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Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

About me: I'm a twenty-something year-old college senior. I live in Wisconsin. I like Badgers, football, and craft beer. I've been writing since I could hold a crayola crayon, and penned my first epic, "The Little Lost Kitten," in kindergarten. I know, it's riveting.

I usually stick to writing, but every once in a while, I catch the artistic bug. When that happens, my works will be published on my deviantART page: missscarlett12.deviantart.com which also serves as my blog.

Thanks for the support, and as always, the reviews XD. Cheers.


Update 01/07/2013 - Happy (belated) Holidays... Updates Coming Soon!

Football season took a lot out of me this fall. That, and being a college senior, contributed to most of why I haven't updated since when? August or September? Urgh... it makes me sick. Nevertheless, after a successful trip to southern California for the Rose Bowl, I have the rest of the month off and nothing to fill my time with but writing and catching up with old friends.

So as for updates on creative endeavors...

1. I already submitted Chapter XVI of Principatus to my beta, so be on the lookout for it.

2. I also got bit by a Rise of the Guardians plot bunny. Even though I tried to fight it off, the pressure ultimately overwhelmed me, so I'm working on that story, tentatively titled "Some Things Last" alongside Principatus. Trust me, it's no where near as great an undertaking: I have it penciled for 15-20 chapters between 2,000-4,000 words each.

3. I hope to draw a little more, but knowing me, I'll start a half-dozen sketches, and not deem any satisfactory enough to share with the world.

Final note: about a month ago, Archive of Our Own accepted me into their beta, so I'm going to post all of my Principatus chapters there. It looks like a pretty cool site, and I don't think its inundated with as much junk as FFnet is.

Go Pack Go!

Update 08/20/2012 - I'm ALIVE!!!

Unfortunately this summer was not the relaxing bit of respite I hoped for. In many ways, I was busier in June and July that I was in February. On top of working forty hours a week, I took six credits to make sure I'll be able to graduate this May. Oh, and one quick note about online classes - don't EVER let anyone tell you that they're "easier" than normal ones. I spend about 3-4 hours per week per class on homework during the school year. I was spending at least 4 hours a night working on two measly little classes! Torture!

The two worst parts of it were that 1. I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with my friends back in Atlanta as I hoped I would and 2. I fell way behind on my pace for finishing Principatus. At least, given the nature of my job I was able to finish A Storm of Swords thanks to the wonderful invention of audiobooks (It was INCREDIBLE by the way!).

Anyway, I capped off the stressful part of my summer with a thirty-six hour sleepless marathon in which I drove from Atlanta to Madison without stopping for anything but gas, packed my stuff, moved out of my old apartment, moved into my new one, and did it all without dying. Now, I have three weeks until the fall semester starts to relax, draw, and of course, write. If everything goes according to plan, I will update twice (that's right 2x) withing the next month.

Again, I apologize for being such a recluse. Trust me, it wasn't by choice. At least now I'm sitting on my porch in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin with more free time than I can scarcely comprehend.

Currently listening too: "Danse Carribe" by Andrew Bird
Currently reading: "A Feast For Crows" by George RR Martin

Update 5/14/2012

I finish my last exam TOMORROW and will then be able to resume progress on Chapter XIII of Princiaptus. I wrote about 2,000 words over Spring Break but had to put the chapter on the back burner until the end of finals. Expect an update by the end of May.

Update 1/31/2012

I finally finished a drawing of Sir Caedmon Aelstan. I will readily admit to being a completely mediocre artist, but I think I did a sufficient enough job that you can you can kind of get an idea of what - or who rather - I'm visualizing when I'm writing. He turned out kind of like a Link Brad Pit my uncle Dave hybrid. This image is technically from Chapter XI, which is still in the works. In Chapters VIII and IX, he has a big bushy beard, and his hair is long and matted because there's no soap in the Lost Woods (eww...). When he returns to the castle, they force him to clean up a bit ;)

Since fanfiction.net doesn't like people posting links. You have to copy/past this into your browser to find the picture on devaint art:

And here's a link to it on my blog (which hasn't been updated since this summer):

That's all I've got for now. It's going to be a while longer on Chapter XI. I just started school again and am already drowning in work. Oh well...

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