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Name: Effy
Nicknames: Effy is a nickname????????
D.O.B: June 6
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Born In: England, UK
Relationship Status: Single

Skin Tone: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Soft or Rough Features: Soft
Personality Hobbies: partying
General Interests: partying, drugs :)
Dislikes/Pet Peeves/Hates: people with no intellect, useless parents

Subjects Taking in School / College (if still in education): maths, english, science, drama, history, business and media
Job/Career: Student, currently in School.
For the future: idk
Positive Personality Traits: I'm evil.
Negative Personality Traits: Whenever I show weakness, or "good" traits
What is the best thing about you?: I can twist you round my little finger.
How about the worst?: how much time do you have?
Do you feel you fit in?: Nope
What about your appearance do you dislike?: eyebrows
What about your appearance do you like?: eyes
Do you trust easily?: probably not

Do you forgive and forget?: Rarely
What makes you a good friend/lover/sibling etc?: i know what im doing
Color: black.
Scent: Lavender or Vanilla.
Book: deep books
Author: Paige Harbison
Singer: Little Richard

Band: The Smiths
Film: Spring Breakers
Film Genres: indie
Girls Name: Violet
Boys Name: Freddie

Two Colors To Go Together (Black and White, Red and Blue etc)?: Black n Red
Activity: raving
Food: egg
Vegetable: tomato
Fruit: strawberries
Item of Clothing: doc martens
Place Visited: Cyprus

First best friend?: i think her name was grace
First kiss?: ooooooooooooooooooo bad memory
First relationship?: i dont do them
First time on an airplane?: March 2012
First time on a boat?: Never
First time swimming?: IDK
First thing thought about this morning?: I SLEPT IN LATE AGAIN, FUCK.
First major fight had with parents?: Everyday?
Last time you cried?: i dont cry
Last time you laughed?: yesterday
Last time you shouted at someone?: i dont talk
Last time you hugged someone?: i dont hug
Last person you kissed?: ew orge
Last show you watched?: tv is 4 imbreads
Last person who you hung out with?: people
Last time it rained where you live?: this morning
Last time you felt hurt?: I always feel hurt

Are your parents married, together, seperated or divorced?: Dead.
Do you get along with your parents?: My mother, never my dad cuz he's dead.
Are your parents happy?: My father was suicidal, my mother she is too happy.
Do you have any siblings? If so, names and ages?: NO.
Do you live with your parents?:One of them.
Do any/all of your siblings live with you?: No
Do you talk more to your Mom or your Dad?: Dad
Which of your siblings (if any) do you get along best with?: None.
Do you love your family unconditionally?: basis for comparasion is ????????????????

This or That
Pizza or Pasta?: Pizza
French or Italian?: Italian
Light On or Off?: Off
Music On or Off?: ON
Kiss or Hug?: kiss
Geography or History?: History
Science or Art?: art
English or Math?: English
Animals or Humans?: Animals
Books or TV?: Books
Fudge or Toffee?: fudge
Glass or Cup?: Cup.
Cheesy Chips or Normal Chips?: Cheesy
Hot or Cold Meal?: Who Cares? At least I'm eating.
Black or White?: Black
Red or Blue?: red
Green or Yellow?: yellow
Purple or Pink?: purple

I feel most happiest when...: When I'm high af
My family would best describe me as...: The evil, psychotic one
My worst habit is...: Not trying at school
I act my age - Yes or No?: Matter of Opinion
I enjoy swimming - Yes or No?: Yes.

I love walking in the rain - Yes or No?: Yes.

What makes you tick?: Almost everything

What films (if any) have scared you?: bambi

What can you hear around you now?: imbreads

What color do you think represents misery?: Black
Do you like Coke?: Yes.
Do you save bows you get on Christmas gifts?: no.
Are you sentimental?: no.
Have you ever been called big headed or arrogant?: Yeah.
What would be your ideal job?: a full time partyer
If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who?: marilyn monroe
Do you know how to whistle?: Yes.
Have you ever been in trouble with the police?: yes
What are your fears/phobias?: no
Are you strong willed? possibly
Do you make people laugh?: no

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In this sequel, Baby and Johnny go home together after the final dance to her parent's house and live together. On Baby's 18th birthday Johnny proposes and they move out to a house near the resort where they met, Baby goes to dance college and then they both work there again in the resort. On Baby's nineteenth she finds out she's pregnant what will happen next?
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