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Author has written 13 stories for Left 4 Dead, Naruto, Inuyasha, Rise of the Guardians, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, and Web Shows.

Hi, I'm kinda new to writing, so I mostly go around reading. Any constructive critisism on my writing is welcome, but troll me and you'll find just how far the rabbit hole goes (insert demon laugh here).

About my stories (from my perspective)
1. I have found that my summaries tend to be very crypic. I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to do, but at least it makes people curious, right? Right?

2. My chapters do look longer if you make the text bigger. (keep that in mind)

3. I don't like to discontinue stories, but I get bored really easily, so my stories will probably have quick endings.

I also work on deviantart too: please click. I would give puppy dog eyes, but the older I get, the less that tends to work.

There is a chance that I will forget to update this information, so I might as well be 40 and I would still give the appearance of (insert current age)

Name: Travis

Age: 22

Gender: Man (100%)

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you a momentous occasion: Today, April 10, 2012, I am proud to say that I have received my first flame! The scathing words were very offensive, but I couldn't help but smile because my story was actually reviewed!!! What's even better is it was a cowardice flame! I LOVE IT!!! I personally hope that I don't get anymore, but we will see...

Another monumental find! Today, on March 27, 2013, I am proud to say that I found one of my stories in a community! That MUST mean that my writing doesn't suck SO bad. It's one of my more typoed stories too! I'm so happy! I just typed my story name and "fanfiction community" in the google search bar and found that one of my stories was actually in a community. I mean, I was a little suspicious when I got sudden increase in favorites for no discernible reasons, so I wanted to check if there was a way that people were getting better access to my story. Score!

Favorite games: Left 4 dead 1&2, Resident Evil 0-3 and Code Veronica, Silent Hill (all), Siren, Amnesia, Nicktoons series, Kingdom hearts, Final fantasy, Ape escape, Drawn to life, The Mother series, and many more...

Favorite T.V. shows: Danny phantom (most awesome), Fairly oddd parents, Avatar the last airbender, Code lyoko, Megaman starforce, Anime (almost all the ones I watch), Disney channel shows, and many many more...

The only anime so far I didn't like: Neon genesis evangelion (loved the opening theme, didn't love the ending of the series)

My current favorite (*koff* obsession) tends to change after prolonged exposure to awesomeness, so:

WARNING: This may be considered a blog(I'm still a little iffy on that term) IF you do not like spoken opinions, DO NOT READ. Otherwise, continue on...

Current favorite 9/10/2011: Left for dead 1&2

Comment on favorite: I mostly read left 4 dead fanfiction because, I feel that the games just didn't have... enough.

My experience:
I have read many left 4 dead fanfictions, and I have come across the idea of a sentient and helpful hunter many, many times. Depending on the writing style of the author, it is a reused idea that can flourish with many stories. I also see a lot of people in denile of the happenings of the Sacrafice, so I, being a big Bill fan, can relate. Also, since Ellis and Rochelle are my favorite characters of the second game, I have read may pairings with them. The wierdest one being EllisxFrancis. I think I'm more parcial to ElllisxZoe, but their relationships in each one I've read just seems too "played out."
Also, Story lines to movies, video games, ect. have started to get a little predictable. I played the second game of Megaman starforce and decided to try to write a fanfiction of what I though happened afterwards, but then I played the third game, It was just like my story, except I used Chess as the theme of the bad guys instead of Cards, and I gave Luna the Orpheus queen instead of that crappy Vouge. I also didn't think of Ace.
I also don't jump when watching horror films anymore, which is kinda sad, since I'm a chicken. The entertainmet industry needs a little more variety. Well, except for here. Now this website has some stories.
I also like how art has evolved in the world. For instance, if you pop over to deviantart (the setter of art trends) you will see art that probably would have been thought of as unheard of years before. The introduction of photoshop has also greatly effected the art. I have seen some people who (kindly) couldn't draw for beans, but with photoshop, you would never be able to tell. I being one of them.

Current favorite 11/30/2011: Kim Possible

Comment on favorite: Action?! Drama!? Adventure?! Humor?! Romance?!
Yeah, this show has it all. I actually watched the whole series in one sitting, which, for eighty-something episodes, is pretty long. I liked the ending, but it needs more. That's why I come here. Don't expect any fanfics from me (if you care) I suck at writing fight scenes.Well, I didn't plan it, but I was able to find some stories withought fight scenes, so I might actually be able to write a story. (No please, don't get too excited.)

