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TheModernMarauders is a group account managed by three writers. We are known on this site as fancyacupoftea , psychoticphoenix, and Salver. The stories that are (and will be) posted on this account are all products of collaborations among the three of us, so differences in writing style may be evident, but we will try hard to control them and keep them to a minimum to ascertain consistency in our fics.

Sitting In A Tree is currently the only collaboration fic we are working on, a product of our penchant for hilarity whenever we are put together. Originally published in 2011, we have decided to make major changes and modifications to SIAT before moving on with writing it, all because we want to give our readers something with proper consistency while still preserving the original quality that the readers have come to appreciate. It has been on (an unintended) hiatus since our last update more than a year ago, and just recently we have decided to pick it up and work on it once more. Thus, as of May 29, 2013, previously posted chapters SIAT will be undergoing major modifications.

There are three major OC's (one for each of us) who are main characters in our story, Sitting In A Tree. They are all separately introduced in individual fics published on our own accounts, along with some supporting characters (also OCs) who also make appearances in SIAT.

Vienne Zabini was introduced in fancyacupoftea's Vienne Zabini.

Isabelle Van Doren was introduced in psychoticphoenix's Miss Van Doren. Also introduced in this story was Antoinette Montesquieu. Antoinette is one of the major characters in SIAT, in contrast with her supporting role in MVD.

Nixxy Nott is introduced in Salver's Love, Magic, and Mischief. She was portrayed as a Slytherin in that fic, but in SIAT, she is a Gryffindor.

While the OCs are introduced individually in those fics, SIAT is not fully consistent with some of the story lines that have already been established in them (e.g. Nixxy's house, love interests, etc.), so for all intents and purposes, as a story, SIAT stands alone.

NOTE: As of May 2013, all of the individual OC fics on our accounts are on indefinite hiatus, due to each of our own schoolwork (not Hogwarts, unfortunately), other fics we are writing, and mainly our individual writer's blocks. Because of this, we have decided to instead expand their characters in the modified version of SIAT, so as to introduce them properly, even without having to read the original individual OC fics. And also to support SIAT as a stand alone.

A WHIMSICAL THOUGHT: One day circumstances may change and we might rewrite our individual fics with the intention of manipulating the events in them to eventually culminate to where SIAT kicks off, but that will need a lot of work (and we also want our own characters to grow in our own stories, independent of the circumstances in SIAT), so don't expect it anytime soon. Anyways, they're on hiatus, so as far as we're all concerned, this is the only relevant story right now that features these OCs. xD

Thanks a bunch, you lot! :D

With love,

The Modern Marauders

Sitting In A Tree reviews
A group of pranksters, bright minds and fun-loving people get together to form a plan from a muggle chant with questionable use of a preposition. Hogwarts, beware! Strange pairings ensue. Features OCs but mostly revolves on characters from Harry Potter.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,362 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 5/25/2012 - Published: 10/13/2011