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Hi there! I'm CrunchyRainbowTacos, nice to meet ya :)

Me on dA:

There's not much to say about me.

Some stuff you need to know:

My name is Georgia.

I have glasses.

My favorite Greaser is Two-Bit, then Soda, then don't make me choose :)

I love fuzzy socks.

I hate school more than you can imagine.

The word "asparagus" makes me laugh.

Loves watching the morning news with mah waffles!!

Has a big tree in her front yard named Timothy.

Knows my friend's dog is out to get me...

Loves Pee Wee Herman.

Is learning sign language.

Eats cupcakes.

And other stuff.

Has a big sister who sometimes (mostly) can't stand.

"They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong."

You know you're obssessed with The Outsiders when...

You laugh every time you drink a soft drink for reasons unknown to people around you.

You've named your horse (or any other pet) Ponyboy.

You've looked up Robert Frost poems before, just to read Nothing Gold Can Stay from a million different sources.

You've read Gone With the Wind, even though it's more than a thousand pages long, for no other reason other than because it was mentioned in The Outsiders.

If you HAVE read Gone With the Wind, you get randomly excited and squeal at the page where it quotes exactly, "Riding into sure death because they died gallant."

You've started wearing black leather jackets, old jeans, and white T-shirts a lot more than you usually do.

You've researched the 60's just for fun, and you have asked questions concerning the 60's to your baffled history teacher.

You've tried to slick your hair back in grease/gel and squealed happily at the results.

You've bleached your hair just because Ponyboy did.

You've started caring about your hair a lot more than you did before.

You've stopped getting haircuts.

You've started using the words "ain't," "golly," "gee," "dig," and other old slang words proudly, not paying attention to the weird stares you're getting from people around you.

You've read the book so many times that you could quote entire pages from it.

You love your English teacher for getting you to read it.

You announced to your stunned parents that your new favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse.

You want to hit people when your teacher's showing The Outsiders movie, and they don't pay attention to it/laugh at it.

You've rushed up to random people reading the book, squealing and babbling about how amazing the book is, and how much they're gonna love it. You say these things to COMPLETE STRANGERS too.

You suddenly wish that you have a Southern accent, and you love people that actually do.

You've developed a sudden interest in old movies.

You do a double take every time someone says the words "Soda" or Pony."

You laugh every time you drink Pepsi (Ponyboy's addiction) or Coke (Dally/Cherry incident).

You write "Stay Gold" as the last line of every letter you write.

You've paused at the very beginning of the movie where Ponyboy is writing in his composition book, and you've tried to copy his handwriting.

You've wondered what it was like to live as a greaser in the 1960's.

You spend twenty bucks at the bouncy ball machine, trying to get a red one. Then when you do, you walk around your subdivision for hours, bouncing it like Ponyboy does in the beginning of the movie.

You laugh hysterically when you really do "step out into the sunlight from the darkness of the movie house"

Certain songs remind you of characters/gang.

You've committed the Nothing Gold Can Stay poem to memory

You've written (or are writing) multiple fanfictions relating to the Outsiders

You start quoting the book.

You've memorized the number page on your favorite parts

You make a list of Greasers and Socs using people you know.

When talking to someone who has never read it, you get defensive when they ask if Ponyboy was his real name.

You freak whenever you see a blue Mustang.

You've read the book multiple times

After reading it again, you wonder at the details. (Like why Sodapop signed his full name on his letter to his little brother. Did he think that he'd been forgotten? Or why they mentioned the nightmares...?)

You go to Dairy Queen. While at said restaurant, you order bar-bq-sandwiches and banana splits.

You contemplate the meaning of "gallant"

You start calling your group of close friends a gang

You watch sunsets (and sunrises)

When a friend asks you to borrow the book, you pause becuase you don't want to part with it

You point out all of the itty-bitty details that they got wrong in the movie (Dally's hair color, Ponyboy getting shoved instead of slapped, etc)

You eat chocolate cake for breakfast and immediately think of the the Curtises

You have to stop yourself from laughing whenever someone says "Soda"

When someone says "Pony" you immediately think "boy!"

