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I'm backkk! For Spring break, but that counts for somthin'! Actually, I have three days of holidays left. Doh.

It's hard for me to update on school days because I come home dead tired, eat, sleep, wake-up, eat, do homework, sleep, wake-up, and then it's school again. Repeat. x5 And when I say 'hard to', I only mean impossible. But alas, three more months and I'll be free from twelfth grade. =D

I guess it's kind of evident I have three ongoing stories, well, two of them only have one chapter each, but so what? I only know I had to jot something down before it completely escaped my mind. That would have been very, very sad. Alright, let me get you inside info on the crap I'm currently working on:

Trial of Fate:The only story that constitutes as a full-fledged story, chapter-wise. And even then, that's a little misleading.I've been tied to the big, bad brick that has 'Writer's Block' written in a big, fat, black pen for over a year now. You may ask how that's possible,but I'd have nothing witty to reply with. Perhaps if I thought about it, or put a litle effort into it again, I'd come up with something. Just maybe. The good news is, I haven't given up on it yet! If my word can be taken anymore...

A Tale of Love: The second chapter ofthis building in constructionis half-done... On the other computer that I rarely use. I'll have to do something about that. This one's actually planned out. No more spontaneous thinking for Ash. Sorta.

Seaswept: As for this one, I just had to write a pirate story. Harhar.

As a last note, thanks for everyone who has read anything of mine. As well as those who are still waiting for me to update. The feeling that someone likes something you've written so much that they're willing to wait however long for this dingbat to update is incomparable... Definitely at the top with green tea flavoured Pocky. -Ash

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