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So, I love to read & write.

Isn't that why were all here?

My name is Kelsey, But you can call me Gummy Bear, Happy Pants or Kevin. Don't ask why my friends call me that because I'm not sure. :). Friends do silly things.

I mainly joined this site to read and review fan fictions but I might eventually write something.

Now, I'm gonna tell you ten random things about myself that no one cares about! YAY!

1. My favorite food is the potato because you can make potato chips, baked potatoes, and, of course, FRENCH FRIES from it. Let's all give the potato a round of applause!

2. I'm in love with Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Beyond Birthday and L Lawliet. (:

3. I mostly listen to alternative music like Green Day, Linkin Park, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Smash Mouth and Weezer.

4. I have blister scars on my feet. I wore flip flops to a football game three years ago and I still have the outline from the blisters. They don't hurt, but their there. They scare me. :O

5. I can't watch horror movies. I was so scared of Chuckie (From Child's Play) when I was five that I had to sleep in my moms bed for a whole year. I was convinced he was going to come and slit my throat with a knife. *Shiver*

6. I love my friends with all my heart. True friends are always there for you, don't take them for granted. Ever.

7. I swear... a lot. I can't go two minutes without saying at least one cuss word. Seriously, my friends and I have timed it. It's a sickness. xD.

8. I'm a ginger and one of my best friends is a ginger. We have special ginger ESP.

9. I would die without my computer.

10. I just told you nine stupid things about me, this is the tenth.(:

Like most people do on there profiles, I'll tell you about all the parings I ship even though no one cares! Yay!

Harry Potter


DracoxPansy - Their meant for each other! Don't try denying it! I also don't understand why everyone makes her out to be a whore. She's bitchy and mean but I don't think J.K Rowlings ever said ANYTHING about her being even remotely slutty.

DracoxAstoria - I like this pairing because you can do whatever you want with it. The Harry Potter readers know absolutely nothing about Astoria other then that she's a pure-blood. It gives you the ability to be creative without people calling it OOC. Thumbs up for creativity!

HarryxLuna - This pairing makes me giggle. I love Luna with practically anyone, she's just so awesome! I think her and Harry are just adorable together! When Luna held hands with Harry in Order of the Phoenix I literally squealed. My friends gave me the weirdest looks. I wrote a fan fiction about them, huns. It's down there. It's called Seeing With the Heart and it's not very good... but you should read it anyway.(;

TomxHermione - Even though I love Tom with practically anyone, I think him and Hermione are a perfect match! It's so angsty and kind of frightning that I just can't look away! I do, however, think that she is meant to be with Ron.(:

TomxGinny - I don't like Ginny with anyone except Tom. She's just so annoying with everyone else that it makes me want to rip my hair out. I hate how all of the sudden Harry is in love with her in The Half-Blood prince when he barely paid attention to her in Order of the Phoenix. it just feels rushed. For some reason I think she's adorable with Tom. Go figure.

TomxOC - I personally love OC's if their well written. If you can't tell, I basically love young Voldy with practically anyone. Oh the pain and angst!

SeverusxLily - They belong together! She was his only love! It's so freaking cute! I've loved Snape ever since the first book and my friend loves him so much she calls him her "Sexy Beast." Hehe. Anyway, I think he's ten times better than James and that if he wouldn't have called Lily a Mud-Blood she would have picked him over that stupid, arrogant, annoying, cocky jerk. If you can't already tell, I HATE JAMES POTTER.

RemusxSirius - I don't really like Sirius *Hides from rabid Sirius fan girls* but I think he's really cute with Remus! I'm seriously in love with Remus. Like, I want to have his babies. Okay, I'm kidding about the babies part, but he totally rocks. I also like making fun of his big nose in the movies. It's like a freaking lumpy tomato! Hehe. I wanna poke it! Anyway, together, these two Marauders are super awesome.

DracoxHarry - Oh, the hate! Oh, the angst! Oh, the passion! I think it's totally unrealistic that those two felt anything other then hate for each other but you can't deny that their drop dead sexy together. Can I get an amen?

RonxHermione - This might be the only canon pairing I ship other then Draco and Astoria... Wow. I just love their relationship. It's so awkward that it's adorable. ^.^


JamesxLily - Just typing it pisses me off! James is so annoying! I can read any pairing in all of fan fiction except this one. Don't ask me why, I just can't. GAH!

