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Who am I?

Formerly known as Yin-Yang Yo-Yo, just some average random dude on fanfiction. I am a HUGE fan of romance stories. I really wasn't sure if I actually wanted to write and do it in front of a giant audience of 100000000000000000 readers or writers, so here I am. I would give a backstory, but that would take too long XD. Either way, I had found my passion for writing stories after reading them. I was never a big fan of writing, or reading, but this site always gave me a cheer. So if anything is missing, let the rest explain for itself.

What do I like?

Romance Stories
Random References
My Wii and other video games
My Privacy
Reviews soon.
Those stories in my favorites, I have few, add more later.


Since I'm a romance fan what pairings do I like?

Sonic x Amy - Well, not much I can say here. I don't know why but I really like it that way. Sonic fan. Much better than any other.

Shadow x Rouge - Dark counterparts and stuff, not much either except, the fact this couple ironically is the one that had me on fanfiction.

Knuckles x Shade - 2 Echidnas, self explanatory.

Silver x Blaze- A pairing that comes in 2006, so little of this pairing dang it.

Tails x Cream or Cosmo - Cream seems alright, though Cosmo was Tail's first crush.

Tynan x Claire: It's my OC pairing.

Mario x Peach - Hero saves the princess, well, yeah.

Luigi x Daisy- This is self explanatory as the Mario Peach one.

Toad and Toadette- Yeah...

Bowser x Lizardon from Smash King-If you have seen the Series by Tigura21, then this couple can explain itself. If not, go watch his series.

Link x Zelda - Same situation from Mario and Peach

Mewtwo x OC Female Mewtwo - Mewtwo finds love, thank you WiseAbsol. (BTW, the fic comes from Phoinex Rose Saga.)

Lucario x Lopunny - There aren't many, and there's only 1 actually focused on it. Anyway, I like this pairing since it's the warrior, and the princess thing, plus they look good together.


Ash x May - It is the only pairing that seems right in the anime. They have similar traits, personalities, Pokemon, and eating habits. Plus, they look awesome together.

Ash's Sceptile x May's Blaziken - Pokemon follow trainers, do the math.

Ash's Pikachu x May's Glaceon - No more needs to be said, except I see this as a push on advanceshipping.

Brock x Lucy - Brock gets a girlfriend that actually like him back, let's not ruin it, plus IT'S THE ONLY ONE THAT RETURNS HIS FEELINGS DANG IT

Dawn x Kenny - An old childhood love, and one that would work. Haters gonna hate? Bring it.

Wes and Rui - They became great friends, plus it's pretty obvious and subtle, even though he doesn't talk at all during the course of the game.


Any form of Ethan and Kris together (Includes Quest shipping with Jimmy and Marina) - Self explanitory if you've seen Pokemon Cronicles or have Gold and Silver, not HG and SS.

Misty x Tracey - The ONLY pairing that is a last resort in getting Misty a boyfriend.

Paul x My OC Harmonia Kisaria - The only way Paul doesn't get lonely. First Appearance in Ch 9 of Seeing is Believing

Drew x My OC Ashley - Only way Drew isn't lonely. First appearance in Ch 16 of Seeing is Believing

Ash x My OC Ashley - Seriously, read Empty Solitude for more info and a potential reason for why I choose this. Besides that, she is my redition of the character "Leaf" for the anime, and after reading "Champion's Revived Glory" I decided it would be alright to try such a thing out.

Tristan/Honda x Miho - this pairing isnt well known. But it was very obvious for his feelings.

Yusei x Akiza - May not be into card games anymore, but enough to say they are an awesome couple. Also the second pairing making me stay on the site.

Jaden x Alexis - After a little researching (yes I actually did), this pair finally passed my standards! (no seriously, i had some digging to do here.)

Yuma x Tori/Kotori - Yugioh ZEXAL made this easy to decide.

Akari x Charlie McCoy - They had some sort of realtionship in ZEXAL. They also have kissed on-screen twice.

