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Author has written 2 stories for Nurarihyon no Mago/ぬらりひょんの孫, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Hello, name's Daniela.

I don't feel like telling you my age.

Currently living in... you know that place? Yeah, there.

English is my second language since I'm a native Spanish speaker.

I am a writer and part time baker, up and coming theatre person and lawyer. Sporadically, I attend classes with educational purposes. My favourite fanfics to read are from: Nurarihyon no Mago, Naruto, Harry Potter, How To Train Your Dragon and One Piece.

I enjoy reading and writing, baking and cooking, painting and drawing and watching series, especially anime. Though lately I don't have the time since I am currently writing a couple of books.

My motto about stories is that It's all about perspective. Which means that I enjoy writing bad guys, or seemingly misunderstood people. I think, the human psyche is the greatest asset. It's amazing how sometimes people seem nuts but then not really. If you get what I mean.

Any recommendations to read or watch (wether they are in ff.net or are published works all around), especially undiscovered work, is more than welcome especially if it is original work. Honestly, if you have written anything (poems, short stories, books, etc...) I'd... really, really like to see it. Nothing makes my day quiet like seeing fellow writer's works and be amazed.


Ripples Over the Moon >>

Inspiration:This story is born from my immature desire of a strong Rikuo. Years of writing have taught me the dangers and eventually bleakness of a Mary Sue or Gary Stu, but this is meant to seem realistic (well, as realistic as it can giving the circumstances). They are youkais and yakuza, I'll exploit that. Yet somehow, I want to give you a character that you can like and is not all god-like while satiating all those things actual publish works leave us thirsty for. Sometimes, it is okay to be a little irrational. Sometimes bad guys are bad guys, not misunderstood fellas. In truth, it is all about perspective.

Status: Expect slow but long updates. The top amount of time without and update should be no more than two weeks.

Summary: ROM as I freely shortened it, is a what-if story. What if Yohime was able to seemingly undo the curse? (Believe me, there's a catch, we all know it cannot be all rainbows and butterflies. We will see the repercussions eventually.) It allows for Rihan and Otome to conceive a child. Coincidentally this child is basically normal Rikuo. (He won't be overpowered. He is at the start a younger child than in canon and a sheltered one at that.) This will be all about vengeance and dark discoveries. What if you were born in darkness and never even realise it? There will be a very un-ideal set of morals and a very different Rikuo.

Slowly, he will discover that being a youkai isn't necessarily what he thought it was. Due to an obligation to "not-suckish-writing" we will endure his childhood for a few chapters, I promised it'll be interesting, I am certainly exited. Eventually, he will stumble upon Yura. Up until now, Rikuo has always held a grudge with humans. He hasn't quiet forgiven their bigoted ways. If anything he cannot stand them even more. Then he meets Yura. Who is more prejudiced than anyone. How do they fall in love? Hahahahaha. What makes you think they fall in love in the first place? Nah, kidding they do fall in love though. Probably

If any of you has any idea that you like, please I take inspiration and advice from whenever I can get it. Criticism truly keeps me going. I have been writing for eight years now, and I learn something new about it everyday. You can always get better, and I believe I have plenty of room to improve.

For now, I will concentrate solely on this one fanfic.

Thank you

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