My experience:
My favorite characters in this show would have to be Kim and Ron, duh, Ron mostly, though. The fact that he can come across as stupid, but come through in a pinch is refreshing behavior. I also dig the ears. I have read many, many Kim Possible fanfictions, and I keep coming up with the idea of Ron being seriously injured with lots of emotional turmoil, either for Kim, Ron, or both. I mean, I have also read several happy stories too, but It's usually best to test different temperatures before you decide the best swimming pool. (wrong quote, but it gets the same message across)
My favorite pairing is of course KimXRon. These stories tend to keep the characters in character the most. For some reason, I find that if the characters of these stories get too OOC, the quality of the story drops exponencially. I also found some authors who have been writing stories for 20 years. I was unaware that this show brought such an elastic age range.
Also, I have had the mispleasure of going into a store during the christmas sales. There was so much fighting over the cheap merchandice that a kid was almost trampled. I am proud to say that I pulled him out of the way of a rushing crowd/mob. He cried of course, but it was still cool helping him. There was also a crazy lady who went into walmart and maced everyone in front of her in the line to the computers. Shopping is an intriguing thing, and I have yet to figure it out.

Current favorite 12/17/2011: Naruto

Comment on favorite: It's really funny and really action. I really like this show and can continually watch repeats, which is usually something I don't do with my favorites. I guess the idea of an underdog raising to be the greatest really appeals to me.

My experience:
My favorite characters of this show would be the underdogs of course. Naruto, Gaara, Hinata,...ect. I also love the fact that Naruto causes every girl he meets to fall in love with him and he has no idea. I decided to fix it by writing my own story where he had more of a less oblivious personality, but it just wasn't believable, so I scrapped it. I find that this Anime is very easy to make story ideas for, but hard to elaborate on. The bright side to the show is that it isn't only action, its also drama. I can do Drama, or rather, I can take drama and work with it. I know I suck at writing drama and major in humor (as far as I know), but I can still make some stories. I freaking love this show. Like, with a passion. I have watched the first season several times (skipping over episodes building up to the final) but I still watched it.
If you pay attention to the date, you may notice that my past two obsessions are really close, but that was on an accident. I kinda watched Naruto while I was still obsessing over Kim Possible, therefore, I ended up crossing over. I have read so many crossovers and one stuck out to me. If you ever decide to read KPN crossovers, I would highly recommend Rokubi by VINcredible. If that's not enough for you, (which it wasn't for me) there's a second one. I'm not sure what its called, but it should be on his profile. Also, I thought it was funny that it took me over a hundred episodes of naruto shippuden to realize that that team Kakashi was all trained by the Sannin. I loled when I realized how slow it took me.
Finally, something not about this obsession: I'm starting to doubt my ability to reveiw. I always end up getting people mad at me. I tell them how much I like their story, but I also say the downside. That tends to go downhill from there. But I ask myself, what's the point of reveiws if they do not help you improve?The scariest experience I had was from a Miss yingaswespeak2. I gave her a bad review and she sent me an angry message. I tried to reply to apologize, but she blocked me. I also reviewed my disappointment in another story, telling how it was too OOC for my taste. I did admit that it was an amazinly written story, though and the author sent me a message that came across as offended. I had no idea that reviews had so much power. Maybe its because I don't get any. :3
ANYWAYS! I guess that's all for today.

Current favorite 2/15/12: Inuyasha

Comment on Favorite: There is a lot of drama. It still strings me along, though. I used to be formally obsessed over this show, thanks to a fellow anime enthusiast (she knows who she is), but I was distracted by school. Years later, I come back to being an Inuyasha-freak.

My Experience:
My favorite character would have to be Kagome, followed closely by Kouga. I really dislike Inuyasha, like, really really, but I "tolerate" him because he's Kagome's sweetheart. One might see my favorite characters and think, Hey! Why not see those as a couple? I say because it doesn't seem to work out. The two different personalities clash too much for them to make a good couple. They are good on their own. My least favorite character would have to be Kikyo. I understand that she's upset, but the fact that they try to explain the situation and she refuses to listen just really miffs me off. I was actually reading someone elses profile and he made me laugh because he said that he would rather Inuyasha be with Kagome instead of (quote) that undead bitch, Kikyo(quote) I laughed so hard after I read that. My other favorite, (probably under influence) would have to be Sesshomaru. He may have some scary reactions, but his interactions between wren and jawkin (the little green dude) are funny to watch. I was looking through this archive and i found some pretty interesting crossovers for this and my other favorites. Some were scarring, but most were ok to read. Who knew?

