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Hello, my name Spirit Reader and this in my Fanfiction Account.

For as long as I can remember I have always had a long for video games and anime. Most of which are Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Case Closed, One Piece, DragonBall, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Buso Renkin, Shaman King, Naruto, High School DxD, Attack on Titan, Psyren, and Fairy Tail. So most of my stories will be revolve around them. It's made goal to make something interesting that not only I, but also the people who read my work will also like. I would really like it if you guys would review my stories and tell me what I did right and what I did wrong so that I can make any changes for the better.

Another one of my goals in to create my own personal fanfiction that combines my own stories and characters, with the one I read in actual anime and manga.

Favortie male anime/manga character: I'm not to picky when it comes to male characters. However saying that the best male character, in my opinion is Naruto Uzumaki. I say this because Naruto is the type of character who was able to overcome all the sadness in his life and prove to a lot of people how good he really is. Being the son of two powerful ninja Naruto is the type of character who I believe that all current anime main characters should strive to be.

Favorite female anime/manga character: In the past I usually thought that manga artist added girls into manga just to fill space and to show that it's not a manga surrounded by boys. But now that my opinion on it has changed greatly. Today more female characters are having a more prominant role within the story. Though, most of the time males will still be the main focus, and equal amount his focus on girls. With that my favorite female is Akiza Izinski (Aki Izayoi) of Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's. I find her character to be really intresting. She's beautiful and sometimes conflicted with personal doubts that affected her through her life. But she was able to overcome that and become a better person for it.

I usually include myself and my girlfriend in most of my stories. I do this because I want to write about a particular thing from my point of view. For example; If I was working a Bleach Fanfic then I would be Ichigo and my girlfriend would either be Rukia or Orihime. However I'll include characters from the show.

Story Arcs for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Over the Nexus

1. Introduction Arc(Chapters 1-6)

2. Arcadia Movement Arc (Chapters 7-26)

3. Satellite Grand Fire Arc (Chapters 27-45)

4. Pre-Fortune Cup Arc (Chapters 46-56)

5. Fortune Cup Qualifiers Arc(Chapters 57-70)

6. Fortune Cup Finals Arc(Chapters 71-103)

7. Dark Signer Arc (104-)

Story Arcs for Pokemon: Thunder Yellow

1. Journey to Pewter City Arc(1-

Guidelines for OC(Original Characters)

When sending me an OC for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Over the Nexus, please follow this simple guideline and send it to me via the PM Box or Reviews

1. Name

2. Age

3. Appearance

4. Personality

5. History

6. Deck

7. Ace Monster (Include a Summon Chant if the Ace is a Synchro or Xyz Monster)

When sending me an OC for Pokemon: Thunder Yellow, please follow this guideline.

1. Name

2. Age

3. Appearance

4. Hometown/Region

5. Personality

6. History

7. Pokemon (Please have the level of your Pokemon be around the same as the Main Characters Pokemon. Any Pokemon who are deemed to be too powerful will be changed for the sake of the story.)

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