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the/f a c t s/-
: Unknown, will answer to Socks.
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sometimes i /p r e t e n d/ i don't love you.

oh my god! Hi there. I'm Socks, or at least that's what everyone calls me, even those who knew me on my previous account until I deleted it. Why would I do something stupid like that? Well, people were being very rude to me there so I deleted and planned to never come back. But the funny thing about writers is that they can't just disappear if they love what they do. I ended up coming back, like a year later. Anyway, I guess I should warn you people who have never read anything by me before, I'm overly imaginative and I'm a tad bit insane. My stories are normally unique, even if its a normally cliche storyline. My normal themes to my fanfictions are humor, romance, angst, and hurt/comfort. Why? Because I'm cool like that. I also have a habit of trying to mix all of those themes together, which always ends up getting me flamed. Apparently people have no sense of humor, or they just don't like things that are odd. Who knows really.

this isn't some /f r a w k i n g/ romance novel!

the/s t o r i e s/-

Her Unsung Hero; Starscream x Miko Nakadai [Transformers: Prime]
After saving Miko from a stray attack during battle, Starscream is taken back to the Autobot base in Stasis Lock from his injuries. Everyone seems to believe that its impossible that he did it without any hidden motivations. Miko must prove that her hero's arrival isn't a trap, that is, if Starscream survives.
Sequel to Unlikely Savior [one shot]

when i was little, i wanted to grow up and be an /a l i e n/.

the/u p - c o m i n g/stories-

Black And White; No Official Pairing Yet. [Transformers]
Sam finds out that the world isn't always good and evil, black and white, when the world stands still. With the Autobots gone, the Decepticons rule and Megatron makes the boy's life a living Hell. An unlikely hero steps up to stop the madness.

Out of the Pot, Into the Fire; No Pairing [Jeepers Creepers] (Title Subject to Change)
Stolen from her bus stop, an eight year old girl goes from fighting her three kidnappers to battling for survival against an ancient demon. However, the real question reminds, does this beast want her or men?

Lose Control; Starscream x Arcee [Transformers: Prime]
No one will tell Arcee why Starscream is at the base, or at least, why he's alive at base. His snide remarks are about to send her over the edge, but one night, right when she's about to make her threats become reality, she realizes something. He wants her to lose control - because he's as broken and lost as her.

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"This could be a trap! Decepticons just don't go around saving humans!" Miko must prove that her hero's arrival isn't a trap, that is, if Starscream survives. Sequel to Unlikely Savior.
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Sometimes he did stupid things and everyone knew it.
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Sometimes when she saw that girl bat her eyes in the hallway at her best friend, and crush, Miko just wanted to knock her out. Miko/Jack Jack/Sierra
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