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Dear Reader:

I masquerade as a grown-up, married grad student during the day, but at night I am: SUPER FANGIRL. I'm confronting a fear of being categorized as a certain type of fan girl by posting my stuff up here. The hubs thinks it's awesome that I fan girl out sometimes...but the academy isn't sure about fans and fans aren't sure about the academy. Maybe it's time to start changing that...

I don't always ship, but when I do, I ship canon. I'm all for imagining different scenarios, different endings, and filling in blanks...but AU can be tricky. The characters are most important to me: if you change things up, make sure the characters ring true. They're who I really love, after all. If my characters don't sound true, let me know.

I am a fan of many things, but not a fan of fanfiction for all of them. Maybe that's just me. I love BSG, but don't connect with the fic so much. Same with Firefly. (Though I have read fic for both, it tends not to work for me.). Fic Worlds I do follow (in alphabetical order, not preference): Bones, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy (VIII, XII), Harry Potter

I really appreciate your reading my work here. It means a lot. I don't write a lot of fanfiction (or fiction, really)--but sometimes the vicious plot bunny is a cruel master...and I can't sleep proper until the bunny lets go. This isn't a beg for comments (I'm always a little annoyed by that), but if something really works or doesn't or maybe you just want to discuss...please don't be afraid to say so! I like to talk about all this stuff...fandom, fanfiction, the original series.


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Cosmic reviews
She keeps jumping. She has to be perfect. Too early and the Doctor won't be able to do anything or she could undo everything. Too late, and…that's more obvious.
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I Found that Essence Rare reviews
Missing scene after "Tooth and Claw"
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Tabloid Fodder reviews
Someone's trying to sneak into the big Vitex family party to get the scoop on Rose Tyler's new mystery man
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Two White with One, One White with Two reviews
Written for the TTU ficathon, in response to the prompt: "Seven tea times with Jackie Tyler." Seven times Jackie Tyler made tea for the Doctor and Rose
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First Night reviews
First night, new life. Spoilers through "Journey's End."
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Beginnings and endings all tied up in knots. Rose and the human Doctor, one year later.
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Where All My Journeys End reviews
Some perspectives after the events of "Journey's End." Rose, the Doctor, and Jackie. Rated T for language; spoilers through "Journey's End," of course.
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Clouds reviews
Balthier sees pictures in the clouds. They tell him stories
Final Fantasy XII - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 571 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Published: 7/9/2011 - Balthier, Fran - Complete