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Hello Folks! My name is DarkKnights, & I've been a member from July 2011 onward's.

Real Name: Hussain Talib.

Religion: Sunni Muslim, though I have many friends in this site that are from many different religions, mainly Christian's.

Regret for wasted time should be deep, for time passes quickly and it is difficult to make up what you have missed.

Time for the worshiper is a time for worship and reciting awraad, and for the devoted Muslim it is time for turning to Allah and focusing on Him with all his heart.

Time is the dearest thing to him and he would feel very sad if time passes without him doing what he is meant to do. If he misses time, he can never make it up, because a second time has its own duties. So if he misses time, there is no way he can bring it back.

Ibn al-Qayyim [d. 751H/1350CE]

I am a devoted worshiper of Islam. I bow down to & am afraid of Allah, as he is the almighty creator of the entire universe, & the most gracious & the most merciful. I believe Adam is the first Prophet of Islam & I believe that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is our last prophet. We will be judged at the Day of Judgement & I beg forgiveness for all of my sins & mistakes that I have done in my past life. I believe n the fact that Islam will be the only religion that I will ever be affiliated with & I believe that there is only one GOD: Allah. Copy & Paste this if you guys are fellow Muslim Brothers & Sisters. Thank You.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom, Pakistani Descent.

Date of Birth: October 5 1997 (The same day time Steve Jobs died.)

Gender: Male.

Membership Status: Alive & Well (Though I am suffering & not making much progress due to school, laziness & frustrating time).

Something Special about yourself: I'm a dude.

Likes: Dinosaurs, Prehistoric animals, Paleo-Art, Paleontology, Video Games, Books, Studying, History, Art, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Pretty much most of Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Capcom, Cartoon Network (Just the old shows), Films (Sci-Fi, Action, History, Suspense), Peace, Justice, Pop songs, Rock songs, my family, & of course best of all, Islam.

Dislikes: Terrorism, Serial-Killers, Gangsters, Robberies, Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistani Peoples Party, Racism, People who hate Islam (& Christianity, Hinduism or pretty much any religion), Terry Jones (Pastor), Pornography, Drugs, Adolf Hitler, Dictators & A lot of things I don't want to talk about.

Favorite Video Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS/Wii, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Fire Red/Leaf Green, Black/White,Mario & Luigi Partners in Time, Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros., Mario Party 4, 5, 6, 7, DS, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Dino Crisis, 2 Kingdom Hearts 2, Ratchet & Clank, Soul Calibur 3, 4, No More Heroes, Devil May Cry 4, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 1, 2, 3, Star Fox Adventures, Sonic Adventures 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Rush, New Super Mario Bros., Wii, Call of Duty Black Ops, e.t.c.

Favorite Carnivore: Any large theropod dinosaur (practically Tyrannosaurs), Great White Sharks & Siberian Tigers in present time.

Favorite Herbivore: Armored Dinosaurs (The most being Ankylosaurus & Styracosaurus), Elephants & Pandas in present time.

Favorite Show: Dinosaur Documentaries (Especially Walking With Dinosaurs & Planet Dinosaur) Old Cartoons & real-life shows, as well as dramas like House & Castle. And Anime's like Naruto & Dragonball Z.

Favorite Video Game Characters: Yoshi & Link, hands down! Dante & Nightmare if excluding Nintendo.

Favorite Villains: Darth Vader (was a villain, In Empire Strikes Back), Ganondorf & Bowser on video games, Sauron on the Novels.

Looks: A Crimson Yoshi with a green saddle, blue eyes & creamy underbelly. Can transform into a T-rex.

Special Facts about Myself: I suffer from Autism.

Important Message: A friend cannot be considered a friend until he is tested in three occasions:

1: In the time of Need.

2: Behind your Back.

3: After your Death.

From Diary of a Badman

Other Account Links

My fictionpress.com link:


My noveljoy.com link:


My deviantart.com link:


Favorite Movies.

Same as below, I love lots of films. Here are some:

Star Wars Franchise (Both Original & Prequel Trilogy) (My favourite series)

Toy Story Franchise

Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Second best franchise of all time)

Harry Potter series

Terminator (Just the original & second)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Classic Disney films (Dumbo, Bambi, Winnie-the-Pooh, Beauty & the Beast e.t.c.)

Mission Impossible

Spiderman (Raimi Trilogy)

Batman (Nolan Trilogy)


Jurassic Park Trilogy



Child's Play (Just the first one)

Indiana Jones

Slumdog Millionaire

Again there are alot that I can't think.

Favorite Songs.

I love alot of songs! Here are some:

Busted: What I go to School For, Loser Kid, Thunderbirds, Air Hostes, Sleeping with the Light On

Owl City: Fireflies, To the Sky

David Cook: Light On, Time of my Life, Don't Wanna miss a Thing (Cover), Always be my Baby, Life on the Moon, Declaration, Heroes, Last Goodbye, Don't you Forget about me, I did it for You, This is not the Last Time

Linkin Park: In the End, New Divide, Bleed it Out, What i've Done, Breaking the Habit, Leave out all the Rest, Numb, Faint

Goo-Goo Dolls: Big Machine

One Direction: One Thing, Gotta be You, What makes you Beautiful, Live while we're Young, Stole my Heart, Up all Night

Guns N'Roses: Paradise City

Dappy: No Regrets

Pitbull: Rain over Me, International Love, Give me Everything

Elliot Minor: Running Away, The White One is Evil: Jessica, Time After Time, Electric High

Maroon 5: Makes me Wonder, Payphone, Misery

Bruno Mars: It will Rain, Grenade, Just the Way you Are, Lazy Song

There's just alot I can't say. Anyway, that's all so enjoy!

Top 12 Dinosaurs:

12: Pachycephalosaurus: A mega-hitting headbutter!

11: Brachiosaurus: The Jurassic Giraffe!

10: Stegosaurus: Mighty-Thagomizer lasher!

09: Parasaurolophus: The most graceful of the duckbilled dinosaurs!

08: Triceratops: Three horned thunder!

07: Ankylosaurus: The most powerful tank-dinosaur!

06: Styracosaurus: A miniature version of Triceratops with a more thunder looking appearance!

05: Spinosaurus: Largest predator, EVA!

04: Charcharadontosaurus/Giganotosaurus: The two bloodthirsty killing machines.

03: Carnotaurus: The meat-eating bull with armour & a huge amount of bloodlust.

02: Velociraptor: The most bloodthirsty, clever, intelligent & vicious dinosaur of all!


Top 10 Animals (Modern World)

10: Plains Zebra: My favorite horse.

09: Grizzly Bear: A mighty bear, & my second favorite.

08: Bottlenose Dolphin: My favorite dolphin & one cute fella!

07: African Elephant: Since no one can mess with the biggest of the land animals!

06: Polar Bear: My favorite bear & finding it quite shocking as the fur is colorless/transparent, not white!

05: Blue Whale: Sure you can't forget the biggest living animal!

04: Bald Eagle: The best bird there is today & America's national animal (bird)!

03: Nile Crocodile: A huge predator with a huge appetite!

02: Siberian Tiger: The biggest of cats & overall the best one, this should be the King of Beasts (Not the Lion)!

01: Great White Shark: The ultimate predator at the waters, has super sharp, razor teeth capable of stripping off ribbons of flesh without effort & the best animal EVER!!!

A list of my favourite couples! Hope you sit back & enjoy. & there will be no yuri/yaoi couples.

Samus X Snake

Mario X Peach

Link (OoT) X Saria

Link (TWW) X Tetra/Zelda (TWW)

Link (TP) X Midna

Link (SS) X Zelda (SS)

Fox X Krystal

Ike X Lyn

Sonic X Amy

Shadow X Rouge

Silver X Blaze

Luigi X Daisy

Yoshi (Yoshi 2.1) X Michelle (Yoshi 2.1's O.C)

Raizo (Spawnzilla014's O.C) X Lily (Spawnzilla014's O.C)

Donkey Kong X Candy Kong

Spawn (Spawnzilla014 X Skarlet

Pikachu (SSB) X Female Pikachu

Yoshi X Birdo

Batman X Catwoman

Superman X Wonder Woman

Hulk X She Hulk

Spider-Man X Mary Jane

Spider-Man X Gwen

Seigfried X Cassandra

Kilik X Xianghua

Pit X Any female Angel

Palutena X Any male god

Ness X Paula

Mario X Pauline

Diddy Kong X Dixie Kong

Jigglypuff (SSB) X Any male Jigglypuff

Kirby X Ribbon

A list of my favorite characters by genre. Hope you ENJOY!

Super Smash Bros. League.

01: Yoshi/Link: Two characters who shaped my childhood, & obviously the best of them all!

02: Kirby: The best puffball savior in video games!

03: Fox McCloud: Nothing beats this pilot in saving the universe.

04: Samus Aran: You can't certainly forget about this heroic bounty hunter, even though she's a girl!

05: Mario: An awesome plumber who who saves one kingdom numerous times! Could have been higher if it wasn't only for Peach.

06: Falco: You can't beat this ace pilot in a race, & in a Brawl Battle!

07: Luigi: An awesome brother & super brave plumber who went to confront his biggest fear, only to save Mario!

08: Meta-Knight: An awesome knight who knows how to kick ass!

09: Solid Snake: Nothing beats this super-cool mercenary in terms of strength & firepower!

10: Donkey Kong: An awesome king of the Jungle who is just as heroic as his Italian-American rival!

11: Sonic the Hedgehog: You can never face this amazingly annoying hedgehog with super-fast speed!

12: Ike Greil: Certainly the best Fire Emblem character!

13: Captain Falcon: A super cool bounty hunter who is also the greatest racer in F-Zero!

14: Ness: An average boy with some guts in defeating even the biggest of evil!

15: Zelda: an awesome princess who knows hot to kick Ganon's ass, unlike Peach!

Top 10 Characters I WANT to see for SSB4

10: Lloyd Irving
09: Rundas/Dark Samus
08: Little Mac
07: Krystal
06: Bomberman
05: Megaman
04: May (Hoenn Trainer)
03: Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario
02: Demon Lord Ghirahim
01: Travis Touchdown

Confirmed/Running Stories/Series.

The Final Smashination: Mario manages to save the Smash Bros. from a horrific train crash. However, little do they know that they are being hunted by Death. Inspired by PikaBolto.

A T-Rex's Journey: A five part JP story of a Tyrannosaurus named Redback. Here is a list of the Series that i'll be working on from first to last:

A T. rex's Origin (Complete): 8 Chapters, 2 Dino Files.

A T. rex's Life (Complete): 12 Chapters, 2 Dino Files, 1 Chaos File.

A T. rex's Rule (Complete): 18 Chapters, 2 Dino Files, 1 Chaos File.

A T. rex's Pride (To be Released)

A T. rex's Legacy (To be Released)

The Origin & Life of Zak: Who was Zak? What kind of a dinosaur did he actually become. Why would he take such care of the T. rex oddballs including Redback? This story will display the Tarbosaurus, Zak on how he was born, where did he come from & what sort of friends & enemies has he made. This will explain it all!

Dinosaur Life: A multitude of sub-series focused on a certain famous and lesser-known dinosaur from a different time period. Al three periods, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous will be featured. Dinosaurs that will be focused on Include:









More will be announced later on :).

Speckles the Tarbosaurus: A New Journey: A direct sequel of Speckles the Tarbosaurus, in which centers of the journey of Speckles & his son, Speckles Junior. Will Speckles's wish come true for his son?

Upcoming Stories.

Prehistoric Park Interquel: Nigel Marvin is dead & the park is Shut Down forever. Join me in my life in college & my friends & a Science Project that eventually brings back Prehistoric Park to a new beggining.

Prehistoric Park Season 3: Join me in my quest to obtain various & beautiful species of prehistoric animals for a new Prehistoric Park.

Terror of Ripper: When Samus Aran is murdered ruthlessly by a bloodthirsty creature at the night, the heroes must investigate. However, when Meta Knight is also murdered, the heroes soon find out that the killer is a Utahraptor known only as Ripper. Dr. Payne, who was murdered moments later manages to create a robot double named Meta-Ripper. Now, Redback, his other dinosaur friends, The Smash Bros. & Raizo must team up to defeat the diabolical dinosaur who, unknowingly, has something even Raizo is horrified to see!

I would also like to work on stories that are based in my childhood role-plays and maybe write down some original stories on both FanFiction.net and NovelJoy.com. Here is a couple of stories that I would like to write:

A story that is based on a role-play "The 30 Monsters" (Yeah, a Shadow of the Colossus ripoff, but I would really love to express my past)

A story that is based on my earliest childhood role-play "Hussain and Mujtaba's Adventure".

Maybe a story based on mythological creatures (Mostly the Phoenix and Dragon).

The Dinosaur Life Series above.

Right now, I'm now working on a new series, with a pending name. The list of characters will appear from the bottom & it will contain numerous O.C's from numerous people, from Yoshi 2.1's Yoshi to Spawnzilla014's Raizo. The protagonists are six brothers who embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The villains are neither good or evil & their desire is to destroy both good & evil, resurrect an almighty demon & use it take over the universe. Anyway, that is all I can say. Hope you accept that.

Note: All information is incomplete. They will only be expanded as my story goes on.

List of Locations:

Isla Sorna: A gigantic island full of cloned dinosaurs & other modern fauna & flora. It was a great place to live, but was destroyed by the maniacal Dr. Payne in Spawn: The Phantom Smash Bro. However, not all dinosaurs were killed. Some, like Spikeplate's herd managed to survive by making their way to another island. Redback's family fled the island soon after learning that Dr. Payne was going to destroy the island & Klaw found an abandoned ship & left the island with his pack, not knowing the destruction. After Spawn & friends finish off Dr. Payne & Spikeplate & Redback are free from control, the island is was recreated & continues to thrive with dinosaurs & other fauna & flora peacefully.

Isla Sorna locations.

The Great Plains: A Gigantic plain where numerous large herbivores dinosaurs dwell & co-existed peacefully. There are also large & small predators lurking around.

The Deep Jungle: Many small & large herbivores like to live in this place which are full of towering red pines & giant sequoias. Ferns & cycads also cover the area as the main source of food for the plant eaters. However, theropod also like to prey unsuspecting inside the foliage to catch their prey and is home to many.

The Rocky Badlands: A huge area of rocks & other types where herbivores tend to mate. However, this place is also excellent for pack-hunting theropods, especially Tyrannosaurus & Velociraptor, among others like Rugops.

The Towering Forest: Small & medium sized herbivores like to live here as well as all types of theropods. However, there are also several fauna living here, such as bluebirds, butterflies, snakes, spiders, rats & frogs. There are also monkeys & koala's living in the towering trees as well.

The Granite Caves: Numerous caves are scattered throughout Isla Sorna. No herbivores & very little carnivores live here as there are a lot of gigantic arthropods ranging from Beetles, cockroaches, Centipedes & bloodsucking worms to huge spiders & scorpions.

The Marshlands: A wetland habitat patrolled by spinosaurs of all kinds where they hunt fish, mostly Onchopristis. A lot of herbivores, including Parasaurolophus & some carnivores also live here.

Mt. Brach: A gigantic, active volcano where lava flows everyday. There are many caves inside the volcano where there are numerous theropods living there, along with some critters. Deep inside the volcano, there is also an abandoned InGen laboratory, destroyed by an early eruption.

