most prized possessions is one of Tyki's top hats that he gave Matt when he was very young.

Sheril Kamelot-Despite being Matt's adopted father, Matt early on had mix feeling towards Sheril. He always came off as a strange man, and it sometimes embarrassed Matt when Sheril called Matt his son. There was one thing however that Sheril gave Matt that he never really had before, and that was a father. So Matt was very appreciative of that. However, as Matt grew up and eventually left the Kamelot Mansion to live ion the Ark, matt stopped seeing Sheril as his father. However this would change as Matt rejoined the family. Matt has always felt that for the most part, Sheril was to immature at times to be a good father, though he admits that Sheril does have his moments. Sheril is someone Matt trusts and feels comfortable talking to about pretty much anything.

Tricia Kamelot-Tricia is probably one of the very few people that isn't a Noah that Matt truelly cares about. Tricia has effectivly filled the void that Matt had after he killed his real mother, and Matt has since grown to truelly care for her as his mother. Though it does pain him that he can't let Tricia know about him being a Noah, he does not want her to find out so that she can stay out of harms way. The last thing Matt wants is to lose another mother,and for it to once again be his fault.

Wisely-Though Matt and Wisely lived in the Kamelot house for a short time together, Matt truelly cared for him as if another member if the family. That is why Wisely's death came a such a burden to Matt, as Matt still blames himself for Wisely's death, even though everyone has told him it was not his fault.

Lulubell-Originally, Matt had a lot of respect for Lulubell, he loved her loyalty to the Earl and aspired to be as loyal as her someday. However, that aspiration and respect quickly disappeared when Lulubell used him as a distraction without Matt's permission (pushed him off a cliff). Now Matt has a great hatred towards Lulubell. He felt that his trust was betrayed and because of that swears that he will never trust her again.

Millennium Earl-Matt serves the Earl, while he sometimes questions the Earl's decisions he will always carry out his orders. He has great respect for the Earl and is very loyal.

Liza Akuma-It has been revealed that Liza is a Noah that Matt trusts very much. It is shown that he has not seen her for quite some time and does wish to see her agian at some point. The two have been close friends since Liza first awakened as a Noah.

Lily-Lily is Matt's personal akuma, created and programed to only follow Matt. However Lily does have free will to listen to others. The soul that controls the akuma is that of a 6 year old child who was brought back after her twin sister tried to bring her back to life, because of Matt. Lily is extremely fond of Matt, as shown by her only really calling him 'daddy' though he has no idea why she calls him that. Matt is also very fond of the little akuma, he had an attachment for the akuma the moment he created it, though this could be because of several reasons. However, this has not stopped Matt from caring for the tiny akuma. Despite the fact that he knows that she can take care of herself in battle he will usually try to keep her as far away from the main battle as he can so that no harm can come to her. Lily is what Matt call's an "organic" akuma, meaning that instead of looking like a machine, the akuma in it's true form looks and feels like a real creature rather than a machine.

Jynx-Jynx is the second of Matt's personal akuma. Like Lily she is completely devoted to Matt. The appearance of Jynx is an attactive 18 year old, and the soul is that of her best friend. Similar to Lily, Jynx calls Matt "master" though Matt still does not understand why that is. The other members of the Kamelot family have poked fun at the fact that Matt's newest akuma is in fact another female, though Matt insists that it was not his choice, which it wasn't. Jynx is extremely fond of Matt and he treats her the same as Lily. Jynx's true form is that of a Black Panther but her abilities have not yet developed due to only just being created.

Allen Walker-Matt met Allen Walker in France along with Lenalee, at the time however, Allen did not know that Matt was a Noah and the two seemed to get along fairly well, despite only meeting twice in total befroe Allen found out. It wasn't until Matt attacked the old Headquarters (recently following Lulubell's attack) Matt finally revealed himself to be a Noah. However, despite being enemies Matt still liked Allen and decided to search for Allen after he escaped the Order and refused the Noah's offer to join them. Matt had hoped to convince Allen to join the Noah as he did not want to fight against another Noah. He tried to convince him in Cairo, but to no avail. Now, Matt is furious and confused to why Allen has rejoined the Order. He is mad because he feels that Allen is betraying his true family, and confused that he is rejoining those whom ho doesn't want hurt but just being there increases that chance. Still, Matt does wish to be friends but so long as they are enemies that can never become a reality.

Lenalee-Lenalee also met Matt in France with Allen and is one of 2 exorcists (including Allen) that Matt would wish to be friends with. Despite this, Matt and Lenalee have fought many times on various battlefields. Because Lenalee was usually faster than Matt she would normally have the advantage. However as Matt's power increased he has been able to fight her equally and keep up with her at times. However even though Matt has been able to kill her in a few situations Matt has chosen not to kill her. Matt himself is not sure why he does but he beleives it to be a sentimental hope that perhaps they could be friends...one day.

Noah Abilities

Earth Manipulation: Allows Matt to manipulate the earth. Prefers creating stone slabs for defensive abilities, and spikes for weapons. He can also manipulate sand. It is unknown if he can manipulate liquids or ice.

Illusions/Madness: Left eye changes color, allows Matt to vanish and reappear at will. So far no one has been able to detect his movements. He can also create elemental clones, though they are extremely fragile and he can only make 1 at a time.

