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Ohello. I'm Alexandra but you can call me Xan. I am a fangirl, yupp. xD Uh, below this you will find some pointless things that I had put on this account years ago and am too lazy to delete. Oh, and if you love Marina and the Diamonds I will be your very best friend. o_o Kaybai.

Don't follow in my footsteps; I run into walls.

I ran with scissors, and lived!

People say that I have totally lost it. I wasn't even aware I had it.

You don't have to be faster than the bear; you just have to be faster than the slowest guy running from the bear.

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.

When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.

I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.

Everything here is eatable. Even me, but that my children is called cannibalism, and is frowned upon in most societies.

I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it!

Never knock on Death’s door, ring the doorbell and run away, he hates that.

They say the truth will set you free. Then why is it every time I tell the truth, I get sent to my room?

Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. (PEANUT BUTTER ROCKS)

Alektorophobia: Fear of chickens. (Chickens?)

Anatidaephobia: the fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you. (Hahahahahahahahahahahaha:) I love this one!)

Bibliophobia: Fear of books. (How can someone be afraid of BOOKS!!!!!!!!!)

Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting. (You must be tired)

Dextrophobia: Fear of objects at the right side of the body (Wha?!?!)

Dipsophobia: Fear of drinking. (Dehydration, here you come)

Euphobia: Fear of hearing good news.

Geliophobia: Fear of laughter.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words. (Ironic)

Mnemophobia: Fear of memories (Hey, remember- Whoops!)

Pantophobia: Fear of everything.

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“Let us find the dam snack bar,” Zoë said. “We should eat while we can.”

Grover cracked a smile. “The dam snack bar?”

Zoë blinked. “Yes. What is funny?”

“Nothing,” Grover said, trying to keep a strait face. “I could use some dam French fries.”

Even Thalia smiled at that. “And I need to use the dam restroom.”

“I do not understand.”

“I want to use the dam water fountain,” Grover said.

“And…” Thalia tried to catch her breath. “I need to buy a dam T-shirt.”

-Zoë, Grover, and Thalia, The Titan’s Curse

Ever had a flying burrito hit you? Well it’s deadly, right up there with cannonballs and grenades. –Percy, The Titan’s Curse

He fished out his acorns and threw them onto the sand, then played his pipes. They rearranged themselves in a pattern that made no sense to me, but Grover looked concerned.

“That’s us,” he said. “Those five nuts right there.”

“Which one is me?” I asked.

“The little deformed one,” Zoë suggested.

-Grover, Percy, and Zoë, The Titan’s Curse

“Apollo?” I guessed, because I figured nobody else could make a haiku that bad.

“I’m incognito. Call me Fred.”

“A god named Fred?”

-Percy and Apollo, The Titan’s Curse

“Love conquers all,” Aphrodite promised. “Look at Helen and Paris. Did they let anything come between them?”

“Didn’t they start the Trojan War and get thousands of people killed?”

-Aphrodite and Percy, The Titan’s Curse

“He looked… nervous. He told his monsters to spare me. He wanted to tell me something.”

“Probably, ‘Hi, Annabeth! Sit here with me and watch while I tear you friends apart. It’ll be fun!”

-Annabeth and Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

“They asked me a lot of questions about you. I played dumb.”

“Was it hard?”

-Rachel and Annabeth, The Battle of the Labyrinth

We only came close to dying six or seven times, which I thought was pretty good. –Percy, The Sea of Monsters.

“Wow,” Thalia muttered. “Apollo is hot.”

“He’s the sun god,” I said.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Thalia and Percy, The Titan’s Curse

It seemed weird calling a teenager ‘sir’ but I’d learned to be careful with immortals. They tended to get offended easily. Then they blew stuff up. –Percy, The Titan’s Curse

You deal with mythological stuff for a few years, you learn that paradises are usually places where you get killed. –Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

I nodded, looking at Rachel with respect. “You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush.” –Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

“It is a day when things…stir.”

The way he said it, stirring sounded absolutely sinister-like it should be a first-degree felony, not something you did to cookie dough.

“Okay,” Annabeth said, glaring at the centaur. “Thank you, Captain Sunshine.”

-Chiron and Annabeth, The Lost Hero

“It’ll be dangerous,” Nyssa warned him. “Hardship, monsters, terrible suffering”

“Oh.” Suddenly Leo didn’t look so excited. Then he remembered everyone was watching. “I mean… Oh, cool! Suffering? I love suffering! Let’s do this.”

-Nyssa and Leo, The Lost Hero

Suddenly there was a collective gasp. Everyone stared at Piper like she’d just exploded. –Piper, The Lost Hero

“Since the first Great Prophecy predicted the Titan War, we can guess the second Great Prophecy will predict something at least that bad.”

“Or worse,” Chiron murmured.

Maybe he didn’t mean everyone to overhear, but they did. The campfire immediately turned a dark purple.

-Rachel and Chiron, The Lost Hero.

“The Senate and the People of Rome. Though why you would burn that on you own arm, I don’t know. Unless you had a really harsh Latin teacher…” –Annabeth, The Lost Hero.

Even that horrible zit at the base of her nose, which she’d had for so many days she’d started to call it Bob, had disappeared. –Piper, The Lost Hero

“I can’t summon any more gas! Wow, that came out wrong. I mean the burning kind.” –Leo, The Lost Hero

“Let’s sit.”

Piper did better than that. She collapsed.

–Thalia and Piper, The Lost Hero

They were standing on the Aphrodite cabin’s table, and Piper had one foot in Drew’s pizza. –Piper, The Lost Hero

Lacy was bouncing up and down like she was trying to achieve liftoff. –Piper, The Lost Hero

A few other kids started to grin, as if they were enjoying the different colors Drew’s face was turning.

-Piper, The Lost Hero

We careened out of the Lincoln Tunnel and back into the rainstorm, people and monsters tossed around the bus. –Percy, The Lightning Thief

“You have offended the gods. You shall die.”

“I liked you better as a math teacher,” I told her.

-Mrs. Dodds and Percy, The Lightning Thief

“Braccas meas vescimini!” I yelled.

I wasn’t sure where the Latin came from. I think it meant “Eat my pants!” –Percy, The Lightning Thief

Behind her came two more old ladies: one in a green hat, one in a purple hat. Otherwise they looked exactly like Mrs. Dodds. Triplet demon grandmothers. –Percy, the Lightning Thief

“Hey guys!” Grover yelled somewhere above us. “I think she’s unconscious!”


“Maybe not,” Grover corrected.

-Grover and Medusa, The Lightning Thief

She’d also called me brave…unless she was talking to the catfish. –Percy, The Lightning Thief

“It only works on wild animals.”

“So it would only affect Percy,” Annabeth reasoned.

-Grover and Annabeth, The Lightning Thief

Our English teacher, Dr. Boring (I’m not kidding; that’s his real name), adjusted his glasses and frowned.

