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Yo to all Dude and Duddettes of Fanfiction! This is SilentAuthor just your average girl putting her ideas into words.

Call me Silent owo A-chan to some very close friends.

If I could only write about every anime, cartoon, movie, book, or ANYTHING I get to be hooked on. I'd gladly do. Or at least finish even one multi-chapter story that first ever made. –ehem-ehem-

Silent is:

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    everything else is still on-going, sorry folks.

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    Name: Filvia
    (Filvia De Varu)

    Age: 17

    Animal: Wolf

    Appearance: Ruby red fur, wolf ears and fluffy tail, and a straight long red hair that ends up to her lower back. She has mismatched eyes of blue and yellow, skinny and pale skinned, but a tall lady. For clothes, she wears an inner black turtle-necked tank top covered by a green loose over shouldered sweater with sleeves up to her elbows. And below she has a plaided black skirt, a knife-holder tied around her right thigh, her left knee bandaged but covered with knee-length brown combat booths. Finally, wears black fingerless-gloves.

    Animal Appearance: Red wolf ear and tail, and long red hair. Two scratch-like marks on each of her cheeks. Same clothes only the sweaters were longer, no skirt, the brown boots still there.

    Personality: She's indifferent most of the times, blunt, a bit arrogant when it comes to fights. Loves to confuse people about what she thinks of most of the time, lets everyone see her uptight and strict, yet playful and sadistically loves to bully anyone. She's just an care-free girl who hits on innocent girls and boys for entertainment, sometimes, mostly when she gets drunk. But when she's self-aware, and with strangers, she has unchanging expression, poker-faced, if she isn't- she would smirk, snicker, grin and all those expression that would show her sadistic side. But out of all that, she do had a soft side, especially to children, only she doesn't prefer to show it much (tsundere). Tends to be bossy, and is perfectly able to lead out people whenever there's a tight situation, sometimes out of reflex too. sometimes gets misunderstood because of it. She may seem like the bad guy, she's pretty loyal to her friends and protects what's precious to her.

    Bio: An old acquaintance of Flippy back in the war days. Left her political family and her twin sister to independently leave on her own and escape the pressure of being the different one in the family. In a young age, she decided to join the war, discriminated as a girp, she perfectly showed them that gender doesn't matter, she got paired up Flippy's team, and there she made friends. She had a relationship with Sneaky, every bit of happiness she shared it with them. But then Flippy lost all control and kiled them. Flippy, Virost (oc friend) and Filvia were the ones left to survive. And with that, there was a huge hole in her heart for Flippy, he was like a brother, but seeing her lover killed in front of her by a man she trusted was devastating- she kept in mind that it was his alter ego. After that mission she retired and never saw or talked to him again.
    (Currently) After a few years, she appeared and stayed in Happy Tree Friend, when she met Flippy, it was almost like nothing happened. They never spoked about the past ever since.

    Likes: Children like Cub, spar, seeing people in pain or confused with flushed red cheeks, a victorious mission/accomplishment, high places or the forest. Spicy foods.

    Dislikes: intentionally/unintentionally abusing children like Pop, any food that is sweet, losing, letting tree friends keep barging in her house, lending her jeep to drunk or irresponsible people, people knowing her embarrassing but nice motives

    Friends: Flippy and Evil, Lifty and Shifty, Splendid and Splendont (she takes part on patrolling on the town), Flaky (she loves to tease her. Poor Flaky), Sniffles (another one who is really fun to tease, helps him gets some materials he needs)

    Tree Friend who she hates?: She hates anyone who's noisy.

    Love interests: Formerly had a relationship with Sneaky, and now a questionable relationship with Splendont. /hurrdurr

    Misc.: She always have candies in her pockets, she doesn't eat them, it was for the kids. She never gets out of her house without a set of knives, guns or any weapons hiding or attached to her body. Always gets caught off guard by Splendon't.


    Name: Kyoko Atsumi

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Meister or Weapon?: Weapon, half-blooded meister

    Type of Weapon: Double-Bladed Shadow Scythe

    Weapon Appearance: A dark silver scythe with a silver handle. It's two blades has a shadowy texture of a shade of silver. Has a cross on top where an eye opens when resonating, and the third, crescent moon-shaped blade appears as a special ability.

    Special Ability: She has an ability called Shadow Control. She had developed this after she was taken in by the academy. She can enveloped herself in black shadows and disappear into thin air, and can track people's shadow without being discovered. It was also having it's own thoughts and personality, Kyoko is aware though treats it as her helper, or sees it as her past identity. But it will be a big disadvantage once she gets drive into insanity because of her ability, a shadow that whispers in her mind and corrupts her.