The Beach: There are lots of beaches around Isla Sorna, where there are sparse cycads rowing around. It's perfect for small herbivores that like to make burrows as shelters & sleep.

InGen Laboratories/Towns: Numerous abandoned towns around Isla Sorna are scattered. There are sill active embryos & many carnivores, especially Raptors like to use it as a makeshift area. There are also abandoned laboratories where there might be living specimens still being cloned.

Raptor Cave: Klaw's base of operations & home. It contains bathrooms, a meeting room for elite members, private rooms, a main lobby, windows for ventilation a balcony & a nesting room where the nests are taken & incubated, among other rooms. The outside of the cave is a large field of grove surrounded by numerous trees where raptors tend to play & do random stuff outside.

Settlement: There are numerous settlements around Isla Sorna that were populated by tribesmen. Now that dinosaurs rule the island, the tribes have left their homes for other islands.

My O.C Villains/Antagonists

The Anti-Forces

Biography: The Anti-Forces are a gigantic force, consisting of a huge army, immense attack system, technologies both medieval & futuristic, & having been able to usurp control over both Angels & Demons. There are fifty members who are the most strongest of the group, with a fifty-first leader, who is never even revealed, except for the top 12. Their goal is to resurrect an ancient demon known only as Apocalypse & fuse it with their leader so they can control the entire universe with an iron-fist. That being said, their forces are more of a match than even Malebolgia who was mercilessly killed by their leader with no effort & most of the other villains have also lost their lives to them. Little is known about them as they have intensely trained super-assassins & technically advanced spies sending information to everything.

Powers: For more information, see the profile of the members.

The Master

Biography: The Master is the king & the ultimate leader of the Anti-Forces. Very little is known about him as the only thing shown is his ghostly hologram, with a dreaded helmet, similar to that of Lord of the Rings villain Sauron.

Powers: ???

Weakness: None.

The Apprentice (Not Starkiller from The Force Unleashed, just an O.C of mine)

Biography: The Apprentice is the Master's secret student, The true Number One in the Anti Forces top 50 members, The figurehead & temporary leader of the force & heir to the throne of the Anti-Forces. He is sent by the Master for certain dreaded deeds like horribly eliminate his enemies, both good & evil & steal enemy information. He has lots of weapons on his sleeves (Will be revealed in his powers). He wears black boots, grey pants, grey gloves, a grey full-sleeved clothing, a mysterious, red & blue colored mask that conceals his facial features except for his eyes & featuring ancient features & wearing a black cloak complete with a hood which he wears the whole time. He doesn't talk that much, but when he does, it sounds familiar.

Powers: The Apprentice is extremely powerful, skilled & quick, being able to defeat the Avengers effortlessly in seconds. He wears golden gauntlets that allow him to lift up thing 1000 times his own size & is skilled with weapons short & long range. His weapons consist of two made Clawshots which he uses to grapple onto buildings & swing around, kinda like Spider-Man, two Hand-Guns which he uses for long-range combat & assassination, a double barreled Shotgun, which he mostly uses to overwhelm & kill his opponents mercilessly, three knives for very close combat & swift & surprise kills, & a long rapier when it comes for sword battle, he is very skilled with the sword & uses that sword to kill his victims in a horrible & gruesome, graphic manner, all hidden inside his cloak. His ultimate weapon however, is his Claymore named "The Berserker" hidden over his cloak which he customized himself. His Berserker allows him to destroy virtually every defense mechanism, even the strongest ones with no effort, is more stronger than all of his weapons, can shoot projectiles from the spikes to deal long range damage & kills, smash a person's bones without mercy, & like the rapier, completely annihilate his victims in a horrible & gruesome graphic manner. He also is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, having learned lots about martial arts & can pulverize & kill his victims with quick succession. He also possess the same gadgets the protagonists posses including boot & glove pads for temporary flying, like Iron Man, glue-boots to stick on to buildings & the aforementioned Clawshots.

Weakness: None.


Biography: The Master had recently ordered some of his top scientists to create a being that can be a real devastator to both, good & evil. After a long hour of work, a cybernetic endoskeleton was created dubbed Cyberon. The scientists were very happy to create this vicious cybernetic organism, but then out of nowhere, the project went berserk & killed off all of the scientists who created him. The Master then entered, highly impressed for it's powers & decided to send Cyberon to numerous missions which it succeeded, until he was encountered by the Burke Brothers whom he was defeated easily. Demanding for upgrades, Cyberon was given muscle energy, which allowed him to grow artificial muscle all over his endoskeleton, granting him more power, defense, speed & agility. After being defeated again, he was then given silver skin, like the Silver Surfer, only that he is more taller, has red eyes & is more muscular. At this state, he was more of a match for even the Smash Bros, but was defeated (Though by difficulty) by Raizo. Even more enraged, Cyberon then got his penultimate upgrade: an armor that allowed him different capabilities. He quickly rose to the ranks of Number 02 of the Anti Forces & was now able to quickly able to defeat Raizo & the Burke Brothers with relative ease, but was later overpowered & defeated by Tom. He then finally got his final upgrade from his Master, & now with an enormous power, Cyberon is much more of a threat than any of the Anti-Forces members, except the Apprentice & The Master.

Powers: Project Cyberon, in his endoskeleton form was already powerful, able to lift up things 20 times his own size, but due to him being a mere skeleton, he had very weak defense & was extremely vulnerable at every side, which led to his defeat many times. Despite this, his skeleton is very tough, being able to resist even Raizo's Agony Axe slash when it was intended to slash on the neck in order to behead him. After obtaining artificial muscle, his power, speed & defense was dramatically increased, making him an extremely tough opponent. After obtaining his skin, he was then capable of rapid regeneration in seconds, the same thing applying to his muscles, able to resist more attacks & granting more defense. In his armored suit, Cyberon was met with numerous abilities. He could now fly, reach super speed that matches Sonic, & is granted an immense attack power. He could now create energy blasts from his bare hands, & form destructive energy waves, capabe of decimating the landscape within seconds. His final upgrade, another armor that was placed outside his other armor quickly transformed Cyberon that he was before. His attack power was increased to the point where it is now the most powerful member of the Anti Forces in terms of strength & defense. He has also gained an enormous double-sided blade for close combat & is now more destructive & deadly than he was now. Currently, his worst nemesis is Tom.

Weakness: Deep inside Project Cyberon's chest, there is an energy core, which actually happens to control the being's power & life force. If removed, Cyberon will be deactivated, but there are several obstacles to get to the core, including the armor & the skin & muscles.

Likuiem (Dr. George Steven) & Solerid (Dr. Eric Steven)

Biography: Dr. George Steven & Dr. Eric Steven were once brilliant scientists who have received an Sc.D from Oxford University. Once they were working for a new experiment, when suddenly, it went horribly wrong. The liquid George was making slipped right into his hand by accident & slowly started to consume poor George. It kept devouring him to the point where all of the bones & internal organs were practically destroyed by the liquid. After George was consumed, the scientists assumed he was killed, but however, George transformed into a vicious, bloodthirsty, foul mouthed & psychotic parasite with an huge urge to kill in contrast to the kind, gentle & always helpful man he was. Driven in anger, George killed the scientists in ways to graphic & horrible to describe. Meanwhile, his twin, older brother Eric was affected by a radioactive meteor & was transformed into an all powerful, crazy & hyperactive killing machine, yet much calmer than his younger brother George. It was only a matter of time when the two brothers met each other. They agreed to name themselves Likuiem & Solerid before teaming up to become what would possibly be the most vicious, bloodthirsty, dangerous & evil serial killers Earth has ever known. Once, they were on a rampage to kill as many people as possible, until they were encountered a mysterious figure (The Master). Likuiem intended to kill this figure, but he stopped his attack with only dark magic. He then told the two that humans are worthless creations & that angels & demons are far more pathetic & deserve to be nothing more than to be crushed to dust, before giving them an invitation to join the Anti Forces. The two killers eventually agreed & currently, they are both ranked third on the list. They are currently worst enemies of Albert & Lambe.

Powers: Likuiem's powers are somewhat similar to Slymgor's (Spawnzilla014's O.C), only they are more brutal & savage. Likuiem body is entirely purple liquid & can form razor sharp claws to kill his victims. He can also manipulate his body in order to multiply & turn himself bigger & bigger. Also, as his entire body is liquefied he receives no real damage. Even by beheading & killing him in a gruesome manner is useless as he feels no pain & the liquid removed from the main body can simply return to to the main body, thus making him unkillable. He can also multiply himself by any means (removing a finger, teeth, his own head yet they would still grow back due to multiplication, or spitting e.t.c) & can transform into any shape he can think of in seconds & even at once. Solerid on the other hand is the opposite of Likuiem: Pure Solid. He too, is unkillable, but due to being solid, he possess raw power, able to destroy a city in second. He can also fly, as judged by the two wings on his back. His thinking is also superb, making him an excellent tactician & mostly uses a sword for battle. He is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat & can quickly pulverize his victims in seconds. To make matters worse, they can merge their bodies together & transform into a single being named Terragon which is 20 times more powerful than Likuiem & Solerid & possess all of their abilities listed above.

Weakness: Solerid has no weakness, but even though Likuiem is unkillable, he has one major weakness: Water. If affected by water, Likuiem's affected part of the body will turn him to solid & this is the way he can be defeated, as he can now feel excruciating pain due to water as the molecules on his body are mutated thanks to the water, even though he is still unkillable.


Biography: Once an ordinary alien living on a colonized planet, Stylaxe led a very peaceful life with his loving parents. However, things would soon take a turn to the worst. Evil aliens appeared from nowhere & attacked the planet with brutality. His parents then placed him on a space pod & hoped for him to survive before he took off. His parents were then immediately killed by aliens, later followed by his family & eventually, his home planet was destroyed, leaving this incident scarring Stylaxe for life. He later landed on the planet, Earth, but even though he was kind, the dominant species of Earth, Man viewed Stylaxe as a dangerous creature. He was even chased by the FBI & U.S Navy in an attempt to kill them. Once, when he was wandering in the forest, he was encountered by a strange, dark figure (The Master). Stylaxe was given an offer he couldn't refuse: Join the Anti Forces or just wait for death in the hands of the pathetic humans. Stylaxe accepted joining the Anti Forces, & was fused with the D.N.A of the Great White Shark & is now ranked Number 04. He is now very unpredictable, bloodthirsty, dangerous & is the most powerful assassin the Anti Forces has produced. Stylaxe will take orders from the Master very seriously & is always out for destruction. However, he would soon have a nemesis in the name of Maximilian "Max" Burke. Little does The Master know, Stylaxe still has some humanity & morality left in him.

Powers: Stylaxe is very skilled & powerful, able to kill his victims undetected. He has sharp claws on his hands & feet & is also semi-aquatic, judging the fact he now has features of the Great White Shark. He has both, lungs & gills & can switch at any time. Stylaxe has four sets of teeth which he can use & switch to kill his victims: Sharp serrated teeth used to strip off ribbons of flesh from his victims, Bone crunching teeth for crushing the victim's bones, Gripping teeth used to hold onto struggling enemies while finishing them off with his claws & Grooved teeth infused with poison which he can use to kill his victims painlessly. He is also the most intelligent member of the Force. As an assassin, he kills his victims by sneaking at the back of the victim & then bite their throat with his serrated teeth. He can transform into two different forms: A heavy, hulking shark mutant with massive power & a mutant shark alien with wings, forward facing brown eyes & a second claw on each leg which is heavily curved like a raptor which is his true form. He is very acrobatic & is currently the most skilled of the Anti Forces top 50.

Weakness: Stylaxe has some humanity & morality left in him, which neither members know. He is also, unable to kill a victim, under 10 years old, much to The Master's dismay.

The Dark Knight (Acanthus Corvin)

Biography: A general of the Roman Army in the 10th Century, Acanthus Corvin was very respected by the king overall. However, there were then numerous reports that he had been murdering his fellow soldiers. Once the king found out, he set out to find Acanthus. The guards then captured the man & placed him to death sentence for murdering his fellow friends out of jealousy due to the fact that they were doing a better job. Acanthus was executed by hanging & was then never seen again. Surprisingly, Acanthus was still, miraculously alive, after finding himself in a barren wasteland. There, he met a mysterious, dark figure (The Master) standing in front of him. Acanthus then asked him how he was alive, which the Master answered that he saved them from "Those Roman trash". The Master then drew out a light, but very lethal blade before he gave him an offer he could never refuse: Join him & become immortal or die. Acanthus, following his orders accepted his offer in joining him & had become immortal. During the Roman Empire, the Romans always thought Acanthus is dead for good & he will never come back. However, things would soon change in the Medieval times. During the 13th to 15 century, there were reports of a "Dark Knight" wandering all over kingdoms & killing everyone, even little children without mercy. A heroic knight: Magnus Dumas was sent out to find The Dark Knight. In the outskirts of Europe, Magnus was encountered by a giant, black looking knight with a demonic, black horse, entirely clad in heavy armor. As Magnus asked who the mysterious knight was, he was shocked to find out when the knight told him he was Acanthus. The two engaged on an intense battle, but however, Magnus was defeated & killed & Acanthus was then approached by The Master. The Master was surprised & amazed of Acanthus's ferocity & how well known he now is. As a reward, he was given a small portion of Apocalypse's power, & is currently No. 5 in the Anti Forces. Currently, his worst nemesis is Andy Burke.

Powers: Prior to when he became what he is now, Acanthus was a very trusted general, who was skilled with defense mechanism & warfare. He was also quite smart, smart enough to think of a way how to defeat an enemy. After taking the alias of "The Dark Knight", Acanthus was displayed in a very different manner. He now wears giant, back armor with a red scarf & a purple cape that covers all of his body except for his eyes. Having been trained by The Master, Acanthus now wields a giant sword called The "Dark Requiem", a legendary blade once used by the ruthless & betraying demon general Xardric before his execution. Acanthus now rides on a demonic horse named Ghoul, who is entirely back with blood red eyes & mane & being clad in heavy demonic armor. While slow, Acanthus is very powerful, being able to outmatch even Raizo & Nova Yoshi in strength. His Dark Requiem can destroy most defenses with ease & with Acanthus being very strong, he wields it with just one hand. With Apocalypse's power, Acanthus can use several strong Dark Magic, including one that can heal himself, but the time to restore dark power takes a lot. In addition to Apocalypse's power, Acanthus can merge with Ghoul to transform into a Centaur, powering up speed, agility, defense & raw power into a new level. His strength now surpasses that of Neo Yoshi, Shadic & Angel Spawn combined. His final transformation is when he transforms into an all powerful, angelic white knight the powers up his strength 10 times, gains two angelic wings for him to fly, can use powers that were once only permitted for angels to use & his strength matching nearly to that of a god.

Weakness: Acanthus is only vulnerable to angelic items or Andy's signature weapon, The Angels Requiem. His forms also attain the same weakness.


Biography: The Master once visited a giant gravestone. Using dark magic, he destroyed the gravestone, revealing a giant staircase below. The Master traveled into the staircase & found himself staring at an ancient script. The Master used his magic again & created a terrifying monster beneath the Earth. Although human sized, this creature was too horrifying for people to see. The Master welcomed this monster & bestowed him a name: Bloodgrim. Bloodgrim then joined The Master as if he was his creator & by the day of Halloween, he would appear out of nowhere to show the Earth what really is he. However, Bloodgrim also does anything the Master will say, from murder to whatever crime he can attain. Quickly, Bloodgrim was stronger than most opponents & made his way in the Anti Forces to No. 6, but he will soon meet his match in the shape of Jimmy.

