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Author has written 13 stories for Digimon, Jet Grind Radio, Teen Titans, Gorillaz, Alvin and the chipmunks, Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dragon Ball Z.

Fan Fiction... that whimsical form of writing that we whimsical sort of people engage in when a certain obsession takes hold of our creative minds and squeezes them with a kind of unrelenting fervor... until, that is, reality drop kicks us in the teeth. Or we find something else to obsess over.

The above banter is just a monologue describing my inefficiency at staying interested in one subject for too long, and that is why NONE of my stories posted on are complete. I am full of fail. But all that cast aside, here is a summary of my stories and a bit of musing as to what will, and has, become of them.

1. The Chipmunk MISadventure

INCOMPLETE - Suspended indefinitely

Part of my "The Chipmunks" obsession which ended abruptly after the new movie came out. Was fun to start writing but probably won't be updated any time soon.

2. An End Has a Start

INCOMPLETE - Suspended indefinitely

More "The Chipmunks" mania... crazy story, fun to write but probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon. I have no inspiration.

3. Gorillaz: Mama Hobbs

INCOMPLETE - Suspended indefinitely

Gorillaz mayhem from several years ago. Pretty silly, only 2 chapters... had ideas but ran into a brick wall. Chances of updating are slim but not nil in the near future.

4. Gorillaz: Rock It

INCOMPLETE - Continuation Tentative

This is an ongoing process... keeping this story alive. Maybe if the Gorillaz release another album, I'll start working on it again. x_x;

5. All Things Good and Bad

INCOMPLETE - Suspended indefinitely

On a big Teen Titans kick many years ago... very much enjoyed writing this, but had more short-term ideas than long term ones. The story would not have turned out very good. No plans of updating this any time in the near future.

6. Teen Titans, NO! song parody

COMPLETE - Sad to admit it

Dumb and pointless... should not have posted this. But on the bright side, this is a complete submission. Too bad it's lame.

7. Acknowledge Me

INCOMPLETE - Suspended indefinitely

Whiny emo story about Beast Boy. Love that guy, but the fact that I was planning on introducing a... -shudder- "OC"... this story will remain dead and buried.

8. Innocent Eyes

INCOMPLETE - Suspended indefinitely, with chance of parole

One of my much older stories about Jet Set Radio. Not fully developed, but the ideas are still buried in my mind. This is another story which may, at some point, see the light of day. Only issue is that my writing style has changed in the past 7 years, so it may become an awkward read.

9. Bummy Sunday


I haven't read this story in years and years... I guess I'll go read it now. Digimon obsession isn't something I can see myself rekindling, so this story probably will end where it ended.

10. No Longer Responsible


This is sort of my labor of love at the moment. I'm currently obsessed with TMNT so, there you are.

2. Diary of a Mutated Green Woman


Mona Lisa Ninja Turtles story-- the lighter writing to keep me sane while I write No Longer Responsible. Even if you don't know about Mona or hate the Old TMNT Toon, read it anyway! RAWR

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