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YAY! After 4 years, I finally get around to updating this stupid thing! Ehhh... I'm too lazy to delete the old one. So it's just resting at the bottom. I'm 18, a High School Senior. SnowBunny90 is my best friend, please go read her fanfics too if you don't mind. It would really make her happy.

Some of my favorite reviews of all time:

HiroX: I haven't read any of it yet to be honest, but I am flat out impressed with the quantity of what you have. I was like O_O.
AĆ©ro: Blargh, awesome, but it's just making me... scared to play FoMT! Noooooo D: But, uhm, yes, very awesome, and... Of course, it's scary o:
elli_the_baker: Woah...when the part about the salt came in I determined Anna to be crazy o.o crazy crazy.
Fangyuzhe: Jeez... this woman is like a cross between Joan Crawford and my mother-in-law to be and Carrie's mom all in one. Scary... But such an awesome story..
Leesuh Fanboy: It's like reading modern day Poe. 'Cept Poe was... messed up. I'm just gonna hope you don't have the same connection with your stories as Poe did with his...
elli_the_baker: Dun dun dun...Every chapter needs dramatic music XP
elli_the_baker: Don't kill Elli o.o;;'s an important part of the story...which then I would be very sad ;.;
Fangyuzhe: Oh, that's so sexy. Mary with a scythe.
elli_the_baker: I know the secret. Mary's a drug addict and taking Jack's pills behind his back. Muwahaha...though, that has nothing to do with the story and she would probably be passed out by now. Hm.

It's like multiple orgasms! This is so great, hehe..

And now I let you finish off with my old Profile. Have fun.

WOW! THIS WHOLE THING IS SERIOUSLY DATED. I must have written this over 3 years ago... (scratch that) over 4 years ago. I wonder if I'll ever get around to rewritting this? Well, I do still love Digimon, I'll give it to that. But I still really ought to fix it. Eh, I'll do it someday...

Hello there, Beelze speaking. I am very happy if you are reading this right now. My first fanfic was a complete bust, and I have deleted it. Hopefully my new one is better. Honestly, looking back on the first one, even I can say it was horrible. Well I'm a Senior in high school. My best friend, I call her V-Girl, you know on as SnowBunny90. Hey go check out her stories later, they ain't half bad (How's that V-Girl, I got you some publicity). I'm a guy in case you couldn't tell (I'll stab you if you couldn't, so you better have waves machete threatingly). V-Girl will deny it like crazy, but she definately has a crush on me. She is so going to kill me when she sees I told you that. was chopped up and stored in individual ziploc bags in V-Girl's freezer

I am an obsessive Digimon finatic. And I'd like to say just one thing... Digimon is not a Pokemon clone! Digimon first appeared in Japan in the early 90's in the Digimon Fighting Virtual Pet Series: Version 1. The first virtual pet widely known in the United States would be Tamagotchi which came out a few years later in Japan. The first Pokemon product, the games Pokemon Red and Green, went on sale on 02/27/96. That is the hardcore facts that ends that arguement once and for all. If you don't believe me, go do the research yourself. If you take some observations, Digimon is much closer to Tamigatchi than Pokemon. All baby Digimon are bouncing heads. Remember that a similar sounding name rarely means similarity in meaning. Digimon aren't Pokemon the same way an airplane isn't complain.

I can probably accurately name either the Japanese or the English name of about 500 out of the 830 Digimon, and name the attacks of about 300. No yelling at me telling me there are more than 830 Digimon, that is how many there are at the time I wrote this.

I only have one story going right now. I'll probably stay with it until I'm finished before starting another. However, if I get writer's block (which I doubt I will), I'll probably start another story just to keep busy.

This site is probably the best site to go to if I name a Digimon you do not know. It has pictures of every Digimon as well as its attacks and such.

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