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"There is a difference between being good - and doing good." - The current lesson in the life of Remedy=Chill

I realized that some of my stories (the Evofics) are related to each other and you might all benefit from a timeline of these stories, so here goes:

1) It only hurts a little (All the time) – This one happens first. It's set in the not too distant future and focusing on Kurt. In this one I gave him the sword training he had in the comics and it turns up in my later stories.

2) Vacancy – Ties in to the next fic and focuses on Rogue’s relationship to the other x-men. Also sets up Jean's history which comes in to play in The Secret.

3) The Secret – Another Rogue fic that plays on the interpersonal relationships at the mansion but with a cool twist ending. And real world mystery finally gets solved. Set at Thanksgiving.

4) Everything Important – My finest work in the Evo universe and perhaps this one as well. Rogue oriented with an original character and some serious overtones. It's kind of Romeo and Juliet with Hamlet in the role of Romeo. It's also very 'gift of the maji'. But, really, it's worth it just to see someone else trying on Scott's glasses.

5) Flickering Souls - Now Complete! – A Christmas in Chaos! Kurt goes Evil? Jean leaves the X-Men? Scott falls for Rogue? What the hell’s going on here? It’s the long awaited sequel to Gambit’s Terms (Read as a prequel) – this time unfolding in the Evolution Universe. And you’ll never guess who started it all (Hint-hint: this will be the culmination of the character development started in stories 1-4 on this list!)

6) Of Home and Hearth - It's brainwashed Wanda versus the angry Wanda of Christmas past in this time traveling sequel to Flickering Souls. Did we mention the mystery mutant whose very presence terrifies Mystique? And why's he trying to ingratiate himself in to the mansion?

7) Brunch With Mutants: The Redemption Road - Horribly titled. Originally a one chapter story that's taken on a rough and rocky life of it's own. A direct sequel to It Only Hurts A Little but set in the distant future and FINALLY finished.

And I guess you need to be warned that my Renegade Christmas series carries over in to the above list. My RCS has no rules and no laws. It's my own little tribute to Monty Python or Douglas Adams. Expect the unexpected in these fics:

1) Gambit's Terms - Funny, enjoyable, humorous and uplifting. In my opinion anyway.

2) Flickering Souls - Dark and Twisted 'sequel' to Gambit's Terms where we discover that the plot must go on!

3) Of hearth and Home - Still under Construction - I'm trying to behave myself in this one. It will be a stand alone story that you dont need any introduction to. I just hope it ends well.

Anywayze, I guess that's it for now. So until next time - Stay Crazy You Nuts!



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