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I am taking requests for Fanfictions. If you have a couple or something you really really wanted me to write a fic about, go ahead and ask! I will do the very best I can! You can even give me specific events or something to write about for the characters. I am really excited to hear back from some of you!

Become one with Russia, da? ^-^

H-hello! :3

Thank you for looking at my FanFiction account! I also have a deviantART of the same name if you would like to see me there too. Unfortunately, as of right now I have no pictures up. That is because my art sucks. e_e Maybe in the future I will add something.

I must confess...I am a dirty Hetalia slut. *shot* I mostly like to read Hetalia fics, but I'm not limited to that.

I make a vow to now review every fic I read, and use constructive comments to help the writer improve.

I love anime! And J-Pop makes me feel happy inside! :D

I love peaches! My favorite food! o3o

B.T.W...I LOVE HETAONI. It is the biggest mind eff I have ever gone through's just so addicting!

My Favorite Anime Couples: [Please don't be angry if you disagree with my opinions! D8>]

RussiaxChina {Hetalia}

GermanyxItaly {Hetalia}

SpainxRomano {Hetalia} In a way it's kind of creepy...but so cute! x3x

CanadaxJapan {Hetalia}

AustriaxHungary {Hetalia}

ChibitaliaxHoly Roman Empire {Hetalia} Yes, I believe HRE = Germany. >_>"

JapanxGermany {Hetalia} ~ I didn't use to like this one, until I read a lovely fanfiction called "Bitter Heart" by oro-oro. So kawaii~!

LiechtensteinxSwitzerland {Hetalia}

BritainxLiechtenstein {Hetalia}

SebastianxCiel {Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler} ~ I used to really love this manga, I think the anime ruined it for me to a certain extent. =_=

YukixZero {Vampire Knight} ~ I don't like this anime very much. I think it is really slow paced and a bit over-rated. *prepares to get attacked by fangirls*

KibaxCheza {Wolf's Rain}

C.C.xLelouch {Code Geass}

MomoxToushiro {Bleach}

RyujixTaiga {ToraDora}

Anime's I Like/Love:

ToraDora, Code Geass, Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club, K-On!, Durarara!!, Baccano, Elfen Lied, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Junjou Romantica, Kuroshitsuji, Chobits, Rurouni Kenshin, Hell Girl, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bakemonogatari, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Wolf's Rain, Death Note

Woah, there are a bunch more on both lists, but I can't remember. Eh~

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