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Don't even bother trying to find out where my username "blondepalatine" comes from : it's a well kept secret, the kind you burry in your grave. My real name's Marine, but I have so many nicknames I could not remember them all, even if I wanted. I am a nickname kind of girl, I guess. Anyway ... I am seventeen and currently living in the parisian suburbs, in France, so yes, english is not my mother tongue (not that you cared, didn't you ?)

Fangirling is one of my main hobbies - my sister finds creepy how obsessed with a show/ship/character/actor I can be :P - just as day dreaming, preparing myself to walk the red carpet with stilettos, laughing for no reason and trying to make the world a better place. I am also a music freak : the only time you can see me without my headphone is probably because I have lost or broken them. That or when I sleeping, but - no matters what happened in some supposely romantic vampire movie - watching someone when he/she is sleeping, that's strange and creepy. My newest obsession is the band Whithin Temptation - if you don't know them, YouTube is your friend, they have plenty of incredible songs. I'm so addicted to TV-shows that I could be send to rehab' but somehow I haven't ... ... yet. My favourite shows are Castle, NCIS, HIMYM,Nikita (a) and my newest love The O.C. - I am an incorrigible shipper of Mikita (Nikita), Caskett (Castle), Tiva (NCIS) or Barney/Nora (yeah I loved her, so what ?) in HIMYM but my favourite TV character ever remains Julie COOPER-NICHOL-COOPER-ALMOST BULLIT-ATWOOD from The O.C. Hm what else ? I am playing the guitar, or at least, trying to. I love reading and if I could, I would spend all day reading and reading fanfictions. You guys rock ! I love Nikita, the TV-show - through the movie confused the hell out of me - I know I said it already but this is so good I thought it could be worth repeating it. Nikita is like the best spy-action show on TV. If you want to see hot women kick asses in heels instead of waiting their lovers to save them, mind-blowing manipulations or want to see Maggie Q & Lyndsy Fonseca in a torid relationship (season five, they promised !) you have to tune in on Fridays 8/7c, on the CW ! There is nothing I hate more than hate *out, hypocrisy or negativity and I am pretty sure I would have enjoyed myself with the hippies. Peace and love, brother ! Oh, & if I hadn't told you yet, I am obssessed with Melinda Clarke. As in if-I-lived-in-the-States-I-would-probably-be-camping-in-front-of-her-house-and-stalk-on-her kind of obsessed.

YES, if you only read the bold sentences, it makes perfect sense, it kinda was on purpose for the lazy ones :P Those sentences sum up my life pretty well (;

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”