Gauche x Droite - Mainly cause I like how dynamic and contrasting their relationship is, and how it is able to make it seem like they've been comrades and allies, and possible love interests. Plus, much more plausible than that stupid, stupid, Kaito x Droite!

Saturn x Mars- I really don't know why I like it.

Saturn x Jupiter- Same, I don't know why it appeals to me.

Saturn x Jupiter x Mars- Normally I don't like pimps, harems or a threesome relationship, but this somehow makes an exception. I don't know why, maybe cause I like both?

Tamaki x Haruhi - I instantly fell in love with this couple when I was watching Ouran High School Host Club

Pit x Palutena - goes against what i mostly believe, but, I LOVE IT!

Dark Pit/Pittoo x Mindy(OC) - Read My Psycho Psychic Girlfriend

Tyson x Hilary - This couple has grown on me.

Ray x Mariah - If you're a fan of Beyblade, then you know what this couple is!

Heather x Alejandro - If you're a fan of the Total Drama series, this seems quite obvious, yet so awesomely...evil.

Kirito x Asuna - ...ITS JUST THAT PAIRING!

Phoenix Wright x Maya Fey - I'm just getting my feet wet within this series, but I love this already.

Travis Touchdown x Shinobu x Sylvia - *shrugs* Screw me then

Don't expect me to write:

Yaoi or Yuri - I don't see the appeal. I don't have a problem with homosexuality in real life, but I draw the line at twisting well-known characters into this. Quoted from Vile. There's times when I like it, but primarily and usually in humor, for example, the twins in Ouran, I can like it, and Charlotte Ink's "Curved" I just can't stop laughing.


Bestiality or Pedophilia

Three or more some pairings

Sonic x Sally- I think it's just plain bad. I read the comics, plus I had really less interest in the pairing during that era. Screw Archie (no offense).

Any OTHER media pairings- If i gained some knowledge of the pairings, it would be from its primary source, like say, sonic the hedgehog, only game canon pairings, and no comics/spinoff show parings.

Shadow x Amy- Don't get me started

Knuckles x Rouge - Seriously, they just don't fit well.

Bowser x Peach - Don't get me started either

Conway x Dawn - I just don't know why people find this couple appealing.

Ash x Misty - Seriously, no. I mean, all I can remember is the fights they constantly had...


Silver x Lyra - Refer to Conway and Dawn's reasoning.

Drew x May - This pairing is not right. Drew doesn't seem like a person that would be able to treat May well.

Lucario x Gardevoir - Refer to Conway and Dawn's reasoning.

Mewtwo x Gardevoir - Refer to Conway and Dawn's reasoning.

Giratina x Arceus - Refer to Conway and Dawn's reasoning.

Jet x Wave- O_o, what. the. fridge, are you people thinking.

Jaden and Yubel- Yeah,yeah, kill me, hate me, if you want. The way I will always see this is as a Bro-sis relationship, don't care if evidence is there, my viewpoint will probably stay strong. The way I see it, the evidence is there, but now, she is a part of him. How can you love someone that is part of you? How can you do more things than uniting souls together show more love that has sustained time? I got it people, Yubel is Jaden's soul lover in the series. But, come on! How can jaden show more love to Yubel if she is a part of him? I rest my case. And if you do flame me, I will accept your critism kindly, Although, flamers, go find some other story.

Droite x Kaito - Ok, WHAT THE HELL YUGIOH WRITERS?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I DON'T SEE ANY PLAUSIBLE REASON FOR THIS SHIPPING TO EVEN EXIST! I knew it from episode 50, I had to cross my fingers in hope, THAT THIS PAIRING WOULD NEVER SPAWN IN THE HEADS OF VIEWERS! The idea of this shipping spawning from episode 50 onward, and the 3rd opening/ending makes me facepalm. And what is even worse, Droite admits, ON SCREEN, SHE LOVES KAITO! THIS IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! Screw ALL of that!

Anna x Yuma - This recently just got a recognition in an episode, and i personally dislike it. VERY INTENTLY.