Powers: Bloodgrim has a psycho type personality. He is very dangerous, vicious, bloodthirsty & destructive & is a large force to be reckoned with. His left leg is now a giant scythe in place for kicks, & will dance with his victims to obviously kill them with it. Judging by his appearance, he looks as if he has been stabbed & butchered everywhere, the most horrifying being one where his throat is stabbed by a curved blade, with still some stains of dry blood, enough to scare most people. His right pinky is a long, slender rapier for parrying attacks, but his remaining fingers on his right hand are injectors filled with vicious poison that kills the victim in 10 seconds. Also, he is unkillable. Half of his jaws are filled with needle sharp teeth for dealing pain to his victims & the second half is what appears to be a green colored goo, which he kills the victim with by biting them & dissolving them to death with his goo. He can also transform into two different forms: A gigantic, hulking abomination where his entire limbs are now scythes & his back his full of injectors. His second, true form happens to be a horrifying figure with five heads fused together, one arm being entirely consumed with ten scythes, a giant mouth full of goo on his chest, a broadsword on his other arm, & an axe on his right leg & a scythe on his left.

Weakness: Bloodgrim's biggest weakness is pure light. Bloodgrim hates light & tends to get away from it, as too much light can actually seal him again.

Captain Darkeye

Biography: Captain Darkeye was one of the most ruthless and evil pirates during his time, going on par against even Captain Necro-Eye. During a terrible raid in the Atlantic Ocean, he came across a strange figure nowhere in the ship (The Master). The Master questioned whether Darkeye really did enjoy his time as a pirate or not. Darkeye merely told The Master that he never did enjoy being a pirate, much to the shock of his crew. The master then gave him an offer: Join him or spend time as a pathetic captain doing nothing other than just collecting treasure. Darkeye was hesitant on what to choose, but eventually decided to join the Anti-Forces with the Master and killing off the crew without remorse. Darkeye was taught by The Master that being evil was ridiculous, causing Darkeye to reform his ways and obey his master, calling him a God. He was eventually christened No. 7 by the Anti-Forces he strictly follows. Now, he invades the sea as a disfigured skeleton-like pirate captain, leading a new pirate army. However, he will find a new nemesis later on...

Powers: Darkeye is vicious, ruthless and cruel, especially when it comes to a battle. He is a half-flesh and half-skeletal pirate who uses the element of electricity to destroy his opponents. He possess a large hook on his left arm and carries a huge sword on his right hand, powered up with electricity. He is also acrobatic and athletic, being able to run very fast and jump over great distances. Not only does he control electricity, he also controls the wind like Captain Necro-Eye and both seem to have a huge rivalry against each other. He can summon hurricanes with his hook and ca destroy entire islands, not to mention he can also make his ship hover above the water and into the ground,. Even without his sword and electricity, Captain Darkeye is still a force to be reckoned with as he savagely attacks with a flurry of fists and punches. If that wasn't enough, he can also create swords, axes, knives and even hammers and additional arms for improved combat.

Weakness: Darkeye suffers from an external damage to his chest, which he protects with heavy armory. If penetrated, Darkeye would be obliterated for eternity.

No. 8

Biography: Coming Soon!

Powers: Coming Soon!

No. 9

Biography: Coming Soon!

Powers: Coming Soon!

No. 10

Biography: Coming Soon!

Powers: Coming Soon!

No. 11

Biography: Coming Soon!

Powers: Coming Soon!

No. 12

Biography: Coming Soon!

Powers: Coming Soon!


(Warning: This O.C contains a huge amount of disturbance and a sickening amount of symbolism. And inspiration comes from Giygas, though I have never played Earthbound).

Biography: Nexsuros is one of the most evil and horrifying foe ever encountered by any hero. Originally, Nexsuros was a simple man who was brutally mauled and killed by a group of psychopaths. He was descended to Hell for a life as a thug and was met by the evil spirit, Malebolgia. Malebolgia decided to give Mark (Nexsuros's real human form) a chance to return to Earth s a Hellspawn or suffer in the fiery depths of Hell. However, Mark attacked Malebolgia mercilessly, although he was no match. After a brief fight, Mark uncovered a secret, dark treasure, containing a hidden power. Malebolgia tried in vain to stop him, only for Mark to absorb a massive amount of dark energy. Mark's human body was destroyed and as the dust cleared, Malebolgia was instantly killed by what appeared to be a dark red aura. The aura was none other than Mark. Mark, now having been disfigured and transformed into a red wisp decides to destroy the human race and the world with his powers, calling himself Nexsuros and creating his own universe in the form of red aura. Trevor has fought with him many times, though the evil spirit seems to get the upper hand. Nexsuros has caused the heroes emotional pain by killing Solid Snake, Captain America, Pepper Potts, Meta-Knight, Knuckles, Marth and others. Eventually, Trevor exposes his weakness of his own emotions and manages to utterly destroy him.

Powers: Nexsuros is neither a human, a Hellspawn, a monster, anything. He is simply a red aura, taking the shape of a disfigured body and is always making a screeching voice that terrifies everyone. Nexsuros never laughs, smiles even dislikes being happy, he only kills people in order to show loved ones pain and commit suicide. In battle, Nexsuros is a formidable opponent. He can use psychokinetic powers to pulverize and kill his victims, as he did with Nightmare. He can create negative power and can even posses enough power to create another universe. His strength is enough to destroy even a single planet and since he doesn't have a body at all, he receives no damage at all. His strength is enough to even break an Agony Axe into two and can even go on against and even effortlessly even the combined forces of Nova Yoshi, Phoenix Mario, Super Sonic, Burning Blaze and Super Shadow. He takes no alignment and talks in a very unpleasant manner (Example: Y..oo..uuu wi..ll..ll d..ie). His back story is that he was a man who lived his life as a thug and he witnessed rape, murder and crime community everywhere and was killed when a rival gang full of psychopathy when they tore off his internal organs and muscle. He swore to take his revenge over everybody and wishes to kill everyone in his own way before destroying the world. With his strength, he is one of the most powerful foes a hero or a villain has fought.

Weakness: Nexsuros's only weakness is his own emotions. When inflicted by his own past, he starts to feel physical pain inside of himself and his powers start to diminish. Too much emotion could even be enough to disintegrate him.

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals

Dread the Spinosaurus/Razor-Dread

Biography: Dread is a large, 70 foot, black Spinosaurus & the primary antagonist of A T. Rex's Journey. Immediately after he was born, Dread was originally going to be killed by scientists for being not on the InGen list, but soon escaped & made his way onto the jungle. As he grew up, he became extremely territorial & bloodthirsty, killing everything he sees. He also suffered numerous injuries from his past life. He is also the one who killed Redback's family, sparkling a huge hatred between the two apex predators. At some point at the first story at A T. Rex's Origin, He manages to claim a territory known as the Marshlands. His typically favorite food is Onchopristis & large dinosaurs. As time goes on, Dread becomes even more aggressive, going as far as to kill everything on his sights except his mate & babies. At the end of the series, Dread is attacked & killed by Scarface, a Vastatosaurus rex he encountered earlier & who slashed his left eye, earning him his nickname. However, his horribly mauled body was found by the evil Nightmare from the Soul Caliber series. Nightmare resurrects him by giving him an extremely enhanced robotic body & extremely powerful superpowers & a special chip, that allows him to talk, calling him Razor-Dread. However, he tires to attack Nightmare, & almost succeeded in killing him, just like Starkiller did after he became Darth Destruktor. He successfully manages to take his revenge on Scarface by brutally slash, bite & blast him to death. He also encountered Raizo & he proved himself to be a formidable foe. His intelligence easily surpasses that of Samantha Miko & almost killed Yoshi, Mario, Link, Fox & Sonic by unleashing a huge blast & by slashing & biting them. He is currently on the run, killing everything at random.

Powers: Before his death at the hands of Scarface, Dread possessed an immense amount of power & stamina, being able to defeat & ultimately kill Redback's parents very easily. He is also shown to be extremely aggressive when fighting. His sail was also large enough to scare off numerous Spinosaurs & win a mate. He also has claws that were able to jab, slice & scar his victims & enemies. His tail was thin, but deals a crackling whip, much like a Diplodocus, that allows him to temporarily stun his prey. After being revived by Nightmare & becoming Razor-Dread, he becomes even more bloodthirsty & takes sides to nothing. He also has the ability to speak like a normal human being. He is equipped with infinite missiles from his left knee which he fires & can instantly create another. His left arm is now also a grappling hook, being able to catch his enemies by a 100 meter radius. His body becomes impenetrable & can shoot scorching lasers from his mouth. He can now also read the data & abilities of his enemies by simply scanning them with his right eye. This allowed him to easily defeat Yoshi. Even when he was in WereDino form, Yoshi was no match for him. Mario, Link, Fox & Sonic came to his aid, but were still powerless against Dread's new, enhanced body, until Shadow Stalker & Raizo appeared & overpowered him. His right arm is now replaced by a Blaster, similar to Samus Aran's Power Blaster, yet even more powerful. They are strong enough to destroy even an entire planet. His sail is now a deadly circular-buzzsaw, which he uses to brutally bisect his victims in half. Also, in addition, he is equipped with gills & even has rocket jetpacks fused within his legs. He can also breath in space since he now 75% robotic. In terms of strength, Razor-Dread can instantly surpass Superman, The Hulk, Glamour Girl & even the supervillain Juggernaut.

Weakness: None

Novas the Omega Tyrannosaurus

Biography: As well as the only Omega Rex on Isla Sorna, Novas is the first dinosaur InGen ever created & by far the most ruthless, bloodthirsty, diabolical & intelligent predator on the island, regarding itself as "The King". When Novas was first born, he immediately attacked the base where he was created & succeed in killing off many of the guards & scientists. Almost every creature on the island are afraid of Novas & never dare to threaten or even encounter him. He has received numerous battle scars from humans & other large predators, the most horrifying being also the largest; stretching down from his right eye all the way to his left leg. His eyes are also, unusually colored blood red, possibly a sign of mutation. However, a few years later, he would soon meet two predators that will equally rival Novas. One is Dread, a Spinosaurus who also is a savage predator, yet a lot smaller & Scarface (Spawnzilla014's OC), A horribly mutated Vastatosaurus rex. His mate was a bit larger than most female Tyrannosaurs, but was captured & taken to Isla Nublar as the main attraction. After the Island Attack by Nightmare, Novas was affected by a demonic parasite & was transformed into a savage, demonic psycho-monster, capable of human speech. Using his new powers, he stormed into Los Angeles & destroyed much of the town with death following in his paths, until he was encountered by the heroic Hellspawn Raizo. Although stronger, Novas was defeated & would have been killed had Blue Demon not interfered into battle. Having a chance, Novas flew off. He took his time to heal himself & eventually decided to destroy Chicago. He seemed to enjoy the taste of killing until Redback appeared. Both clashed in an epic duel, & Novas was winning. Even with the Smash Bros. & Raizo assisting Redback, Novas was still stronger. However, Raizo decides to channel some of his Necroplasm powers onto Redback in order to defeat the mutant Tyrannosaur. After a gigantic energy blast struggle, Reback finally manages to blast Novas & completely destroy him.

Klaw the Velociraptor (Was a villain, now a Hero!)

Biography: A feathered Velociraptor, born from the most powerful Raptor Clan, Klaw is the leader of his own pack, & his headquarters is based on a huge cave, with halls, private rooms, bathrooms for one raptor & even small windows. He is vicious, bloodthirsty, aggressive & extremely territorial towards enemies & intruders, but is kind, loving & loyal to his own race, family & pack. His parents were killed by a raid of another Raptor Clan, & thus he was soon to become leader. He later took his revenge by killing the whole pack, responsible. He first appears when he attacks the tyrannosaur family in an attempt to steal their meal, a Corythosaurus. After being terribly beaten by Zak, Klaw gave his signs of revenge & declared the Tarbosaurus his number 1 enemy. He reappears to take his revenge by killing Zak, but failed again & swore to make his death extremely gruesome. He recently mated & has children, but however, he strives to protect his pack from opposing packs. After Isla Sorna was attacked by evil monsters sent out by Nightmare, his family was going to be killed, until Zak saved them by killing them. Seeing this, Klaw had a change of heart & deeply starts to respect the Tarbosaur for saving his family's life. He also respects Spikeplate for his leadership roles & would help him out save the island from disasters. After being affected by the Elemental Power Enhancement, he becomes a reptilian hero & is granted the ability to talk. He still lives on Isla Sorna to ensure the safety of his pack & family as he did before. He has recently made an alliance with some of the dinosaurs who have been affected by the Elemental Power Enhancement, leaving his brother as leader in charge, to take on a savage creature, more brutal, savage & bloodthirsty than Dread; a mutated albino Utahraptor created by BioSyn named Ripper.

Powers: Klaw is, perhaps most famous for his ability to fly because of his over-sized wings that allow him to take down even the largest of sauropods. As leader, he can call out his troops to attack his enemies & protect his pack. In battle, he is very agile & quick, able to avoid most attacks with ease. His offensive skills were also outstanding. His claws were deadly, able to slash his victims severely. His sickle claws on his feet were effective on clinging onto his prey before mauling them to death. More important, however, Klaw is capable of extremely high jumps & his jaws are filled with razor-sharp teeth, capable of ripping through flesh. His intelligence is also superb: he can open doors, think of emotions, how to solve puzzles & understand human speech. After being affected by the Elemental Power Enhancement, Klaw was able to summon powerful cyclones to defeat his enemies. He is best friends with Ness & Lucas & will often play with them, rather than work. He also gains super speed, that matches Sonic's & will race with him for competition. His intelligence is greatly enhanced, allowing him to think & find a way to defeat his enemies. He will also fight Spawn for terms of strength & wills to surpass him, even though he always loses against the violent Hellspawn. Capable of controlling the wind & with his wind based attacks, Klaw is a useful adversary for heroes.

Weakness: Due to his wind abilities, Klaw is extremely weak against fire, as the element fire is overwhelmingly powerful towards wind, as with the case with Redback.

Ripper the Diabolical Utahraptor

Biography: Jealous of John Hammond's fame & his success in cloning dinosaurs, Dr. Lewis Dodgson decided to sneak up to Isla Sorna & steal a massive amount of Utaraptor D.N.A, that was recently infused with part Nightmare's soul & power. He then joined up with many of his scientists & managed to successfully clone a complete albino Utahraptor named Ripper. However, after being cloned, he quickly rampaged & killed everyone in the lab, including Dodgson himself. He then escaped & wandered around Isla Sorna. Every raptor, rather they wanted to kill him or team up were brutally killed by the vicious dinosaur. He became so bloodthirsty that at one point, he killed an entire herd of herbivores with no effort. Frustrated by the fact he was stuck on an island, Ripper fled & made his way to Smashopolis. He then became a nocturnal monster, killing everything he saw, & then leaving with no evidence that he was stalking. The only ones who knew about Ripper & who survived to tell the tale were a few Smashers like Mario, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Fox, Kirby, Snake, Sonic & Meta-Knight, & a few dinosaurs like Redback, Spikeplate & their friends. After knowing that he was seen without knowing, he set out to kill him, although he only was successful in killing Samus & Meta-Knight. Redback then set out, along with a few dinosaurs on a quest to destroy this hell-driven creature. He also encountered Dr. Payne, & despite his best efforts to have him, he was savagely devoured by the agitated Utahraptor, but not before he created a robot double (The one in Spawn: The Phantom Smash Bro) to enact his revenge. Redback encountered him by the badlands & fought for an epic, earth-shattering duel, before Meta-Ripper appeared & joined the fray, with the attention to kill the two. In the end however, Redback, along with Spikeplate manage to destroy most mechanical parts of Meta-Ripper's machine's before beheading him & throwing it & his body to magma, melting it & ensuring that no clone of a vicious creature will ever be made. They then turn their attention towards Ripper & blasting him onto the sun, obliterating him with no signs of organ from his body, remaining...

