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Scottish and proud of it. I'm also a 25 year old former student currently bumming around at the moment.

Seeing as I only work weekends, I have a lot of free time.

I started writing because I thought it might be something I'd be good at (I have to be better than some of the authors here surely?).

I've been contemplating taking a creative writing college class for over a year now, though when term rolls around, I always chicken out of applying. I suppose I'm afraid of rejection. It's one thing to get flamed by anonymous people over the net, it's quite another to be told face to face that you don't have what it takes.


Good grief, I've somehow managed to let yet another year slip by without updating, rather pathetic isn't it? Anyway, I've finally got round to posting my latest fic, it's a Ranma one shot and it's awaiting your reviews.

As for the projects I'm working on, I wish I had more to offer.

I have an Evangelion multi-chapter story in the works just now. Basically, it deals with Shinji having a bunch of fever dreams, and letting the reader explore his phyche through them. I currently have the rough draft of the prologue finished along with most of the first chapter. I'm not even gonna start working on any redrafts until I at least finish off the rough draft of the second chapter.

I have a Love Hina story that's been languishing on my hard drive for months now. It doesn't need a lot of work to finish, but I'm worried that it's a bit plottless and trivial. It starts out with a done to death plot, but finishes with a bit of a twist. It's currently sitting at 2 chapters with the first one mid way through redraft. I'm planning on combining the two chapters into a one shot though.

I have a few ideas I'm toying with as well:

Continuation of 'Coming Closer'. This is just a pipe dream at the moment as I'm loathe to mess with what is currently my most popular piece of work. If I do continue it, it will deal with the growing relationship between Misato and Shinji, possibly taking it into the romantic love side. I likely will not attempt this unless there is quite a bit of demand for it (and a willing pre-reader).

Kim Possible idea. Drakken gets some inside knowledge of how Ron views the Kim/ Ron partnership dynamic and hatches a plot to twist it to his advantage. Set after 'Bad boy Ron'.

Original story idea. A man late for work sees an elderly woman sitting in the close of a set of tenement buildings, weeping. He agonises over whether to offer her some aid.

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*Complete* Set just after Kaji's last phone call. Instead of running away, Shinji comforts Misato after finding her in the kitchen.
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