Haruhi x Anyone else - I just like Tamaki better, I don't have much interest in the other characters being paired up with Haruhi. Plus, Tamaki x Haruhi is officially canon.

Pit x Viridi - I honestly don't like this couple. I find it implausible to understand.

This list can go on forever, but I will stop here.

Pairings that are on a gray line, meaning I can't decide to hate or like, but can tolerate to read a little of:

Yugi x Tea/Anzu

Joey x Mai

Yami Yugi x Dark Magician Girl

Atem x Mana

Seto x Ishizhu

Jack x Carly

Dawn x Anyone else that doesn't make it yuri

Ash Harem

Max x Mariam/Emily

More to come.

The World God Only Knows Countdown: Top 10 Girls I'd pair with Keima Katusaragi(WILL REDO LATER)

10. Minama Ikoma
9. Sumire Uemoto
8. Yui Goido
7. Mio Aoyama
6. Haqua du Rot Herminium
5. Shiori Shiomiya
4. Tenri Ayukawa
3. Kanon Nakagawa
2. Chihiro Kosaka
1. Ayumi Takahara

OC Category:

Harmonia Kisaria:

Age: 11

Birthplace: Kanto

A rival that May encountered in Johto, she is similar to that of Kisara from Yugioh. She comes from Saffron City.She is Kind, friendly and can help out at times. She can be a playful person, but is very serious when it comes to a contest battle or any other battle. Her first Pokemon was a Charmander, which evolved into a Charizard. She found a few shinies, and an Albino Riolu, who had an attraction to one of her Pokemon, a Shiny Buneary. He joined her team and the 2 Pokemon eventually became mates.


Fair pale skin, long silky blusih-silver hair, and ocean blue eyes. She wears a pure white top, a pair of jeans, and a cardigan that is also sky blue.

Her Team consists of:

*Note Pokemon in the anime can have more than 4 moves*

Charizard Nicknamed Liz:

Air Slash
Dragon Claw
Shadow Claw
Sunny Day

Shiny Dragonite nicknamed Bowser:

Fire Blast
Dragon Rush
Hyper Beam

Shiny Lopunny named Dana:

Jump Kick
Dizzy Punch
Fire Punch

Ice Punch
Shadow Ball
Water Pulse
Mirror Coat

Albino Lucario named Delta:

Metal Claw
Swords Dance
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Close Combat
Water Pulse
Shadow Ball
Blaze Kick

Spore the Breloom:

Seed Bomb
Mach Punch
Swords Dance

Koyuki the Milotic:

Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Dragon Pulse
Iron Tail
Aqua Tail
Aqua Ring

Ashley Beamod

Age: 11

Birthplace: Kanto

She is a rival that didn't make the quarter finals of the Johto Grand Festival, but was an active "annoyance" to Drew. She is confident, wants to fall in love like any stereotypical female, but has a good amount of pride, is preppy to fight, enjoys winning for her sake, and can have a temper if annoyed to a certain extent that one can't handle. She was born in Pallet Town as a neighbor next to Ash, however, even though she was born near Ash, and his mother had brought them together on "playdates", as an excuse for Ash's mother and her mother to meet. She always had some conflict in picking a guy, and she has 2 choices, but one became clear in one universe(Empty Solitude), and the other in another(Seeing is Believing).


More or less like Leaf from Firered/Leafgreen. Bluish-greenish tank top, a white sun hat, and a red skirt. However, her handbag can be a variety of colors, depending on her moods, but she usually sticks with her favourite color, black. Has brown hair, and has Black high heel boots.

