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Well...since everyone is doing it, then so will I...


Age: Should a girl give out her age...

Hobbies: I draw, read (not as much as I used to), write, and etc.

I work and I go to school but, I wanna try and get out as many stories as possible with proficient writing (cause I'm a perfectionist like that -but a lazy one).

OMG...I'm so sorry you all that pay attention to my terrible self when I've been neglecting my writing duties, forgive me! \(;o A o;)/

Favorite characters:

Hetalia (My newest addiction, I was completely useless to my family and friends for like 6 months straight!)

Prussia (first and foremost, the rest is no particular order), Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, America (because his laugh makes me happy), England, France (who doesn't want an always-in-heat-naked nation running around), Japan, Korea, Hungary (from one yaoi fanatic to the next), Liechtenstein (for some reason her innocence makes me feel like I'm a perv), Russia, South Italy - Lovino (who doesn't want to hear him calling Germany a potato eating bastard), Spain (I absolutely love him!), All the African countries (too lazy to go and look their names up...one day I will put them up -til then oh well), Sealand (he's so cute), did I mention Iceland, O snap! some one slap me! How could I forget Germania (I loves me some hims), Old Fritz (but I'm in love with those very nice pics that people draw of him in his younger days, mrow)

Okay now that that is done -I'll add more when my brain starts working. What I would ask of the great Himaruya; Please make a Nyotalia Switzerland! And would I like to see the Caribbean nations drawn, mostly girls -especially Jamaica! (Whenever you're ready to draw them go ahead, never push an artist to do something they don't want to...yet)

Bartimaeus (My book addiction)

Bartimaeus (Of course), Nathaniel (because so much can be done with him), Kitty (Cause I won't put any other girls in here), Jakob, Honorius (I laughed whenever I read his parts while circling the city), Jabor (for some reason I see him differently in my mind)

Tales of Vesperia (ULTIMATE GAME ADDICTION!!! \(*o*)/ as of the moment that I am playing it and downloading millions of cute *dirty* pics)

Yuri (He is love at it's finest), Flynn (I adore his mother-henning subtle-not-so-subtle-ways...he's that type of finger lickin' chicken!), Repede (Who can say no to him after they have seen his puppy self crunching down on Yuri's nose), Raven (what can I say, the old man has always been dear to my heart), Karol (I'll love him even more if he continues to wear his pink dress), Rita (hehehehehe I like her), Judy (Reminds me of Yuri), Estelle (is great as long as she keeps healing), Alexei (hope I spelled his name right), Duke (a very pretty man), Captain Nylen (love him he's like the father Yuri never had), Lambert (its Repede's dad!Have you seen pics of him and Pupede, completely adorable that every time I go rotten to the core!), Garista (I see potential of a pairing w/ him)

I'll add more when they come to me. Next up...Tales of Symphonia: DoNW (Tenebie!), Disgaea...



Size Matters, pairing: GermanyxPrussia- (completed) Oh wow...Forget the 850. 2k, ya'll make a girl feel special! Again to those who reviewed, I give you love!

Deviant Heart, pairing: AustriaxSwitzerland - (completed...or so I thought) A small present I finished this weekend...well just now! ;) *Gasp* I forgot to put the damn disclaimer! Well...ya win some ya lose some and we all know that I am not Himaruya-The Great One. I am some poor college shmuck trying to pass general courses for my medical profession to make more money so I can indulge in my yaoi fantasies...disclaimer, I don't own Hetalia. @..,@

Chronicle Protocol, pairing: SwedenxDenmark - (in progress...chapter one nearly complete. May be only about 4 to 5 chapters or less.)

Seirios Axon, multiple pairings - (planning and writing stages, Epilogue - Ch.5...in progress) Dragons the much feared creatures of the world have waged a war on the humans who have overstepped their boundaries...

Tales of Vesperia

Tales from, multiple pairings: (planning and writing stages chapter 1-5...slowly in progress) Adephagos is not an easy foe to get rid of...

Hel's Thanks! Because a little goes a long way...

For Deviant Heart:

From Hel to justanotherauthor23

Wow, I made a love button possible! Thank you j23!

From Hel to tineri talenti

Your french is perfectly fine, I see nothing wrong with it! Thank you though, your awesome comment leaves me tingly.

From Hel to Guest

I'm glad I left you speechless, stuff like that also bloats my ego. Please feel free to leave another. .

From Hel toYaoi-Mayer

Thank you, I just wanted them at a point where there isn't much angst cause sometimes that gets depressing. I was so off subject, but I'm happy that you enjoyed it so much and hope that you continue to enjoy it with more stories that are coming out.

From Hel to IncurablyAwesome,

Ah, thank you IncurablyAwesome! I’m glad you enjoyed it, it was quite tasking to finish the story rather than trying to get the characters down pact. I agree that with Edelweiss I got stuck to them as soon as I saw them as chibi nation-tans together. The cuteness!!

From Hel to SakuraHawke,

Wow…sensual gold…I’m honored for one of my fics to be called that, SakuraHawke. Yes, I do too love the Edelweiss pairing with all of my heart. I tried to think of how they would act as in Hetalia but with a slight realistic blend, although I completely forgot to put some details in and am slightly ashamed of myself for it. But, I am glad that you enjoyed it fully.

For Size Matters:

From Hel to Luna144,

I’m happy to see that you enjoyed this fic Luna144, although I don’t know how it looks on an iPod…I’m glad you liked it anyways. I am equally glad you enjoyed America, I wanted to end it with a ‘oh my god, America!’ to put a smile on people’s faces.

From Hel to my.man.is.fictional,

Thank you! Thank you, my.man.is.fictional. Although I have read a few fics that could trump mines, I’m happy that you think that of my little smut fic.

P.S. Everyone should think their man is fictional as well, it would make everything so much easier. =D

From Hel to Anonymous,

Why thank you, Anonymous! Maybe best smut fic, but hey what do I know? I’m happy you sought to leave an awesome comment!

From Hel to MetronomeSpinner,

Yay for Germancest, I completely agree with you MetronomeSpinner!

From Hel to Kayte,

Thank you Kayte! I’m glad you thought it was heart-warming cause I thought I kind of went over the deep end a bit, I don’t know must be me. Yes, sexy was what I was looking for and kind of lost it until I caught my muses again. I like to interchange between their names, but stick with their human names cause it’s more personal.

From Hel to Someone AWESOME,

Ooh I sense Someone AWESOME is being a stalker…j/k ;P

I am absolutely thrilled you liked it, yes it was kinda hard to keep up with it when I wanted to put it all on FF, but my brain was getting ahead of me. I too hope to do more fills from HKM...great plot ideas these weird boys and mainly gals come up with and a lot of scary ones too. (*..*”)

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