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Author has written 10 stories for Kuroshitsuji, and Uta no Prince-sama.

Name: Char

Sex: Female

D.O.B: August 8th.

Favourite Animes: Uta no Prince-sama, Kuroshitsuji, Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, Durarara!!, High School of the Dead

Favourite Pairings: Natsuki x Shou, Ren x Masato, Tokiya x Otoya, SebasCiel, AloisCiel, Shizaya

Loves: Neko's, Anime, Yaoi.

My name refers to the character Shou Kurusu from Uta no Prince-sama. He's the pink one in the ST RISH group, as well as a star.

Shou is one of my favourite characters in the anime. Why? He's cute, he doesn't give in easily, and he doesn't let things get in the way of him becoming an idol. He plays the violin, and he is energetic.

"Shou-chan.. a homemade meal is safer than anything." - Natsuki Shinomiya, Uta no Prince-sama, "Not if it's made by you!" - Shou Kurusu, Uta no Prince-sama

"Is that so? That's what he said!" - Shou Kurusu, Uta no Prince-sama

"I have no idea what you are talking about, but I can in fact tie a cherry stem in my mouth." - Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji

"Let's go, you cat-obsessed moron." - Ciel Phantomhive, Kuroshitsuji

"Even though I dislike being kicked by others, I do enjoy the feeling of kicking others." - Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji

"O lé!" - Alois Trancy, Kuroshitsuji II

"I want you, Ciel Phantomhive. That's all it is." - Alois Trancy, Kuroshitsuji II

"Yes, Your Highness." - Claude Faustus, Kuroshitsuji II

"Yes, My Lord." - Sebastian Michaelis

"What would a Phantomhive butler be if he couldn't do such a thing?" - Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji

"Those round and innocent eyes that know no filth or foulness, those tails that lovingly swish as if they belong to nobility, those paws in the soft shade of warm light pink!" - Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji

DOKI DOKI de kowaresou 1000% LOVE. Hey!!

10! Are you ready?

9! Are you ready?

8! Are you ready?

7 6

5! Are you ready?

4! Are you ready?

3! Are you ready?

2 1

Saa, Let's Song!

Yume wo utaou (Let's Shout!)

Sora ni utaou (Let's Go!)

Hajikeru monogatori ni shichaimashou

Mirai no chizu wo (Yes Yes) kimi to egakou


Ikimashou ( ST RISH)

Ai wo Change the star!

Check it out!!

GIRI GIRI na munue no koudo

Uh baby gouin ni naru koi no shoudou

Docchi wo erabu? PURINSESU

KURA KURA shichau kurai 1000% LOVE

Naze ka?

Kimi de




Fushigi na RAVE

Mada minu seza wo

Futari de tsumuide

KISU yori


Uta de sekai wo tsukurou

Saa Let's dance!!

Yume wo odorou (Let's shout!)

Sora ni odororou (Let's go!)

Yarisugi na kurai ga ii sai

Junbi wa OK?

Ikkai kiri no (Yes yes)


Kyoukasho ni wa (We are)

Nottenai (ST RISH)

Ai wo Change the star

Check it out!

Koyoi wa hora futari de 1000% LOVE

RULES:1) Pick 6 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun!

1 – Otoya Ittoki

2 – Tokiya Ichinose

3 – Masato Hijirikawa

4 – Ren Jinguji

5 – Natsuki/Satsuki Shinomiya

6 – Shou Kurusu

1. [5] is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?
Natsuki: Who am I missing.. Ah! I'm deeply missing piyo-chan! He was the first stuffed animal I got and I've loved him ever since!

2. Who could make [1] do anything for them if they asked? (Does not have to be your OC)
Otoya: Uhm.. Probably Haruka.. and Tokiya! I always go quiet when he asks me to!

3. Would [6] have the guts to kill [2]? Explain your answer.
Shou: ...Have the guts to kill Tokiya? *huffs* Of course I do! I just.. won't kill him because Nanami adores him too much.

4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and [1] gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will [1] do?

Otoya: Eh?! 24 hours to live?! Uh.. uh... I'd play sports with all my friends! And I'll make sure one performance will be my last!

5. [3]'s birthday had come up and [4] gave [3] a gift. But, turns out [3] hates it. What will happen next?
Masato: Jinguji gave me milk for my birthday. He said it would make my bones stronger. I'm going to kill him.

6. What will [5] become when he/she grows up? Any achievements [5] is planning to achieve?
Natsuki: Well Since I'm at Saotome Academy, I'm hoping to become an idol! I kind of already am since I'm in Starish with Shou-chan and the others though..

7. [6] going out shopping with [2] and he/she offers to buy [6] something. What is it?
Shou: Why would I got out shopping with Tokiya?

Me: It's just a question.

