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Hello there, you who has taken the trouble to view my profile,

I am, well, Pandorakun, a reviewer and writer of sorts. I'm a female Indian, as my location reveals, and in the twelfth grade, soon to be in university (the thought terrifies me just a little). I'm an avid reader and gamer girl (choquant, non?), which is an odd combination to be sure. I tend to gravitate towards either humour, or darker works. My avatar also vaguely resembles my face when I feel inspired.

I don't really find myself having the time to write stories that I consider satisfactory, as well as generally preferring to write original fiction, but I do enjoy reading the work of others. As a person who does enjoy writing when I can, I value the boon that is constructive criticism and/or encouragement, and I hope that I am able to satisfactorily help others.

On the other hand, there is a dark side to this. Remember My Immortal, that festering sore of the fanfiction community (and all its clones)? The day I read My Immortal, through tvtropes, I began a journey to seek out the dredges of humanity, and laugh at them. Maybe stop them from writing altogether. Maybe encourage them to improve by proving my caustic commentary wrong.

We shall see if my plans ever do work though, as the internet is a terrific place to hide in.

Edit: I've decided to write a little too, just because. I don't exactly have free time, but I've decided that the best way to improve myself is to bare my work to whatever criticism the world has to throw at me.

Languages I speak/understand: English, French, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi. I'm also trying to learn Japanese, but that's not going too well.

I enjoy:

Books (authors):

VS Naipaul






And several others

Books (Titles):

Life of Pi

Lord of the Flies

The Great Gatsby

Catcher in the Rye (bloody brilliant piece of work, this)

A Clockwork Orange

The Outsider (L'etrangere - forgive my lack of accents)

Video Games:

Anything by Gust - the Ar tonelico series, the Atelier series

Atlus games - SMT: Devil Survivor, Persona 3 etc.

The Luminous Arc trilogy



Fire Emblem (from 4 onwards - I never ended up playing 1-3 in the series)


Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Jeanne d'Arc

Professor Layton

Corpse Party ($20 for an amazing game. Totally worth it.)

and so on forth.


A little bit of everything. I listen to any music that catches my interest, regardless of whether I can understand the lyrics (Google is my friend). The important thing for me is that:

a) It has something unique going for it

b) It strikes me emotionally

c) It isn't puerile garbage


Dexter (sometimes)

Hanasaku Iroha


Puella Magi Madoka Magica (SHAFT in general, actually)


Macross Frontier

5 Centimeters per Second

And various others. I started watching anime regularly only recently, so my favourites reflect that.

Not that this brief list does justice to my likes. And yes, I'm a nerd. Can't imagine why you would think otherwise.

Anyways, my regards to you, and I hope you enjoy whatever I am able to produce from the depths of my insane mind.


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