-Percy, The Demigod Files

Fortunately he’d shrunk back to normal size, so his hug was like getting hit by a tractor, not the entire farm. –Percy, The Last Olympian

"With great power... comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later." -Nico, The Last Olympian

In a way, it's nice to know that there are Greek gods out there, because you have somebody to blame when things go wrong. For instance, when you're walking away from a bus that's just been attacked by monster hags and blown up by lightning, and it's raining on top of everything else, most people might think that's just really bad luck; when you're a half-blood, you understand that some devine force is really trying to mess up your day. -Percy, The Lightning Thief

"Yay!" he said. "Now we can eat peanut butter sandwiches and ride fish ponies! We can fight monsters and see Annabeth and make things go BOOM!"
I hoped he didn't mean all at the same time, but I told him absolutely, we'd have a lot of fun this summer.
Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

“So Zeus sent this magical flying ram with golden wool, which picked them up in Greece and carried them all the way to Colchis in Asia Minor. Well, actually it carried Cadmus. Europa fell off and died along the way, but that's not important."
"It was probably important to her."
-Annabeth and Percy, The Sea of Monsters

Jumping out a window five hundred feet above ground is not usually my idea of fun. Especially when I'm wearing bronze wings and flapping my arms like a duck.
-Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

Hades raised an eyebrow. When he sat forward in his throne, shadowy faces appeared in the folds of his black robes, faces of torment,as if the garment was stitched of trapped souls from the Fields of Punishment, trying to get out. The ADHD part of me wondered, off-task, whether the rest of his clothes were made the same way. What horrible things would you have to do in your life to get woven into Hades' underwear?
- Hades and Percy, The Lightning Thief

"You're a half-blood, too?"
"Shhh! Just announce it to the world, how about?"
"Okay. Hey, everybody! These two aren't human! They're half Greek god!...They don't seem to care."
-Rachel and Annabeth, The Battle of the Labyrinth

The cafe windows wrapped all the way around the observation floor, which gave us a beautiful panoramic view of the skeleton army that had come to kill us.
-Percy, The Titan's Curse

"How did you die?"
"We er...drowned in a bathtub."
"All three of you?"
"It was a big bathtub."
-Ciron and Percy, The Lightning Theif

"Don't feel bad, I'm usually about to die."
-Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

"So, you wrecked Alcatraz Island, made Mount St. Helens explode, and displaced half a million people, but at least you're safe."
"Yep, that pretty much covers it."
-Annabeth and Percy, The Battle of the Labyrinth

Kane Quotes

"Two weeks ago, you thought she was sending you a distress call in your mashed potatoes."
"It was a Z! Carved right in the potatoes!"
Sadie and Carter, The Throne of Fire

“What kind?”

“Weasel cookie.”

I'm here to tell you, that comment about weasel cookies probably saved the known universe."

-Aphosis, Ra, and Carter, The Throne of Fire

"You're the vulture goddess. Neckbutt, is it?" -Sadie, The Throne of Fire

“He’s going to swallow the sun, plunge the earth into eternal darkness, and otherwise make us have a very bad day” –Sadie, the Throne of Fire

Liz cleared her throat. “Isn’t there a more polite term we’re supposed to use nowadays? Like…little person, or vertically challenged, or-“

“I’m not going to call myself the god of vertically challenged people.”

-Liz and Bes, The Throne of Fire

or me, crazy is a loose term. Crazy is when you start dancing in Wal-Mart to its cheesy music. Crazy is when you laugh uncontrollably at your own jokes. Crazy is when you stare at a pencil and laugh when someone asks you what is so interesting about the eraser. Crazy is when you have an hour-long sob fest, and then start singing and dancing when your favorite song comes on. Crazy is when you do or say a completely random thing, like "Do you ever wonder where the eraser bits go?" Crazy is when you have a thumb war with yourself. Crazy is when you type up all your favorite sayings, print them off and tape them to your wall, just for something to do. Crazy is when you laugh when nothing's funny. Crazy is when you crack up if someone says "Oatmeal!" Crazy is when you forget what you're saying in the middle of a sentence. Crazy is when you take the time to write down stuff like this and memorize it. Crazy is when you memorized every single line of the Harry Potter series. Crazy is when you’re so obsessed with CSI that you bang on the T.V. every now and then to see if Grissom will come out . Crazy is when you’re going through this as a checklist. Crazy is when you quote Charlie the Unicorn at random moments. Crazy is when you eat twenty pixie sticks in one day. Crazy is when you’re crazy. Crazy is when start talking nonsense everyday during gym. Crazy is when you convince your friends your 'high' because you can't stop laughing even when nothing is funny. And then all of you convince the nearest adult that you're having a breakdown. Crazy is when you trip up the stairs, and laugh all the way back down them. When you go to look at cats and can't stop. Crazy is when your binder of Spanish vocabulary words gets so big and thick that you title it Harry Potter and the Spanish Vocabulary. Crazy is when you doze off playing your virtual iPod in your head and are snapped out of it when I friend asks you why your wiggling to what seems like a beat. Crazy is when you stand on the street corner dressed in snazzy costumes and sing the Lollipop song at the top of your lungs while waving at random cars as they drive by. Crazy is when you fall out of bed and then ask the floor if it's OK. Crazy is when you go on a sugar high when you haven't eaten anything sugary all day. Crazy is when someone knocks you flat on your back and you’re the one who gets up laughing. Crazy is when you draw shoes on your revision paper when you're supposed to be revising. Crazy is when you scream when the toaster pops after watching something kind of scary. Crazy is when you watch a movie or read a book and you start being the characters in the book along with being yourself! Crazy is when you force yourself to become slap happy to lessen a blow. Crazy is when you change the lyrics to 'Frosty the Snowman' and walk around the playground singing 'Frosty the Snow Pile!' Crazy is when someone says “You’re crazy!” and you grin in a maniac way, start rocking back and forth in your chair and answer “You’ve just realized?!” Crazy is when you dance in front of the whole school with a book on your head just to see if anyone will comment. Crazy is when you're home alone and won't go into the basement of your house without a baseball bat. Crazy is when someone says ROFL you actually do it. If you're crazy, copy this onto your profile and add something crazy you've done to the list!


The Lightning ThiefPage 56

The last thing I remember is collapsing on a wooden porch, looking at a ceiling fan circling above me, moths flying around a yellow light, the stern faces of a familiar-looking bearded man and a pretty girl, her blond hair curled like a princess's. They both looked down at me, and the girl said, "He's the one. He must be."

Page 63

She was probably my age, maybe a couple of inches taller, and a whole lot more athletic looking. wither her deep tan and her curl blond hair, she was almost exactly what I thought a stereotypical California girl would look like, except her eyes ruined the image. They were startling gray, like storm clouds; pretty, but intimidating, too, as if she were analyzing the best way to take me down in a fight.
She glanced at the minotaur horn in my hands, then back at me. I imagined she was going to say, You killed a minotaur! or Wow, you're so awesome! or something like that.
Instead she said, "You drool when you sleep."

Page 92

Annabeth stared at me. I couldn't tell whether she was just grossed out or angry at me for dousing her.
"What?" I demanded. "What are you thinking?"
"I'm thinking," she said, "that I want you on my team for capture the flag."

Page 93

"Annabeth, I'm sorry about the toilets."
"It wasn't my fault."
She looked at me skeptically, and I realized it was my fault.

Page 119

She pushed ahead, leaving me in the dust.
"Okay," I mumbled. "Glad you wanted me on your team."

Page 123

I was about to join the celebration when Annabeth's voice, right next to me in the creek, said, "Not bad, hero."
I looked, but she wasn't there.
"Where the heck did you learn to fight like that?" she asked.

Page 147-148

"I've been waiting a long time for a quest, seaweed brain," she said. "Athena is no fan of Poseidon, but if you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up.
"If you do say so yourself," I said. "I suppose you have a plan, wise girl?"
Her cheeks colored. "Do you want your help or not?"
The truth was, I did.

Page 169

After a few minutes, Annabeth fell in line next to me. "Look, I..." Her voice faltered. "I appreciate your coming back for us, okay? That was really brave."
"We're a team, right?"