Current Favorite 4/26/13: Rise of the Guardians

Comment on favorite: It's really cool. Although I mean the movie along with the book series, I figure that the movie probably had more hype than the books, so I'm going to focus on that one. The movie was very nostalgic as it reminded me of my childhood long, long ago. The collaboration of the many legends makes me smile.

My experience:
My favorite character would have to be Jack frost. While I was unable to find a book focused on him (I may just be uninformed on that one) I just sort of drank it up as much as I could. Originally, I thought that his title as the "Guardian of Fun" was a bit too cheesy for my taste, but fanfiction wacked that idea out of me. My least favorite character in the movie would have to be Bunnymund. He was portrayed as an arrogant jerk through the whole movie and he has absolutely no redeeming qualities I secretly believe that they only keep him around because he's so fluffy. The one time he had a chance to make up and play nice, he screwed up and sent Jack off in a huff. Overall, I think he's a bad egg (tee hee). While my usual reading material tends to linger around the angsty quadrant of the spectrum, I found that this one just doesn't mesh. Jack and angst just don't read well together. I also like these stories more when they fall under the Genfic category. From the looks of it, It seems that Tooth is more of a mother figure than a girlfriend figure. Also the introduction of OCs is very numerous. I figure its inevitable since there's only a few of them and only one bad guy, so there would be a need to have more characters. It was because of this that I was able to learn of other legends. I had no clue about Samhain, Bloody bones, or the little match girl. It was so cool when I found their wiki pages and researched them. It was all good.

Current Favorite 1/21/15 Kyle XY/Glee

Comment on favorite: I gotta say, they both have great beginnings, but had terrible endings. I enjoyed watching both up to the end of the second season. Each are very entertaining, and more importantly, they both had Cory Montieth. I enjoyed the drama for the most part, but it was the characters of the show that kinda clenched it.

My experience:
First off Kyle XY. My favorite Character is Kyle. Whoo! whoo! He's so cool! Amanda is the only true one for him. Jessi can go sit in a corner. I always enjoy a good 'ol amnesia tale. When I first heard of this show on ABC Family, I tried to watch it, but I was still in school, and it came on too late at night, so I only got to watch it recently when I had access to netflicks. It was a great series at the start, then the episodes dropped in quality right around when Jessi first came in, then when she actually got involved, it plummeted. Finally, after that latnok crap came in, I just couldn't stand it anymore. It just started looking more and more like they were in an act of futility. It just seemed like they had no chance to succeed and I just don't like that kinda junk. My least favorite character would have to be Jessi. She was very pretty, but she was also extremely unpleasant. She came in as an antagonist and she stayed an antagonist through the rest of the show as far as I am concerned. This show had a surprising lack of fanfiction on this website, so I had to look it up on google, and I still didn't find very good ones. It was very disappointing.

Then Glee. My favorite character kinda changed over the seasons. Basically it was Kurt, the Finn, then Mercedes, then Quinn, then I hated hated Quinn. Then Kurt turned into a Diva and I no longer found his antics entertaining. Then I think that Schue got up there. Then Miss P. After the Puck/Quinn Fiasco blew over, and he wasn't such a douche, I liked Puck, Brittany became one after I found out she spoke like a stoner. after that, I lost track and I didn't even try to know their names. I like to think of myself as a sorta musician, and I absolutely loved the music, The singers were very talented, my favorite was Mercedes. However... the storyline was sub-par. The characters were not constant with massive flip-flops over short periods, the drama was overdone, and the theme behind the show was just plain offensive. I could care less about the whole homosexual theme, that is not what offends me. It's the views on the sections. According to this show, Jews are money grubbing horn-dogs, Christians are either hypocritical liars or isolationists ignorant of society, and homosexuals only have two spectrums. There are quite a few more things I didn't like, but I'm not actually trying to bad mouth the show, believe it or not. The drama did get better the further I got into the show. Also I found stuff out about music that I didn't know. For instance. I had no idea that Brittany Spears is very talented. I honestly thought she was just all about sex, but she's actually got really good beats and the choreography is awesome. I also found out about music artists that I didn't know. My least Favorite characters are a lot too. Diva Kurt, Rachael, Late Quinn, Early Puck, Tina Coenchang, the newest cheerleader after Quinn, and that fat guy. I'm still looking for good glee fanfiction stories, but it's really hard to find a story not about Kurt and his love fling with that guy with the hair gel. However, this show has inspired me. It is now my goal to find people willing to do a 56 person harmony, that's right up there next to trying to get 38 people to be chess characters for me on a giant checkerboard.

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'cause he's danny phantom
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