Fountain the Blastoise:

Hydro Cannon
Ice Beam
Rapid Spin
Mega Punch
Flash Cannon
Giga Impact

Psycho the Abra:

Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Fire Punch
Shadow Ball

Liar the Liepard:

Nasty Plot
Sucker Punch
Shadow Ball
Aerial Ace
Thunder Wave

Superstar the Altaria:

Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam
Draco Meteor

Hotty the Larvesta:

Flare Blitz
Wild Charge
Zen Headbutt

Hard Man the Cranidos:

Zen Headbutt
Head Smash
Iron Head

Tynan the Naturehog

Age: 17

Eye Color: Orange

Birthplace: Terra Island

Mobian Tribe: Terra

Personal Theme: IN MY WORLD by Rookiez is Punkd/fandub by Shadowlink4321


A hedgehog with an appearance similar to Sonic, but his body color is red, there were green and yellow streaks across his legs, his head has more blue, but also was mostly green, and there are a few yellow and red streaks across the top. He also has purple gloves, where they each contained a leaf symbol, as he is the 20th generation Terra Warrior. He also wears a pair of black-framed sunglasses and has large silver sneakers.

Personality and Interests:

He's usually a timid person when in front of Claire, but manages to keep his cool when talking to her. He is a film maker enthusiast, a video gamer, and is smart in a general sense. He is usually a happy, calm person, and as a nature warrior, he is confident in himself, but has high standards for himself as well. His calm demeanor can be shattered easily, and if it is, he can quickly become very hot-headed and temperamental. He is very serious about situations and is not appreciative if someone dares to set him off. However, Claire is usually available, where she keeps reminding him about peace to others, and her influence has made him wanting to not be part of a conflict. However, that doesn't mean he can't get into a conflict unless someone pushes him over the deep end.

Background History:

First Event:

The Terra symbol was a leaf embedded into the nature warrior's hand. Before his mother could give him a name, the village was attacked by the great god of destruction, Chaos. His mother and father escaped with Tynan, but the father Hedgehog wanted to go into battle and protect his village. His mother and other villagers went to hiding in the provided shelter. However, the little infant Yin-Yang saw the entire conflict. Especially, when he saw his father almost dead. The hedgehog cried for his father, but he was struck by a beam of the god Chaos. However, the powers were of negative chaos energy, where, the prophecy holds that the nature hedgehog was positive nature energy, which counters the dark and negative forces. However, when Yin-Yang was struck by the negative energy, forces then reacted, combining the forces together within the hedgehog. Emotions flowed through the little hedgehog infant, where he then broke into sobs. While he was crying, the chaos negativity builded up inside of him, where he turned a bright shade of red, and unleashed a force of power that had distracted the god long enough for Chaos to be sealed away by the Knuckles Tribe. The hedgehog infant was still young, so he lost his power and collapsed instantly. The father still detected the amount of nature energy within his soul. His mother then knew what to name him: Tynan, for he had now possessed Negative Chaos Energy, and Positive Nature Energy. However, a peach colored echidna came over to give thanks for whoever suppressed Chaos' power. She was a Chaos-Terra Princess, Utadah, a Mobian who was born in the Knuckles Tribe, who possesed Terra powers as well. She then used some magic, for Tynan now had full control with his Negative Chaos Powers, but able to balance his Terra Powers.

Mobian Colosseum and Meeting with Shock:

10 years later, he was trained by his father in martial arts, which he was then able to use the Terra tribe powers. He had the same appearance as the one now, but in a smaller tone. When he was fully trained, he was one of the warrior representatives in his Mobian Tribe, next to 4 other tribe members of his kind. The colosseum matches were held on Angel Island, with the reward for winning their tribe winning the colosseum tournament was the piece of the Morph Core, a part of an ancient relic that was able to have the power to fuse any material together with the user's will. The other Tribes that had entered in the colosseum were, Hurabolt(tribe of sky warriors that could fly or use lighting), Knuckles, Nocturnus(Dark Brotherhood, if played Sonic Chronicles). Eventually, Yin-Yang had beaten all other competitors all the way to the finals. This is where he met Shock, for he was one of the representatives for the Hurabolt tribe. They both fought their hardest, but the result was a tie. Since the tribe leaders couldn't decide a winner, the Integra Sphere was split, they both became good friends after that, constantly sparring each other at time to time.

