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Hey random people on my bio...

So yeah, I'm Headless Gummy Bear, I'm just a lady who likes reading, Cheetos, Gummy bears, Sunsets and long walks on the beach... wait.

Random facts about me:

Favorite food: White Rice with Soy Sauce

Favorite drink: Green Iced Tea

Favorite book: A Cruel Prince, but I write Selection FF

Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice, with Keira Knightley

Favorite TV show: The Witcher

Location: America

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Irish/American

Job: Nurse

One Cool Fact!: I have been to every state in the continental USA, plus Alaska :)

A Rotten Crown

SYOC information


1. PM only, please! Form at bottom of my profile.

2. Title the PM with ARC: Name, Age, Gender, Caste

3. I will have a Pinterest board up with this story. I will add everyone as we go along to help me get a more aesthetic feel for your character, and also it's fun to see it all! Go take a look at it! @headlessgummy


King Titus-- FC: Daniel Craig: Crass around family, and very jaded. He became king at his father's death, when he was 35 years old, and his daughter Endra born only a year later. Concerned with public eye, and slow to action. Focuses most of his parenting on Avon, and would much prefer it if Endra kept to more 'ladylike' hobbies.

Queen Olive-- FC: Lynda Carter: Quiet, proper, and has always been an advocate for Endra. Soft spoken, slow to anger, but speaks with conviction. Often overdresses for occasions, and came from Caste 2.

Princess Endra-- FC: Zoe Barnard: Much like her mother, she is quiet, and speaks with conviction. However, she is often seen more as a grouch, and many of the palace staff believe she's got a grudge against her brother for taking her birthright throne, as she is two years older. They also believe the reasons she's having the selection with him is because her scowl scared away every other foreign suitor. Keeps incredibly busy, usually awake early and busy until late in the night.

Prince Avon-- FC: Arthur Gosse: A public prince charming, right down to the flirty smirk he tends to sport at every Report. A bit cocky, but always knows the right thing to say. He has excelled at most things he's studied, but also has never applied himself to learn more than what was needed. Love to antagonize Endra with verbal jabs and pointed glares.

