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Hello, and well met! The name's Gabriel, and welcome to my existential corner of!

I first stumbled onto this paradise of a website three years ago, when the repetition in my Dragon Age playthroughs finally got to me. After reading a few stories and corresponding with authors I had thought unapproachable, I thought, "furthering my descent into gaming madness AND flexing my (flabby) writing muscles at the same time? Why the hell not?"

Thus became my excuse for spending long hours in front of the computer, tapping away at the keyboard, acting out weird stuff in my head and making myself feel like I'm leading a productive life. I might just be. Opinions differ. Whatever.

If I haven't scared you off yet,

A Bit About Me:

I'm a home-grown, organically-fed, no-preservatives-added Chinese kid, I'm not an international student, and my English is still better than my Chinese. I blame the food.

I'm 17, but I'm built (fat) like I'm 70. I insist on blaming the food.

I'm (self-diagnosed) mildly delusional. I hear my characters' voices in my head and I like to have coffee with them. When they have the time, of course.

AS OF 10/11/2013: To anyone wondering if I'm dead: Schoolwork's breathing down my neck like a bully - whenever I try to find time to write, it slaps my hand away with some contrived assignment I've left undone. I'm terribly sorry for the sluggish updates from October - November! I'm not dead. Not yet. But handling two curriculums and university applications gives me less time than I'd like. I haven't given up! And I hope you won't give up on me!

The Games I've Played (that can be written about):

Dragon Age, Origins and II: Got into II first for the pretty lights, then discovered how ingenious Origins truly was and repented.

Mass Effect Trilogy: The ending wasn't THAT bad, once you got the whole 'choice' thing out of your head. It felt rushed. Damn you EA.

The Witcher I and II: The Game of Thrones of gaming. Sent me off into gaming puberty without any hand-holding.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: I'd LIKE to say that Arcturus is kind of me, but I'm nowhere near as awesome. It deliberately leaves so many places blank that it's Fanfiction heaven.

Dishonoured: The feels you get when you try to be the good guy in this game, then have everything in it conspire to make you want to kill everyone.

Star Wars: KOTOR: Writing about this might just be too far gone, but it has to be on this list. The first RPG I got my hands on. Imagine my shock when I found out Shepard and Bastila were voiced by the same VA.

League of Legends: Wholly no good at it, but there are stories in it just waiting to be written. Riven bears a staggering similarity with Clarissa from Echoes of the Heart, which I make no profit from.

Stories I've written:

Reflections (Completed, Aug 2011): My first, timid, experiment into fanfiction writing, back when Halo 4 was still a rumour. My version of Halo 3's ending, and what our favourite and tragic AI would have gone through had rampancy come to her much earlier than she expected.

Echoes of the Heart (Completed, May 2012): My tale of the Hawke sisters, Clarissa and Bethany Hawke, and their first years after being released from servitude in Kirkwall. Loosely follows DAII's canon, but tapers off into my own wild imagination and AU-ness in the end. Because they deserve much more than Bethany taken to the Wardens and Clarissa just letting things run their course. Incestuous, I know, but who wouldn't?

Echoes of the Heart: Judgment (Discontinued, Nov 2012): A continuation of the Hawke sisters that reaches far away from the canon and into AU territory. I had nothing but big ideas for it, and the jumbled version of it just didn't play out right in my head. If you're one of my readers patiently waiting, I'm sorry!

Kindred Darkness (Ongoing): The story of my PC in Skyrim, Arcturus, Guildmaster, Nightingale and Dragonborn of the Fifth Era. But whereas my badass-o-meter falls woefully short before Arcturus', we shared a similar reaction when we came upon the captive Serana in Dimhollow Crypt. If anything, they deserve a story of their own.

That's me in a nutshell! If any of my summaries interest you, check out the stories they come with! It's absolutely free... from my end at least.

Oh, and I'm also on the hunt for constructive criticism! If you have any opinions on my stories, feel free to leave a review or throw me a PM! With ungodly amount of time I spend staring at the screen, there's a good chance I can get back to you, you know, make some friends and all that.


Bye :D

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