You continually ask your history teacher about the Vietnam war, or anything else pertaining to the sixties

When people say sixties, you think of greasers and Socs, not hippies like most.

Socials may be large, Socials may be rough,
But man, oh man, them Greasers are tuff.
Socials got Mustangs Socials got cash,
But I heart Greasers that roll in trash.
Greasers are great, Greasers are bold,
Put on your Converse shoes and stay gold.

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay



Ponyboy taught me that things are rough all over, and even though it may not seem like it, people deeply care about you.

Sodapop taught me that it's ok to be laid back sometimes.

Darry taught me to protect the ones I love.

Dally taught me that if you're tough, you won't get hurt.

Two-Bit taught me that it's ok to make a joke every once in a while.

Steve taught me that you should always stick by your best friends and that people WILL think you're weird if you do backflips off of cars.

And Johnny?

Johnny Cade told me to Stay Gold


He may be the middle man
He may have dropped out from high school
But he's selfless and happy and kind
He never drinks alcohol, just gets drunk on livin'
He's the best brother anyone could want
The friend everybody hopes for
The guy we girls all want
The person we all want to be
We love you, Sodapop Curtis!

You say Edward, I say Ponyboy.
You say Bella, I say Sandy.
You say Jacob, I say Sodapop.
You say Washington, I say Tulsa.
You say Vampires, I say Greasers.
You say "How romantic," I say "Let's do it for Johnny!"
Put this in your profile if you love The Outsiders. :D

I am a greaser. I am a JD and a hood.

I blacken the name of our fair city.I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society.

Man, do I have fun!

Greaser... greaser... greaser...

O victim of environment, underprivileged, rotten, no-count hood.

Juvenille delinquent, you're no good!

Get thee hence, white trash. I am a Soc. I am the privileged and the well dressed.

I throw beer blasts, drive fancy cars, break windows at fancy parties.

And what do you do for fun?

I jump greasers!

1.Put you ITunes (or ipod) on shuffle
2.For each question press next for your answer


Lonesome Tears in my Eyes-The Beatles (Pfft)


I got to Find My Baby-The Beatles (I guess that’s good! They’re looking for me)


God Put a Smile Upon Your Face-Coldplay (Yay!)

4.WHAT IS 2+2?

Golden Slumbers-The Beatles (No, it’s 4!)


Missing Persons 1&2-OneRepublic (I hate this song xD)


Fast Car-Tracy Chapman (NOOOOO!! We’re doomed!!!)


Crying, waiting, Hoping-The Beatles (How depressing)


Mean Mr. Mustard-The Beatles (...No comment)


Get the Party Started-P!nk (LMAO!)


Money-The Beatles (They get money for me each month, that’s a baby bonus)


Made in Heaven-Queen (That couldn’t have worked out better ^^)


Baby can I Hold you-Tracy Chapman (If you want, but I’m dead and probably stink)


Only a Northern Song-The Beatles (Aww...)


Clarabella-The Beatles (yes, Clarabella is my real name...!)


Moves Like Jagger-Maroon 5 (Bleh. Why is this on my iPod???)


Take Good Care of my Baby-The Beatles (That doesn’t sound so bad ^^)


Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin (Umm..Okay)


Stupid Girls-P!nk (Another good one xD)


I’m a Loser-The Beatles (‘Cause it’s true!!!)


I Want to be Free-Queen (I do hate feeling tied down)


Devil in Her Heart-The Beatles (Maybe that means I won’t...T T)


Rocky Racoon-The Beatles (They are a little creepy...)


Raise Your Glass-P!nk (That doesn’t tell me much)


School, Supertramp (Yes! Make it so it never existed!! MWA HA)


Carolyna, Melanie C (No. Just no.)


Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen (LOL NO WAY!!)

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