Elemental Armor: A layer of earth forms around Matt's body that reduces some to all damage depending on how Matt concentrates the elements however, he has shown that he can completely stop attacks with the armor, but it takes extreme precision on Matt's part to where he needs to concentrate his armor. It is shown that the armor is only as effective as the type of earth he uses. For example stone armor is stronger than sand armor. He can also use the earth surrounding him to create weapons from his body. He is also capable of creating spike projectiles from the palm of his right hand. Due to the cursed arm, it appears that the armor no longer forms around his left arm, therefore can no longer transform into a weapon.

Awakened Noah Abilities

In this form Matt's appearace changes. Both of his eyes color turn from gold to red and the whites of his eyes turn black. He also grows demonic wings and two Madness aura arms can be formed from his back (they can appear and disappear).

Advanced Illusions/Madness: Matt's illusions become far more powerful, his clones become more powerful and can create multiple clones at once.

Mind Destruction: Madness is infected into an opponent and depending on what Matt chooses will either drive the person insane or destroy their mind completely. Matt must have contact with the person in order to work.

Madness aura: Seen as two massive pitch black arms on Matt's back. They can attack and defend Matt at great, but still restricted range. They are essentially two additional arms.

Zettai-tekina Kyoki (Absolute Madness)-Ultimate Form

In this form, Matt abandons all of his earth manipulation, replacing it with total madness and the virtually infininte power that it possesses. In short, Matt takes the madness from within his mind and has it manifest it into reality. However, because virtually all of this power is meant for attack, Matt is left with almost no defensive abilities.

Kyoki no Kage (Shadow of Madness): Matt's Madness Aura spread's out across the ground over a large area. Matt can attack anything within the aura by creaing anything that he wills. (attacks he has used will be listed below)

Chains of Madness- Aura chains come out out of the ground and wrap around an opponent. These chains are made up of Matt's Madness aura and cannot be broken easily.

Crushing Madness- Any aura that is on an opponent is retracted back into Kyoki no Kage. Anything that the Madness Aura is touching is ripped apart.

Consuming Madness: Matt is now able to use his Mind destruction ability simply by making eye contact.

Enhanced Speed: Because Zettai-tekina Kyoki is a primarily offensive form, Matt can move at extremely high speed. His speed is shown to rival Lenalee's dark boots.

Increased Strength: Because Zettai-tekina Kyoki is a primarily offensive form, Matt's strength has greatly increased. However the extent of that strength has not been determined yet.

Madness Clones level 1: Esentially, these are faceless zombies that are made from Kyoki no Kage, however they appear to be more 'alive' than the clones created in his Noah/awakened form. they are capable of high speed regeneration and their size can vary, however, the bigger they are the harder they are to control. Majnun, when in control, has shown that these clones are capable of detonating, causing large explosions. Matt has now proven that he can also now detonate the clones.

Madness Clones level 3: These are more advenced clones that take the appearance if Matt. They are shown to have the same speed as Matt and are difficult to take down. (Only Majnun has used this ability)

Invulnerability: For a brief moment Matt can compress all of his aura around him in an instant making all attacks against him do no damage at all. However, the instant he deflects an attack(s) he cannot use this ability for a short amount of time leaving him extremely vulnerable.

Madness Wave: Matt creates a single, highly destructive wave of Madness Aura that arcs out over a short distance. They can be created very quickly. If Matt concentrates the Aura before shooting it, the wave becomes 10 times as destructive.

Madness Shockwave: Matt concentrates his aura into a ring around him. When he releases the aura it expands ata a rapid rate causing hheavy damage to the surrounding area. The blast from the shockwave can be felt from a great distance away and still packs enough force to knock people down. (Only Majnun has used this ability)

Madness Scream: This ability uses up a large amount of energy. In doing so Matt is able to emit a high pitch screech from his Madness Aura. When doing so, the volume of the screech increases. The louder it gets the more people are affected by it. When it begins to reach maximum volume the screech begins to resonate and echo which can paralyze both human and akuma alike. At maximum volume the screech then become destructive capable of destroying the ground and buildings. This ability has a heavy price because when Matt uses this ability he becomes drained of energy to the point where he can barely move. This ability can also kill Matt if used for to long.

Death Ball: Matt's ultimate attack, the death ball as Matt calls it is concentrated Madness Aura that explodes on contact. Despite it being his strongest attack by far Matt still has yet to fully master this ability. However, even in it's early stages the death ball has the ability to cause massive destruction. Full power is rumored to cause catastrophic damage.


Age: 6 (human appearance), 2 (as an akuma)

Height: 3ft (91cm)

Akuma type: Organic akuma

Akuma form: Dragon

Personality: Lily is an extremely shy girl. Usually when meeting new people she will usually end up hiding behind Matt in order to feel safe. Being one of Matt's akuma, she has a strict and very strong sense of loyalty to him and will do anything he asks without a second guess. Though she will listen to other Noahs she will ultimatly obey Matt's orders over any other. Other than that, Lily usually acts like a normal child.


Age: 18 (human appearance)

Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm)

Akuma type: Organic Akuma

Akuma form: Black Panther

Personality: Jynx was originally a split personality but quickly after her creation took complete control over the host body leaving only her. Jynx is a very plesant girl though she sometimes has a habit of not thinking things through very well which leads to her constanly embarrassing Matt. Jynx is extremely loyal to Matt though sometimes that loyalty translates to strong affections towards Matt. Matt doesn't personally like the attention but accepts it as part of who she is. Because of her loyalty, Jynx stays by Matt's side as much as she can.

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