Page 170

"You're pretty good with that knife," I said.
"You think so?"
"Anybody who can piggyback-ride a Fury is okay by me."
I couldn't really see, but I thought she might've smiled.

Page 185

"Forget it," I said. "You're impossible."
"You're insufferable."
"Hey!" Grover interrupted. "You two are giving me a migraine, and satyrs don't even get migraines."

Page 187

I looked at Annabeth, daring her to criticize.
She didn't.

Page 198

I tried not to drool in my sleep, since Annabeth was sitting right next to me.

Page 200

I wanted to make Annabeth feel better, but I didn't know how.

Page 202

"Can't we work together a little?" I pleaded. "I mean, didn't Athena and Poseidon ever cooperate?"
Annabeth had to think about it. "I guess...the chariot," she said tentatively. "My mom invented it, but Poseidon created horses out of the crests of waves. So they had to work together to make it complete."
"Then we can cooperate, too. Right?"
We rode into the city, Annabeth watching as the Arch disappeared behind a hotel.
"I suppose," she said at last.

Page 217

Annabeth stood behind him, trying to look angry, but even she seemed relieved to see me. "We can't leave you alone for five minutes! What happened?"

Page 234

"Are you kidding?" she looked at me as if I'd just dropped from the moon. Her cheeks were bright red.
"What's the problem now?" I demanded.
"Me, go with you to the...the 'Thrill Ride of Love'? how embarrassing is that? What if somebody saw me?"
"Who's going to see you?" But my face was burning now, too. Leave it to a girl to make everything complicated. "Fine," I told her. "I'll do it myself." But when I started down the side of the pool, she followed me, muttering about how boys always messed things up.

Page 247

"Hey," Annabeth said, "I'm sorry for freaking out back at the water park, Percy."
"That's okay."
"It's just..." she shuddered. "Spiders."
"Because of the Arachne story," I guessed. "She got turned into a spider for challenging your mom to a weaving contest, right?"
Annabeth nodded. "Arachne's children have been taking revenge on the children of Athena ever since. If there's a spider within a mile of me, it'll find me. I hate the creepy little things. Anyway, I owe you."
"We're a team, remember?" I said.

Page 251

"So if the gods fight," I said, "will things line up the way they did with the Trojan War? will it be Athena versus Poseidon?"
She put her head against the backpack Ares had given us, and closed her eyes. "I don't know what my mom will do. I just know I'll fight next to you."
"Because you're my friend, Seaweed Brain. any more stupid questions?
I couldn't think of a n answer for that. Fortunately, I didn't have to. Annabeth was asleep.

Page 257

"Why can't you place a blessing like that on us?" I asked.
"It only works on wild animals."
"So it would only affect Percy," Annabeth reasoned.

Page 290

Annabeth grabbed hold of my hand. Under normal circumstances, this would've embarrassed me, but I understood how she felt. She wanted reassurance that somebody else was alive on this boat.

Page 306

Annabeth and I looked at each other. I could tell she was nursing an idea probably the same one she'd gotten during the taxi ride to L.A., but she was too scared to share it. That was enough to terrify me.

Page 370

Annabeth sat next to me, holding my nectar glass and dabbing a washcloth on my forehead.
"Here we are again," I said.
"You idiot," Annabeth said, which is how I know she was overjoyed to see me conscious.

Page 374

She pursed her lips. "You won't try anything stupid during the school year, will you? At least...not without sending me an Iris-message?"
I managed a smile. "I won't go looking for trouble. I usually don't have to."
"When I get back next summer," she said, "we'll hunt down Luke. We'll ask for a quest, but if we don't get approval, we'll sneak off and do it anyway. Agreed?"
"Sounds like a plan worthy of Athena."
She held out her hand. I shook it.
"Take care, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth told me. Keep your eyes open."
"You too, Wise Girl."

Page 375

She touched Thalia's pine tree, then allowed herself to be lead over the crest and into the mortal world.
For the first time at camp, I felt truly alone.

The Sea of MonstersPage 12

In social studies, while we were drawing latitude/longitude maps, I opened my notebook and stared at the photo inside-my friend Annabeth on vacation in Washington D.C. She was wearing jeans and a denim jacket over her orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. Her blond hair was pulled back in a bandanna. She was standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial with her arms crossed, looking extremely pleased with herself, like she'd personally designed the place. See, Annabeth wants to be an architect when she grows up, so she's always visiting famous monuments and stuff. She's weird that way. She'd emailed me the picture after spring break, and every once in a while I'd look at it just to remind myself she was real and Camp Half-Blood hadn't just been my imagination.
I wished Annabeth were here. She'd know what to make of my dream. I'd never admit it to her, but she was smarter than me, even if she was annoying sometimes.

Page 22

Annabeth punched him in the nose and knocked him flat. "And you," she told him, "lay off my friend."

Page 23

"Annabeth..." I stammered. "How did you...how long have you..."
"Pretty much all morning." She sheathed her bronze knife. "I've been trying to find a good time to talk to you, but you were never alone."
"The shadow i saw this morning-that was-" My face felt hot. "Oh my gods, were you looking in my bedroom window?"
"There's no time to explain!" she snapped, though she looked a little red-faced herself.

Page 25

Now, under different circumstances, I would've been really happy to see her. we'd made our peace last summer, despite the fact that her mom was Athena and didn't get along with my dad. I'd missed Annabeth probably more than I'd wanted to admit.

Page 85

The only good thing about our punishment was that it gave Annabeth and me a common enemy and lots of time to talk.

Page 135

"A half-blood hideout." I looked at Annabeth in awe. 'You made this place?"
"Thalia and I," she said quietly. "And Luke."
That shouldn't have bothered me. I mean, I knew Thalia and Luke had taken care of Annabeth when she was little. I knew the three of them had beenrunaways together, hiding from monsters, surviving on their own before Grover found them and tried to get them to Half-Blood Hill. But whenever Annabeth talked about the time she'd spent with them, I kind of felt...I don't know. Uncomfortable?
No. That's not the word.
The word was jealous.

Page 166

I tried to stay mad at her, but it wasn't easy. We'd been through a lot together. she'd saved my life plenty of times. It was stupid of me to resent her.

Page 168

"Then why do the gods even let me live? It would be safer to kill me."
"you're right."
"Thanks a lot."

Page 168

I almost didn't recognize her. she was wearing a sleeveless silk dress like C.C.'s, only white. Her blond hair was newly washed and combed and braided with gold. Worst of all, she was wearing makeup, which I never thought Annabeth would be caught dead in. I mean, she looked good. Really good. I probably would've been tongue-tied if I could've said anything except reet, reet, reet. But there was also something totally wrong about it. It just wasn't Annabeth.

Page 183

Before I could figure out how to apologize for being such an idiot, she tackled me with a hug, then pulled away just as quickly. "I'm glad you're not a guinea pig."
"Me too." I hoped my face wasn't as red as it felt.

Page 192

"Don't untie me," she said, "no matter what happens or how much I plead. I'll want to go straight over the edge and drown myself."
"Are you trying to tempt me?"

Page 198

She started to sob-I mean horrible, heartbroken sobbing. she put her head on my shoulder and i held her.
Fish gathered to look at us-a school of barracudas, some curious marlins.
Scram! I told them.
They swam off, but I could tell they went reluctantly. I swear I understood their intentions. They were about to start rumors flying around the sea about the son of Poseidon and some girl at the bottom of siren Bay.
"I'll get us back to the ship," I told her. "It's okay.Just hang on."
Annabeth nodded to let me know she was better now, then she murmured something I couldn't understand because of the wax in my ears.

