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Two musings today, both grounded in the Gundam SEED universe.

First of all, a few words concerning canonfodder characters. There are many examples, like the Dragon Slayers from Escaflowne and the Band of Seven from Inuyasha, but specifically I refer to SOC the druggies three, or Shani Orga and Crot for those of you who care. Why are canon fodder like them so popular? We all know they're going to die at the end of the series and they're doomed to have flat, undeveloped personalities and they usually barely have anything to do with the actual plotline. Yet characters like them have an unusually large fan following. Why? I have a few theories why. First of all is the personal coolness of specific characters. For example, Shani has a big freaking scythe. This is awesome. I actually attribute the scythe to Duo's popularity too. And guys like SOC don't smile. They smirk, which I know for a fact is wildly popular with fan girls. While canonfodder don't usually have an indepth pesonality, they often have a definite coolness factor.

Second, SOC are a mystery. We really don't know anything about them. I hear rumours that they were supposed to have been criminals on death row and that they got off by volunteering for 'scientific experiments' but I don't trust Fukada after certain unforgivable actions. Thus the druggies have a lot of possible back history that is just waiting for ambitious fic writers to dream up.

Also, when you think about it SOC are a pretty pathos inducing lot. Hook on pain-inducing drugs, forced to fight and kill, not even recognised as human, they're naturally not in their best frame of mind. It makes me wonder what they were actually like before Azrael got his hooks into them. They probably weren't much better but it can't have been worse.

As canonfodder go, I actually prefer the druggies to most other options. They were better than Yzak the jackass, Dearka the doublecrosser, and Nicol the prettyboy, that's for sure.

But enough of that. On to SEED Destiny and my thoughts.

I've finally seen the first two episodes of Destiny and I have some mixed impressions. On the plus side, Dullaindel (or however you spell it) seems pleasantly slimy to me. He seems to be one of those villains who can successfully justify his villainy, and still stay a villain. Stellar/Stella also has a really cool personality with interesting potential, though with Fukada directing he's liable to let it slip away. On the flip side though Cagalli seems to have gotten dumber (I didn't think that was possible) and Neo's 'secret' identity couldn't be more obvious. Also that mask is just plain dumb. It's only possible plus is that he won't be cracking his skull open in the shower. And the Impulse. I was pleased and disappointed all in the same episode. When I first saw it I was pleasantly surprised. It looked nothing like Strike, Freedom, Wing Zero etc. Then halfway through the episode it transformed... Enough said there.

All in all though, SEED Destiny seems to be a mixed blessing. It has some possible good things going for it, and some obviously dumb things going for it. All I can do is wait for some more episodes to see what happens next. However, I will say that Teknoman kicks as much keister now as it did way back when I was a lad.


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Magicman: (sigh) Anyway, we both love anime above all else, which is pretty much our biggest reason at .

Smokegirl: Though we are also partial to Baldurs Gate and Diablo fics.

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Smokegirl: Though we plan on expanding.

Magicman: Finally, our favourite anime characters are the same. From Escaflowne, they're Hitomi, Dilandau, Van, and Folken. From Yu-Gi-Oh, they are Pegasus, Tea, and Joey. In the Feudal era I adore Kagome, Inu Yasha, Kagura and Kikyo.From the world of Gundam SEED, I worship Flay Allster, Kira Yamato, and to a lesser extent Mu la Flaga and Murrue Ramius. And from Naruto, there's Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara, and Shino.

Smokegirl: Though I've got Bakura as a boyfriend! glomps Bakura who is passing by

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Magicman: We may appear as characters in future fics, so look forward to seeing more of us if you actually read our stuff. Still there? Good. Keep going and you'll eventually get to the fics.


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