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Author has written 15 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, and Harry Potter.

I write slash. I like OCs. I like super powerful/capable and super intelligent and unusual abilities.

My current focus is Harry Potter. My current project is my American Harry story.

PLEASE NOTE - The American Harry Prequel does not yet have a first story written to be a prequel to! I realize that to be a prequel, technically there should be another work written. But prequel better describes the first story in the series since it's a growing up thing and it made more sense than prologue or prelude. Thank you. And HARRY WILL GO TO HOGWARTS AT SOME POINT

I'm still alive! If anyone is out there keeping an eye on my stuff. 4/25/2016


I started at FSU Fall 2009 and I've been buuuusy. University life and all. But I promise this is not abandoned!


Current Update:

January 29, 2008 - Taking down several at this point in time discontinued stories: Essence of Being, Shadows of Reality, Eternal Series. Eternal Series has been changed to a one-shot, i.e. the first chapter, and is Eternal Kiss. The discontinued stuff will be up on my Ygroup shortly for those who want to see them for some reason. But I don't want them clogging up things here.

Old Updates:

Dec 9, 2007 - OCD neat freak tendencies demand I update/revamp this profile. I condensed/smashed together my old updates. Because I'm obsessive. -- Feb 24, 2007 - Yahoo group for fanfic. Have LJ, may post drabbles. (Update Dec2007: Hardly ever use, email most reliable way to reach me). -- July 4, 2006 - Trying my best to work on stuff. New FPP chap up. Several stories can be considered discontinued until further notice (Update Dec2007: All stories on hold for current project). Am not a review whore, but reviews very appreciated, yummy feeding for the author. -- Nov 24, 2005 - Nothing new, I'm alive, trying to motivate myself for writing, holiday seasons will be hard as I've experienced a loss in the family the day after Christmas. Hope everyone is well. - May 5, 2005 - OMG, DarkeStar is still around, bio is changed. Will try to sidle back into fanfic soon. Sorry about dropping off face of earth. Email has changed.

Where I am:

- But I don't write that much original stuff. Fanfic regularly eats my soul

- But I hardly ever use. I keep forgetting it exists. I'm sorry.

- Again, still focusing on the American Harry story. Update here first, most likely. Later on will have my adult content chapters and will have extra scenes and information not here, as well as various extras like school schedules and layouts.

AIM: Lady DarkeStar. Location east coast USA timezone, on most evenings. I like to chat, but don't be offended if I don't want to, I might be writing or such.


NEW: A vague review response to questions can be found here. But readers can also email or private message me and I'll respond personally/individually to those.

Chapter 31

Wands and the detection of underage magic, that's a thorny issue. The fact is, we don't actually know how it works because JKR has added a little something new with each book as she needed it, and not all of it meshes well together. The fact is, the wizarding world can't monitor all of the UK for signs of magic showing up where there aren't any witches and wizards living. They'd constantly be responding to alerts any time a witch or wizard traveled somewhere completely muggle and used a little magic. It's not feasible. And they don't send someone to investigate, either. They send a letter addressed to the person who has used the magic. That rather implies that they have a way of knowing who did the magic, and that implies that the alert is on the wands. Perfect example, Slughorn in the 5th book, taking over muggle houses for brief periods of time and moving on. It's actually extremely unlikely that he would have settled anywhere near another magical person, therefore he must have been in a completely muggle area, and I certainly never got the impression that he expected the government to check on him, judging from the way he reacted to Dumbledore. Now some people will point out that Harry got in trouble for blowing up his aunt and for the house elf magic and use that as an example of magic itself being the trigger, not the wand. But I think the far easier explanation and far likelier thing is that Harry's house and the surrounding areas were warded in such a way to pick up ANY magic at all going on, and therefore it was an environment detection thing going on there and not a wand detection thing. I'd be willing to talk about this to anyone interested, just send me an email or private message or something.

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