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Edit: I haven't been here very often and I'm afraid that won't be changing in the future. However, I am on Deviant Art a whole lot now and still creating Pokemon stories. I don't know if I'll be finishing any of these stories... Maybe when I have the inspiration and time for it.

Anyways, if you wish, I'm on DA:

Hello, my pen-name is Zangoose-Kira. (The pic is actually mine)

I will mainly use this account to channel my creative energies into Pokemon writing. I'm afraid I love the games and manga too much to write about anything else. In other words, I write mainly in game-verse with manga/anime fighting styles. After all, the game-verse is a boring way to fight, just exchange blows on a turn basis and see who wins. :)

I have loved Pokemon for a long time, and I haven't found it too childish to abandon in my older age. In fact, I remember my first ever Pokemon episode that I watched: Season 3, Episode 14, "A Sappy Ending". and thisepisode, promted by my brother, was the first step to Pokemon fandom.

I have my favorites (mainly residing with the normal, fighting, dark, and psychic realms with a few exceptions for characters that make me favor the species) but so far, I think Zangoose is an ultimate Pokemon in regard to it's amazing attack stat. That's why my name is Zangoose-Kira :) (and also "Kira" is Light's title in Deathnote. The term "kira" = killer, which matches up with the Zangoose mindset.)

In the past I had found myself loathing the character of Ash Ketchum for his stupidity and inability to learn. Even though I knew the Johto journeys, the Advanced series with May and Max mainly played after school, and Ash wasn't the smartest in the Hoenn stretch of the anime (Or Sinnoh for that matter). He always seemed to win and I thought he needed to let other characters get a little more attention (Poor unappreciated Brock). But after I had done a little research on the subject, I discovered something interesting. Ash (or in Japanese Satoshi) is a character based on the creator of the whole Pokemon Franchise, Satoshi Tajiri. I think now that I understand that Ash is, in fact, the creator when he was young, I respect Ash way more. I can stand his winning and stupidity because he is based on a real person. Through Ash we have discovered what the Pokemon world is like. :)

Another note: the beginning of the Unova anime, though it might have annoyingly reset Ash's maturity and Pikachu's level, has B.A. Team Rocket! If the Unova anime was the first anime that came out, I would actually fear Team Rocket.

Lately I've been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky and completed the main story and post ending. My team is Fortune the female Turtwig and partner Llew the male Meowth in Team Lluck. I luvs it so much!!!!! :3 So if my writing is delayed, blame my obsession with dungeon crawling, rank climbing, and recruiting. (Guildmaster Rank here I come!)

Pokemon Conquest is pretty epic and addicting, though there's not as much exposition as I would have liked. It might even be at the same time as other main series (References to putting Pokemon into a small ball).

And finally after these games, I'm loving the Unova region so much that I keep on wanting to play the games over and over again. I've got so many trainers in the Unova region and the sequels make the Unova region even more interesting. Not to mention that Unova is based on my country... _

Thank you for your patience with my stories, at least I'm assuming I'm thanking the right people.


Alice of Human Sacrifices: First songfic and probably my sole songfic. I was really obsessed with the Vocaliod song at the time and had to write a Pokemon version. Also, it is a little dark, seeing as the song is dark. And Alice in Wonderland is a bit darker than you'd imagine, with every character Alice encountering telling her to recite a poem or telling her that she thinks wrong. :)

Targeted/Fallen Trainers: this has been a good series about the way of a Pokemon trainer in a society where it is becoming unacceptable. It took about a year to develop conceptually, and I'm excited to bring it to a close. It is now done, but since I tend to be a slight perfectionist, I might update it. For now, I'm happy it's complete :) I might bring about a third part a few years story-wise after the events, but I'll work on other stories a little before that. But I am thinking about it in the back of my head. Pics for Targeted Trainers is a chibi version of Hiku (drew it myself), and the pic for Fallen Trainers is Jaylon.

