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Well, hello there! I'm going to go ahead and assume that you've found your way here through my stories or reviews. In that case, thank you! In any other case, read this:

My name is Natalie. I'm a teenager living in Western Canada and I like many, many things. I am a ballet dancer but I'm planning on quitting once I finish high school...unfortunately :( Once I get into college I'd like to study journalism, literature, the theatre, art history or maybe even film. I've been writing since I was a little girl, it is my passion and one of my greatest dreams is to get a novel published. I've joined FanFiction just for fun, just to exercise my writing skills and to, well, have fun. Erm...I think I've covered most of it, actually. And do you wanna know where my pen name came from? It's merely a not-so-witty combination of my first name and one of the coolest spaceships ever - the TARDIS - from one of the coolest TV shows ever - Doctor Who.

Feel free to drop me a PM anytime, about anything, I'm very friendly and I love to chat. I also update my blog ( regularly, so you may want to check that out too! Now here are some stats:

Favourite Books: Harry Potter | A Great and Terrible Beauty | The Hunger Games | Water for Elephants | The Lord of the Rings | Revolution | The Other Boleyn Girl | Never Let Me Go | The Time Traveler's Wife | The Luxe | Looking For Alaska | Wicked Lovely | Wuthering Heights | Memoirs of a Geisha | Into the Wild

Favourite Music: Florence + The Machine | Adele | Mumford & Sons | Katy Perry | Ellie Goulding | Arcade Fire | The Beatles | Lady Gaga | Oh Land | The Kills | Brandon Flowers | OneRepublic | Marina & The Diamonds | The Fray | The Script | Snow Patrol | Lykke Li | The Strokes | Arctic Monkeys | The Smiths

Favourite Movies: Chicago | 10 Things I Hate About You | Inception | Black Swan | 500 Days of Summer | Billy Elliot | Edward Scissorhands | The Lion King | The Lord of the Rings | Moulin Rouge | Romeo + Juliet | Mean Girls | Tangled | Marie Antoinette | Pirates of the Caribbean | The Social Network | King Kong (2005) | Peter Pan (animated) | (all) Harry Potter

Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who | Game of Thrones | Glee | The Vampire Diaries (don't watch it anymore, but it was good in the beginning) | The Big Bang Theory | The Borgias | Legend of the Seeker | Merlin

Favourite Actresses: Marion Cotillard | Natalie Portman | Anne Hathaway | Mia Wasikowska | Emma Watson | Kristen Stewart | Melanie Laurent

Favourite Actors: Chris Colfer | Andrew Garfield | Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Jamie Bell | Darren Criss | Ryan Gosling | Gaspard Ulliel

Writing In-Progress: If the story has a "~" beside the title, that means I've posted it on FanFiction.

Doctor Who story - Ghost Town - PLOT: The Doctor goes on a rare international misson to Canada's West Coast to uncover a mysterious, subhuman race hidden in the mountains, along with reluctant, never-do-wrong schoolgirl Billie. Status: I can't believe it, this is coming SO well. Maybe it's because I live where the story's set, but who cares.

~ Stardust story - A Rose Among Thorns: Una's Story - Status: Almost finished. Maybe I should set a deadline.

~ Merlin story - Straight Through My Heart - Status: Coming along really well. Will be half-way soon.

(2005) King Kong story - In The End - PLOT: Young, recently orphaned Marianne Rochford boards the Venture with her guardian and mentor Jack. Um...shit happens. Status: Started!! Yahoo!

Moulin Rouge! story - Wait for Words - PLOT: After Satine's tragic death, Christian leaves Paris to seek out her only remaining relative - her unmarried twin sister Vivienne Laronde, who lives in Christian's hometown of London. What neither Christian nor Vivienne know is that Vivienne is hiding a secret that could result in let another tragedy for the brooding young poet... maybe Christian/OC, haven't figured it out yet. - Status: Uh, pretty good so far.

Tangled story - Blinking In The Starlight - PLOT: ~AU~ Rapunzel is a sheltered, home-schooled student (with unusually long hair) whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of the charismatic Juvy Hall-breakout Flynn. When she decides to escape with him, she discovers an earth-shattering secret about herself... Status: ...yeeeaaahhh, this is gonna be hella hard to write. I mean, I'm basically re-writing the whole movie with slightly different viewpoints. Yeesh.

The Hunger Games story -Watching From The Shadows - Emer, a District Ten girl, is sent to live with her great-uncle in the Capitol after the death of her last family member. She is forced to become a servant at his office, where she watches from a distant the tributes of the seventy-fourth Hunger Games... Status: Could be better

Legend Of The Seeker story - Ghosts - PLOT: ~AU~ What if Cara and Kahlan were sisters? Cara, taken by the Mord'Sith as a child, haunted by her memories. And Kahlan, haunted by guilt all her life. And when they at last return to each other, are the sisterly feelings still there? - Status: CARA, KAHLAN: MY DARLING MUSES.

Inception story - The Station - PLOT: Takes place after the movie. Ariadne is having disturbing visions of an upcoming disaster, featuring the mysterious, dangerous Mal Cobb. And when dreams become reality, her life once again changes dramatically. Status: Well, it's getting better.

Gemma Doyle Trilogy story - The Sea- PLOT: Gemma, Felicity and Ann head to the seaside to take their mind off things. What they find there is beyond anything they expected. (Takes place in between RA & TSFT) - Status:Re-writing it. Snarl.

Black Swan story - Sick - PLOT: When Tony was a little boy, and Lily a little girl, they were the best of friends. But as they grew, Tony began to see disturbing changes in Lily's personality that could be described simply as: terrifying. Status: Meh, I may discontinue this, it's really not working out... :/

Billy Elliot story - Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone? - PLOT: "Do you remember when you first came to us, Billy? You were just a tiny thing, all long legs and big ears, and half of us couldn't even understand your accent..." - What happened to Billy after his arrival at the Royal Ballet School? Status: GREAT FANTASTIC BEAUTIFUL JOYFUL ETC

The Other Boleyn Girl one-shot story - Chess - PLOT: While the two sisters play a game of chess, they begin to see similarities between the game and their own lives. One-shot. - Status: Haha barely even started.

The Time Traveler's Wife story - Existence - PLOT: Nick Howard is a time traveler, or a CDP - as if that helps. When he meets another time traveler with an interesting past, he questions his own priorities - and existence. Alba/OC - Status: Coming along well

CURRENTLY READING : A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

WILL READ NEXT: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare


28/5/11 - Just started this account! I used to have an old account (you-must-be-a-weasley) which I am unable to delete so I'm starting over

22/6/11 - Hello everyone. I apologize for the hiatus but I've been very busy with school and exams for the past few weeks. I promise I'll respond to any PMs, update chapters, and get some new stories up as soon as I can. Thank you!

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