DracoxHermione - Wow, I really hate a lot of popular pairings. I think this is even more realistic then Draco and Harry, but to the point where it's just stupid and ridiculous. Hermione is Ron's soulmate even if he can be dreadfully annoying. *Runs and hides from angry Dramione shippers.*

GinnyxHarry - Wow, another popular pairing I dislike. As much as I like the idea of the girl who crushed on a boy all her life finally getting him in the end I don't think Ginny and Harry are really good for each other. I use to not mind it that much until my friend polluted my mind with her Ginny hate. She has a "Ginny Bashing Club" and everything. She called her a whore. A lot. I don't think she is, I just don't like the paring. Larry (LL-HP) FTW! ;D

HarryxCho - Just... no. *Shivers*

Death Note...


LightxL - I honestly don't know a single Death Note fan who doesn't enjoy this pairing. It's just... too awesome for words.

LxBB - A jam loving serial killer. A detective with a love for sweets and a foot fetish. Need I say more?

MelloxNear - Don't shoot me! I don't know why... it's like a drug... and I CAN'T STOP! Help me, please! D;

MisaxLight - I do not hate Misa at all. I actually kind of love her. I don't think she's stupid either. Yeah, stupid enough to fall for Light's tricks, but not generally stupid. I believe in the two Misa's theory. There is Misa-Misa who's all bubbly and smily and then theires Misa Amane who's tortured, unloved and in love with an evil God-Like dude who will never love her back. Oh, the angst!

LxOC - Like I said, I don't hate OC's. I really like them. Even though there are way too many of these I can't help but read every single one I see.

BBxOC - Same as my explanation for L. I just love it so much! ^.^

AxBB - I like femA the best. I think that A was a girl and she always will be to me. I also think that she and BB were best friends and the reason BB snapped was because of her suicide. That's just my opinion. I wrote a fan fiction about these guys! It's below V. It's angstyfluffy! Read it, it's called Our Special Place.

AiberxWedy - There needs to be more of this! I discussed the awesomeness that is this couple with the totally amazing 'Miss Bright'. Besides the fact that Aiber is married, they'd make the cutest couple and their personalities just fit well. This couples name has been dubbed WAIBER. and WAIBER sounds all kinds of awesome sauce.(:

MelloxWatari - Inside joke. xD. We all know that Watari is a homosexual cougar with a thing for hot, blonde boys with long hair and leather fetishes. This couple is also all kinds of awesome sauce and dayum sexy, am I right?(;


Nothing really...

Tokyo Mew Mew...


KishxIchigo - I always spell her name wrong! I had to look up how you spell it. xD. Anyway, I don't see how anyone couldn't totally love Kish. He's just... amazing. Ichigo is freaking hilarious. Together, their freaking hilarious AND angsty. AT THE SAME TIME. Let's just say that my mind was blown.(:

KishxMint - Don't ask. I just like them together. I haven't really read any good fan fictions about them yet. Maybe I'll write one...

LettucexRyou - I think Ryou is so dreamy that it burns and Lettuce is so shy and sweet that it's adorable. They just go together. Simple.

PuddingxTart - Too... Cute... Must... Look... Away...


IchigoxMasaya - Oh, gag me with a spoon! Disgusting!



JessexRachel - I love Jesse St. James. He's sexy, a great singer and such a d-bag that it's hilarious. I'm currently writing a St. Berry AU fiction about what would happend if Rachel was a member of Vocal Adrenaline instead of New Directions. Hmm, interesting.(;

KurtxBlaine - It's like a rash. It infects you when you're least expecting it and you just can't stop reading it! Klaine is by far the cutest couple I've ever seen. Plus, Blaine is hot and Kurt is totally gorgeous.(;

QuinnxJesse - Their just so similar...

SamxMercedes - As soon as I saw it on the season finale I was like "I'll ship that!" Mercedes needs a man and Sam is just plain awesome with his stupid impressions and Bieber hair. Cute to the max!

KurtxKarfosky - Even if I'm a firm supporter of Klaine, I'll read a couple fictions about Kurt and Karfosky. I feel bad for poor David and think that he needs someone to except him.


RachelxFinn - I don't really like Finn, he kind of annoys me. He's so indecisive! It's hard to keep track of how many times he switches between loving Quinn and Rachel. He's hurt Rachel a lot and in the end no matter what he says he always goes back to Quinn. WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE QUINN?!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians...


