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Hi, guys! My name is Riley! I write fan fiction. A lot is on a different website, but I'm maturing to this website instead. I also write on AO3 under the same name. :)

How I Feel About Certain Things Writers Do When Writing Fanfiction

1) Author's Notes Randomly Inserted Within A Story's Contents: Nope. Nope nope nope. If you want a respectable story, that is a big no no. One simply cannot add something in the middle of the story and expect it to flow. It could confuse a reader, and it certainly confuses me when I have to read that. Usually I find the floating a/n horror in a poorly written story. To me, that's a big clue that your story isn't on an acceptable caliber. Fanfiction is fun, I love twisting plots around, but if you hbe to do that, there are some continuity issues.

Example: He was an amazing person. (A/N: I know he isn't. Bear with me.)

2) Stories That Have 'I Can't Write Summaries' In The Summary: Wow. Uh, okay. If you can't write summaries, how can I expect your story to be? If you can't write a summary, that tells me that you can't even handle a sentence or two, let alone an entire story.

Example: I can't write summaries, but I can promise it's good!!!!1!

3) Getting Words Mixed Up: By that, I mean your and you're, sense and cents, there, their, and they're, who's and whose - the list continues. If one can't figure these out, they have no business writing. Plain and simple.

Example: Your so beautiful!

4) Lack of Proper Details: I can't tell you how many people I know personally are extremely bland when it comes to their writing. They have NO details! It's all straightforward and just so...boring. No one going to want to read something that doesn't catch their attention.

Example: She walked to the door. It was brown. She opened the brown door. A man sat at the table, which matched the door. He smiled.

5) Too Many Adverbs: I get that you're an enthusiastic writer! You LOVE detail! However, you do not need an adverb after everything a person says. Sometimes a good old fashioned 'said' or 'responded' works fine!

Example: "Hello!" she said brightly.

He grinned back shyly. "Nice to meet you," he said softly.

Instead, it could be:

Her smile was bright and captivated him the moment he saw it. "Hello!" she chirped.

He ducked his head down and smiled, "Nice to meet you," he murmured.

See? Too many 'ly' ending words seem cheesy.

Okay, a little on me. I write fanfictions for my friends, but never post them anywhere except I'm kind of famous on that website. 800 followers. But my writing was mediocre, at best. I was awful.
I have a lot of fandoms, and sometimes bash, but mostly not. Seriously though, don't just think that's all I'm good for. I bash bashers.
I'm in high school.
I obsess over my grades because I'm a nerd. I've accepted it.
That's all you really need to know about me.
Also, I'm good at changing my writing style per fandom.

PM me and review :) Thanks!

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When Grantaire was a small child, he enjoyed writing. He enjoyed the ink against the paper. Black on white. When he had first laid his eyes on a piano, he remembered thinking it was like parchment and ink. Ivory and ink. Maybe that was why Grantaire was attracted to Enjolras. They were opposites. Black and white. (ExR if you squint) One shot
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