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DISCLAIMER AHOY: All series, games, movies, TV shows and other things that are referenced in stories written by me are the property of their respective copyright holders. No profit is being made from this, other than the fun gained by readers in reading it, and the fun gained in writing it. And you can't sue for fun which causes no financial/legal harm so NIAH NIAH.

If I only EVER hear PRAISE about what's GOOD or what you LIKED about my work, I will be hard for me to IMPROVE. I need to know what WORKS and what DOESN'T WORK in my stories. Please, don't just post PRAISE. It may be good for my EGO but it sure as hell doesn't help my WRITING.

What the hell is this guy up to - May 14th 2015:

Chapter 9 word progress: 676 words. Will update as word count grows.

Ladies, gentlemen and gemelords of all genders, I AM BACK. My mom is an aspiring writer as well and we've decided to cooperate on this work.

She'll be doing the Romanian language translation (which I will post eventually, for all my conationals that don't know English very well), providing feedback, doing a bit of editing and generally being an all-round awesome co-writer, as well as providing ideas about the philosophical and ethical quandaries that our characters will face in the future.

After Chapter 10 goes up, expect some editing done to all chapters, so I can catch any mistakes or plot-holes before they become too big.

After that it's back to producing more chapters. I'm just glad that I'm back in the saddle and typing once more, no matter how bad (or good!) I am at it.

Friendly neighborhood writefag here.

Just another male nerd, but with a twist - this one's a narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive, sadistic, perverted, introverted, intelligent, somewhat - kind one that day-dreams a lot, has Romanian, Byzantine, Turkish and Gypsy blood in his ancestry, also regression hypnosis therapy confirms that I've been abducted by aliens, suffered 2 possession attempts by hostile entities, and in another life I was Alexander Macedon.

Yeah, that one.

I'm into tentacle/het/lesbian porn, somewhat of a military enthusiast, I listen to classical music, heavy/speed/fantasy/stoner metal, psychedelic rock, Dungeons&Dragons 3.5 ed fanatic, somewhat of a history buff, I'm a human supremacist (screw you elves!), I believe in reincarnation, the supernatural, aliens, parallel universes, and am fairly certain the governments and Men in Black are hiding The Truth (tm).

I read the work of far too many awesome people, living and no longer living, to mention here, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and many, many, MANY fanfics and webcomics.

All in all, just your regular netizen.

I created this screen-name in order to troll Harry Potter fans that had not read about Rowling's press conference during which she stated, in no uncertain terms, that Dumbledore IS GAY. Then discovered that I had formed an attachment to it, and decided to keep it.

I started a FanFiction account in order to post my literary poopy-diarrhea with the express intent to generate lulz, rage, disgust, make people think, and more lulz.

Hopefully, it worked, otherwise you'd be doing something more productive / fun at the moment.

Feel free to tear any of my work to shreds, IF and WHEN it deserves it. Just because I'm a novice writer doesn't mean I SHOULDN'T aspire to a high standard of quality in anything I post. Eventually.

So, Please Examine And Critique Honestly (PEACH).

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Omae wa mou Shindeiru!


A short update about how my life is going

There have been some family arguments and personal disappointments I have had to deal with. They've depressed me quite a bit, but this year is the year - THE year - in which I finally resume my education, and the slow crawl towards responsible adulthood and a career. Our historical comedy mini-series is nearing completion. I've noticeably improved my acting skills since I started this gig. In the meantime I wait, and study, and write occasionally, so I don't lose my touch. Also watching let's plays.


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