Page 211

I made a silent promise to the gods that if we survived this, I'd tell Annabeth she was a genius. The frightening thing was, I knew the gods would hold me to it.

Page 231

Which reminded me...I still owed the gods a debt.
"You're a genius," I told Annabeth quietly.
Then I put my head against the Fleece, and before I knew it, I was asleep, too.

Page 236

"Percy is too nice," Annabeth grumbled, but I couldn't help thinking that maybe, just maybe, she was a little impressed. I'd surprised her, anyway. And that wasn't easy to do.

Page 268

Tyson blushed. The crowd cheered. Annabeth planted a kiss on my cheek. The roaring got a lot louder after that.

The Titan's CursePage 2

"it's okay, Ms. Jackson." Annabeth smiled reassuringly. Her blond hair was tucked into a ski cap and her gray eyes were the same color as the ocean. "We'll keep him out of trouble."
Mom seemed to relax a little. She thinks Annabeth is the most levelheaded demigod ever to hit eighth grade. She's sure Annabeth often keeps me from getting killed. she's right, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Page 12

I looked nervously at Annabeth, then at the groups of girls who were roaming the gym.
"Well?" Annabeth said.
"Um, who should I ask?"
She punched me in the gut. "Me, Seaweed Brain."
"Oh. Oh, right."

Page 36

He went on asking questions. did I fight a lot with Thalia, since she was a daughter of Zeus? (I didn't answer that one.) If Annabeth's mother was Athena, the goddess of wisdom, then why didn't Annabeth know better than to fall off a cliff? (I tried not to strangle Nico for asking that one.) Was Annabeth my girlfriend? (At this point, I was ready to stick the kid in a meat-flavored sack and throw him to the wolves.)

Page 65

I took Annabeth's baseball cap out of my backpack and set it on my nightstand. I'd give it to her when I found her. And I would find her.

Page 77-78

He gave me the brochure. It was about the Hunters of Artemis. The font read, A WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR FUTURE! Inside were pictures of young maidens doing hunter stuff, chasing monsters, shooting bows. There were captions like: HEALTH BENEFITS: IMMORTALITY AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU! and A BOY-FREE TOMORROW!
"I found that in Annabeth's backpack," Grover said.
I stared at him. "I don't understand."
"Well, it seems to me...maybe Annabeth was thinking about joining."
I'd like to say I took the news well.
The truth was, I wanted to strangle the Hunters of Artemis one eternal maiden at a time. The rest of the day I tried to keep busy, but I was worried sick about Annabeth.

Page 80

Then I noticed a pink silk scarf with a label attached to it. I picked up the tag and tried to read it:


I stared at the scarf. I'd totally forgotten about it. Two years ago, Annabeth had ripped this scarf out of my hands and said something like, Oh, no. no love magic for you!
I'd just assumed she'd thrown it away. and yet here it was. She'd kept it all this time? And why had she stashed it in the attic?

Page 87-88

But Thalia held out her spear. "You want some, Seaweed Brain?"
Somehow it was okay when Annabeth called me that-at least, I'd gotten used to it-but hearing it from Thalia was not cool.

Page 105-106

"I don't have much time," my mom said. "Percy, whatever you decide, I love you. And I know you'll do what's best for Annabeth."
"How can you be sure?"
"Because she'd do the same for you."

Page 184-187

When she smiled at me, just for a moment she looked a little like Annabeth. Then like this television actress I used to have a crush on in fifth grade. Then...well, you get the idea.
"Ah, there you are, Percy," the goddess said. "I am Aphrodite."
I slipped into the seat across from her and said something like, "Um uh gah."
She smiled. "Aren't you sweet. Hold this, please."
She handed me a polished mirror the size of a dinner plate and had me hold it up for her. she leaned forward and dabbed at her lipstick, though I couldn't see anything wrong with it.
"Do you know why you're here?" she asked.
I wanted to respond. why couldn't I form a complete sentence. She was only a lady. A seriously beautiful lady. With eyes like pools of spring water...Whoa.
I pinched my own arm, hard.
"I...I don't know," I managed.
"Oh, dear," Aphrodite said. "Still in denial?"
Outside the car, I could hear Ares chuckling. I had a feeling he could hear every word we said. The idea of him being out there made me angry, and that helped clear my mind.
"I don't know what you're talking about," I said.
"Well then, why are you on this quest?"
"Artemis has been captured!"
Aphrodite rolled her eyes. "Oh, Artemis. Please. Talk about a hopeless case. I mean, if they were going to kidnap a goddess, she should be breathtakingly beautiful, don't you think? I pity the poor dears who have to imprison Artemis. Bo-ring!"
"But she was chasing a monster," I protested. "A really, really bad monster. We have to find it!"
Aphrodite made me hold the mirror a little higher. She seemed to have found a microscopic problem at the corner of her eye and dabbed at her mascara. "Always some monster. But my dear Percy, that is why the others are on this quest. I'm more interested in you."
My heart pounded. I didn't want to answer, but her eyes drew an answer right out of my mouth. "Annabeth is in trouble."
Aphrodite beamed. "Exactly!
"I have to help her," I said. "I've been having these dreams."
"Ah, you even dream about her! That's so cute!"
"No! I mean...that's not what I meant."
She made a tsk-tsk sound. "Percy, I'm on your side. I'm the reason you're here, after all."
I stared at her. "What?"
"The poisoned T-shirt the Stoll brothers gave Pheobe," she said. "Did you think that was an accident? Sending Blackjack to find you? Helping you sneak out of camp?"
"You did that?"
"Of course! Because really, how boring these Hunters are! A quest for some monster, blah blah blah. Saving Artemis. Let her stay lost, I say. But a quest for true love-"
"Wait a second, I never said-"
"Oh, my dear. You didn't need to say it. You do know Annabeth was close to joining the Hunters, don't you?"
I blushed. "I wasn't sure-"
"She was about to throw her life away! And you my dear, you can save her from that. It's so romantic!"
"Oh, put the mirror down," Aphrodite ordered. "I look fine."
I hadn't realized I was still holding it, but as soon as I put it down, I noticed my arms were sore.
"Now listen up, Percy," Aphrodite said. "The hunters are your enemies. Forget them and Artemis and the monster. That's not important. You just concentrate on finding and saving Annabeth."
"Do you know where she is?"
Aphrodite waved her hand irritably. "No, no. I leave the details to you. But it's been ages since we've had a good tragic love story."
"Whoa, first of all, I never said anything about love. and second, what's up with tragic?"
"Love conquers all, " Aphrodite promised.. "Look at Helen and Paris. Did they let anything come between them?"
"Didn't they start the Trojan War and get thousands of people killed?"
"Pfft. That's not the point. follow your heart."
"But...I don't know where it's going." My heart, I mean."

Page 246

I half expected Mrs. Chase to turn into a raving lunatic at the mention of her stepdaughter, but she just pursed her lips and looked concerned. "All right. Do on up to the study and i'll bring you some food." She smile at me. "Nice meeting you, Percy. I've heard a lot about you."

Page 282

"I don't know," she admitted. "But thank you for rescuing me."
"Hey, no big deal. We're friends."
"You didn't believe I was dead?"