Meeting Claire and Lumina High:

Soon, the Terra Tribe disbanded for there was no longer war, but peace, and Tynan had to be used to the new "Modern" Life of Mobius(with the robots and whatnot.). Yin-Yang was able to re-unite with his friend Shock, and made a new friend in Lumina, Rook the Monkey. Lumina High was a High School and a Fighting Dojo for Mobians with special abilities. He was then able to meet Claire, a descendant of Tikal, who also was the daughter of Utada. He then introduced himself to her and her friend, Glace the Cat. Yin-Yang and Claire have been good friends, helping each other at times, and even has done some pretty noble things for her sometimes. After Sonic Adventure 3(upcoming fic) Claire becomes his girlfriend.


As a naturehog, or warrior of Terra, he can manipulate powers of nature from the ground. He can summon vines from the Earth, and turn one of his entire arms into a vine, which can extend itself to any length, or on another note, his arm can turn into a cannon where he can fire seeds or buds at enemies for another range attack. His Terra powers are limited due to the Chaos Powers occupying most of his body. However, the Chaos Powers also can be used, but his powers are connected to his emotions, for example, if his negative emotions are to the extreme, he's able to invoke Chaos Blast, if the opposite, his connection to nature increases.

Shock the Hedgehog

Age: 16

Eye Color: Blue

Birthplace: Aeris Island

Mobian Tribe: Hurabolt

Personal Theme: Hirari by Wada Kouji/fandub by Shadowlink4321


A hedgehog who has purple body color, and had some yellow streaks in some areas including his spines. He has small spikes from his head spread out like lightning, the spines purple, yellow, and red. He also has a bit of purple lightning chest hair, wears a black sleeveless vest, and dark green army boots.

Personality and Interests:

Shock is sorta of a reckless person. He charges head on into things without thinking, which usually leads him into trouble, and Yin-Yang sometimes have to help him out of it. He inherits the Hurabolt Warrior Spirit of Immense Pride. He is very cheerful, but can easily anyone that he comes across. He likes to be his own person and is carefree, but can take things seriously when it's needed. He is also very good at break-dancing, and is a rival against Tynan in video games. He's also a break-dancer.

Background History:

Hurricane Beast:

All Hurabolt Warriors must be able to use their natural born powers to fight the Hurricane Beast on their island. It happens every time a new warrior is born, so it wouldn't subside until Shock was able to defeat it. However, it took him four years for him to defeat the storm. He was four the first time he fought it, and he was eight when he had defeated him.

Mobian Colosseum and Encounter with Tynan:

He was one of his warrior representatives in his Mobian Tribe, next to 4 other tribe members of his kind. Eventually, he had beaten all other competitors that he had made his way to the finals. This is where he met Yin-Yang, for he was one of the representatives for the Terra tribe. They both fought their hardest, but the result was a tie. Since the tribe leaders couldn't decide a winner, the Integra Sphere was split, they both became good friends after that, constantly sparring each other at time to time.

Lumina High:

Soon, just like the Terra Tribe, it was disbanded for there was no longer war, but peace, and Shock had to adjust to the new "Modern" Life of Mobius(with the robots and whatnot.).Shock able to re-unite with Yin-Yang, and made a new friend in Lumina, Rook the Monkey. Lumina High was a High School and a Fighting Dojo for Mobians with special abilities. He got in trouble for nearly shorting the place out with his electricity powers.


He is very athletic and agile, where his passion of breakdancing came to play, and is trained in self-taught martial arts. As a Hurabolt member, he can manipulate thunder and lightning into blasts with his hands, or use the wind to create small bursts of speed, or using the oxygen in his body to attack enemies. He has a similar lighting speed attack which is similar to a Laser Wisp attack. He has super-speed, just as fast as Sonic or Shadow.

Claire the Echidna:


Eye Color: Blue

Birthplace: Angel Island

Mobian Tribe: Knuckles


She is almost exactly like Tikal as she is her decendant, except that she wears a blue t-shirt, a pair of goggles on her forehead, as well as a pair of grey shorts.

