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Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to my profile:

While I've only started fictions on two series: Bleach and Escaflowne, there are probably a ridiculous amount of genres on this site that I love but haven't explored!

My anime obsession started with something very girly, which is rather odd for me, but Fushigi Yuugi got me because it was goofy and I had never seen anything like it- and of course the fellas were all verrrrryyy nice to look at. From there I fell hard for Escaflowne. I mean what an amazing series! Of course as a teenage girl the whole fortune-telling, escaping your everyday life to hang out w/ cute guys in castles and travelling around thing really appealed to me. I always had a bit of a hard time understanding the whole theme to it though, I guess because back in the day as a teenager we don't grasp the importance of faith in ourselves and those around us and making our own destiny in positive thinking. And that is the end of my nonsense about being an emo teen!

A lot of my interests in series are influenced by music. I love anime music- love the lyrics and how versatile it seems that many Japanese artists, composers, and producers are. I love a variety of music, but honestly my main staples are metal and punk. I AM A METAL MAMA!





Classic Movies


Crime Dramas



As for WRITING STYLE, I suppose I'm a genre-jumper. And I'm also admittedly impatient and somewhat impulsive. My mind is a sometimes frightening jumble of ideas that take shape oddly at times...But I'm a self-proclaimed procrastinator and well... lazy, so it's hard to keep motivation.

But an idea surfaces and one has to strike while the iron is hot! Still being angsty w/ an overactive imagination makes for a poor author in some respects- but I do my best.

Eventually I just want to be the type of person with the energy and drive to pursue everything that makes my heart beat faster- fills my soul with good emotion and good vibes. Hopefully that means someday I'll actually be published... but for right now I'm pretty happy in this world of fanfiction and hope that someone enjoys the sometimes random nonsense that spews forth!

Story Statuses:

Satiate: On-going collection. Working out the kinks of The Lemon Tree's Thorns Part 2.

Hearts A-Stray: Complete. I have been trying to think up a couple one-shot continuations to throw out there seeing as how it's the one fiction that's received the most responses! We shall see... If anyone actually reads this thing... And can think up some prompts- ideas- let me know- I'll take them into consideration!

Fulfillment: Complete. This one is my baby- it really is. Though there are some regrets here and there. Not sure whether the one-shot continuation I had planned will make it out into the world or not...

Metal: On-going. I've been trying to garner the inspiration needed to finish this and am finding it harder than I expected. Not sure when an update will be forthcoming. Apologies

Trump Card: Ahhh, this one is harder to predict. I work on it in stages due to the fact that it's got that sprinkling of canon that I don't want to botch too much. I do know how it ends- just gotta get there! Hopefully I'll have an update in December 2015- after finals- already have good headway on the chapter.

Seducing Setesh: Very Sporadic Updates. This has sadly fallen to the background and is relegated to whim as it has not garnered the response I was hoping for. Because the premise is kind of a passion of mine I prefer to know there's interest before throwing my heart into it. Makes me rather sad actually. Should have an update ubber soon- almost finished with a chapter (11/26/15)

Ookami Bound: Ongoing. This will be updated once I've gotten back on the playful track. Again- genre jumping is a tricky business for my scattered mind!

Shrinking Strawberry: Complete. This shall remain a one-shot unless I choose to throw caution to the wind and develop a fuller plot that will end up an AU regarding Ichigo's love life and the shrink's persistent interference- resulting in chaos of course. Hmmmm...

We're Even: My 17 Months: Complete. I was asked (thank you kindly I sincerely appreciate the encouragement) to provide a continuation and while this is not out of the realm of possibility I've yet to fathom an appropriate conclusion... So it shall likely remain a one-shot.

Happy Birthday Mr. President: Complete. One-shot. Just some random smut. I should write more of random sexy times in different AU scenarios though...

Hearts A-Stray Halloween Special: Complete. Though it could probably use some editing- maybe a re-vamp.

A Kiss for Shelter: My most recent and heart inspired undertaking. On-going. I have a feeling it won't be as long as I first anticipated- but I have some points that must be fleshed out. Almost done- whew- a few more chapters...

Eva's After Dark: In limbo. My first fic *sniff sniff* While I don't want to totally delete this- I worked hard and I was pleased with how it developed for the most part- I still wonder whether it will get it's appropriate end. I had the ending on my defiled laptop- so that is gone and starting again... Uggghhhh... So we shall say on Indefinite Hiatus.

Future Projects:

I am always on the fence about the ideas I have and whether they can be fleshed out into well-written full fictions, but here are some I've been toying with:

Foreign Exchange: A coming of age fic- blah blah blah in which Ichigo develops a crush on a new girl(an OC) and Renji and Rukia think that their interference is crucial for the romantically-inept Ichigo to get his girl. In the end it will be an Ichiruki. Something fun for the T rating

Serving Orpheus: Another attempt at a fiction involving the music industry. Renji as the lead male this time- a rocker with the penchant for deviancy in the form of sex, drugs, alcohol- you know all the good stuff. Byakuya as the CEO of Renji's record label. And my OC as the assistance that gets caught between these two men- in love with one and trying to keep the other from not only destroying himself but corrupting her as well. Definite M if it evolves into a true fiction

*CONFESSION: I have no qualms about admitting that OCxCanon Characters are my bread and butter. And I don't feel the need to streamline- I don't color in the lines because I like diversity. I don't like to mess too much with characterization of Canon Characters- I try to stay in the lines (IC) so to speak- thus why in these AU scenarios I use OCs to do the things perhaps established characters would not. Also sometimes I know I can't do a pairing (canon pairing) justice- so I prefer to let other authors take the lead on those and I stick to characters whose emotions I can fiddle with- without too much remorse. I do struggle to keep certain characters IC when it comes to romantically linking two together- Ichiruki for example. Love the pairing but sometimes I feel like I can't pull it off the way others do- still I try because it is just the cutest thing EVER.

If anyone actually reads this profile and has input on any fictions- past, present, or future have at it!

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Bleach - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 11 - Words: 40,418 - Reviews: 57 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 56 - Updated: 3/22/2013 - Published: 11/19/2012 - Rukia K., Grimmjow J.
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What if the courtesan was not the first to fall? One night is all it takes. And in Fate's hands a seed takes root. An honorable man will take responsibility and face the unexpected. Beyond passion, beyond possession and obligation he'll want for more, but find a soul unwilling to bow to him. What will Byakuya do when he realizes he wants everything yet may end up with nothing?
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When a singer and her manager find their club sold out from under them they'll challenge a young CEO and the bright haired producer that works for him. An unforeseen path opens up before them, a chance to move beyond Eva's walls and break into the music industry with their unique band. Music sparks fires, friendship and passion. Several Charac. Appearances Mainly: Ru/Ich, Bya/OC
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