My O.C Heroes/Protagonists

Trevor Johnson

Biography: Trevor was once a young teen with a very unusual past, having to deal with himself alone once his parents and brother were mysteriously killed in a car crash. While on the streets, Trevor was encountered by a strange old figure who told him that he could free the loneliness inside of the young boy. Trevor was transported to a large temple where he would be staying there, training for years. The old man introduced himself as Lord Enzerper and guides Trevor into a long, intense training. After years, Trevor emerged, armed with only a rapier in saving countless worlds from many dark forces. Eventually overtime, Trevor obtains a pair of Clawshots, two Hand-Guns, a Double-Barreled Shotgun, three knives, one of which can morph into a boomerang-shuriken and finally, his trump card, a huge Claymore. During his solo times, Trevor meets up with Raizo and teams up with him and other heroes to save the Earth from more threats i the likes of the Dermikons, Nexsuros and the Anti-Forces. Overtime, Trevor becomes a international icon and is recognized a hero. However, he then forms a friendly rivalry with a anti-hero, an assassin going by the name of Mason Blake. However, his worst enemy is none other than the heir to the Anti-Forces, The Apprentice who holds a terrible secret against Trevor.

Powers: Having been trained by his master, Enzerper for countless years, Trevor is skilled with martial arts and is quick to predict traps and surprise attacks. He wields a pair of Clawshots for swinging around, twin Hand-Guns for long-rage attacks, a Double-Barreled Shotgun when it comes to killing his targets, three knives for close combat and surprise kills, a rapier for real combat and his most frequently used weapon and his most powerful and rarely used weapon, a large Claymore, which he uses as a last resort. With his claymore, he becomes a real threat towards everybody, including his allies. Trevor is also skilled in stealth and is constantly on the run when he tries to defend the world. Most of the time, he trains in the temple in order to become more stronger, unlike most other heroes who have fun. Trevor wears a grey cloak with black pants, black boots, a red sleeved shirt underneath, grey gloves and is fair in skin color with brown eyes and black hair.

Weakness: None.

The Burke Brothers:

Andrew (Andy)

Biography: Andrew, short for Andy is the eldest son of Daniel & Emilia Burke, the big brother for the rest of the other group. Like most of the group, Andy is mostly serious & is quite intelligent for his size. Ever since he was in the Smash Bros, he has trained to use zweihanders, & currently possess one with enough force to destroy even stone walls & steel barriers. For most of the time, Andy is the leader of the team, but his position is later taken over to Tom. But he is still a force to be reckoned with. His signature color is Dark-Blue.

Thomas (Tom)

Biography: As the second son of Daniel & Emilia, Tom is always a close second. Tom was his parent's favorite, but is still the most spoiled one. Having studied in a very prestigious school, Tom is also the most successful of the brothers, along with Max. He even befriended & is best friends with a boy of his age named Marco Roland (Yoshi 2.1's O.C). During his time, spending with the Smash Bros, Tom has learned how to use a variety of weapons very well, & his signature weapon which he uses for most of the time is a pair of double-sided blade with an energy-chip attached to the center, granting it great power. After Marco's girlfriend was killed by demons, Marco assaulted Tom & brutally attacked him to near death for not being there to save In battle, Tom is the most brutal & aggressive of the brothers, swiftly, & savagely eliminating his enemies with relative ease. He is currently leader of his brothers. His signature color is Dark-Red.

Maximilian (Max)

Biography: As the third child, Max is short tempered, but still, rather serious & kind. He wields an angelic lance, capable of smiting evil with the smallest tough of it. Max is also the second most intelligent of the group, next to Jimmy. Still, however he does make a few inventions of his own. He is best friends with most of the kid Smashers & will be willing to help out if there ever was danger near. His signature color is Light-Green (Lime).


Biography: The fourth Burke child, Jimmy seems to be the most relaxed of them all. However, he is quite shy of some girls. He is the most intelligent of his brothers & is the inventor of the glue boots/gloves, boot/glove pads & an upgraded Clawshot. Unlike most of the brothers, Jimmy is a long range, though he does fight close range as well, & his signature weapon is a small gem called the Nexis Blast which allows him to use & shape over a thousand weapons. His signature color is Purple.

Albert & Lambe

Biography: The youngest of the Burke brothers, Albert & Lambe are also the most unlucky ones. Lambe is the more serious one & Albert is the more smart one, but they both love to tease & play pranks with other people. Both brothers have the same weapon: An angelic blade that when in two can combine each other for devastating attacks that can annihilate the enemy instantly. Albert & Lambe will face any threat, no matter where & how big it is. Their signature colors are Yellow (Albert) & Silver (Lambe)

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animals

Redback the Tyrannosaurus

Biography: Redback is an abnormally large & unusually, black & red Tyrannosaurus rex (Although he still has some shades of green) & the primary protagonist of A T. rex's Journey. Redback was the most unusual of his siblings, but quickly the favorite of his parents. However, a few days after his birth, he witnessed the brutal murder of his family by the jaws of Dread. Fearing for his life, Redback ran as fast as he could & stumbled at a grove where he was found by a group of orphan Tyrannosaurs led by a Tarbosaurus named Zak. Redback became a member of this new family & immediately became Zak's favorite. As he grew up with his family, Redback became close to his siblings, despite the fact they were of different species, & as an adult, he was 25 meters (82 feet) long & one of the most powerful predators on the island of Isla Sorna, taking Zak's position as leader of his own pack, consisting of him, his siblings, their mates & Zak (Though he also manages to persuade Dragbull, Bronx & Dagger to join him). After Nightmare's invasion, Redback & his family were found by the Smash Bros. & were altered with the Elemental Power Enhancement, which transformed Redback into a Earth protecting monster who had the ability to control fire, magma & lava. He still has a score to settle with Dread & avenge his original family.

Powers: As an adult, Redback is feared & respected by most herbivores & carnivores as one of the most powerful dinosaurs of Isla Sorna, being only surpassed by a very few. Due to his eternal grudge & violent hatred towards Dread, Redback is very vicious, bloodthirsty, brutal & a very dangerous dinosaur towards any carnivore, large & small that either invade his territory or threaten his friends, but however, he is kind, loving, compassionate & very caring towards his pack & family, especially his mate & only child, a son & also treating Dragbull, Bronx & Dagger as if they were also his brothers. Redback will either drive away, or if not would brutally kill any carnivore that invade his territory or threaten his family, the only ones who he invites to his territory are either any kind of herbivore, or any carnivore or human being that he considers his friend. He has a jaw power that exceeded to 15,000, a lot more than other Tyrannosaurs, but still small, compared to Scarface's 20,000. After the Elemental Power Enhancement, Redback had the power to control magma, fire & lava at any level whatsoever. His speed has also increased & his combination attacks with other Element Enhanced dinosaurs are devastating. With brute strength at his hands & with super-powered combination attacks with his allies, Redback is a force to be reckoned with.

Weakness: As a flaw to his fire abilities, Redback is vulnerable to water, as water has a huge advantage over fire.

Zak the Tarbosaurus

Biography: Zak was born in a dark, dismal night three days after his parents were brutally murdered by human poachers. Hatching at an abandoned nest, Zak came to know nothing about his parents & spent his time alone, until he found an orphan Tyrannosaurus named Red Tooth for his unique red teeth. Seeing that they were alone, the two decided to stay together & eventually became best friends, playing, eating, drinking & hunting together, like as if they were brothers meant for each other. The friendship between Zak & Red Tooth was inseparable, nothing had a relationship that matched theirs, until they were sub-adults. One terrible stormy night when Zak killed a prey dinosaur for him & Red Tooth to eat, Red Tooth became outrageous on what Zak did & furiously attacked him for not being there to hunt. Zak & Red Tooth had a vicious duel, ending with a draw as Zak saw Red Tooth with deep sadness before departing off. Red Tooth showed no pity & completely forgot about Zak. Zak, alone again then grew up to become a powerful & protective adult, determined to find & protect any orphan tyrannosaur to prevent them from having the same fate & early life as his. He would eventually meet Amelia, Maverick, Jagger & finally Redback & together, they formed an oddball family. Before this meeting however, Zak also met & befriended two Carnotaurus Brothers named Dragbull & Bronx, who came to them whether they needed help. During his travels with his family, Zak met a Yoshisaurus named Dagger & viciously fought him to protect his children, but was viciously defeated, but rather than killing him, Dagger decided to spare the Tarbosaurus, much to his surprise. However, Dagger would later forgive Zak by saving him & fighting alongside him against a Megalodontosaurus named Sharktooth. After this, they formed a close respect & became tight friends. Later, Zak introduces Dragbull, Bronx & Dagger into his family pack, while also forming relationships against a Deinonychus named Dash & an Allosaurus named Bruiser. However, he would meet Red Tooth again, this time as sworn enemies & fought against each other in many brutal battles. Even when Redback overshadowed him as an adult, he still had a close relationship against him for his status as a father. He also gains a recurring enemy (Later would become an ally) in the form of a Velociraptoryx named Klaw.

Powers: Zak is 20 meters (67 feet) long, the exact same length as Red Tooth's & is mostly a Navy-Blue-Violet skin color with heavy plumage's & feathers all over his bodies ranging from Blue to Purple. However, despite his size, Zak is very mobile for a Tarbosaurus & has no revenge for any thing whatsoever, even against the poachers that murdered his parents in cold blood. Due to Redback's terrible past & having the same status as him, he was Zak's favorite child & even took him on a an apprentice. Zak has a strong head, that can ram through tough dinosaur muscle, paralyzing them & has a massive jaw filled with banana-sized teeth, used for driving into the victim's bones, crushing them effectively. Zak has a bulky body & his feathers can help him camouflage in the conifers for ambush. His tail is also thick, full of muscle, which he uses to whack into his enemies to temporarily stun them or to get them off balance. After being affected by the Elemental Power Enhancement, Zak was able to use wind like Klaw, only more stronger & larger, able to take down giant enemies with raw power. Zak also attains increased speed & durability & continues to protect Redback from anything that harms him.

Weakness: Zak is vulnerable to fire attacks as fire psychically beats wind, rendering him at a lot of disadvantage against Redback, or other fire using dinosaurs.

My O.C Supporting Characters

Spikeplate the Stegosaurus

Biography: Spikeplate is a Stegosaurus & a supporting character in A T. Rex's Journey. He is the leader of a small herd, consisting of his mate, his three children, two Parasaurolophus, three Triceratops, a subadult Ankylosaurus, a Nothronychus named Skyth, who happens to be Spikeplate's adopted brother & an Argentinosaurus named Gigantor, who happens to be his foster-father. Originally, Spikeplate's family were killed during a large thunderstorm. He was eventually found by Gigantor & was raised by him. As he grew up, he came to be brave, fearless, clever, intelligent & having great leadership roles. As an adult, he formed a group of thirteen dinosaurs & adopted a lonely Nothronychus named Skyth. Also, unlike normal Stegosaurus who have green skin & white plates, Spikeplate is brown with red plates. His body is also covered with armored scutes & spikes, similar to the ankylosaurs. He has a scar on his right hind leg, that were caused by an Allosaurus. But what makes this Stegosaur special is that, rather than slightly curved thagomizers of other Stegosaurs those of Spikeplate were actually jagged & were more sharp & deadly. He is also larger, being 42 feet long, compared to a normal Stegosaurus's 30 feet. The most intersting thing about Spikeplate is that he respects, stand up against & even defeat the bloodthirsty Dread, a feat very few dinosaurs are capable of. He also comes to several blows with Redback & both acknowledge themselves as capable of leadership roles. However, when Raizo crash-lands into Isla Sorna, he comes across Spikeplate. He takes great care of him & even become close friends. In fact, he is one of those characters who are not afraid of Spawn, even though he looks frightening. However, when Dread becomes Razor-Dread due to Nightmare, the Smash Bros. use the Element power enhancement to transform Spikeplate, into a Earth controlling guardian. He is friends with numerous smashers, like Mario, Link, Samus, Fox & Peach, although his best friends are Yoshi & Raizo. He has come to several blows with numerous villains, such as Bowser, Necrid, Skulker & many more. He also has a strong hatred against Ridley, after finding out he was the one who killed his parents during the thunderstorm. Spikeplate eventually destroys Ridley using his powers, & continues to protect the Earth, & it's people & nature.

Powers: As in his normal state, Spikeplate was tremendously powerful: one swing of his tail can rival even a Tyrannosaurus. His armored scutes & spikes are an effective defense system, discouraging numerous attackers from harming him. He is aggressive, ruthless & powerful against anything that ruined his life or dare to attack his friends, herd or family. His thagomizer, being jagged is more stronger then a normal one, & one swing of it can rip through muscle & break a bone, & might also cause death. He was also clever, brave & intelligent, & feared nothing, even against an angry Hellspawn's power. After being affected by the Elemental Power Enhancement, Spikeplate is granted the ability to control the Earth & the rocks. His thagomizer can now summon rock needles & can penetrate through anything. His stomps can cause a 20.0 magnitude earthquake. Even a small stomp with his front legs can cause an earthquake, big enough to destroy a city. He can summon rocks & control them for an unlimited amount of time. He can fuse rocks into becoming an extremely powerful weapon or by becoming a indestructible defense mechanism. He can trap his foes into the earth & use his powers to squeeze the life out of them. He can also, roll himself up & turn into a rotating wheel, which he moves around freely & can slam & kill his enemies by bisecting them with his plates which become sharp after Spikeplate is given his Earth abilities, & can even destroy the the most powerful defense mechanisms, even if it is titanium steel or diamond. His thagomizer is powered up to it's maximum potential. When Spikeplate swings it's tail, it unleashes gigantic wave, infused with the earth that can cause devastating power. His strength surpasses Superman, The Hulk, Glamour Girl, Cybergon & the supervillain, Juggernaut.

Weakness: Spikeplate is extremely vulnerable to plant element attacks as plants always have an advantage over earth.

Skyth the Nothronychus

Biography: An orphan who was taken in by Spikeplate, Skyth is a loyal dinosaur, especially towards his brother. His family was killed by Dread. Every time Spikeplate & Gigantor were not present in the herd, Skyth always took the leadership roles. While not as good as Spikeplate, Skyth has a good leadership & will defend himself & his family against any enemy. He was suspicious on Raizo, & was even scared like all of Spikeplate's herd, except Spikeplate himself when Raizo transformed into a Hellspawn. However, he has recently got over that & is good friends with him. His favorite food are tasty cycads & berries & fruits form trees. After being affected by the Elemental Power Enhancement, Skyth decided to protect the world with his newfound powers. He is now locked into a brutal battle, along with other dinosaurs with Ripper.