Page 291

A feeling of panic seized me. "Annabeth," I said under my breath. "Don't."
She frowned at me. "What?"
"Look, I need to tell you something," I continued. The words came stumbling out of me. "I couldn't stand it if...I don't want you to-"
"Percy?" she said. "You look like you're going to be sick."
And that's how I felt. I wanted to say more, but my tongue betrayed me. It wouldn't move because of the fear in my stomach. And then Artemis turned.
"I shall have a new lieutenant," she announced. "If she will accept it."
"No," I murmured.

Page 299-300

"Was she giving you a hard time?" Annabeth asked.
"No," I said. It's...fine"
She studied me with concern. She touched the new streak of gray in my hair that matched hers exactly-our painful souvenir from holding Atlas's burden. There was a lot I'd wanted to say to Annabeth, but Athena had taken the confidence out of me. I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
I do not approve of your friendship with my daughter.
"So," Annabeth said. "What did you want to tell me earlier?"
The music was playing. People were dancing in the streets. I said "I, uh, was thinking we got interrupted at Westover Hall. And...I think I owe you a dance."
She smiled slowly. "All right, Seaweed Brain."
So I took her hand, and I don't know what everybody else heard, but but to me it sounded like a slow dance: a little sad, but maybe a little hopeful, too.

Page 304

"I'll fill you in later," Chiron said with forced cheerfulness. "The important thing is you have prevailed. and you save Annabeth!"
Annabeth smiled at me gratefully, which made me look away.

The Battle of the LabyrinthPage 2

"Think positive. Tomorrow you're off to camp! After orientation, you've got your date-"
"It's not a date!" I protested. "It's just Annabeth, Mom. Jeez!"
"She's coming all the way from camp to meet you."
"Well, yeah."
"You're going to the movies."
"Just the two of you."
She held up her hands in surrender, but I could tell she was trying hard not to smile.

Page 15

I burst out of the alley onto East 81st and ran straight into Annabeth.
"Hey, you're out early!" She laughed, grabbing my shoulders to keep me from tumbling into the street. "Watch where you're going, Seaweed Brain."
For a split second, she was in a good mood and everything was fine. She was wearing jeans and an orange camp T-shirt and her clay bead necklace. He blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her gray eyes sparkled. She looked like she was ready to catch a movie, have a cool afternoon hanging out together.
Then Rachel Elizabeth Dare, still covered in monster dust, came charging out of the alley, yelling. "Percy, wait up!"
She frowned at me. "What did you do this time? And who is this?"Page 16-17

Annabeth stared at me for a second. Then she turned and took off.
"Hey!" I jogged after her. "There were these two empousai," I tried to explain. "They were cheerleaders, see, and they said camp was going to burn, and-"
"You told a mortal girl about half-bloods?"
"She can see through the Mist. She saw the monsters before I did."
"So you told her the truth."
"She recognized me from Hoover Dam, so-"
"You've met her before?"
"Um, last winter. But seriously, I barely know her."
"She's kinda cute."
"I-I never thought about it."
Annabeth kept walking toward York Avenue.
"I'll deal with the school," I promised, anxious to change the subject "Honest, it'll be fine."
Annabeth wouldn't even look at me. "I guess our afternoon is off, now that the poilce will be searching for you."

Page 45

Someone else slid next to me on the bench: Annabeth.
"I'll tell you what it's about," she said. "The Labyrinth."
It was hard to concentrate on what she was saying, because everybody in the dining pavilion was stealing glances at us and whispering. and Annabeth was right next to me. I mean right next to me.

Page 47

Annabeth nodded. Despite how serious she was acting, I was happy she wasn't mad at me anymore. and I kind of liked the fact that she'd broken the rules to come sit next to me.

Page 50

Over at the head table, Quintus cleared his throat. I got the feeling he didn't want to make a scene, but Annabeth was really pushing it, sitting at my table so long.
"We'll talk later." Annabeth squeezed my arm a little to hard. "Convince him, will you?"
She returned to the Athena table, ignoring all the people who were staring at her.

Page 53

Quintus kept rattling off names until he said, "Percy Jackson with Annabeth Chase."
"Nice." I grinned at Annabeth.
"Your armor is crooked," was her only comment, and she redid my straps for me.

Page 59

I started forward, but Annabeth stopped me. "Don't take another step," she warned. "We need to find the exit."
She sounded really scared now.
"It's okay," I promised. "It's right-"
I looked up and realized I couldn't see where we'd fallen in. The ceiling was solid stone. The corridor seemed to stretch endlessly in both directions.
Annabeth's hand slipped into mine. Under different circumstances, I would've been embarrassed, but here in the dark I was glad to know where she was. It was about the only thing I was sure of.

Page 68

"I've been studying architecture for years," she said. "I know Daedalus's Labyrinth better than anybody."
"From reading about it."
"Well, yes."
"That's not enough."
"It has to be!"
"It isn't!"
"Are you going to help me or not?"
I realized everyone was watching Annabeth and me like a tennis match.

Page 78-80

Annabeth stood in the back of the room, rifling through old scrolls.
"Knock, knock?" I said.
She turned with a start. "Oh...hi. Didn't hear you."
"You okay?"'
She frowned at the scroll in her hands. "Just trying to do some research. Daedalus's Labyrinth is so huge. none of the stories agree about anything. The maps just lead from nowhere to nowhere."
I thought about what Quintus had said, how the maze tries to distract you. I wondered if Annabeth knew that already.
"We'll figure it out," I promised.
Her hair had come loose and was hanging in a tangled blond curtain around her face. Her gray eyes looked almost black.
"I've wanted to lead a quest since I was seven," she said.
"You're going to do awesome."
She looked at me gratefully, but then stared down at all the books and scrolls she'd pulled from the shelved. "I'm worried, Percy. Maybe I shouldn't have asked you to do this. Or Tyson or Grover."
"Hey, we're your friends. We wouldn't miss it."
"But..." She stopped herself.
"What is it?" I asked. "The prophecy?"
"I'm sure it's fine," she said in a small voice.
"What was the last line?"
Then she did something that really surprised me. She blinked back tears and put out her arms.
I stepped forward and hugged her. Butterflies started turning my stomach into a mosh pit.
"Hey, it's...it's okay." I patted her back.
I was aware of everything in the room. I felt like I could read the tiniest print on any book on the shelves. Annabeth's hair smelled like lemon soap. She was shivering.
"Chiron might be right," she muttered. "I'm breaking the rules. But I don't know what else to do. I need you three. It just feels right."
"Then don't worry about it," I managed. "We've had plenty of problems before, and we solved them."
"This is different. I don't want anything happening to...any of you."
Behind me, somebody cleared his throat.
It was one of Annabeth's half-brothers, Malcolm. His face was bright red. "Um, sorry," he said. "Archery practice is starting, Annabeth. Chiron said to come find you."
I stepped away from Annabeth. "We were just looking at maps," I said stupidly.
Malcolm stared at me. "Okay."
"Tell Chiron I'll be right there," Annabeth said, and Malcolm left in a hurry.
"Annabeth rubbed her eyes. "You go ahead, Percy. I'd better get ready for archery."
I nodded, feeling more confused than I ever had in my life. I wanted to run from the cabin...but then again I didn't.