    Appearance: She naturally had a long curly, elegant raven hair which she chose to straighten it everyday making sure no one would notice, and would stay away from water and rainy days. She has red eyes, pale skin, she's a little too short for her age. She wears a white polo with it's collar unfolded and standing up, it's sleeves rolled up to it's elbows and a red tie with the Shibusen brooch on it. She has three jelly bracelets for each arm, right arm has two red and one blue, on the left has two blue and one red. Fro the bottom she has a black plaided skirt, black combat boots with red and blue patterns. And lastly, she wears black wristless gloves with blue linings. Has a small symbolic shadow tattoo in her left arm.

    Personality: The go-with-the-flow type of girl most of the time, and stubbornly goes her way when she knows what's right. Thoughtful, a bit childish –physically independent, emotionally not- a bit of a blunt, sarcastic and unintentionally insulting people. A bit annoyed of her brother's flirtations towards other girls. Boyish in some ways due to she never have much girl – friends she could hang out with. A bit sensitive on family topics and Shibusen historic tragedy. A crybaby, and arrogant around fights-she would never panic during spars and fights.

    Bio: She had always admired the solo death scythes like Justin Law. There's a rumor she was taken in by Lord Death when still an infant, though people saw she attended the academy when she met her brother at the age of six. They seemed to be separated and after six years her brother took care of her after the death of their mother, which she never knew. She never talked about her family since she didn't remember much, not much happy moments to tell. She survived his brother's spoiledness a cause from their mother, who was from a noble family of meisters.

    Like: Overly attached to dogs, and wanted one as a pet. Sparring, Meeting a new friend, has a hobby of taking pictures.

    Dislikes: Death The Kid's constant nagging of her unsymmetrical bracelets, her brother's playboy side, feeling out of place in a group or event, flashy dresses, and water.

    Funfacts about Kyoko: She straightens her hair everyday, and wouldn't let it wet for it becomes curly again, it would reveal a bit of resemblance. since she was taken in by Lord Death, she was a bit close to Kidd, he was a bit older than her, she would always follow him around and his brother would get pissed off. She was raised up as a "commoner" ( Kuro puts it that way ), Kuro was spoiled by their maternal noble grandparents.

    [ This bio is incomplete. Will reveal whole bio when I reveal it in my story. Hopefully I get there. ]

    Name: Kuro Atsumi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Weapon or Meister: Meister, half-blooded weapon

    Type of Meister: Sword Wielder [ any type or sword ]

    Other Abilities: Soul Perception Specialist, he has a flexible soul wavelength, even though he prefers sword type of weapons. Can take on two weapons.

    Appearance: Black raven spiky hair, red sharp eyes as it runs in the family, average height, lanky appearance though a bit muscular. Has. Peircing on his left ear, wears a red wrist band on his left wrist. He wear a simple black t-shirt with red sleeveless jacket with golden loose strings and accessories, dark brown pants and purple and orange belt, two chain belt hanging around each side of his hips intertwined with his belt.

    Personality: A bit of a player. A joker. Spoiled Prince. But acts mature, often gets into trouble. A bit nonchalant. Though he has a weak spot for the innocent type of girls, he could never say no. He's over-protective over his little sister. Sharp and could easily read the atmosphere, he just sometimes decide not to. Ready to help. You could never see or hear him say cold words or actions, if he did, something is deeply troubling him in a bad way that made him paranoid.

    Bio: In the age of three, by the time where his little sister was born, their parents separated mainly because of his father's work in Death City. His mother had a weak heart and was sent back to her hometown with Kuro, leaving his sister in the hands of his father. His mother was from a noble family of meisters, he was raised up like a prince, a bit spoiled. Hearing that their father died, his mother couldn't take such huge heartache and soon died of hear failure. He decided to find his little sister and take care of her, he decided they would settle there in Death City with what is left of his family. He has struggles on living alone and taking care of himself and his sister but everything was going well. Now, he's triving to be a great meister in Shibusen.

    Likes: Being served (he was a bit spoiled, but Kyoko disciplined him), shortcakes(he's embarrassed about it), defending others.

    Dislikes: Can't say no when he wants to, Kim Dheil, animals

    Funfacts about Kuro: Has a sister complex personality. He has inherited a weak heart like his mother, but he tries to fight it, he's allergic to fur.

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