A Rotten Crown: The Selected


1. Rhyes Forest Robertson, 22, Caste 2, Sonage (FC-- Karl Jacobs) -- Submitted by LoganPerdue

2. Demetrius George Adams, 24, Caste 2, Ottaro (FC--Nick Wolfhard) -- Submitted by CalvinHobbesGatsby

3. Damon Steel Armstrong, 25, Caste 3, Bankston (FC-- DK Metcalf) -- Submitted by Angeley

4. Bastian Chambers, 25, Caste 2, Calgary (FC-- Paing Tahkon) -- Submitted by CoolfortheSummer

5. Riven Micheal Aroh, 23, Caste 3, Tammins (FC-- Désiré Mia) -- Submitted by IndianaNovak

6. Callon James Dunoir, 21, Caste 5, Whites (FC-- Colin Morgan circa 2008) -- Submitted by owlthewriter

7. Cyrus Bloom, 25, Caste 6, Baffin (FC-- Aaron Bernards) -- Submitted by Sylëa

8. Jamon Zamir, 20, Caste 4, Carolina (FC-- Mena Massoud) --Submitted by Doveinthenest

9. Elton Kit Huntley-James, 23, Caste 3, Kent (FC-- Hugh Laughton-Scott) -- Submitted by smokey18

10. Pieter Dagwood, 25, Caste 4, Likely (FC-- Benjamin Wadsworth) -- Submitted by BerryBush


1. Evelyn Arbor, 21, Caste 4, Hudson (FC-- Alba Galocha) -- Submitted by SenseiGrace

2. Lee Bardsley, 19, Caste 3, Angeles (FC-- Angourie Rice) -- Submitted by PixarGirl

3. Cosima Rae Mellinger, 20, Caste 2, Fennley (FC-- Maia Cotton) -- Submitted by Calliope

4. Persephone Salt, 18, Caste 6, Waverly (FC-- Diana Silvers) -- Submitted by CoolfortheSummer

5. Solange Olivia Beckmann, 22, Caste 2, Clermont (FC--Claire Holt) -- Submitted by Abizeau

6. Roberta Faith Barlowe, 20, Caste 3, Lakedon (FC-- Jackie Maginnis) -- Submitted by Primione394

7. Mahina Mei Karlsen, 20, Caste 2, Zuni, (FC- Sakura Heffron) -- Submitted by AEAP04

8. Thaïs Celine Lyon, 20, Caste 6, Dominica (FC-- Christina Nadin) --Submitted by smokey18

9. Klara Pallet, 20, Caste 5, Bonita (FC-- Rachel Zegler) -- Submitted by WindflowersandMoutainAir

10. Faith Nevarro, 19, Caste 2, Atlin (FC-- Brooke Monk) -- Submitted by FairySecret01

Devil of the Sea: The Selected

1. Robin Fletcher, ~16, thief/pirate (FC- Maisie Williams) -- Submitted by Millyna

2. Celandine Alton, 20, Nobility (FC-Gabrielle Wilde) -- Submitted by Altomi

3. Lady Victoria Kesselbrooke, 19, Nobility (FC- Kaya Scoledario) -- Submitted by OctaviaWithStarsForEyes

4. Joyce Williams, 19, Daughter of Jamaican Governor (FC- Maria Ehrich) -- Submitted by Abizeau

5. Nell Fawney, 18, Student (FC- Lily Collins) -- Submitted by RedMoonRabbit

6. Cordayne Briar Courtney, 19, Servant (FC- Janet Montgomery) -- Submitted by Cookiedoodles168

7. Stella Bennett, 20, Apothecary (FC- Bridget Reagan) -- Submitted by Firealis

8. Lara Samers, 18, Assassin/thief (FC- Rocio Crusset) -- Submitted by tyozzie123

9. Zylphia Sansbury, 20, Seamstress (FC- Kerry Danielle Ingram) -- Submitted by ChillyIce

10. Constance "Connie" Marina Vesey, 19, Indentured Servant (FC- Sai Bennett) -- Submitted by celegra123

11. Olimpia Vivien Isaura, 19, Apothecary Apprentice (FC- Malaika Firth) -- Submitted by BaileyandAubreyandIvy

12. Florence Alberta de Capitani, 19, Pirate (FC- Natasha Liu Bordizzo) -- Submitted by Slytherwitch

13. Caroline Helen Barret, 17, Lady's Maid (FC- Paige Hyland) -- Submitted by Fairytoto1

14. Maia Hope Rowling, 22, Jeweler (FC- Nathalie Emmanuel) -- Submitted by Sylea

15. Charlotte "Charlie" Leaumont, 21, Blacksmith (FC- Lily James) -- Submitted by sourapplesnap

16. Brett Murphy, 21, Tavern Wench (FC- Jessica Brown Findlay) -- Submitted by shadeslayerprincess111

17. Zephora Lovelace, 21, Prostitute (FC- Merve Boluğur) -- Submitted by wolfofstark

18. Umakoti "Lily-Rose" Brodeway, 19, Slave (FC- Coco Jones) -- Submitted by Pixargirl


Full Name:

Age (18-22 for girls, 20-25 for boys)





Sexual Orientation:


Face Claim (Are there any differences from your face claim? ex. eye color, complexion, hair texture, etc.):

Height, Weight, and Build:

Notable markings (scars, tattoos, blemishes, etc.):


Clothing style:

Color that looks best on them:

Gold/Silver or other jewelry metal?:


Personal History (1-2 paragraphs):

Why apply for the Selection?:


Most important personal item:

Closest family/friend:


Personality (be specific!):






How they act with strangers:

How they act when flirting:

How they feel about Prince Avon(see above for descriptions):

How they feel about Princess Endra:

How they feel about the King and Queen:

ProMonarchy or AntiMonarchy?:


Strategy to win:

Night Owl or Early Bird?:

Hogwarts house (theoretically):

Favorite genre of music/band?:

Pinterest Username:

Discord Username (if applicable):

Anything else:

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