Personality and Interests:

Just like Tikal, she is a pacifist. However, she is willing to fight if necessary, but is always reminding others and especially Tynan about being peaceful to others. She is also a dancer, can sing, and is also an average student in Lumina, but sometimes needs Tynan's trustworthy help if she needs it. She is very courteous and kind to everything and anyone, most of the time referring people and speaking to people in a friendly and formal tone, showing many people that she has high respects for them, and takes the higher route, meaning refraining to sink to a lower level and would refrain from hurting others, emotionally or physically. She is also free-spirited, wishing to have fun once in a while.

Background History:

A Mysterious Jewel:

Her father was one of the people who had been one of the people who had discovered one of the properties of the Morph Core. She was then entrusted by a mysterious jewel her father found one day. It was said to only those with positive energy and influences can unlock it's full power. She has worn it around her neck ever since.

Scepter of Chaos:

Before the tribes were all split, her mother had found a scepter that had contained powers from her ancestors. She gave it to Tikal, and said that it was a treasure from generation to generation, the scepter of Chaos. Utadah then taught Claire the techniques and spells if she ever needed them.

Lumina High and Tynan:

The Knuckles Tribe disbanded for there was no longer war, but peace, and Claire and her family had to be used to the new "Modern" Life of Mobius(with the robots and whatnot.). She was able to meet Glace the Cat, an artist. Lumina High was a High School and a Fighting Dojo for Mobians with special abilities. She personally doesn't fight, but helps out her friends. Yin-Yang and Claire have been good friends, helping each other at times. After Sonic Adventure 3(upcoming fic) they become boyfriend and girlfriend.


Being born by Utadah and her Father who was a Terra Echidna who was able to adapt to the Knuckles Tribe, where she has a bit of Terra power in her. She is able to help the Earth's plants grow, and also able to use spells to stun enemies. Her powers are mostly connected to her Scepter. She can heal others, which is what she uses it mostly for, and create spell attacks made of Chaos energy. She also is capable of using the scepter as a staff. However, her attacks are not the strongest types of attacks, leaving her to more of a supporter role.

Travis the Echidna:

Age: 18

Eye Color: Purple

Birthplace: Unknown

Mobian Tribe: Unknown, due to his echidna appearance, but his records claim that he hails as a descendant of one of the Knights of the Round Table(Sonic and the Black Knight)


He usually wear a set of armor, ranging from a variety of colors, but usually keeps a helmet on his head resembling a Meta Knight mask. He is a blue Echidna, and wears a black jacket and black sweatshirt. He has quills shorter than any regular echidna, going to about the back of his neck.

Personality and Interests:

He is quite arrogant cocky, and a bit over-confident, usually over-estimating his abilities, as well that he can be a bit of a back-stabber. He enjoys fighting, usually with a weapon or sword that is around that is for use. He and his father both collect swords, which made him into a position of running the fencing/swordplay portion of Phys.Ed at Lumina. Around Tynan, he is usually going to insult him. Claire would sometimes hang out with him if given the right motivations, but most of the time, it is to annoy Tynan.

Background History:

Lumina High Experience:

With his records, he was accepted and leads the swordplay class in Phys.Ed. He constantly butts heads with Yin-Yang, usually getting them into trouble.


He is a master of swords, capable of wielding any blade, but is useless in an ordinary fist fight, and somehow is always beaten by Yin-Yang(who doesn't use a sword), even while Travis is using a sword.

Triforce of Pairings:

Choose a pairing, then choose three authors that support or write about that pairing, including yourself. After that, assign the authors based on the Triforce of power, courage, and wisdom.

Triforce of Advanceshipping:

Courage - Yin-Yang Yo-Yo(very unfitting, but I still hold the Master Sword of Advanceshipping)

Power - Itssupereffective(When I brought this up to him, he was one of the choices that I had thought of, and we decided he would have that position.)

Wisdom - The Shiny Gengar(One of the best and probably the smarter authors that I talk to, making him a good choice.)

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