Page 125-126

I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. Something about getting chased by a large dragon lady with poison swords made it real hard to relax. I picked up my bedroll and dragged it over to where Annabeth was sitting, keeping watch.
I sat down next to her.
"You should sleep," she said.
"Can't. You doing all right?"
"Sure. First day leading the quest. Just great."
"We'll get there," I said. "We'll find the workshop before Luke does."
She brushed her hair out of her face. She had a smudge of dirt on her chin, and i imagined what she must've looked like when she was little, wandering around the country with Thalia and Luke. Once she'd saved them from the mansion of the evil Cyclops when she was only seven. Even when she looked scared, like now, I knew she had a lot of guts.
"I just wish the quest was logical," she complained. "I mean, we're traveling but we have no idea where we'll end up. How can you walk from New York to California in a day?"
"Space isn't the same in the maze."
"I know, I know. it's just..." She looked at me hesitantly. "Percy, I was kidding myself. All that planning and reading. I don't have a clue where we're going."
"You're doing great. Besides, we never know what we're doing. It always works out. Remember Circe's island?"
She snorted. "You made a cute guinea pig."
"And Waterland, how you got us thrown off that ride?"
"I got us thrown off? That was totally your fault!"
"See? It'll be fine."

Page 184

"I'm a child of Athena," she insisted. and this is an insult to my intelligence. I won't answer these questions."
Part of me was impressed with her for standing up like that. but part of me thought her pride was going to get us all killed.

Page 198

I didn't dare call after her, but I didn't like the idea of her approaching the forge on her own. If those things out there could sense a god coming, would Annabeth be safe?

The Infamous Page 203

"Put your cap back on," I said. "Get out!"
"What?" Annabeth shrieked. "No! I'm not leaving you."
"I've got a plan. I'll distract them. you can use the metal spider-maybe it'll lead you back to Hephaestus. You have to tell him what's going on."
"But you'll be killed!"
"I'll be fine. Besides, we've got no choice."
Annabeth glared at me like she was going to punch me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. She kissed me.
"Be careful, Seaweed Brain." She put on her hat an vanished.
I probably would've sat there for the rest of the day, staring at the lava and trying to remember what my name was, but the sea demons jarred me back to reality.

Page 227

Annabeth turned to face the audience. She looked terrible. Her eyes were puffy from crying, but she managed to say, "He was probably the bravest friend I've ever had. He..." Then she saw me. Her face went blood red. "He's right there!"
Heads turned. People gasped.
"Percy!" Beckendorf grinned. A bunch of other kids crowded around me and clapped me on the back. I heard a few curses from the Ares cabin, but Clarisse just rolled her eyes, like she couldn't believe I'd had the nerve to survive. Chiron cantered over and everyone made way for him.
"Well," he sighed with obvious relief. "I don't believe I've ever been happier to see a camper return. But you must tell me-"
"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Annabeth interrupted, shoving aside the other campers. I thought she was going to punch me, but instead she hugged me so fiercely she nearly cracked my ribs. The other campers fell silent. Annabeth seemed to realize she was making a scene and pushed me away. "I-we thought you were dead, Seaweed Brain!"
"I'm sorry," I said. "I got lost."
"LOST?" she yelled. "Two weeks, Percy? Where in the world-"
"Annabeth," Chiron interrupted. "Perhaps we should discuss this somewhere more private, shall we? The rest of you, back to your normal activities!"

Page 229

Annabeth glared at me. "You are the single most annoying person I have ever met!" And she stormed out of the room.
I stared at the doorway. I felt like hitting something. "So much for being the bravest friend she's ever had."
"She will calm down," Chiron promised. "She's jealous, my boy."
"That's stupid. She's not...it's not like..."
Chiron chuckled. "It hardly matters. Annabeth is very territorial about her friends in case you haven't noticed. She was quite worried about you. And now that you're back, I think she suspects where you were marooned."

Page 244-245

"We'll try, Ms. Jackson," Annabeth said. "Keeping your son safe is a big job, though." She folded her arms and glared out the kitchen window. I picked at my napkin and tried not to say anything.
My mom frowned. "What's been going on with you two? Have you been fighting?"
Neither of us said anything.
"I see," my mom said, and I wondered if she could see through more than just the Mist. It sounded like she understood what was going on with Annabeth and me, but I sure as heck didn't. "Well, remember," she said, "Grover and Tyson are counting on you two."
"I know," Annabeth and I said at the same time, which embarrassed me even more.

Page 272

Annabeth stood. "The fire's getting low. I'll go look for some more scraps while you guys talk strategy." And she marched off into the shadows.
Rachel drew another figure with her stick-an ashy Antaeus dangling from his chains.
"Annabeth's not usually like this," I told her. "I don't know what her problem is."
Rachel raised her eyebrows. "Are you sure you don't know?"
"What do you mean?"
"Boys," she muttered. "Totally blind."

Page 329

Kampê landed on the Athena command tent, smashing it flat. I ran after her and found Annabeth at my side, keeping pace, her sword in hand.
"This might be it," she said.
"Could be."
"Nice fighting with you, Seaweed Brain."

Page 347

Annabeth and I pretty much skirted around each other. I was glad to be with her, but it also kind of hurt, and it hurt when I wasn't with her, too.

Page 348

I hoped Annabeth would be riding into Manhattan with me, but she only came to see me off. She said she'd arranged to stay at camp a little longer. She would tend to Chiron until his leg was fully recovered, and keep studying Daedalus's laptop, which had engrossed her for the past two months. Then she would head back to her father's place in San Francisco.
"There's a private school out there that I'll be going to," she said. 'I'll probably hate it, but..." She shrugged.
"Yeah, well, call me, okay?"
"Sure," she said half-heartedly. "I'll keep my eyes open for..."
There it was again. Luke. She couldn't even say his name without opening up a huge box of hurt and worry and anger.

Page 351

"I'm sorry," Annabeth told me. "I-I should get back. I'll keep in touch."
"Listen, Annabeth-" I thought about Mount St. Helens, Calypso's Island, Luke, and Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and how suddenly everything had gotten so complicated. I wanted to tell Annabeth that I didn't really want to be so distant from her.
Then Argus honked his horn down the road, and I lost my chance.
"You'd better get going," Annabeth said. "Take care, Seaweed Brain."
She jogged down the hill. I watched her until she reached that cabins. She didn't look back once.

Page 352

"You've had a rough summer," he said. "I'm guessing you lost someone important. And...girl trouble?"
I stared at him. "How did you know that? Did my mom-"
He held up his hands. 'Your mom hasn't said a thing. And I won't pry. I just know there's something unusual about you, Percy. You've got a lot going on that I can't figure. But I was also fifteen once, and I'm just guessing from your expression...Well, you've had a rough time."

Page 358

"You'd better go," Poseidon said. "But, Percy, one last thing you should know. that incident at Mount St. Helens..."
For a second I thought he was talking about Annabeth kissing me, and I blushed, but then I realized he was talking about something a lot bigger.

The Demigod FilesThe Bronze DragonPage 34-36

On the blue team were Hephaestus's cabin, Apollo, Hermes, and me—the only demigod in Poseidon's cabin. The bad news was that for once, Athena and Ares—both war god cabins—were against us on the red team, along with Aphrodite, Dionysus, and Demeter. Athena's cabin held the other flag, and my friend Annabeth was their captain.

Annabeth is not somebody you want as an enemy.

Right before the game, she strolled up to me. "Hey, seaweed brain."

"Will you stop calling me that?"

She knows I hate that name, mostly because I never have a good comeback. She's the daughter of Athena, which doesn't give me a lot of ammunition. I mean,Owl-head and Wise Girl are kind of lame insults.

"You know you love it." She bumped me with her shoulder, which I guess was supposed to be friendly, but she was wearing full Greek armor, so it kind of hurt. Her gray eyes sparkled under the helmet. Her blond ponytail curled around one shoulder. It was hard for anyone to look cute in combat armor, but Annabeth pulled it off.

