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name: call me Mila!

age: not telling! ^^

height: 5'4''

weight: o.o why would you want to know THAT?!

location: USA!!

My name is Mistress Mila, but please just call me Mila! I tend to creep around on FF a lot. :3 But I love reading stories... the internet is MY LIFE~ I am a total nerd, not even joking. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I LOVE anime and manga and stuff. I am still in LOVE with Pokemon... hehe, I actually used to have a crush on Ash but that's besides the point! XD Other than Pokemon, I really love Clannad, Angel Beats, Durarara!!, Vocaloid, Dengeki Daisy, and a bunch of other stuffs.

Oh yes, and if you couldn't tell from the description above, I am INSANELY random. But insanity is so much better, muahahaha. XD

Current Works:

1) Aschenputtel - Blue, the princess of the Sevii kingdom, is beautiful, proud, and powerful. Her life is seemingly perfect, but her life turns out to be not-so-perfect when members of the town rebel against the kingdom. Lonely, angry, and afraid, she flees the kingdom into the city, only to have her loyal servant Yellow follow her to help her. Along the way, she meets Crystal, Sapphire, Platinum, White, and many others. But when she meets the lonesome and mysterious Green, what will happen? Is he a friend or a foe? And more importantly, what are these feelings that are starting to blossom?


Pairings: Oldrival/Chosen, Special, MangaQuest, Frantic, Commoner/Haughty, Agency

Rating: T (for some darker themes)

Release Date: 6/26/11

Notes: Aschenputtel is German for Cinderella. If you're wondering "How the hell does Cinderella tie into PokeSpe?", well... you'll just have to read the story dears! ;) I hope you all like my first (fail) attempt at writing! Constructive criticism is appreciated!!

Upcoming Works:

1) The Great Gale - Though they're seemingly happy now, what if the winds that would separate Victorique and Kazuya had not yet blown? What if 1925 to 1929 had merely been a rehearsal for the grand show that would premiere at a much later date? But the two young adults have vowed: they will never be separated ever again. Will the sheer will of their hearts be enough to keep them together?

Chapters: Undecided

Fandom: Gosick

Pairings/Characters: Victorique/Kujo

Rating: T

Notes: It's because I kind of noticed... WWII didn't start officially until 1939 and ended in 1945. Even though Gosick is alternate history and all, I still think that huh, maybe the end wasn't the end. And everyone agrees with me on this - this anime was amazing and NEEDS a second season or something!!

2) Ten Steps To Happiness - How far will you go just to be happy? Just to have that one, final, and yet strongest wish granted. Hinata would do anything. Anything at all to have that one wish granted. The problem is... he doesn't exactly know what it is. To make matters worse, he runs into the foul-mouthed Yui, who is bratty, annoying, and spoiled. Yet... he just can't stay away from her. When he bumps into Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, they tell him he needs to take the appropriate procedures "to avoid death a second time" and make him and Yui happy together... forever... Wait, what?!

Chapters: Ten!

Fandom: Angel Beats

Pairings/Characters: Yui/Hinata, Otonashi/Kanade, Yuri/Noda, etc.

Rating: K+ or T

Notes: Just another one of those cliched "after the SSS" stories, but I love those! They're amazing! :3 I wanted to do one, so I'm going to work on this after Aschenputtel! ]

Recommended Authors:

Etsuna: She's my "evil twin!" XD She writes a lot of oneshots and drabbles, but she's really good! :D If you like Angel Beats or PokeSpe I recommend checking her out!

Ibuberu: She's amazing! You GOTTA check her out! She writes Pokemon fanfics on that account! If you want to read her other works, then check out her other account, Thundercow!

Starran: The author of A Miscellaneous Tale of Night And Day and YUNO UFO! She's awesome and an amazing writer! Her stories are full of humor and romance alike! If you like PokeSpe, check her stuff out!

aqua-dragon28: She doesn't seem to be online that often anymore, but I love her stories! She writes a lot of MangaQuest and she's really good at it!

Clover Bookcat: Hm, she doesn't seem to be on that often anymore either, but I still love reading her works! They're chock full of shipping and everything!

(note that the above are mainly Pokemon authors.)


Currently I have only posted one poll.

8/2/11 - What are YOUR personal favorite fairytales?

Extra info: limited to 3 choices. I might use some of the concepts of these fairytales in Aschenputtel. So I want YOU to join and vote for your favorite fairytale... yeah... end bad imitation of Uncle Sam... -sulks-

A Little More About Me In Case You Wanted To Know

I am German!!! In the picture of Rin, you can kind of see how I look. My hair is about that length, except it's brown. And I kind of dress like that too!!!!!

I am against Discrimination of all kinds. I am against Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Religious Discrimination, etc. I believe everyone is created equal. :)

I love Pretty Little Liars. I'm obsessed with it. My favorite character out of the Liars would have to be Spencer. She's cool. XD

I don't game a lot, sadly. After watching my friend play Amnesia I got too scared to play. XP And plus I really suck at Mario Kart and stuff like that so that is why, my friends, I do not game... D:

AHEM - I am not fluent in German. My mommy is German and my daddy is Italian. My MOMMY is fluent in German and my dad speaks absolutely no Italian (that's because he isn't really Italian Italian. He's like Italian-French-Hungarian-American-Russian-etc). And sometimes we go to Germany/Luxembourg in the summer to visit relatives so we can speak a bit of German there. :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE John Green, if you're asking about Young Adult Novels. Looking For Alaska is definitely my favorite. And I guess some of Sara Shepherd's novels, but I really actually don't like the way she changed PLL but that's okay! I still like reading it! :) And I do love Rick Riordan and James Patterson too. They're brilliant! I haven't read the Hunger Games, but I want to... >.

YES I KNOW. Mila Kunis shares the same name with me (which is weird... cuz I'm pretty sure Mila = Milena =Russian). So that's why I'm a bit biased towards her and... uh, it's not like she's my favorite actress or anything! My favorite male actress would have to be - kill me now - Leonardo Di Caprio. I personally don't think he's that handsome... buuuut I don't know why! I just like him a lot! XP

My favorite movies are Friends With Benefits, Black Swan, Pride and Prejudice, The Roommate, Dear John, It's A Kind Of Funny Story, and Captain America (I'm a sucker for Marvel movies XP I've seen most of the new ones

So that's some more stuff about me, in case you wanted to know! :D

Recent Updates:

8/9 - Added more to "A Little More About Me"

8/2 - Updated Profile with a bunch of stuff, added Poll (please vote on it!!)

7/12 - Added "The Great Gale" to Upcoming Works, Next Update on "Aschenputtel" to be by 7/21

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Blue, the princess of Sevii, finds her fate changed when she runs away, only to meet Green. What is his problem? And how did she get mixed up with Yellow, Crystal, Sapphire, Platinum, and White? Oldrival/Special/MangaQuest/Frantic/Commoner/Agency
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 17,167 - Reviews: 58 - Favs: 50 - Follows: 51 - Updated: 8/23/2011 - Published: 6/26/2011 - Concordia/Helena, Anthea/Verbena