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NEWS: ~~~Jul 07, 2006 ~ 8.00 PM~
~ (Walks in from the side of the room to find Reilmon sleeping on the floor before poking her on the side) Hey, wake up.
Reilmon~ (Lazily bats the assaulting hand away) Five more minutes...
Alan~ No five more minutes, it's time for some news.
Reilmon~ (Both eyes shoot open before she springs up) An update you say? (Grabs Alan by the shoulders before lightly shaking him) You better not be kidding.
Alan~ (Frowning) What, you didn't sleep well today?
Reilmon~ (Blinks a few times before sheepishly smiling and removing her arms from Alan's shoulders) Eh-heh, sorry.
Alan~ Right... So yes, to all you people, I AM actually writing, sort of. I've been rewriting The Fox and the Vixen, and right now I'm around half-way through the eight chapter.
Reilmon~ I've looked at them and, they definitely look a lot better, plus they make a bit more sense now...
Alan~ Exactly, that's the main idea. Bare with me for a bit more, oddly enough my drive right now consists mostly on how many persons want to actually read that. Now, a single friend was all I needed to do the first seven. God wonders what would happen if I get more people peste-- Cheering me up.
Reilmon~ You'd shoot them all with that shotgun under your desk? (Grins)
Alan~ Reil! You spoiled my plan! Ok, not really. Seriously, think about it people (those of you interested in The Fox and the Vixen. And Life as a Pokemon is looking a bit tempting right now as well...).
Reilmon~ You heard him, pummel his e-mail inbox all the way in. Heheh...
Alan~ Coming from you, I don't know if that's an attempt of helping me or the complete opposite...
Reilmon~ I love you too. (Rolls eyes)
Alan~ (Lightly whacks the back of her head) Right...

Current rooster of stories made by moi~ (In chronological order): (Last updated: July 07)
- A New Story (A Digimon Romantic/Adventure story. First apparition of Reilmon, my Digimon. 6 chapters. First thing I ever wrote. COMPLETE)
- A Love Story (This wasn't really released to public; long story... Just putting this here for the sake of simplicity, it goes after A New Story and before 2nd Run. COMPLETE)
- 2nd Run (The Sequel of A New Story. 4 chapters. COMPLETE)
- The Next Level (4th part (2nd part was never released to public). Sequel of A New Story and 2nd Run in which hybrids or half-breeds are introduced. 6 chapters. COMPLETE)
- The Love of a Girl (A NeoPets Shoujo-ai between a Shoyru and an Acara. First attempt at a Shoujo-ai, both because of a story I had read and I was inspired during a heartbroken period... Turned into a one-shot on its "remastered" version. Easily my favorite story by far. COMPLETE)
- What Stands Between Love... (Sequel of TLoaG, 3 NeoPets try to put a stop to Ryoulon's and Rena's relationship. Just a small sequel to The Love of a Girl. "Remastered" into a one-shot. COMPLETE)
- When Love Ends... (An Angst/Romance dream of Tsuki of her and Ryu 15 years later after The Next Level. One-shot story. Inspired by Gabriel-san's "You Don't Bring me Flowers Anymore". COMPLETE)
- Digimon: Fusion (Attempt to a new season of Digimon. Introducing some new ideas (WAY later) and of course some quirks here and there. So far the initial 6 prologues and 6 chapters are done. PROGRESS: Kind of dead... I mean, 12.)
- The Fox and the Vixen (First take at StarFox fiction. A direct sequel of StarFox Adventure, with some plot changes that make it possible to create a more developed story later on. Also a romance between Fox and Krystal; some more couples might appear. Starts out kinda slow, picks up at chapters 6-7 and the first part ends in chapter 9. Second part started. Yes, this has nothing to do with Assault. PROGRESS: 12 out of... I don't know, but I seriously doubt it'll go over 20.)
- Tender Claws (Small one-shot about the night in Cotland right after the fight between Ryu and Tiga. Of course with some rework and added scenes. )
- Life as a Pokémon (The life of 5 Pokémons as they go through life. General fic with a change to Romance later on. I'm still fumbling a bit with future plot points and stuff. PROGRESS: 4/?)
- H.A.S.S.L.E. (This is here merely for completion purposes. As this story won't appear here (since it's not fanfiction). It's my first take at an original story set in... Well, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. I'm doing as much as possible before I decide to release to the public, but it'll be huge. PROGRESS: 2/?)

Alan~ Well, I... Erm... Hey! Look behind you! (dashes away)
Reilmon~ (Blank stare) I wonder how he manages to trick me...
Alan~ Thats because you are obsessed with flowers...
Reilmon~ Wha? Where! (Runs)
Alan~ (Blank stare) And I wasn't even trying... (shrugs)

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