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Hello, world.

Name: Halestorming, Storm, Craig (You can see this in the first chapter of my Kingdom Hearts story), Smartalek, Thatjerk, etc...

Religion: Restoration Christian

Age: 22

Gender: Male, man, dude, bloke, guy, gentleman, I think you get it.

Likes: Pizza, fried chicken, good jokes, good music, kingdom hearts (though not as much as Xemnas), smash bros, pokemon (dang nostalgia!), my buds and bread pudding!

Dislikes: Shaving, bad jokes, bad music, and waiting for stuff.

Favorite Books: The Holy Bible, hands down. Then Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Sherlock Holmes, to name a few.

Favorite Place: Home is where the heart is.

Favorite Verse: Romans 16:19

Personal Quote(s): Same difference; Sup; FETCH THE HOUNDS MAMA, PAPA'S GOTTEN LOST AGAIN! (It's from one of my stories)

Currently Working On: Pokemon: Storm In Kenewyore; Pokémon: Delta Emerald

I am a restoration Christian - one who believes that Christianity should not be divided by groups or divisions of churches, but should, as Paul said, (paraphrasing) On the important matters stand unyeilding, on the small matters be lenient, and in all things show each other love. We should be united under the Lord God and His Son, Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior. Google the 'Cane Ridge Revival' to see how this restoration began.

(Part that will be editted fairly often below)

Well, I'm in college, so that's taking priority right now, but I do enjoy working on my stories in my spare time. Although, I'm working at becoming a published writer, so I may spend less time on Fanfics.

I'm working on Pokémon: Delta Emerald and Pokémon: Storm in Kenewyore - the first is a story based on an idea I got when I first heard about OR/AS, using an idea that pokemon has long-since abandoned, and finally giving it a proper storyline. The second is my own original region including over 80 original pokemon! Yes, I am once again working on that story, as I have missed it for too, too long. So, look forward to my continued work!

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