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About Me

FFN friends call me Ambs or A, aquantinces call me Amber and people I meet for the first time call me whatever they want. :'D I'm pretty loose on what people call me, so feel free to come up with new ones for me!

Wondering how I got my penname? No? Well I'll tell you anyways. :D I love the color amber, and I have amber-colored hair. It's kind of a golden-orange... and well it's kind of a golden-orange. Oh, and by the way, I have never changed my penname, and never will. :D

Look at my profile pic. That's the awesomeness that comes from being a member of LawlClan.

Hey stalkers, in case you were wondering, I live in Wyoming! I live in the town known for the mineral hot springs, which is the largest in the world. :D I love sitting at the park near the river that the hot springs goes into and writing. :D Buffalo ranges are also nice to sit and relax in, provided there are no buffaloes around.

For those of you who don't know me, I'll tell you my personality. Well, this is sort of for you to judge, but to give you an idea of what I think I'm like... The thing I think stands out about me the most is my ambitious nature. I want to be the best, I want to improve, I want to learn. I can be arrogant, but I like to think I'm a bit more modest now. Not much, but... ;D I can be easily angered and just as easily entertained. I can admit I'm wrong, though if I think I'm right and you think I'm wrong, prepare for a debate, or depending on you, an argument. Please keep in mind that I also really don't care about your opinion on myself, or my writing, if you think it's good that's nice, and if you think it's bad that's also nice. I'm just on this site to improve, not have fangirls and fanboys. :P Well, that's what I'm like, but form your own opinion rather than me telling you what to think.


Here are a couple facts about how I review and interact with fictions posted on this site.

1. I do not review anonymously. If you see a anonymous review labled "AmberyAmber", or anything in it saying it is me, its not me. This is an imposter. Please inform me if somebody reviews your story claiming to be me in an anonymous review.

2. I may review your story telling you it is against FFN rules. I do not make the rules. I don't agree with all of the rules, but I follow them anyways. I warn you because, unless you're a troll, I don't want to see any stories being deleted. Keep in mind that you agree to the rules and guidelines that FFN has set before you publish a story.

3. I only report stories if they are against the rules, and I will always warn you first. Now, before you say something along the lines of "It's not your right to police FFN!", I'd like to point out that its every member's duty to report fics and keep FFN clean. That report button is their for a reason, and its open to every single member of FFN. I do not have the authority to delete stories. I just report them, and if a moderator at FFN decides its against the rules then deletes them, that's your own fault for ignoring the rules, even with a warning.

4. I do not leave reviews simply saying that its good or bad; I leave constructive critisism. I'll tell you what's good and what's bad, in my opinion. So, don't get angry if I tell you that I think so and so should be changed; I'm trying to help you and make you a better writer. I review random fics on the front page of the archive, and the first chapter in the story.

5. I usually don't flame. However, if you are a troll, and if I choose to review, I will most likely leave a flame. However, if you are not a troll, then I will not flame you. Probably.

Requesting Reviews

Yes, I will give you a review if you ask. This review will contain constructive critisism. I'll point out what I like and what I don't like, tell you what needs fixing, ETC. So, if you would like one of these reviews, shoot me a PM containing the story name and what chapter(s) you would like me to review. Also, I think it would make sense if you would review one of my stories too.

Upcoming Stories

Silverpelt: "The silver sky above is lit by the moon and many stars, like always." he murmmured, and I listened like my life depended on it, "Sometimes you can't see it, but just remember; it is always there."

Tomorrow: The darkest nights may never promise tomorrow, but dawn's light brings hope. Four cats, two prophecies and hostility rising in each Clan. Can false accusations, battle wounds, grudges, claws, teeth and stolen kits leave only one Clan left?

Dark Decision: Bluefur had a tough decisions of either her love for her kits and Oakheart or her Clan. She knew what would happen if Thistleclaw became deputy. Shivers ran up her spine, fur standing on end as she thought of the blood spattered ground and the countless bodies lying lifeless on the sod. Her kits... Oakhearts kits meant more though. The Clan could survive, Thistleclaw would only be deputy of course. The moon was halfway in the sky as she left the camps's clearing drenched in a silvery-white light. The kits were more important, StarClan would just have to deal with the fact she had a heart that loved her kits and mate more than her Clan. They would also have to accept that Thistleclaw would become deputy and maybe leader.

Taking Time: Generations after generations at the Clans original territory leaves the cats with a new prophecy. 'Three will become two, two will become one, and when time shortens and the great prey runs.'

An Elder's Tale: After the Clans left on the great journey, the Elders where left to fend for themselves. What happened to them while they were alone?

Talking to the Moon: "I only hope you can hear me, too." I whispered.

Current Stories

Once Upon a Forest: She's gone mad, trapped in the rifts of her mind. She wants to get out. She wants her mind to be clear. And most of all, she wants to see her mate and kits again. For LawlClan's monthly writing challenge. Co-written with my beloved Reada the Cellist. We wrote this in about four days and worked out tails off to complete it before the deadline. It's designed to pull at your heart strings. It's a bit long, but we divided it into sections, so you can read one section, take a break, then go back and read another.

The Plan: I couldn't just watch them suffer. I needed to do something, and that something fast. For Talon's birffday. :D This is uncompleted as of now. I don't know when I'll get to updating it. Perhaps Talon's next birthday. xD Anyways, it's about a loner who seeks help from an old friend to save the Clan she escaped from.

Crashing Down: Everything can fall apart in a instant... disaster doesn't care if you're becoming a apprentice... or a warrior... or even if you're going to receive your nine lives and take on the suffix -star. Disaster doesn't have feelings. It doesn't care if a medicine cat dies without a successor like just now. The last medicine cat died of a falling rock. In fact they all did. All of the medicine cats of each Clan are dead because of Mothermouth collapsing on them while sharing dreams with StarClan. So, what does it mean for the Clans? Multi-chapter fic. In Progress. Rated T for violence.

My Last Wish: At first all I wanted to be was a warrior, but my wishes quickly changed as I neared death's den. Rated T for violence. For the LawlClan mothly writing challenge. Pretty much describes Swiftpaw's last days before he is killed by the dogs.

Welcome to My Den: A collection of my poems about cats and their clans. You can even request the poem I do next! I kind of just write poetry when I'm in the mood for it, so this is randomly updated. In progress.

Apology: Formerly RAOS. I decided I wasn't going to do this anymore, so it leaves just a one shot.

Writing Tips

1. Describing
Ask yourself questions using the five senses. (Ex. What did the anger feel like? Rage threatened to cause my heart to burst as anger boiled my blood, causing the fur of the back of my neck to bristle and my tail to lash. I felt like tearing my claws across his face.)

Use juicy verbs. Don’t use words like is, as, were, are, be, am, or anything like those too often. You can do this by picking your noun and a decent verb first, and then add details to the sentence around it. (Ex. Kids gawked. Kids ogled and gawked at her as she sauntered to her first class, but she pretended not to notice and studied her feet like they were precious jewels.)

Use similes and metaphors. (Ex. The grief was like a noose tightening around his neck; the longer it went on the worse he felt, and yet when it was all over with he’d be at peace.)

Use a thesaurus. They are a writer’s best friend. Just look up thesaurus. com.

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