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Hi I'm Jenn.

Or DarkAngelTorchic, or DAT, or really you can call me whatever you want as long as it's classy.
I have been writing fan fiction since age 10 (I've been on here for about 14 years, though all of my old stuff was taken down when I started writing again a few years ago, as I didn't want to be judged as a writer for stories I wrote as a child).

My chosen fandom as a fanfiction writer is Pokemon and has been since I started writing, though I've been known to wander over to the Community, Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation and Harry Potter sections to read sometimes. I have lots of things on my Netflix queue that I haven't had time to watch yet, so don't judge me for not being on the Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural bandwagons.

While it's my dream to eventually write a book (a dream I know I share with many of you), it will more than likely be some obscure academic book that maybe ten people will read. My degree is in sociology and my research interests mainly fall within social psychology, gender and media.

Just talk about your writing, Jenn, damn.

The City and The Ghost/Set Yourself on Fire:

After months of deliberation, I have decided I will not finish Set Yourself on Fire. In all honesty, I couldn't if I tried. Despite the fact that I have a very detailed outline, I am 110% stuck and I'm pretty sure that's not going to change. However, since I have had time to get back to toying with my writing, I have found myself thinking of all of the things I could've done differently in both stories. Therefore, I have decided my desired course of action is a massive rewrite of The City and The Ghost, and with two chapters and an outline that's about 75% of the way complete, I'm really happy with this choice.

This is not a "I went back to fix typos and inconsistencies" kind of rewrite. There are some massive changes to plot, form and character. While there are a few chapters that will remain mostly the same, the vast majority of The City and the Ghost: Redux doesn't share a ton of similarities. Even more importantly, it will invalidate SYOF completely, as the trajectory I set TCatG on to set up SYOF will no longer occur. It will follow more of the path of the original ending I had planned and then abandoned, though I think it will even stray from that.

I don't believe I will delete TCatG or SYOF because they represent something very important to me and something that I want to keep intact. I began writing TCatG in June 2011 and finished it exactly 365 days later. More importantly, I posted the first chapter of TCatG approximately nine years after my first fan fiction story was put online, at the age of 10. Writing this story reminded me of the absolute joy I found in writing as a child, and the joys of sharing my writing with such a wonderful community of like-minded people. I have built incredible relationships with fellow writers over the time I've been writing fan fiction, I have grown as a person and a writer and now I've turned this love of mine into a career (though writing reports and articles aren't quite the same as fan fiction). TCatG came after a long hiatus from writing. It also came at a point where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life other than not go to law school like I originally planned. I am fairly certain that if I hadn't written it, I never would've gotten back into writing the way I did. I am extremely grateful that I found a story and characters that I loved enough to dedicate a year to, and I'm also extremely grateful for those of you who were there for that journey.

I hope those of you who are still around will check into this rewrite and keep me on my toes. The comments, criticisms and kind words of me readers inspire me to no end, and helpful feedback is worth its weight in gold. I am really super excited to be returning to writing and returning to the fabulous and dysfunctional world of Delaney Caldwell has thus far been a blast.


11/28/2014: So I lost my flash drive to a parking lot. Everything I had for constructing TCatG and Panopticon were on there. I am devastated, but I'm going to see what I can piece together based off of conversations in my messages. Hopefully there's enough to figure out what I was planning. Yeeeeeesh. At any rate, I'll probably be picking back up in December with TCatG: Redux. I am SO close to the end of my first semester in graduate school, which has been painful and wonderful all at the same time. I'm also considering rewriting an even older story that was Hoenn-centric based off of how much Omega Ruby absolutely delighted me. We'll see. At any rate, after I get some work done on my final papers, I'm going to start some work at recovering what I can of my stories, but I'm back y'all!

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he holds the gun to her head and says, "Sorry sweetheart, but this is real life and real bad guys use guns." —Rocket Grunt/Lyra
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Once an elite trainer famous for defeating Team Galactic, Delaney has been in isolation for nearly a year following the events of the Spear Pillar. Surely nobody would think to look for her in Unova, posing as a novice trainer beginning her journey amidst overzealous liberation groups, annoying neighbors and pokemon that hide under the bed from her, right?
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