Powers: While Skyth is slow, what makes up for him is his body. He is quite armored against certain enemies. However, his main weapon, his claws have a extremely sharp edge & can brutally scar an enemy. After being enhanced, His claws can now unleash a wave that can slash through even the toughest of armor & his legs can produce shock waves like Spikeplate, though not as powerful. Skyth can also run faster & can give off a howl that stuns enemies, allowing him to finish him off.

Weakness: Skyth has a neutral element, & thus, he has no weakness to any elements.

My O.C Group's.

Smash Squad: A team, consisting of the Smasher's children & their allies, fighting for justice. This is Yoshi 2.1's idea, so don't be harsh, as i'm only going to introduce you to some of my own O.C's here. This is for Yoshi 2.1's newly made Smash Squad story. Here are some:

1: Drago: The only child & son of the Tyrannosaurus, Redback. Drago has all of his father's traits, including his dark red & black skin & his green skin, inherited from his grandfather. Like Redback, Drago also has a compassionate behavior & deeply cares for his family, including his so called "cousins". Drago also has a scar on his tail & shining aqua eyes. Due to Elemental Genes from Redback's D.N.A, Drago possesses all of Redback's fire abilities, only it's just a bit weaker, since he is only a sub-adult. Still however, he is powerful opponent & an apex predator not to be messed around with. He is quick friends with Yoshi Jr. which who the latter saved from Redback's revived nemesis, Razor-Dread. Most of the time, Drago is mostly either alone or with his family, hunting for prey to survive, but will come to the Smashers aid whether he can.

2: Noxus: A Dermikon alien who was imprisoned by his race for betrayal & was scented for life without parole. However, after being saved by Trevor, whom was also jailed, Noxus has become a re-occurring ally for the heroes ever since. Noxus has light-purple skin with light blue stripes, but however, conceals his features with a high-tech black & grey battlesuit & to hide his alien face with glowing brown eyes & a mouthful of sharp teeth, he wear a scanning helmet, with a red visor to identify & see his surroundings, allies & enemies. In combat, Noxus wields a powerful assault rifle, complete with a zooming scope & a rocket launcher. He also possesses mini bombs for distraction, two high tech hand-guns & a futuristic knife. Even without his weapons, Noxus is still deadly as he is is also trained in hand-to-hand combat & is able to kill his opponents undetected with stealth. He spends his time as a lone wolf, but will be willing to aid his allies at anytime.

3: Donkey Kong III: The son of the original Donkey Kong & the cousin of Diddy Kong. After D.K became too old to become a protector of Kong island & Diddy Kong left for unknown reasons, D.K III stood up to protect the island his father once did before. D.K III retains & possess all of his father's traits & powers, including his brown hair, his appetite for banana's & his bravery for saving his island from a still ruthless King K. Rool. Like his rival, he seems to have a bit of a friendly rivalry against Markus like his father was against Mario, but warm up & become tight friends. He even has a tie, which read's "D.K", like his father,. except that it is blue & he also wears red wristbands. D.K III is very caring towards the Kongs of his island & will help the Smashers in battles against other villains, in his primary quest to find Diddy & convince him to come back.

4: Zoroark: An Illusion Fox Pokemon, Zoroark is not known that much except he has joined the Smash Squad for his own reasons. Zoroark also has a fierce rivalry with Lucario Jr. whom he often clash out against each other, which can often result in intense battles, though they also get to respect each other greatly overtime. Zoroark is also a lone wolf, & prefers to work alone, offering no one's help, much to the dismay of Mariah & Markus. Needless to say, Zoroark is a very powerful Pokemon & knows very powerful moves like Crunch, X Scissor, Foul Play & Imprison. But his most powerful ability is to use illusions to trick his enemies in order to either escape or turn the tide of the battle.

5: Fluffy: The son of Kirby, Fluffy has all of Kirby's abilities & traits like his round, pink body, his large eyes & his big, wide mouth, though his shoes are blue, & his eyes are green. Like Kirby, he can copy the abilities of his opponents, only they are more evolved & is more advanced in fighting as well. He also has a younger brother named Puffy, who also wants to become a Smasher, but is too young & is often in care by Fluffy. Like his father, Fluffy has a huge appetite & is sweet & peaceful in nature, often refusing to fight, but will if he feels the need to do so. Like his father, he is brave & fearless & will never back down towards an enemy no matter how bleak the situation is.

6: Nick: A purple Yoshi, Nick is the nephew of Yoshi & in turn, the cousin of Mariah & Yoshi Jr. whom he is wildly mad about. After seeing Yoshi's status as a great hero, Nick trained as hard as he could in order to become a formidable fighter for the Smashers. Nick also wears an orange shirt with a grey jacket & dark green shorts with green boots. Nick wants to like Yoshi, but in his own way & in his own abilities, thus having a brash nature & a common prankster. Nick however, though less advanced than Yoshi, has trained Martial Arts under Ninjor & mainly uses his & other Yoshi's abilities. He uses his tongue like a grappling hook to swing around & uses eggs which he produces by eating his enemies. Though very good in hand-to-hand combat, Nick is also good in using sword's, which he uses one which he made himself. Nick is also quite intelligent, often using computers for personal use & using gadgets of his own when he needs to use against his enemies.

7: Juggernaut Junior: The son of the infamous Triceratops, Juggernaut, Juggernaut Jr. is a very dangerous powerhouse not to be messed around with. He has assumed the title as the leader of his herd & will do whatever he could in order to protect those who are loyal to him including his herd & family. However, Jr. is also great friends with Mariah & Markus, but seems to be more close to Yoshi Jr. whom he favors. He has his lightning abilities inherited from his father & is also mutated as a result of Chaos Effect, which also happened to his father, possessing 4 meter long brow horns, an overgrown cheek horn. He & Drago have an intense rivalry, mostly over Yoshi Jr. & both argue who is by far the more superior one, but later become friends. Juggernaut Jr. cares a lot about his herd & will do anything he would to protect them against any threat.

8: Hand Junior: The son of Master Hand, & the future manifestation of creation. Hand Jr. has all of his father's abilities, as well as obtaining some powers from his "Uncle" Crazy Hand. Hand Jr. is extremely jealous of Mariah being Team Leader as his father was the one who formed the Smash Bros, & that he is the spiritual successor of his father before him, thus believing that he should be the new leader. Hand Jr. also has no emotions & fights for justice without making even a single argument. Hand Jr. can whack, smack, smash & crush his opponents with his body (He is only a hand) & can also fire missiles & lasers from his bare fingers & is very formidable. If he needs it, he can transform into an angelic, gold glowing hand with an angelic aura named Light Hand, which increases his powers tenfold, along with gaining some new abilities not known to a Hand.

The following below are a list of O.C's from my best friends & pals. I have no right over them, but still, I owe them one for creating magnificent characters. Thanks ;)!

Agent 57 (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): A mysterious secret agent of completely mysterious origins. The only thing that anyone knows about him is that he has a strange bar code on the back of his head and that he is the single most dangerous man on Earth. He is a wild card, taking no sides with anyone or anything. He chooses to go about freely, doing his own thing...and that is being the most ruthless and powerful assassin. His skills with a gun are legendary, as are his abilities to simply disappear from the scene of a crime or assassination. Nobody knows where he gets the information about his targets, and they are left clueless when all evidence is erased. However; sometime in the later future, it is learned that the Trust has been researching on high profile assassins and has been rounding up the dead bodies and still living minds of the world's most dangerous assassins and rebuilt them as cyborgs to become Trust Agents. It is soon learned that Agent 57 was one of the very few prototype cyborg assassins that has regained his own consciousness and broke free of the Trust. He escaped back in time and decided to go on a one man army rampage against the world's most powerful terrorist organizations; especially those who swear allegiance in the Trust! Agent 57 also made an appearance in Godzilla: War of Monsters and Worlds, and will soon come blazing in some more stories! Maybe something like the Matrix and Hitman! He may even show up in a couple of Marvel or DCU stories too...

Kaizaur (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): An evil demonic alien who hates all humans with a flaming vengeance. He is actually part of an occult race of aliens called the Baganites; the alien offspring of Bagan! Kaizaur is one of the very few aliens who view that absolute power over all humans is the only way to attain life. He unleashes hell on earth in Godzilla: War of Monsters and Worlds by controlling giant monsters and alien armies, but eventually is killed by Agent 57; a mysterious secret agent. He is able to shatter human minds (and brains) with his own evil psychic mind, and also fights viscously with martial arts attacks and dark magic attacks. In another upcoming story, Kaizaur's consciousness is somehow still alive and releases another army of vicious giant monsters to attack Earth...with Monster X as his new secret weapon!

Agent Ford (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): Agent Ford was once a human who became a secret agent for the Trust, but he soon gave up his job after learning of the corruption from the agency. However; after a cataclysmic event of an alien and zombie invasion, Agent Ford became an alien/zombie hunter and killer; showing allegiance to no one. He stole two powerful items that made him a legend in the future; the ASE and the Powersuit. The ASE was an ancient artifact that actually allowed anyone who possessed it unlimited power; including the power to drain the life out of human or alien souls. It is also known to be used as a hacker, which can destroy a huge computer base and store massive amounts of data. It is even able to reveal hidden enemies and objects. The Powersuit, which was a prototype, has massive amounts of power in it. It can transform a man into a powerful hunting and killing machine, making every human sense twice as powerful and killer instincts uncanny. Agent Ford specializes in using any kind of gun he can, though he's quite effective with his fists and cunning mind. He is also a very bitter, foul, angry man who has a give a shit attitude about everyone and everything. He finds himself teleported back in time through the Conduit, an ancient portal built by aliens. From there he embarks on adventures ranging from the Marvel universe, to the Mortal Kombat Universe, and even to the Resident Evil Universe! Jill Valentine is one of the very few humans who is patient enough with Ford to see through his hardened heart to reveal a man in pain and agony after losing his family to zombies. They currently have a love/hate relationship.

Blondyke (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): He's been living on the streets with nothing but the clothes on his back and a heart full of vengenace. Blondyke soon became fast friends with the Mafia after saving a well known leader from being busted by the police and soon came to power as one of the most deadly and ruthless gangsters of all time. Blondyke is cruel, insane, bloodthirsty, and maniacal; just the way he likes it. With the amount of money he makes, he can and will buy anything he wants...if he doesn't get what he wants, then he gets it by force. Sooner or later, The Punisher puts an end to his terrible regime after Blondyke makes the mistake of endangering one of his dearest friends. Blondyke has also been in several violent conflicts with Batman, but has always been defeated some way or another. Blondyke is able to use any kind of weapon; gun or melee weapon. He is also very good with his fists, and is also very smart and cunning; perfect for gaining new allies or getting whatever he wants.

Manhunter (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): This mysterious man is so strange, we don't even know his name. However; he is considered one of the most dangerous people on planet earth. Able to kill anyone with the most random objects, (like a plastic bag, a knife, or a crowbar to name just a few!) the Manhunter is a dangerous threat to anyone he comes into contact with. Actually; Manhunter was just a regular man once. He served his time in the US Army and was a respectable person. But when he returned home and found out his family was murdered by a psychopath, the Manhunter decided to become a serial killer...by killing serial killers and psychopaths! He uses any and all means neccesary to kill his enemies and victims. Surprisingly; he only kills murderers and psychopaths, and leaves innocent people alone...especially children or familes. However; he is still wanted on the International Wanted List for countless murders, which explains why Manhunter is always on the run. Eventually; it is learned that Manhunter was actually a super soldier infused with the mind of a killer by the evil Dr. Payne; a psychotic madman hellbent on destroying the human race. Manhunter redeems himself by killing all of Dr. Payne's experiments and killing Dr. Payne himself.

Dr. Payne (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): An evil madman whose goal in life is to destroy all of humanity. Actually; he was a decent man once who merely experimented on dead bodies. But after a tragic accident dealing with nuclear waste, Dr. Payne's mind was completely twisted and his personality changed from a decent nice man...to a maniacal monster. He is now always creating strange monsters and killers infused with the minds of psychotic killers to destroy everyone who gets in his way, and eventually decides to try and destroy the world with his creations. However; his life quickly comes to an end after he creates his greatest invention: Manhunter! He found an army man who volunteered to participate in one of his experiments...but after he created him and the Manhunter left, Dr. Payne wanted to test his killer instincts by killing his entire family. It was the biggest and last mistake he ever made in his entire life.

Dylan the Dinosaur Hunter (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): A man who is not only the world's greatest paleontologist, but also the world's greatest survivor. But after trying to go on a vacation with some Super Smash Bro friends, he becomes a pure hunter and killer...of prehistoric beasts. It all begins when their airplane crash lands in the middle of the Pacific. To make matters worse, a time vortex has transported them back in time in the Age of Dinosaurs! Now Dylan has to rely on his survivor skills to help protect his friends as they try to find a way back home in the present. Dylan has no super powers, but he is extremely smart and quick thinking. He also knows many ancient languages, knows the name of nearly every prehistoric creature, and if neccessary; how to kill them. He's very good with weapons, but prefers not to use them unless he absolutely needs to. He once served in the army with Snake, which explains his quick friendship with the other Smash Bros. But soon, Dylan will make new enemies...BIG enemies!

Scarface (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): An enormous Vastatosaurus Rex. (Or V-Rex for short!) A very rare and super sized Tyrannosaur found only on the island of Kong, this creature is basically 2 full grown bull T-Rexes put together with the ferocity of a hundred Spinosaurs! This particular beast was actually banned from the InGen list, due to it's violent nature. But after a freak accident in the labs, V-Rex DNA was spilled into a container mixed with T-Rex DNA...and thus, Scarface was born. Standing over 80 feet tall, stretching as long as 100 feet, and a mouth about 7 feet wide with razor sharp teeth; this monster could eat a Brachiosaurus for breakfast in a couple of bites! Scarface earned his name when he first encountered Dread. Dread was lucky to have survived against such a beast, and made his point clear that he was not to be messed with by slashing out the V-Rex's left eye. But later, Scarface gets even by gruesomely killing him after another intense battle. But soon enough, a human named Dylan will become Scarface's new enemy!

Combo Attacks (Yoshi 2.1's Inventions!)

Attacks which involve two or more Smashers and/or some of their allies combining their abilities and powers together to perform special moves.

Mega Bomb: Bowser and Charizard unleash their fire breath and Flamethrower in the air while Mewtwo and Lucario follow up by firing a Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere, merging them into one big energy ball in between the fire, which makes it bigger. Lucario leaps up and kicks it down to the ground, where it explodes on impact.

Blue Comet: Yoshi uses his Super Jump to leap into the air, where Sonic leaps up to join him. He goes into a spindash, Yoshi grabs him and, using his Super Strength, tosses him down like a speeding comet, striking an enemy with brute force.

Super Fireball: Mario and Luigi charge up thier fireballs and merge them together, creating one big powerful fireball. Mario then punches it forward, knocking out an enemy in an instant.

Fire Shockwave: Mario, Bowser, Charizard and Blaze all shoot powerful blasts of fire together, triggering a massive fiery shockwave which takes out multiple enemies in seconds.