Christmas On Iron Island: a little update on the things going on in Iron Island during the holidays, companion to Targeted/Fallen Trainers. Pic is chibi Vekra.

Pokemon Lecture: A History: seems to speak out logically about the fascination I have about Pokemon and it's complexity. I wrote the second chapter about legendary Pokemon on a whim, so there might be some edits later on... or not.

Pokemon Lecture: Ghost Pokemon: a Halloween present about the musings of the ghost type.

PMD Explorers of Stupidity was a fun story to write. For those you you who sent OCs and reviews in, thanks so much :) I'm stalling on this one big time because I don't know where it will go... and I'm not sure if I'll go back to it.

Skyla's Gym Challenge: This suddenly came to me as I was playing Pokemon White. I wondered, 'what stories do these Gym Trainers have?' I took down notes of what each one said and I guess the story just bloomed into a challenge and insight of the Pokemon Gym. It's another impulsive story that is super fun to write. It is my first first-person perspective story and I like the character development that just happens through writing. I encourage you to read it, I feel the most proud of this story than the others so far :)

Musings of Pikachutwo: Another quick inspiration blurb of mine. I felt like my second favorite clone (Pikachutwo) needed a little more recognition and love for all of his harshness. I love Mewtwo so much. He was my first favorite Pokemon. Since then Zangoose and Yamask and Lucario have won my heart, but Mewtwo still has the most character of legendary Pokemon. And that is sort of reflected in Pikachutwo's musings.

Relic Castle: No one has written about the Relic Castle so far! :c So, I'm thinking of writing a story about the three allied forces of ancient Unova, one for each peninsula (well, not really peninsulas, more like central peninsula and the western and eastern sides). What's more, I want to explore the possibilities of the Relic items found in the Abyssal Ruins and how Relic Castle fell and became a desert. I'll be working on this more after Skyla's Gym.

I bit about me:

I've been writing stories since second grade. I love to write, and it's kind of like a creative release for me. I need to work on a story or one will form on its own. I am by no means a perfect writer. I am still improving and experience and constructive criticism is welcome. But even so, writing is what I love.

I'm beta-reading for Hoenn Master96 and I'm learning things as I go along :)

Age: in college

Name: Zangoose-Kira :D

Gender: Female

Nostalgia: Dragon Tails, Danny Phantom, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Pokemon Advanced Battle and Master Quest, Cyber Chase, Out of the Box, Zoon, Barney, Sesame Street, Land Before Time, Jimmy Neutron, Magic School Bus, Teen Titans, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Theodore the Tugboat, Scamper the Penguin, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi,

Favorites(Not in any order): Deathnote (L for the WORLD!), Spiral (largely unheard of Manga), Case Closed/ Detective Conan, Pokemon, Warriors (the super long cat book series), Watership Down (classic!), Animal Farm (It's an older book, but it creatively tells the story of communism in the context of farm animals), Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Read the annotated versions and be amazed!), Redwall, Naruto (so many original characters!), Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter (Read all books and seen all movies ), Lord of the Rings (epic!), Movie Cloudy with a Chance Of Meatballs (my kind of humor), Yotsuba (Cute manga!), Last Airbender (cartoons rock, acted movie not so much), Legend Of Zelda games (I've played Phantom hourglass, a little Minish cap, and Twilight Princess. I love them because of the long, complex storyline and the music is awesome to listen to while writing), The World Ends With You (Great video game storyline and music to boot), Hetalia: Axis Powers (it has some super funny stuff about stereotypes of different countries), Ouran Host Club (Who can't love every character?), My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (This is seriously a cute and funny show intended for all ages... and I am slowly converting to brony-dom, mainly thanks to the parodies...), Touhou songs (I don't support yuri, but I have to admit that I love the songs that Touhou/IOSYS makes), Fullmetal Alchemist, Paranoia Agent (strange and dark with great music), Bokurano (latest anime I watched, generally depressing but strangely addicting),

And my own original Story (I could seriously talk about my favorite character all day... I'm not obsessed... >_>).

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