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Updated: April 9, 2006

I have discovered that I LOVE bettaing stories. So If you have a story (that isn't slash), that is Harry Potter fanfiction, and that you don't have a betta for, email me! I'd LOVE to betta for you!

I am currently bettaing for:
E.K.Kropp's 'The Genocide'
Brighton Baby's 'Warm Despite the Chill'
SpikesDreamer's 'Diary of a Lovesick Gryffindor'
So-Totally-Obsessed's fic that I don't know the name of yet.

Hi everybody!

My name is Ally.

About me: Hmmm... Well, my passions are acting and singing. I suppose writting comes in there somewhere, but yeah. I am 17, and live in California.

Let's see... I usually don't read fics unless they say "FINSHED" or "COMPLETED" in the summary, because I detest waiting for chapters, (espically when it takes forever for them to come out), and by the time the next chapter does come out, I have forgotten all about the plot! So if you have a finished fic, make sure to put "FINSHED" on the summary, and if it's a HP fic (mainly Lily and James or... just look in my favorite paring list), ask me to read it, and I will try to. But remember, it must be finished! (No slash either.)

Feel free to email me about my stories or even YOUR stories at love emails!

By the way, some people have had some questions, and I'll just verify here and now that unless one of these sotries says that they are a sequel or have something to do with another story, none of the stories are interrelated in and way, although a couple of the OCs may have the same name and/or personality. Thanks.
Please enjoy !

If I forgot to put a disclaimer in one of the stories, just know that I meant to, and know and admit that none of the real authors' stuff is mine. No infrigment intended!

So I've been involved with a Harry Potter board for a while now, and it's pretty awesome/amazing. It's called: Once Upon A Time and yeah. It's deff worth checking out if even not signing up. If you do sign up, make sure you say that fanfictionsissy reccomended you okay? Here's the link: It's really great and we couldalwaysuse new members!

Favorite Fanfiction writtings: Harry Potter and some of The Lord of the Rings.

Things in fanfiction stories that I hate/dislike strongly:
When the author puts lots of pointless random author notes throughout the story.
Authors who say something bad about Peter P every time they mention him such as: Peter, (A.N. The little rat)!
Tons of grammatical errors, (of course some are fine, everyone makes typos, but when people always put "to" when they mean "too" and such like that).
How people ALWAYS have the potions professor be a mean Slytherin.
When people say that they are writing for a certain paring, but then write more in the story about some side-characters.
How people say that tons of things are "muggle things". I mean really, I just read a story a little bit ago where James didn't know what a WATERMELLON was becuase it must be a "Muggle thing"! Are you kidding me! It's a FRUIT! Practally anything that grows will be known to wizards... Gosh people, use your heads!

Questions: What is the difference between wizarding clothes and muggle clothes besides thatwizards wear robes?

Favorite Harry Potter parings: Lily and James, Harry and Ginny, and Ginny and Draco, some Ron/Hermione.

Favorate HP fanfiction:
All You Need is Love by MochaButterfly. In this story, Ginny and Draco get transported back in time to the castle days. While there, they are Muggle royalty, and find out that they are engaged to each other by an arranged marrige and are to marry in just a little bit. First they don't get along at all, but things devlop... You so have to read.
Wizarding Betrothal by pasmosa. It's all about how Lily and James' parents gave them an arranged marrige when they were real young, and how Lily finds out about it the day BEFORE she meets James! What awful parents! Anyhow, Lily is in 5th year while James is 21, and the story goes along there. James wants to fall in love with Lily, but Lily doesn't really want to keep an open mind because she knows she being forced into it. Please read it, you'll be glad you did!
Lost by VebusDeMilo. A time turner fic. Hermione goes back in time accedentally 20 years before where she falls in love with as 17 year old Severus Snape. (Hermione is also 17). But what happens when she comes back to the present and Severus is still her Potions teacher? Different than most I have read, but VERY good.
Once Upon A Thyme by zensho. In the NEWTS, Hermione's thyme potion explodes and transports her and Draco Malfoy to the late 1400s. There they find their stations in life completly switched, and they have to work together to get back to their own time. Lovely lovely story.

Favorite LOTR fanfiction:
Frodo and Sam
by Whispers of a Nameless Fear. For all you LOTR fans. This story covers a lot of the three LOTR books, but instead of Sam being Samwise, he is Sammantha, which is a SHE. It is very cute, and NON-SLASH because Sam's a girl. So just don't think that way, and its all good.

The above stories are in my favorites list if you want to check them out.

Stories finished:


The War Has Just Begun

Adult Problems,

Another Lily and James Story,

I the Sorting Hat,

James' Story,

A Spring Fling,

Lily's Story,

Eggo Waffle Commercial

Ongoing Story:

Tales of a Common Room

The Fellowship Gets Introduced to Modern Day Life

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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(Some people are saying it's a lot like the first and I realize that so if enough people want me to, I'll take the story off the site and rewrite it)
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