Hyperfire (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Tony Kyse was just a normal commoner who lived in an apartment. Everyone bullied and humilated him to no end, so he began isolating himself from others. One day while walking by a nuclear chemical factory, Tony was caught in a nuclear explosion that occurred. He was later hospitalized, and was released within three days. When three criminals with flamethrowers set the apartment building on fire, Tony was the only one unable to escape in time and the building collapsed with him in it.

Suprisingly, Tony somehow survived the incident completely unscathed. The same criminals who caused the fire had spotted him and tried to burn him alive. But rather than dying, Tony instead became covered by fire which did no harm to him. He then used the fire to kill the criminals, reducing them to smoked skeletons. Impressed with his newfound powers, Tony decided to use them for his own gain.

Changing his name to Hyperfire, he began a life of crime, committing disasters all around Smash City. His first encounter with the Smash Brothers began during SSB: Civil War, where he was wreaking havoc in the city, only to be confronted by Mario and some of his Resistance members. Though he proved to be more than a match for them, he was defeated when they put out his flames with water from a fire hydrant. Afterwards, he was taken away by the police.

However in SSB: Evil Invasion, Hyperfire was freed from captivity by Ridley, who escaped from Smash Tower along with the other villains that were locked up in it's underground prison. He later joined them in their attack on the tower, leading a horde of villains in through a portal created by WarpMaster. He battled with Yoshi, who easily outmatched him at first until he got blasted by Plasmotron, thus allowing Hyperfire to overpower him. But before he could kill him, he was intercepted by Charizard, who tackled him out through a window.

He was soon defeated at that point when Charizard performed a Seismic Toss, throwing him in a nearby lake. After recovering, because of his battle with Yoshi, Hyperfire developed an intense rivalry with him, regarding the green dino as a nemesis. He was later on defeated again by Yoshi himself.

Powers: Hyperfire can manipulate and control fire in any shape or form of his choosing. He mainly produces it in the form of fireballs and fire blasts, but on one occasion he was able to create a fire shockwave. His flamed covered body is so hot that no one can even touch him without getting burned. He is also capable of flight, and he can generate up more heat on his body to almost 4000 degrees, making him a dangerous opponent to fight. Only Mario, Charizard and Blaze are capable of matching Hyperfire in terms of fire power. Strangely, Yoshi has proven being to be able to strike Hyperfire with physical attacks without being burnt on contact.

Weaknesses: Despite his massive power, Hyperfire's most major weakness is water. He has shown this weakness at least twice, first in SBB: Civil War, where he was doused with water by a fire hydrant, and in SSB: Evil Invasion, he got thrown into a lake by Charizard.

Plasmotron (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Before aquiring his powers, Manny Sankoff was originally a brilliant scientist who specialized in studying the properties of plasma energy and bio technology. But on the day of when he was testing his new experiment, something went wrong with the process and it exploded in his face. When he awoke from the explosion, Manny discovered that he now had the ability to use the power of plasma energy. But in order to fully control it, he created a bio techological armored suit specifically designed for harnessing the energy.

Choosing to use his powers for evil, he renamed himself Plasmotron. In SSB: Civil War, during one of his rampages through Smash City, he got into a battle with Sonic and his registration teammates. Though he fought with brutality, he was soon defeated by Sonic who used his Blue Tornado technique.

In SSB: Evil Invasion, Plasmotron is released from the Smash Tower's underground prison by Ridley. Later he participates in an attack on the tower, assisting Hyperfire in overpowering Yoshi. However, he was defeated in battle by Pikachu who short circuited his armor with a thundershock. Later on, he reappears with a new more powerful armor after having it upgraded by Doctor Eggman and Doctor Wily. Eventually, he was taken down again by Mario and Luigi.

Powers: Plasmotron can produce dangerous blasts of plasma energy from his armor, which he uses to control it. His armor also gives him extra super strength, being able to throw vehicles with ease. He can also discharge his energy in a powerful shockwave, which knocks back most opponents within its range.

Weaknesses: Though his armor is resistant to minor damage, it is not however completely unbreakable. Only once has it ever been penetrated , such as during a fight in which Yoshi was able to break open part of the armor with a super strong punch.

Earthlor (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Thomas Kilmer was an ordinary geologist who enjoyed studying about Earth's matter, both solid and liquid. However, his research and work was often mocked and negatively criticized by other scientists, thus making him look bad. One day when a coworker of his made a offending comment about his studies, Thomas flew into a rage and attacked him, nearly beating him into a coma. Quitting his job at the science institute, he soon went on to study more geological properties of Earth.

During an exploration in the forest mountains, Thomas witnessed a nuclear explosion at a chemical factory (the same factory that was responsible for the creation of Hyperfire). In the process, a barrel of radioactive waste was sent flying into the air and towards Thomas. The liquid splashed onto him and damaged part of the mountain he was on, causing a massive rockslide which engulfed him with so much force that it buried him down the in the ground underneath.

However, he strangely emerged out of the rockslide in completely new form. His skin was a pale grey and his body was more muscular, as well as his arms were now big and bulky, almost stonehard. Believing to have become one with the Earth, Thomas changed his name to Earthlor.

He first appears in SSB: Evil Invasion, where he attacks Yoshi and Sonic in Smash City Park. Despite his efforts, he was knocked out cold when the two heroes defeated him with their Blue Comet move. He later reappears with Speed Meister and Masher, attacking Yoshi, Bowser, Lucario, Vector and Mighty on the forest open plains, only to be taken down by Bowser, who piledrives him into the ground.

Powers: As his name suggests,Earthlor is capable of controlling the Earth's surface. He can summon rocks, boulders and stalagmites by the use of concentration. He can also coat himself with rocks to increase his mass.

Weaknesses: So far, it is not known if Earthlor has any weaknesses.

Hydra (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: During her years as a high school student, Carly Sanders was one of the most popular girls in the entire school. However, her life would soon take a turn for the worse. One day when she was surfing at the beach with her friends, she was caught in one of the big waves which took her down underwater, in the process she was exposed to a leaking barrel of radioactive waste in the ocean.

When she had resurfaced, all of her friends were relieved that she was alive. The next day at school while in science class, Carly had an unusual altercation with a bully, in the process she became so angry that she caused the water in the class fish tank to attack the bully.

Shocked by what she had done, Carly's reputation soon began to crash. Her boyfriend broke up with her and her friends shunned her, calling her a freak and a mutant. Riddled with guilt, she dropped out of school on the same day. When she returned home, she was attacked by her abusive parents. Unknowingly in self defense, she unleashed a deadly blast of water from her hands which killed her parents. Her brother Terrence witnessed the whole thing and she was forced to kill him by drowning him to death with her own hands.

Feeling she had nothing left in her life, she soon turned to a life of crime. Over the years as her powers developed, her body began to change to point where it became entirely composed of water. She suddenly turned into a supervillain, calling herself Hydra.

She first appears in SSB: Evil Invasion, where she attacks Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Charizard, Lucario and Mega Man near a boat loading dock. Hydra initially overwhelmed them, as their attacks had no effect on her. She even went so far as to try and drown Sonic to death. She was however defeated when Mario changed into Ice Mario and froze her with an ice ball. She later reappeared with Hyperfire on Tramkoff Island, merging herself with the ocean to increase her size and power. She was defeated again when Samus froze her up with an Ice Beam.

Powers: Hydra can control water and shape it in any form at will, using it as means of an attack against her enemies. Because her body is made of water, she is virtually impossible to hit as every attack goes right through her without any damage. She has also shown the ability to absorb energy projectiles and shoot them back at their source, such as when she was able to return Lucario's Aura Sphere back at him. She is also capable of merging herself with bodies of water to enhance her powers as well as increase her body mass.

Weakness: Hydra is extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures, as she is prone to being frozen.

Speed Meister (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Miranda Sorkin was the only child of two athletic runners. As she grew older, she followed in their footsteps and became an accomplished athlete. At the age of 16, she tried out for her school's track team and quickly became the team captain, gaining the nickname "Speed Meister" from her teammates. She was such a good runner that she had won every single track competition every year, which unintentionally attracted the attention of a rival track runner, Darla Monsen.

Darla, overwhelmed by hatred and jealousy, began sending threat emails to Miranda, trying to force her into dropping out of the next competition. Miranda simply ignored her threats, but little did she know that her decision would soon change her life for the worst.

One day while she was out sprinting, an unknown girl had purposely pushed a skateboard onto the sidewalk. Tripping on it, she ended up spraining her right leg really badly, just two days before the competition. As a result of her injury, she was forced off the track team for the remainder of the season. She was left emotionally scarred for life.

After finding out about Darla's involvement in her accident, she began plotting for revenge. Spying on Darla while she was on a date at the mall, Miranda went forth with her plan by seducing Darla's boyfriend into making out with her outside the mall in front of Darla. Furious, she attacked Miranda in the parking lot. In an act of sadism, Miranda pushed her in front of a car that was driving out of the lot, killing her. Darla's boyfriend attempted to have her arrested, but Miranda, now driven with an urge to kill, stopped him by snapping his neck. This act of murder had entirely consumed Miranda, making her drop out of high school and start committing crimes, going so far as to even kill her parents in cold blood.

Her athletic running made her a notorious criminal, as she was able to outrun police officers with ease, killing anyone who got in her way. During one escape, she was knocked out by a mysterious man, who took her away and subjected her to an experiment. He injected her with a chemical liquid that he assumed would make her into an immensely powerful being. It proved to be unstable however, as Miranda's body began to vibrate out of control. Breaking loose from the table she was strapped to, she started running at lightning fast speeds.

Becoming use to her new powers, she decided to rename herself Speed Meister. She first appears in SSB: Evil Invasion, where she attacks Lucario during an assault on Smash Tower, only to be knocked out by an Aura Sphere. She later appeared with Earthlor and Masher in the forest open plains. She fought Lucario and Vector, having an easy advantage over them because of her speed, but she gets sidetracked by Sonic, who tires her out, allowing Vector and Lucario to defeat her.

Powers: As her name indicates, Speed Meister can run at a tremendous speed capacity. She runs so fast that she can barely be seen by anyone in the blink of an eye. Her speed easily matches or even surpasses that of Sonic. In combination with her fighting capabilities and speed, she is capable of overwhelming or even beating her opponents with relative ease. She can also vibrate her body to immense proportions, allowing her to separate her molecules, thus making her intangible to the point where objects and attacks go right through her, as well as phasing through walls and floors. She can control it to a perfect extent. As a result, she's one of the most formidable, tricky and most powerful enemies the Smashers have ever battled.

Weakness: Because of her speed, she possesses no weakness. However, her speed has often been the cause of her many defeats as her opponents often use it to their advantage to outwit her.

Miss Mimic (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Myra Mimko was a famous teen fashion model. Because of her excellent poses and dresses, she won countless fashion shows with relative ease. As part of her stardom, she repeatedly claimed that she could be like anyone just by mimicking them. She was a news media sensation. Unfortunately, her fame, fortune and popularity had recklessly changed her personality. Becoming greedy, selfish,careless and egotisic, Myra became more interested in her career and herself, often rudely rejecting dates with boys for her own desires.

At one point, she soon had an encounter with a young teenager named Tony Kyse, who was her biggest fan and also had a major crush on her. After seducing, french kissing and molesting him, she then ruthlessly raped him in an alley, merely for her own entertainment. She then warned him that if he squealed on her, she would hunt him down and rape him again, only it will be more serious. Because of this action, Tony developed an immense hatred towards her and vowed to destroy her career.

After being exposed in the newspaper about her sexual assault, Myra's life was destroyed. She lost her fame and fortune, and was arrested by the police for her crime. But while being driven to the big house, the police car she was in was halted by Plasmotron, who was wreaking havoc in the city. While the police attempted to deal with him, Myra was able to slip away unnoticed. In the midst of her escape, she fell into a puddle of green liquid that was leaking from a barrel of radioactive waste. But that was the least of her concern as she was branded as a criminal by everyone because of Tony. As such, she was forced into hiding.

Many years later, Myra came back out in the open as a full grown adult. Now forced to live life as a normal civilian, she wandered through the city and soon had another encounter with Tony Kyse, who was also an adult. He revealed that it was him who was responsible for the downfall of her career, and that because of what she did to him, he was a target of mistreatment and torment from others, as well as a victim of various attempted sexual assaults from countless women. After telling her that he wasn't the same person he was before as a teen, he suddenly revealed his new identity as a supervillain, calling himself Hyperfire.

But as he attempted to kill her with his fire power, she foolishly restrained his arms. Suddenly, her entire body became encased in fire. Using his own powers against him, Myra easily defeated Hyperfire. Later during nighttime, she has a run in with Plasmotron, who mistakes her for a civilian and tries to kill her. But Myra copies his powers and uses them to fight him, emerging victorious. After that experience, and learning to embrace her new power, she then renamed herself Miss Mimic.

Her first appearance was in SSB: Evil Invasion. She appears along with Masher, Plague and Steeltrax, attempting to break into the Smash City Data Corporation. They were soon confronted by Mario, Sonic, Yoshi and Knuckles. She first demonstrated her powers against the heroes by copying Mario's abilities, causing her hair to turn red. She then began to savagely beat Mario, using his fire powers against him, but she was stopped by the timely intervention of Lyn. Eventually, she and her three allies were all soundly defeated by the heroes.

Powers: Miss Mimic has the uncanny ability to copy the powers and abilities of anyone she touches. An example of her copying an opponent's abilities is characterized by her hair, which changes color depending on who she touches. Aside from using mimicry, she is also a skilled fighter, especially when using it in conjunction with her mimicry.

Weakness: None

Steeltrax (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Todd Timmerson was once an ordinary man who worked in a factory that manufactured steel metal. He was the finest of all employees, coming in to work on time every Monday, and getting paid with a good minimum wage. But one day when a can of radioactive waste crashed through the roof and fell into a vat of liquid steel, Todd lost his footing and fell off a ladder, landing in the liquid. Surprisingly, he climbed back out in a new, muscular and steel coated body.

Having become a living wall of steel, he turned to a life of crime, calling himself Steeltrax. He first appeared in SSB: Evil Invasion, where he fought Sonic, Yoshi, Mario and Knuckles alongside Plague, Masher and Miss Mimic. He easily held his own against both Knuckles and Sonic, but was eventually taken down by Yoshi.

Powers: Thanks to his steel covered body, Steeltrax is highly invulnerable to various forms of both physical and energy-based attacks, shrugging them off like water. He also possesses incredible superhuman strength, he could even lift a semi-truck and throw it with relative ease. He could also go head to head with Superman for ten hours straight.

Weaknesses: Even though he is strong and invulnerable, his increased weight has often been used against him on certain occasions.

Soul Sucker (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: In the year 2032, a timeline in the late future, a group of scientists had took part in a special experiment by splicing the DNA of several intelligent humans with the DNA of various reptiles. The resulting procedure led to the the twisted creation of a savage, humanoid, four-tentacled reptilian abomination. It was deemed a failed experiment and was sealed in a stasis container to keep it from getting out.

Due to the human portions of it's DNA, the creature displayed high intelligence and was able to fool a scientist into releasing it by playing dead. It then killed the scientist by sucking out his life force through it's tentacles, which made it more stronger. Being smart enough to talk, the monster referred to itself as Soul Sucker. Escaping from the Science Facility, the horrifying beast wreaked havoc within the city, until he was confronted and defeated single-handedly by Yoshi. This experience would lead to Soul Sucker regarding Yoshi as his primary nemesis.

