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Hey, actually, this is two writers in one. Traycon 3 and Fishey_Me, wow, bet you couldn't guess that one. We are sci-fi obsessed morns. (Yes that's morn, not moron.) Oh, and our spelling isn't too good, please don't kill us!

F_M's fics in the works:

A'Nirih: The sequel to S'Brin, A'Nirih details what happens after TMP when Spock goes to Earth to try and reestablish his relationship with his son and sometimes friend. "A'Nirih" translates to mean "a man who begets or raises or nurtures a child" (VLD). I chose this title because unlike Sa'Mekh ("male parent" VLD), this implies more than simply being the male who contributed to half of his child's DNA. We humans have a saying: "Any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy." Well, to me, that's the same difference between Sa-Mekh and A'Nirih. THAT is why I picked that title, not because of anyone else's input. Though I do owe thanks to folks over at the S/Mc Haven for pointing me to the VLD for the word itself.

Oceanus: The First Frontier: This story is completely independent of the S'Brin series/universe, but you'll notice some similarities if you've read both of them. For example, Simon and Joanna are pretty much the same people in both stories. Anyway, this story is an alternate universe taking place shortly after Georgia was founded as a colony (appx. 1744). UNLIKE A'Nirih, Oceanus isn't finished (at least in draft form). I've still got major plotholes, bugs, repitition, and gaps in description to iron out, plus I haven't even decided how to put things in motion, much less end the story. So if it seems like I take a hiatus from it, I'm not going to abandon it! I'm probably just trying to finish the bloody thing!

Anyway, it's going to be filled with nods to "nautical mythology." If you don't know what that is, it means that I'm going to have merfolk, sea-people, a kraken, leviathan, Atlantis, and a multitude of other things of that like. I'm also going to try and fill the universe with tibits of historical accuracy in regards to ship life, medicine, swordsmanship (thanks Allergic-to-Paradox for the information on this!) and politics. This has the unfortunate result of characters saying or doing things that we of the 21st and the crew of the 23rd centuries may find unseemly. If you are offended by the mention of anything listed below, Oceanus may not be the fic for you:

Attempted rape, slavery, flogging as a disciplinary measure, using alchohal to ply others for infomation or sexual favors, bribery, torture, prostitution, kidnapping, and theft.

Not all of those things will be practiced in the fic, but they will certainly be mentioned. If you can stomach those things, be warned also that Oceanus will contain slash- erotic love from one man for another man. If you could handle the rest, but you can't handle that, Oceanus is definately not for you.

Other fics that used to be mentioned here are still being typed up. If you'd like me to post the list again, I can, just ask.

t3: I wrote all the stuff that F_M didn't claim. Though I'm not sure if I want to claim most of it. Now, my job is to make sure that F_M's grammar is in order, and that she doesn't have giant plotholes through which Spock or another--well, I can't say sexy, now can I?--important character can fall through. We've lost so many good ones to plotholes.

My avatar is not of my own creation. It's by spud66cat on Livejournal.

Now, we command you to READ OUR STUFF!

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