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Author has written 12 stories for Danny Phantom, Fairly OddParents, Minecraft, and Johnny Test.

Hi my name is Linda Nguyen and I am known as ghostfinder101 from youtube. If you see my old fanfiction stories, I won't revise it and I'm not fixing it since it was drafted and it came from my imagination. I have to filled up my imagination on here till the end of fanfiction for me. I have moved on original fiction which you can find me on here.


I do a youtube channel and I've move onto Minecraft Diaries fanart stuff.

I don't own anything, except my OCs characters.

My birthday is on June 13.

Favorite band: Big Time Rush and Evanescence.

I am a little bit rushy on stories and my grammar are bad. My old computer didn't tell me so to fix it on Microsodt Word 2006.

The Black Mirror Characters:

Varen Shee: The attitude one. He has a plain personality, but he does have feeling for others unlike any other shees. He doesn't talk much unless he was given an assignment. He does get angry when someone taunts him.

Victor Shee: He is the responsible, careful, and smart one. He also cares for his cousin, Varen. He is rather to be a silent person like Varen.

The Seasonal Shees: The four shees always team up together and each work from corner to corner to torture a person to vulnerable death. The shees are always mean and rude. They lie all all of the time and some of the time tells the truth. They also

Queen Shee: Master of Time and Space. She is the most wicked and evilest of all of Shee's paradise

Chrona: A doll time ghost. She has the personality of the child and she can be spoiled, but she cares for others too. She also controls the four clock tower in the Spirit Zone.

There are a list of stories I'm going to type in the future.

New Partner - Duke is the new character for Danny's sidekicks. He is the black labador and a half ghost.(Done)

Ghost Statue: Blue horned pegasus and Mystical Island. This story is where Dani and Danny claim the pegasus and travel to a magical island. (Done)

When Cousins Collide- Timmy is meeting his cousin, Danny, who is from Amity Park. They both will have great challenges to face each other and adventures. Duke is included.(Done)

Johnny Test verses Danny Phantom- Danny and Duke meets Dukey and Johnny(Done)

School's Out!- Summer special story crossover with Timmy and Danny. Timmy Turner is going to visits Danny while his parents are going to the Baham cruise. Timmy's fairies are going on the spa cruise by themseleves and the cruise is only made for fairies and anti-fairies. Including Poof is going on the cruise. Now Timmy is spending time with his favorite cousin Danny. They both love each other as cousin. Duke, the ghost dog is included. The story will be published after When Cousins Collide. It will be funny and adventurous.(Done)

The Crystal Power-(crossover) James Hitler has stolen the ghost and fairy crystal in Mystical Island. Will the Chosen One save the Crystal? (Sequel to Ghost Zone: Mystical Island and pegasus) Timmy also found out that Cosmo and Wanda was weaken and must save them from the power surge. Danny and Serena are going to meet the elemental halfas to fight James to restore balance of the world. (Done)

Nicktoons Unite- Pranks War- Jimmy, Timmy, Spongebob, and Danny are going to have war with pranks. They divided themselves into two and playing pranks at the opposing team.

The Haunted Terror in Tokyo- Duke is not the only dog, who has ghost powers. He is going to meet up with Lyra, the chocolate lab with ghost powers. Is Duke is going to have a date with her or not. Sequel from New Partner. (done)

My OCs Guide

About Team Yin Yang...

This is a team, another OC team besides "Danny Phantom or Team Phantom" because it was created by Dennis Zhang Nagasaki.

Background Story: Dennis created the first team for himself and his sister because it started when he met Clara and Laura Nguyen. The team name inspired him by a symbol he always see when he passed by to the Chinese Restaurant and it has a symbol of the Yin Yang. Thus, he likes the teaching of Laozi's and taoism, but he's not a taoist. Back then, Dennis and Katelyn were both really together and had friends in school, but still when Dennis became a halfa before he met Clara and Laura or Kyle, Dennis still doesn't have a team. Now that Dennis created a team along with his friends, he called it "Team Yin Yang" and forver they became friends and family.

About: Team Yin Yang is about helping each other, making new friends (outside OCs like my friends) and keeping evil out of their city of San Diego and stopping Dennis from turning evil (part of keeping balance for Dennis)


Dennis:Leader of Team Yin Yang and also a dark halfa.
Clara: A member of team yin yang and a light halfa
Katelyn: A member and a sister of Dennis. She is part of supporting him, but also annoying him too.
Laura: A member A sister of Clara and always argue with Clara and the team.
Kyle: A member and he's a wind halfa. He's an adopted son of the Han Sasaki and also he loves roller skating and ice skating. He is a neutral person in the team, not arguing and not annoying the leader.

--Team Striker/Striker Club--

Background Story: Formed by Matthew Phu Nagasaki and he formed it as a friendship group and a supporting group for Team Yin Yang, but known as messing up with the Team Yin Yang.


Matthew: The leader of Team Striker or The Striker Club and he's a cousin of Dennis Zhang Nagasaki

Carlos: Supporter of the club and he supports Matthew to teach him Latin for his magic spells and helping Shang to get over his fear of people.

Shang: The shy and weakest one of the club and he tends to hide either behind Carlos and Matthew when there's too many people. He is also 1/4 of part ghost and the other part is human.


If you break a mirror you will have 7 years of bad luck.

2-Shoes-It is bad luck to leave shoes upside down

3- You step on the crack, you hurt your mother's back.

4-If black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck

5- Open Umbrella inside your house is bad luck.


If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck.

7-If you pop an inflatable toy you will have bad luck for the remainder of your life. You will also be attracted to your same gender.

8- If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck.

9-ts said its bad luck because if hes walking twords you it means your going to die


If someone is given a gift of a wallet or purse and it contains no money, the receiver will have bad luck.

11- If you drop any type of chinese food on the floor you will have 50 years of bad luck.

12-spilling salt without tossing over left shoulder

13- If you break a hard to open pickle jar then you will have bad luck for the next 3 and a half years

14- If you kill a ladybug you will have bad luck.

15-If you walk over food you will get bad luck.

16- It is bad luck to pick up a penny that is tails up.

List of Bad Luck that I truly believe

Timmy:1-2-3-4 Saving the Universe
Jimmy:5-6-7-8 Beating up the Synicates
Danny:9-10-11-12 Saved by the school bell.
Jimmy: Really? A school bell?
Danny: Yes, I want to fight really well.
Timmy: Solving to find a way.
Danny: Beating up the bad guys we say.
Wanda: We should give it a shout.
Cosmo: Like Spongebob. (Cosmo Poofs Spongebob)
Jimmy: Watch Out! (He ran to Danny, but Spongebob poofs on top of them)
Spongebob: It'll helpppp! It's helpppppppp!
Spongebob: If you help us alonnnng. (BOOM! CRASH!) Oh Yeah!
Jimmy, Timmy, and Danny: SPONGEBOB!
Spongebob: (Giggle)

It's a Nicktoons Unite song and if you want to use them, go ahead it's sharing. I would be proud if anyone use them, but you can't steal my stories.

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