"Tell you what." She lowered her voice. "We're going to crush you tonight, but if you pick a safe position—like right flank, for instance—I'll make sure you don't get pulverized too much."

"Gee, thanks," I said, "but I'm playing to win."

She smiled. "See you on the battlefield."

She jogged back to her teammates, who all laughed and gave her highfives. I'd never seen her so happy, like the chance to beat me up was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Beckendorf walked up with his helmet under his arm. "She likes you, man."

"Sure," I muttered. "She likes me for target practice."

"Nah, they always do that. A girl starts trying to kill you, you know she's into you."

"Makes a lot of sense."

Beckendorf shrugged. "I know about these things. You ought to ask her to the fireworks."

I couldn't tell if he was serious. Beckendorf was lead counselor for Hephaestus. He was this huge African American dude with a permanent scowl, muscles like a pro ballplayer, and hands calloused from working in the forges his whole life. He'd just turned eighteen and was on his way to NYU in the fall. Since he was older, I usually listened to him about stuff, but the idea of asking Annabeth to the Fourth of July fireworks down at the beach—like, the biggest dating event of the summer—made my stomach do somersaults.

Page 48

"If I was going to pick one person in the world to reattach my head," I said, "I'd pick you."

I just blurted it out—to give her confidence, I guess—but immediately I realized it sounded pretty stupid.

"Awww. . ." Silena sniffled and wiped her eyes. "Percy, that is so sweet!"

Annabeth blushed. "Shut up, Silena. Hand me your dagger."

I was afraid Annabeth was going to stab me with it.

Page 59

Annabeth came up to me and squeezed my shoulder. "Hey, seaweed brain, you okay?"

"Fine... I guess." I was thinking how close I'd come to being chopped into demigod hash in the dragon's mouth.

"You did great." Annabeth's smile was a lot nicer than that stupid dragon's.

"You, too," I said shakily.

Page 60-61

Watching them, with my arm around Annabeth for support, I felt pretty uncomfortable. I silently cursed Beckendorf for being so brave, and I don't mean for facing the dragon. After three years, he'd finally gotten the courage to ask Silena Beauregard out. It wasn't fair.

"You know," Annabeth said as we struggled along, "it wasn't the bravest thing I've ever seen."

I blinked. Had she been reading my thoughts?

"Um... what do you mean?"

Annabeth gripped my wrist as we stumbled through a shallow creek. "You stood up to the dragon so Beckendorf would have his chance to jump—nowthat was brave."

"Or pretty stupid."

"Percy, you're a brave guy," she said. "Just take the compliment. I swear, it is so hard?"

We locked eyes. Our faces were, like, two inches apart. My chest felt a little funny, like my heart was trying to do jumping jacks.

"So..." I said. "I guess Silena and Charlie are going to the fireworks together."

"I guess so," Annabeth agreed.

"Yeah," I said. "Um, about that—"

I don't know what I would've said, but just then, three of Annabeth's siblings from the Athena cabin burst out of the bushes with their swords drawn.

Page 63

But Annabeth just smiled and put us in jail. As she was heading back to the front line, she turned and winked. "See you at the fireworks?"

She didn't even wait for my answer before darting off into the woods.

I looked at Beckendorf. "Did she just... ask me out?"

He shrugged, completely disgusted. "Who knows with girls? Give me a haywire dragon, any day."

Interview with ANNABETH CHASE, Daughter of AthenaPage 70-71

Of all of your Camp Half-Blood friends, who would you most like to have with you in battle?
Annabeth: Oh, Percy. No contest. I mean, sure he can be annoying, but he's dependable. He's brave and he's a good fighter. Normally, as long as I'm telling him what to do, he wins in a fight.

Page 71

You've been known to call Percy "Seaweed Brain" from time to time. what's his most annoying quality?
Annabeth: Well, I don't call him that because he's so bright, do I? I mean, he's not dumb. He's actually pretty intelligent, but he acts so dumb sometimes. I wonder if he does it just to annoy me. The guy has a lot going for him. He's courageous. He's got a sense of humor. He's good-looking, but don't you dare tell him I said that.
Where was I? Oh yeah, so he's got a lot going for him, but he's so...obtuse. That's the word. I mean he doesn't see really obvous stuff, like the way people feel, even when you're giving him hints, and being totally blatant. What? No, I'm not talking about anyone or anything in particular! I'm just making a general statement. Why does everyone always think...agh! Forget it.

The Last OlympianPage 46

Annabeth ran in right behind him, and I'll admit my heart did a little relay race in my chest when I saw her. It's not that she tried to look good. We'd been doing so many combat missions lately, she hardly brushed her curly blond hair anymore, and she didn't care what clothes she was wearing - usually the same old orange camp T-shirt and jeans, and once in a while her bronze armor. Her eyes were stormy gray. Most of the time we couldn't get through a conversation without tryign to strangle each other. Still, just seeing her made me feel fuzzy in the head. Last summer, before Luke turned into Kronos and everything went sour, there had been a few times when I thought maybe...well, that we might get past the strangle-each-other phase.

Page 48

Annabeth wiped a tear from her cheek. "I'm glad you're not dead, Seaweed Brain."
"Thanks," I said. "Me too."

Page 49

We locked eyes. I thought of a different time last summer, under Mount St. Helens, when Annabeth thought I was going to die, and she kissed me.
She cleared her throat and looked away. "Prophecy."
"Right." I put down the scimitar. "Prophecy."

Page 58

Annabeth blushed. It dawned on me that she knew I'd been hanging out with Rachel, and I felt guilty. Then I felt angry that I felt guilty. I was allowed to have friends outside of camp, right? It wasn't like...

Page 70

I found myself staring at her, which was stupid since I'd seen her a billion times. She and I were about the same height this summer, which was a relief. Still, she seemed so much more mature. It was kind of intimidating. I mean, sure, she'd always been cute, but she was starting to be seriously beautiful.

Page 72-73

"You know..." She brushed her hair behind her ear, like she does when she's nervous. "This whole thing with Beckendorf and Silena. It kind of makes you think. About...what's important. About losing people who are important."
I nodded. My brain started seizing on little random details, like the fact that she was still wearing thos silver owl earrings from her dad, who was this braniac military history professor in San Francisco.
"Um, yeah," I stammered. "Like...is everything cool with your family?"
Okay, really stupid question, but hey, I was nervous.
Annabeth looked disappointed, but she nodded.
"My dad wanted to take me to Greece this summer," she said wistfully. "I've always wanted to see-"
"The Parthenon," I remembered.
She managed a smile. "Yeah."
"That's okay. There'll be other summers, right?"

Page 74

"Annabeth." I stopped her by the tetherball court. I knew I was asking for trouble, but I didn't know who else to trust. Plus, I'd always depended on Annabeth for advice.

Page 136

"Hold on, Seaweed Brain." It was Annabeth's voice, much clearer now. "You're not getting away from me that easily.
The cord strengthened.
I could see Annabeth now - standing barefoot above me on the canoe lake pier. I'd fallen out of my canoe. That was it. She was reaching out her hand to haul me up, and she was trying not to laugh. She wore her orange camp T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was tucked up in her Yankees cap, which was strange because that should have made her invisible.
"You are such an idiot sometimes." She smiled. "Come on. Take my hand."
Memories came flooding back to me - sharper and more colorful. I stopped dissolving. My name was Percy Jackson. I reached up and took Annabeth's hand.