After suffering multiple defeats at the hands of the reptilian Smash Brother, Soul Sucker soon decided the only way to truly defeat Yoshi was to erase him from existence. He formulated a plan to travel back in time , with the intention of killing Yoshi's present day counterpart, thus eliminating him from the timeline.

Powers: Soul Sucker possesses vast superhuman strength, being able to hold his own against powerful opponents without difficulty. He also displays the uncanny ability to take powerful blows without sustaining serious injury. As his name speculates, Soul Sucker has the power to drain a person's life force by using the four tentacles that grow from his back. Each tentacle also a sharp, bony blade which he can protract and retract at will. His regenerative healing factor allows him to regrow lost limbs or even restore his body when it has been blown apart or shredded to pieces. He even sports a special mental ability which he uses to avoid detection, leaving him undetectable to radars, tracking devices, as well Yoshi's Super Sense or Lucario's aura senses.

Weakness: None

Cybergon (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: In order to make up for their past mistake of creating the monster Soul Sucker, Dr. Sam Portman, head of the Science Facility, had his fellow colleagues begin work on a new experiement called Project: Cyber. The scientists had intended to enter into a new evolution of where humans and sentient robots can live among each other.

Their project resulted in the creation of a fully functional, intelligent, independent robot which they named "Cybergon". But unfortunately, a flaw in his programming caused him to turn on his creators, attacking them with reckless abandon, going so far as to nearly kill Sam when he tried to stop him. Rather than living among mankind, Cybergon instead began envisioning a world where robots enslave humans, forcing them to do their bidding.

To carry out his ultimate plan for conquest, Cybergon created a time machine and used it travel back in time to the present day, where he intended to go forth with his scheme. However, he would soon meet his match in the form of the Smash Brothers. Seeing them as a threat to his plans, Cybergon immediately became dead set on destroying them and any other hero that dared to interfere with his goals.

His repeated conflicts with the Smashers, as well as their allies, often leads him to form alliances with other villains such as Ridley, an evil alien Space Pirate with intelligence that matches his own. In an upcoming SSB/Sailor Moon crossover, Cybergon and Ridley team up to formulate a plan which involves resurrecting monsters from the depths of the Negaverse to use as trump cards against the Smash Brothers, only to be repeatedly thwarted by said heroes and their allies, the Sailor Scouts.

Powers: Cybergon is highly intelligent, being able to read the moves, strategies and tactics of his opponents by photographic thought and memory, thus allowing him to counter anything with ease. He is also coated with a new type of metallic alloy he created called "Neomium", which is a combination of steel, iron, titanium and diamond, thus making his armor resistant to all types of attacks. He is capable of firing vicious lasers from his eyes, concussive blasts from his shoulders and nova energy blasts from his hands. He can also fly. Due to various self-upgrades, Cybergon's strength is enough to easily rival that of Superman, Hulk, or even the villain Juggernaut.

Weaknesses: Unknown

Madam Screecher (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Stephanie Tyler was born into a family of talented opera singers. She became a theatre sensation due to her loud, beautiful vocals. But three days before her next performance, while she was busy practicing her singing, she ended up losing her voice when she tried to do a high note. Feeling that she had brought shame to her family, she sank into depression, pushing away everyone that tried to comfort her.

But one day, when she was out going for a walk, she encountered a mysterious man(the same man who created Speed Meister) who claimed he could help her regain her singing voice. Volunteering her for a special experiment, he injected her with a strange green liquid which restored her voice to normal.

However, on the night of her big performance, when she performed her high note, she surprisingly released a powerful soundwave which completely destroyed the a large portion of theatre. Horrified by her actions, she was branded as a disgrace to her family and was forced to live on her own. Embittered by this experience, she soon decided to turn her life around entirely, turning into a full fledged supervillain called Madam Screecher.

She first appears in SSB: Multiverse Havoc, where she easily overwhelms Yoshi thanks to her loud screaming powers. However she was soon taken out by Raymond Johnson, the Warrior of Fiction, who subdued her by producing sonic blasts from his guitar axe.

Powers: Madam Screecher has the power to produce dangerous, high pitched screams which unleash a vicious soundwave that could destroy an entire group of police cars in just a few seconds. She also uses this power to her advantage against her opponents, holding them at bay with her soundwaves whilst leaving them vulnerable to attack. Surprisingly, she is also a highly skilled master at hand to hand combat, thus making her a formidable opponent.

Weakness: Unknown

Freezlar (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Jason Tim was an expert scientist who was on a trip in the Arctic, studying the environments icy climates and velocity. But during his exploration, he encountered a group of criminals who were smuggling illegal barrels of radioactive waste on a snow mobile. Jason rushed in to try and stop them, only to be beaten and doused with radiation in an attempt to kill him.

The criminals decided to dispose of him by tying him to an anchor and throwing him into the Arctic Ocean, where he would freeze to death. But suddenly, he re-emerged in a completely new form, having been turned into a being of ice due to being exposed to radiation. Using his newfound powers, he killed the criminals by turning them to ice and shattering them to pieces.

Choosing to embrace his new powers, he turned to the life of a Supervillain, where he renamed himself Freezlar. He soon went on a crime spree, using his powers to full advantage. During one of his rampages, he soon had a run-in with Snowdrift, a female villain whose powers matched his own. The two villains soon decided to work together.

Freezlar's first appearance was in Three World Civil War, where he attacks Yoshi in Thermondo City, only to be beaten nearly to death after Yoshi accidently succumbs to his "Inner Evil" and knocks him out.

Powers: Freezlar possesses the ability to control and manipulate ice in any form of his choosing. He can project it in the form of an icy mist, an ice blast or icicles, which he shoots from his wrists. He is also capable of creating solid ice balls that he can use as projectiles.

Weakness: Freezlar is extremely vulnerable to intense heat and fire, due to his ice powers.

Savage Squad (Yoshi 2.1's OCs!)

Origin: Before becoming what they are now, the members of the group originally started out as five unnamed petty criminals who committed bank robberies and heists all around town. However, during one heist, they were stopped by the hero Shadow Stalker, who had them sent to prison.

But they were soon bailed out of prison by a scientist, who subjected them to an experiment in which their DNA was combined with those of an Alligator, a Bull, a Ram, an Elephant and a Boa constrictor. The resulting experiment turned them into humanoid animals with Superhuman powers and abilities. Going by the names of Mega Gator, Mighty Bull, Big Ram, Big Trunk and Boa, the villains called themselves the Savage Squad.

They began embarking on a series of crimes, continuing from where they left off. During their first debut in Enter! The Savage Squad, they got into a conflict with Yoshi, Mario, Sonic, Bowser and Lucario, defeating them in their first encounter, despite Big Trunk being beaten by Bowser. They soon got into another fight at nighttime inside the Smash City museum where the squad attempted to steal a Cubic Zirconium, only to get beaten and captured.

Amazonia (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Stacy Ama was an expert explorer, conducting searches for items that no other explorers could ever pull off. She felt as if she was one with the environment, being familiar with all her surroundings. However, she soon made a discovery that would change her life forever.

During a jungle exploration trip, she stumbles upon a mysterious temple within the deeper parts of the jungle itself. Going inside, she explored throughout the temple, searching for valuable treasures and artifacts until she came across an unusual bracelet on a pedestal in a room. But when she walked up to observe it, the bracelet suddenly attached itself to her wrist, which surprised her.

Overtime, she started to experience some rather odd changes. Her sense of smell, hearing,vision and awareness had been heightened to animal-like proportions. She also gained incredible superhuman strength, enchanced speed, agility, and invulnerability. She even discovered that she could hypnotize other women to do her bidding, as well as being capable of producing an unusual scent from her body which manipulated every man around her.

After discovering that the bracelet had endowed her with superhuman abilities, she soon decided to use her powers for crime and wealth, going by the alias, "Amazonia".

Powers & Abilities: Thanks to the bracelet attached to her arm, Amazonia has abilities way beyond that of an ordnary woman. Her enhanced strength allows her to lift and throw objects or opponents several times her own size and weight. She also possesesses super speed, enough to easily match or even surpass Sonic. Her agility enables her to flex her body in ways that even a human athlete couldn't pull off. Plus her invulnerabilty makes her resistant to most forms of damage, though not entirely. Amazonia also has the abiltity to hypnotize other women, allowing her to control them. Her animal-like senses make her capable of detecting the presence of others, primarily her opponents with little effort. As a form of diversion, she can secrete a pheromonal scent which causes most males to become attracted to her, causing them to experience mixed feelings for only a while when under her influence. She has often used this ability to gain an advantage over her male opponents from time to time.

Bio Nanobyte (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Elenia was one of the top most intelligent and respected scientists in the world, having developed a new variety of self replicating nanotechnology called Bio-organic Nanobots, which were designed for the purpose of improving the host's bodily functions. However, she had a hidden agenda. She had been performing illegal experiments on living test subjects such as humans and animals by injecting them with her nanobots, which usually resulted in the deaths of said victims. She enjoyed it to the point that she even became obsessed with her work, continuing from there and so on.

After the word had gotten out about her horrible experiments, the government sent a group of black ops troops with orders to bring her in dead or alive. After refusing to cooperate due to her sick obsession, the troops immediately opened fire with their guns, effectively killing her. But right as they were about to dispose of her body, she suddenly sprang back to life, openly revealing that she had injected herself with her own nanobots. With her newly obtained super powers, she mercilessly kills the troops one by one, slaughtering them savagely.

Having become fixated on achieving conquest, Elenia soon changed her name to Bio Nanobyte. From that point, she has since began devising various plots for her own personal gain, but would frequently be met with interference from multiple heroes, mainly the Smash Brothers.

Powers: As a result of injecting herself, Bio Nanobyte's entire body has now been enhanced to superhuman levels, granting her superhuman strength, durability, laser vision and much more. Her powers stem directly from the nanobots themselves, which her body is now composed of. Because of it, she is capable of reforming herself when she gets blown apart due the nanobots abilities to replicate themselves, thus making her unkillable.

Glamour Girl (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Origin: Tanya Baines was just an ordinary, happy go lucky girl with a cheerful personality. She had plenty of friends, loving parents and a younger brother named Jamie who supported her every step of the way. However, at one point she overheard an argument between her parents, which upset her intensely. She was horrified to discover that her father was secretly having an affair with another woman, which caused her mother to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the chest. Blaming himself for his wife's death, Tanya's father, Joseph Baines turned himself in to the police and was locked away. Tanya was left to provide for herself and Jamie during her teen years.

Overtime as she got older, she would frequently visit her father in prison, bringing him gifts and food. However, she would soon learn that her father died after getting beaten to death by a deranged prison inmate.

One night, she was startled awake when she heard something crash in her backyard. She ran outside, only to discover that it was a radioactive meteor that had crashed down from space. It was from the moment she touched it that the meteor transferred it's radiation into her body. She was soon endowed with incredible super strength, super speed, invulnerability, super hearing and teleportation.

Deciding to use her powers to do good, she began fighting crime as the superhero Glamor Girl.

Powers: Glamour Girl possesses immense superhuman strength, enough to rival that of the DC hero Superman or even the Hulk. She is capable of moving at amazing speeds, and although she has invulnerability, she can still take damage from her opponents. Her ability of teleportation allows her to appear at any place of her choosing, as she has full control over it.

Weakness: None

Shadow Stalker (Yoshi 2.1's O.C!)

Origin: As a young girl, Samantha Miko was a socially inept individual who would often distance herself from other children, refusing to play with anyone. But one day, she was approached by a girl named Kimmy, who encouraged her to give herself a better chance at life. At this rate, the two became best friends throughout their childhood years.

During highschool years, their friendship became so strong that they were inseparable. However one day, Samantha would soon make a shocking discovery. One weekend when they were hanging out in the mall together, Kimmy began trying to flirt with her, going so far as to even kiss her, revealing that she was bisexual. Horrified at this realization, Samantha ran out of the mall, getting as far away as possible.

From this point on, she began avoiding Kimmy at all costs, refusing to even speak with her, thus putting a strain on their friendship. But after having a change of heart, she soon decided to apologize to her. But when she went to her house, she found her making out with another girl. The next day she confronted her, claiming that she betrayed their friendship. But Kimmy reminded her that it was her fault, as it was her who ran away when she made a move. At this point, they decided to put it all behind them and remain friends, but nothing more.

She later returned home one night to find out that her mother had died from lung cancer and her father was killed by an insane co-worker. She soon moved in with her uncle, whom was a martial arts master. She spent most of her time training and sparring with him until she became an exceptional fighter and strategist.

Choosing to fight for justice and peace, she created her own costume and began fighting crime as the nocturnal hero Shadow Stalker.

Abilities: What she lacks in power, she makes up for with skill. Thanks to her training, Shadow Stalker is an expert in advanced forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat. Her high intellect also makes her a extremely skilled strategist, being able to deduce the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents with relative ease. Her skills and expertise make her equal to the DC Hero, Batman.

Weakness: None

Marco the Demon Killer (By Yoshi 2.1!)

Origin: Marco Roland was once a happy young man, living a wonderful and peaceful life with a loving family and a devoted girlfriend named Melissa Trey. But one day during Summer Break, his life would soon take a drastic and horrifying turn during one stormy day when he finds that his parents have been killed, and that his brother and sister have been kidnapped.

It was during this incident that Marco discovered to his horror that the criminals responsible turned out be none other than demons, led by a powerful demon named Bromlock. His life then took an even more devastating blow when he found that the same demons had killed his girlfriend the next day.

After that experience, Marco became a changed person. He was now bitter, antisocial, cold, cynical and distant, pushing away all his friends in the process. It was only a matter of time before he suddenly came face to face with Bromlock one day in the woods. Out of pure rage, Marco attacked him, but was repeatedly overpowered to the point of being near death. However, instead of killing him, Bromlock became impressed by his persistance and bravery. Believing that he would be a worthy asset to him, Bromlock bestows him with the powers and abilities of a demon as a gift for his worthiness. Before leaving, he warned Marco to use his newly gained heritage for his *true purposes*.

While at first horrified and angry at being turned into a demon, Marco eventually decided to learn how to control his new powers and use them as he sees fit. His chance had finally arisen when Bromlock reappeared with an army of demons, aided by his son Devilok and his Demonic Legion. Utilizing his new powers, Marco single-handedly fought against the army, slaughtering one demon after another. After defeating the Demonic Legion, Marco then faced off against Bromlock in a brutal battle, ending with Marco emerging victorious.

He then informed Bromlock that even though he had given him power, he did not belong to him and therefore he was free to make his own decisions. Marco also went on to announce that he would harness his demonic powers, vowing to use them to protect the innocent, and to destroy all demons that dared to threaten humanity. On the other hand, Bromlock had reminded him that he still had Marco's beloved siblings in his possession, and that he would either kill them or turn them into demons like him if Marco tried to oppose him again.

Disregarding his threat, Marco made a promise that he would one day put an end to him and his followers, save his family and make sure that no demons would ever rise again.

Devoting his life to maintaining justice, killing demons and other supernatural creatures, he went on to call himself Marco the Demon Killer.