Tokiya: I bought him a new outfit.. he had his eyes on it and he didn't have enough so..

Otoya: Aww Tokiya's so sweet

Tokiya: *rolls eyes*

8. [4] is extremely close friends with [3] is anyone jealous?
Otoya: Why would we be jealous of Ren and Masa being extremely close friends? They don't seem that way, though.

Ren: We used to before he started to hate me.

Masato: We're no where near close friends. We're enemies.

9. [4] and [1] are on a boat and [1] decides to go swimming. Yet something caught [1] and now [1] is starting to drown! [4] notices, but does [4] help [1]?
Ren: If Ikki is drowning, of course I'd help him. It would be boring without out energetic red head.

Otoya: Eh heh...

10. [2] and [5] are in the same room, with the lights off. [1] walks in. What is their reaction.
Shou: ...Tokiya and Natsuki in the same room? This can't end well..

Otoya: Well, when Tokiya and Nacchan were in the same room, I noticed that Nacchan didn't have his glasses on! He looked so scary in the dark! DX

Natsuki: Huh? I looked scary?

Otoya: Yeah! And you had Tokiya pinned!

Shou: I think Ittoki is going crazy.

Otoya: Eh, but-!

11. Who would most likely be labeled a whore/man whore...? [6, [4] or [2]? Let those three discuss.
Ren: Ochibi-chan.

Tokiya: What makes you think he is?

Shou: I am not a man whore.

Ren: Then explain the stories I read of you getting screwed by Ikki, Icchi, Hijirikawa, myself, and Natsuki.

Shou: Wha- those are just stories! Make believe! That doesn't mean I'm a man whore!

Tokiya: If anything, Jinguji's the man whore.

Ren: What?

Shou: Agreed. There's no way I am the man whore out of us three.

Ren: Paired with Ikki, paired with Icchi, paired with Hijirikawa, paired with myself – which is sickening – and paired with Natsuki. As well as the little lamb. Ochibi is the man whore.

Shou: I am not! You take that back!

12. [1] is on a hike with [5] and [5] faints! What will [1] do?
Otoya: Eh?! I don't know what I'd do if Nacchan fainted during a hike! If there's service.. I'd probably call Shou.. if not, then I'd try to wake him up?

13. Movie night with [2] and [3]. [2] makes [3] watch porn with him/her. Reactions?
Ren: Why would Icchi make me watch porn? It would be the other way around.

Tokiya: Why would I even own a movie like that?

15. Who would get into trouble faster, [2] or [4]?
Everyone besides Ren: Ren would.

Ren: You guys are crazy. I would not get in trouble.

Shou: Uh huh.. sure. And I like being dressed up.

Natsuki: Really?!

Shou: I was being sarcastic!

16. [1] I dare you to go find [5]'s weak point.

Otoya: That's... way too easy.

Natsuki: Weak point?

Otoya: *holds up a picture of Shou as Piyo-chan*
Natsuki: So cute! *grabs*

17. Who's the party animal between [1, [3] and [4]
Ren: I say Ikki and I are the party animals. It's a tie between us.

Otoya: I agree! Masa is cold and unfun like Tokiya..

Masato: ...

18. [5] wakes up one morning with blood all over their face. [3] slept over and is no where to be found! [5] goes down stairs and see [3]. What was the story? (Let 3 explain)
Masato: Shinomiya turned into a psycho and started to attack a bunch of people.

Natsuki: Eh? I don't attack people!

19. [4, from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?
Ren: What would I rate myself.. a ten, perhaps.

20. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, [5]?
Natsuki: About the opposite gender? I guess Shou-chan is out the question for this..

Shou: Hey!

Natsuki: Well, I like their eyes and personality.

21. In your opinion, [6] What's the worst thing about the opposite gender?
Shou: ..Worst thing? You got to be kidding..

Natsuki: You got to answer it, Shou-chan

Shou: Someone who is.. really bubbly. Too much happiness kind of makes me assume they are hiding something. No trust is probably the worst thing, too.

22.[2] calls [5] over for an "emergency". [5] rushes over and [2] tells [5] to entertain him/her. How does [5] respond?
Natsuki: I would entertain Tokiya! Of course I would Although I don't think Tokiya would ask me for entertainment.

23. Is there anyone who you think about [6, When you hear the word, bed?
Shou: ..I'm not answering this.

Ren: Ochibi's blushing. Who are you thinking about, hm?

Shou: N-none of your business!

24. [5] would you marry your current boyfriend/girlfriend right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would your marry right now?

Natsuki: I don't... feel comfortable answering this one.

25. The meme is over! All of you relieved or happy? (Don't forget to tag if you want to!)
Otoya: Neither! I want more questions!

Tokiya, Masato, Shou: Relieved...

Ren: That was entertaining..

Natsuki: I want more questions! More!

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