LukexThalia - I haven't read past the second book yet *SHAME, But I do really like the idea of Thalia and Luke falling in love on their little adventure to Half-Blood hill. I also think Thalia is amazingly brave to sacrifice herself to save both Annabeth and Luke. Silly Luke had to go and turn all evil... *Sigh*

LukexAnnabeth - I just really like Luke, okay? I know everyone loves Percy and Annabeth but I've never been one to agree with canon. Percebeth is cute, but I think whatever Luke and Annabeth's couple name is cuter. (; . I also think that the little crush Annabeth has on Luke in the first book is just so adorable!


Nothing really... Maybe Percebeth just because I like Luke and Annabeth so much? Don't shoot me!

Wow, if you made it this far then you must really like me,(:

I think I might cry!

So, Stories I currently have up are...

The Art of Seducing Zoo Animals - This is my comic relief while I'm working on my GIANT story for fiction press. It's about a bitchy, sarcastic Mary-Sue in training being sent into the Death Note fandom to from a love triangle between Light and L by an eleven year old troll. I guess it's going to be pretty long but the updates will be sporadic since it's not really a priority. I hope you guys like it and it makes you laugh at least a little bit!

Seeing With Your Heart - My first story and my first one-shot. It's Larry (LunaxHarry) and I think it's... okay? I'm not very proud of it but it was my first piece for fan fiction and I think it's good for my first try. I fully support LARRY! LARRY FTW! It's about Luna dressing up as Santa and getting caught with Harry under the mistletoe. SPICY! ...Not really.

Losing Your Innocence - My first shot at a freeverse from when I was around eleven years old. It's not very good, not near as good as most of those WONDERFUL freeverses out there in the fan fiction universe, but it's okay. It's about Luna's thoughts after the war. If you can't tell, Luna's probably my favorite HP character next to Draco and Snape.

Our Special Place - I actually REALLY like the beginning of this piece. I like the idea of Beyond Birthday being somewhat innocent before A's suicide. Mainly, this one-shot is about the three times Beyond visited the graveyard. It's kind of choppy and rushed at some points but I'm proud of it.

Future stories...

Monster in my Closet - It's a Death Note fan fiction, BBxOC. I got the idea one night when I wasn't sleeping well and every time I moved my bed made this weird creaking noise. It kinda sounded like really scary laughter. I thought about how Beyond laughs a lot and how he's a serial killer and was like "WTF OMG BB IS UNDER MY BED AND HE GONNA SLIT MY THROAT!" and then I realized there's no way he could fit under my bed since the space is so small so I was like "HE'S IN MY CLOSET!" and this kinda came up. It might exsist in the near or distant future.

Beat of My Heart - The title is still pending. It's an AU Degrassi fan fiction about if Degrassi was a school for the musically gifted that I was inspired to write after I realized that almost everyone who goes to Degrassi has some kind of musical ability. Craig, Marco, Spinner, Jimmy, Ashley, Paige, Peter, Sav, Drew and now Jenna. It's weird because at my school no one has a music bone in their body. All the students that were ever on Degrassi Next Gen. will all be going to school at the same time. So, if I wanted to, Eli could bang... Liberty or somthing? * Shiver * No thanks. The main couples are probably going to be EClare, Fadam, Drianca, Flare, Dolly J, Sanya and SEMMA! I love Semma!

Hehe, I saw it and wanted to see what I got,(:

Opening Credits: Move Along by All American Rejects

Waking Up: Me Against the Music by Britney Spears ( I do dance to a lot of Britney Spears when I get up in the morning...)

First Day At School: Summerboy by Lady Gaga (That's ironic... my first day of school is a song about SUMMER)

Falling In Love: MoneyGrabber by Fitz & The Tantrums (Imma be in love with a gold digga! O: )

Fight Song: That Green Gentleman ( Things Have Changed For Me ) by Panic! At the Disco

Breaking Up: My Prerogative by Britney Spears

Prom night: Dinosaur by Ke$ha (HAHAHAH!)

Life: Bulletproof Love by Piece the Veil

Mental Breakdown: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield (xD)

Driving: Human by The Killers

Getting back together: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Wedding: Blind by Ke$ha

Birth of Child: Bigcitydreams by NeverShoutNever!

Final Battle: P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson (Because I'll be a P.Y.T when I'm covered in blood...)

Death Scene: All the Right Moves by OneRepublic (I'm DEAD, I clearly did not use 'All The Right Moves')

Funeral: Dancing With Tears in My Eyes by Ke$ha

Final Credits: Hips Don't Lie by Shakira (...)

Well, I'm really bored writing. I'm gonna go read some fan fiction! YAY! ;D



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