Page 143

She frowned. "What is it?
"What's what?" I asked.
"You're looking at me funny."
I realized I was thinking of my strange vision of Annabeth pulling me out of the Styx River. "It's, uh, nothing."

Page 157

"She said to tell Percy: 'Remember the rivers.' And, um, something about staying away from her daughter.
I'm not sure whose face was redder: Annabeth's or mine.

Page 159

Annabeth sat at the foot of her mother's throne and cried.I wanted to comfort her, but I wasn't sure how.

Page 176

"Wait here," I told Annabeth.
"Percy, you shouldn't go alone."
"Well, unless you can breathe underwater..."
She sighed. "You are so annoying sometimes."
"Like when I'm right? Trust me, I'll be fine. i've got the curse of Achilles now. I'm all invincible and stuff."
Annabeth didn't look convinced. "Just be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you. I mean, because we need you for the battle."
I grinned. "Back in a flash."

Page 185

I kept my eyes on Annabeth.
She nodded reluctantly. "All right. Get moving."
Before I could lose my courage, I said, "Don't I get a kiss for luck? It's kind of a tradition, right?"
I figured she would punch me. Instead, she drew her knife and stared at the army marching toward us. "Come back alive, Seaweed Brain. Then we'll see."

Page 190

In a flash I understood what had happened. He'd been trying to stab me. Judging from the position of his blade, he would've taken me - maybe by sheer luck - in the small of my back, my only weak point.
Annabeth had intercepted the knife with her own body.

Page 199-200

Once she was gone, I knelt next to Annabeth and felt her forehead. She was still burning up.
"You're cute when you're worried," she muttered. "Your eyebrows get all scrunched together."
"You are not going to die while I owe you a favor," I said. "Why did you take that knife?"
"You would've done the same for me."
It was true. I guess we both knew it. Still, I felt like someone was poking my heart with a cold metal rod. "How did you know?"
"Know what?"
I looked around to make sure we were alone. Then I leaned in close and whispered: "My Achilles spot. If you hadn't taken that knife, I would've died."
She got a faraway look in her eyes. Her breath smelled of grapes, maybe from the nectar. "I don't know, Percy. I just had this feeling you were in danger. Where...where is the spot?"
I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. But this was Annabeth. If I couldn't trust her, I couldn't trust anyone.
"The small of my back."
She lifted her hand. "Where? Here?"
She put her hand on my spine, and my skin tingled. I moved her fingers to the one spot that grounded me to my mortal life. A thousand volts of electricity seemed to arc through my body.
"You saved me," I said. "Thanks."
She removed her hand, but I kept holding it.
"So you owe me," she said weakly. "What else is new?"

Page 276

I looked in the direction Annabeth had gone, but she'd disappeared into the crowd. I couldn't believe what she'd just done - saved Rachel's life, landed a helicopter, and walked away like it was no big deal.

Page 321

I pulled her up and we lay trembling on the pavement. I didn't realize we had our arms around each other until she suddenly tensed.
"Um, thanks," She muttered.
" I tried to say Don't mention it, but it came out as "Uh duh."

Page 335

Luke hardly paid me any attention. He stepped toward Annabeth, but I put myself between him and her.
"Don't touch her," I said.

Page 341

Next to me, Annabeth's knees buckled. I caught her, but she cried out in pain, and I realized I'd grabbed her broken arm.
"Oh gods," I said. "Annabeth, I'm sorry."
"It's all right," she said as she passed out in my arms.

Page 351

I glanced back. Annabeth was trying not to meet my eyes. Her face was pale. I flashed back to two years ago, when I'd thought she was going to take the pledge to Artemis and become a Hunter. I'd been on the edge of a panic attack, thinknig that I'd lose her. now, she looked pretty much the same way.

Page 359

"And my daughter?"
"I couldn't leave her," I admitted, my throat dry. "Or Grover," I added quickly. "Or-"
"Spare me." Athena stepped close to me, and I could feel her aura of power making my skin itch.

Page 372-374

"Hey." Anabeth slid next to me on the bench. "Happy birthday."
She was holding a huge misshapen cupcake with blue icing.
I stared at her. "What?"
"It's August 18," she said. "Your birthday, right?"
I was stunned. It hadn't even occurred to me, but she was right. I had turned sixteen this morning - the same morning I'd made the choice to give Luke the knife. The prophecy had come true right on schedule, and I hadn't even thought about the fact that it was my birthday.
"Make a wish," she said.
"Did you bake this yourself?" I asked.
"Tyson helped."
"That explains why it looks like a chocolate brick. " I said. "With extra blue cement."
Annabeth laughed.
I thought for a second, the blew out the candle.
We cut it in half and shared, eating with our fingers. amnnabeth sat next to me, and we watched the ocean. Crickets and monsters were making noises in the woods, but otherwise it was quiet.
"You saved the world," she said
"We saved the world."
"And Rachel is the new Oracle, which means she won't be dating anybody."
"You don't sound disappointed," I noticed.
Annabeth shrugged. "Oh, I don't care."
She raised an eyebrow. "You got something to say to me, Seaweed Brain?"
"You'd probably kick my butt."
"You know I'd kick your butt."
She brushed the cake off my hands. "When I was at the river Styx, turning invulnerable...Nico said I had to concentrate on one thing that kept me anchored to the world, that made me want to saty mortal."
Annabeth kept her eyes on the horizon. "Yeah?
"The up on Olympus," I said, "when they wanted to make me a god and stuff, I kept thinking-"
"Oh, you so wanted to."
"Well, maybe a little. But I didn't, because I thought - I didn't want things to stay the same for eternity, because things could always get better. and I was thinking..." My throat felt really dry.
"Anyone in particular?" Annabeth asked, her voice soft.
I looked over and saw that she was trying not to smile.
"You're laughing at me," I complained.
"I am not!"
"You are so not making this easy."
"Then she laughed for real, and she put her hands round my neck. "I am never, ever going to make things easy for you, Seaweed Brain. Get used to it."
When she kissed me, I had the feeling my brain was melting right through my body.
I could've stayed that way forever, except a voice behind us growled, "Well, it's about time!"
Suddenly the pavilion was filled with torchlight and campers. Clarisse led the way as the eavesdroppers charged and hoisted us both onto their shoulders.
"Oh, come on!" I complained. "Is there no privacy?
"The lovebirds need to cool off!" Clarisse said with glee.
"The canoe lake!" Connir Stoll shouted.
With a huge cheer, they carried us down the hill, but they kept us close enough to hold hands. Annabeth was laughing, and I couldn't help laughing too, even though my face was completely red.
We held hands right up to the moment they dumped us into the water.
Afterward, I had the last laugh. I made an air bubble at the bottom of the lake. Our friends kept waiting for us to come up, but hey - when you're the son of Poseidon, you don't have to hurry.
An it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time.

Page 375

Camp went late that summer. It lasted two more weeks, right up to the start of a new school year, and I have to admit they were the best two weeks of my life.
Of course, Annabeth would kill me if I said anything different, but there was a lot of other great stuff going on too.

Page 377

"You're still my best friend."
He grinned. "Except for Annabeth."
"That's different."
"Yeah," he agreed. "It sure is."

Page 380

Annabeth, thank goodness, would be staying in New York. She'd gotten permission from her parents to attend a boarding school in the city so she could be close to Olympus and oversee the rebuilding efforts.
"And close to me?" I asked.
"Well, someone's got a big sense of his own importance." But she laced her fingers through mine. I remembered what she'd told me in New York, about building something permanent, and I thought - just maybe - we were off to a good start

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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