Powers & Abilities: Thanks to his newly gained demonic gift, Marco possesses all the supernatural attributes of a true demon. His strength has increased to the point where he can even fight and overpower demons or other enemies that are about several times his own size. He can move at lightning fast speeds for long distances, and his increased endurance enables him to resist even the most powerful of attacks. He possesses a special type of vision called *Demon Vision, which allows him to see and identify demons who are capable of disguising themselves as humans to avoid detection. Because of his demon powers, Marco also possesses a prolonged lifespan, and an incredible healing factor, being able to heal from injuries that would prove fatal to a normal human. And finally, when the situation calls for it, he can transform at will into a powerful demon form, which makes all his powers increase tenfold.

Weakness: As a flaw to his demonic abilities, Marco is vulnerable to holy water, holy wood and other holy items. In his human form, he can be easily effected by even the smallest amount of it. But in his demon form, he is able to resist it to a somewhat limited degree.

Most of the time, he appears in normal civilian clothes, such as a dark red jacket, white shirt, blue pants and black boots or laced up shoes. He has short brown hair, white skin and green eyes (red when he's in demon form and orange when he uses Demon Vision).

In his demon form, he has two large demonic horns which are curved upwards, his skin becomes grayish red, thick and durable. He grows a long tail, he becomes more muscular and his voice becomes deep and demonic.

About his personality, Marco doesn't socialize as much, he mostly acts serious and has a short temper. And although he doesn't always trust everyone, he is capable of being friendly, sensitive, helpful and compassionate. He's also capable of falling in love with women, but it's not as easy since he still cares for his first girlfriend Melissa even though she's dead. But he's still a good guy, he just has personal problems.

Dagger the Yoshisaurus (Yoshisaur for short, & Also Yoshi 2.1's O.C!)

Bio: In an effort to make a name for himself, a corrupt InGen scientist named Dr. Milo Monsen insisted on creating what he believed would be the perfect dinosaur, but was rejected by his colleagues and his boss John Hammond. Despite this, he went forward with the project.

Mixing the DNA of predatory dinosaurs with DNA he had gotten from Yoshi after gathering some of the blood he left behind from one of his rampages as a WereDino, this led to the startling creation of a new hybrid dinosaur which he dubbed "Yoshisaurus". After finding about this, a furious John Hammond fired him for disobedience and ordered for the Yoshisaur to be killed. But unfortunately, the vicious hybrid broke loose and went rampaging through the building (attacking Dr. Monsen in the process) before escaping into the jungle. Growing to enormous proportions, he became a powerful apex predator, going unmatched by all until he met three rivals in the form of Dread, a Spinosaurus, Novas, an Omega T-Rex, and Scarface, a savage V-Rex. Having fought and survived against each of these predators, Dagger (as Monsen had called him) continued to prowl through Isla Sorna.

During one of his travels, Dagger would have a chance encounter with Yoshi, who was stranded on the island after his ship was wrecked in a storm. Sensing that he and Dagger shared the same DNA, the two formed a close bond and became friends. Along the way, Dagger would also meet and befriend a T-Rex named Redback, coming to his aid whenever he can. He would also find a nemesis in the form of a Saurophaganax named Sigma.

Attributes: Dagger is one of the most unusual dinosaurs to ever walk the island. Since he was created from Yoshi's DNA, he has the exact same green and white skin as him. He possesses large, muscular arms with three sharp clawed fingers, a mouth filled with sharp, dagger-like teeth (hence his name), and long, flexible tail. His head resembles a cross between a T-Rex and Allosaurus. Weighing over 17 tons and being over 71 feet long, he's very ferocious and bloodthirsty, except to his friends. Despite his incredible size, Dagger is a fast and agile runner. His powerful jaws possess a bite force rivaled only by Redback and Scarface. He is also incredibly and formidably strong and durable with an extremely thick skull, being able to ram through a large boulder, resist a tail club to the face from an Ankylosaurus and even stop a charging Scarface in his tracks with a single headbutt. When hunting for food, he relies on using his high intelligence and ambush to take his prey by surprise, and his speed to chase it down. He can also communicate with Yoshi, due to them being genetically related, making Yoshi the only one who can understand him.

Sigma the Saurophaganax (Yoshi 2.1's OC!)

Bio: While in the middle of cloning more dinosaurs, the InGen scientists attempted to try and clone a more unique specimen. The resulting process had created a Saurophaganax. But however, an accidental overuse of the DNA had caused a mutation in Sigma, making him grow to 73 feet long and 16 tons, which were way beyond his natural size limit. Rampaging across the island, Sigma would run afoul of Dagger and his friends. Dagger bravely confronted Sigma and fought him in a battle, driving him away with bloody wounds. After he recovered, Sigma developed a grudge towards Dagger and vowed to kill him once and for all.

Attributes: Being larger than a normal Saurophaganax, Sigma is a savage, deadly killing machine. His abnormal strength and endurance make him an equal match for the likes of Dagger. As a powerful predator, he is considered a major threat by most of the dinosaurs on the island, rivaled only by Dread and Novas, even Scarface.

Altre Tryan: (Tryan's OC!) Altre is a 36 year old male. Height: 6'0"/ Weight: 200lbs. His right arm is robotic while the other is really strong. In his armor, he is equipped with the CQB shoulders and helmet. The body is the Breacher[R] chest plate. The colors are ice and white. Out of his armor, he will be wearing either the black undersuit, or civilian clothes; normally black jeans, white shoes, and a muscle shirt that usually matches his armor color (ice). Facial features and such are: brown eyes with an Elite claw mark across the left eye (three going from the hair line to the top of the lip), Haitian-American skin tone, and military buzzed black hair. He is also known as Spartan 18-2 of the UNSC army. He is a Commander; Grade 1.

Darkness the Hedgehog (Lil'Knuckle's O.C!): A black & grey hedgehog created by the seeker of darkness himself Ansem, Darkness wishes nothing than to plunge the world in darkness & rule it with an iron fist. Originally, Darkness was created with blood samples of the world famous Sonic the Hedgehog & was supposed to be known as Pain the Hedgehog, but he hated the name & opted to call himself Darkness. Outraged that he betrayed him, Ansem ordered him destroyed, but Darkness simply showed him his rage & killed all of the scientists including Ansem. Darkness possess any dark power he has & can form Symbiote tentacles from his back to devour his prey & feed Darkness. Darkness can also use negative chaos power to destroy anything in his path. Eventually, he is killed by Sonic, but however, his revenge will soon pass over to his son Razor. He would also be revived by Nightmare & with Metal Mario, they would become second-in-commands for Nightmare.

Razor the Hedgehog (Lil'Knuckle's O.C!): A black & dark blue hedgehog who is actually the son of Jeanne & the evil hedgehog Darkness. Razor was born secretly after Darkness unleashed Deathwing to wreak Armageddon to the world. When Darkness was finally killed by the heroic hedgehog Sonic & Jeanne died, Razor was raised by Ebony the Cat in secret. Eventually, he started to age very quickly until he became just like Darkness was & his rage rendered him out of control. Razor plans to take over the world with an iron fist like Darkness before him & to avenge his father's death by killing Sonic the Hedgehog. He possess all of the abilities his father possess including Symbiote & negative chaos blasts. Eventually after learning his father is revived by Nightmare, Razor joins Nightmare's forces as general.

Panzer (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): The darker version of Captain America. Once, he was just a wimpy member of the Russian Army who couldn't even hold a gun right. But after being paid a visit by the evil Dr. Payne, Panzer became one of Dr. Payne's first...and most successful experiments. Like Captain America, he was created from super soldier serum to be given god-like strength. But unlike Captain America, Panzer was used by Dr. Payne to utterly wipe out both the Nazis and Americans. But after learning of a dreadful plan to unleash nuclear bombs in all of Russia and the even the rest of the world, Panzer went on a one man rampage to stop him. But it cost him dearly; he had to sacrifice his life to prevent the bombers from reaching America by crashing it into the North Pole. Years later, just like Captain America; Panzer was ressurected from the ice. But unlike the heoric Captain America, Panzer went wild and began a horrible rampage that reached all the way to New York. Had Captain America not stopped him, Panzer would have single handedly destroyed the entire American Army that attempted to stop him. Panzer has been given superhuman strength; enough to match about 10 armies of the strongest men in the world. Panzer is also incredibly smart and persuasive, as well as stealthy and fast. Instead of having a shield, Panzer has a deadly Desert Eagle Pistol. Panzer can also fire a laser from his chest, as well as attack with powerful knives that he hides on sheaths for his feet and waist. Panzer is almost like Kano from Mortal Kombat, except that there are times he is more brutal and merciless...and even times where he's more compassionate and merciful. More than once, Panzer has spared his opponents. Other times, he has killed them in the most brutal ways imaginable. Most of the time, Panzer merely serves as a mercenary and has no sides; though when he learns that Dr. Payne is still alive, he harbors an extreme hatred for him.

Darth Destruktor (Spawnzilla014's 0.C!): After Starkiller's death from his fight against Spawn, Nightmare found his dead body and rebuilt him as a cyborg Sith Stalker. But Nightmare did not expect his rage to allow him to break free of his control, and as such nearly got killed when the wrathful Sith Stalker escaped from Nightmare's lair and destroyed everything. The enraged Sith Stalker now lurks in the shadows, waiting to kill anyone who ventures nearby. His powers are basically the same as Starkiller's, except that they are intensified to a maximum level and all his Force Lightning attacks are now blood red; a sign of pure rage. His lightsaber also changed dramatically. It's blade is now black and the hilt of the saber somehow morphed into a demonic fashion. Wherever Darth Destruktor goes, death follows him. He shows no allegiance to anyone; he kills whoever he pleases and takes no sides.

Skulker (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): A thug from Chicago, Illinois who has no sense of respect, morality & justice at all. His real name is Shelby "Diamondback" Darrel & is a very vicious, cruel, bloodthirsty & extremely foul-mouthed thug who finds killing people, even little children as a sport & will fight & kill any person he finds due to the fact he is misanthropic (Misanthropic is a term used to describe a person who hates all of humanity). Eventually, Raizo becomes outraged of this when he starts attacking & abusing the Smash Bros. especially Samus Aran & threatens Darrel whether he tries to attack an innocent person. Some days pass & eventually, he is killed on a fiery accident. Everyone, even Raizo was shocked to know of this, but this wouldn't be the end of Darrel. After being met by Nightmare in Hell, Darrel offers his soul to become his Hellspawn form Skulker, one of the most dangerous, bloodthirsty, evil & psychotic man ever known. He went on an unstoppable rampage in killing millions of innocent lives, but was then defeated by Raizo in his Hellspawn form, who informs him that wherever he is, Spawn will be there to stop him. Skulker then screams for Spawn to kill him, but Spawn states that when someone becomes a Hellspawn, they can never die. Skulker was afterwards taken to the Smash Insane Asylum. He would later escape & join forces with Nightmare as a high ranking member.

Azure Talon (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): The mysterious cyborg assassin is sent back in time to kill Spawn but fails...though he nearly succeeded many times. Armed with lasers, plasma grenades, a cloaking device, and rocket powered boots; the Azure Talon is actually quite a handful for anyone. Even after going after Spawn and failing, Azure Talon still stays behind for his own reasons and creates havoc in everyone's lives through sabotage and espionage. Eventually he is destroyed by Spawn.

Sykor (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): A psychic demon who is cunning, ruthless, and maniacal. With the power to crush bones and break limbs with his own mind, this demon is one of Spawn's most challenging enemies yet. About 2000 years ago, Sykor had been battling a group of powerful warriors known simply as the Clan; shadowy protectors in Ancient Japan. He was finally imprisoned inside of an occult book by The Clan, with the help of some Chirstian missionaries who had been called to investigate the strange demonic activities. Fast forward to the present, Sykor was unwittingly freed by a young man obessed with the occult and possessed the young man's soul. Now clad in white robes and having pale skin and fiery eyes, this ghost like demon stops at nothing to show off his power and strike fear into his opponents...until Spawn comes along.

Slymgor (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): Once he was just a kid who was regularly bullied...but after falling into a pit of nuclear waste, Jerry was transformed into a horrible slimy mutant. His entire body is now liquified and can use his geletanous body to strike his opponents and victims in all sorts of ways. He can attack using giant tentacles, giant fists, giant claws, change size, or even mutliply! Bullets can't harm him, fire only makes him stronger, electricity only stuns him, and ice only temporarily stops him. Only Spawn was able to find out his true weakness: Super High Pitched Sound! He figured this out when he was saving his friends from this loathsome beast. Despite his horrifying appearences, Slymgor is actually one of the very few villains that managed to regain his own humanity and learned to forgive others and himself after being freed from the evil demons within him.

Infernus (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): The brother of Slymgor, though much more evil. Having been obessed with arson and the occult, Terry gladly accepted becoming possessed by a demon "gifted" by the evil Black Wizard. Now with twice as much power than he ever dreamed, Infernus spreads fear and terror wherever he goes and pleases. His entire body is made of flames and molten lava and rock, giving him the ablility to smash and kill his oppenents in many different ways like his brother. He can change size, form razor sharp claws and jaws, and also multiply. He can also breathe fire and create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Bullets and explosives are harmless to him, fire strengthens and rejuvinates him, electricity only angers him, and ice and water can only stun him. Spawn was able to figure out the his weakness when he teamed up with his allies to stop such a monster. His weakness is the same exact as his brother: Super High Pitched Sound. However; Super Sonic Waves was learned to also be a grave weakness to Infernus, though it sadly included Slymgor as well. Unlike his brother, who had morality and humanity left in him, Terry wanted to remain a monster to kill and destroy as much life as possible. He also hates his brother, and time and time again tries to kill him before Spawn and Slymgor finally destroy him.

The Black Wizard Spawnzilla014's 0.C!): An ancient and evil wizard gifted with black magic by the Serpent Servant himself. In ancient times, the Black Wizard was rumored to be responsible for sparking the crusades after attacking the Catholic Church and attempting to kill the pope, but lied about it and blamed the Ottoman Empire for the attack. Lying and misleading the Christians into waging a crusade against the pagan religions of that time and era, the Black Wizard gladly spread destruction and fear throughout the ancient world. However in the near future of the Dark Ages, King Arthur aligned himself with the legendary Ezio Auditore to stop him. They managed to defeat him and imprison the Black Wizard in an ancient magical prison made by Merlin himself in the island of Scottland. Many years later in the present, he was unwittingly released by a group of punk teenagers, one of them being Jerry's brother: Terry. In a fit of rage he killed the teenagers, but chose to spare Terry after he was able to defend himself and convinced him to become his partner. The Black Wizard gifted Terry by transforming him into Infernus the Fire Demon, and soon they began spreading terror and destruction throughout the world. The Black Wizard wears a black robe that covers most of his body, save for a shadowy outline of his face. His eyes are not shown, but the rest of his face shows a clean shaven old man. He speaks with a demonic rasp and carries a powerful staff with a blackened diamond cross at the tip of the staff. He is able to create massive bolts of lightning, summon fire and ice, and even unleash hordes of undead warriors with his staff. His black magic also allows him to remain invunerable to most modern weapons, as well as to rapidly heal himself and others. He can even shoot powerful orbs of blackened spiritual energy and shoot lightning from his hands. Spawn eventually teams up with Ezio Auditore to defeat him, though Ezio is the one who finally kills him.

Mawgroth (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): One of the last living werewolves left, Mawgroth is a violent tempered werewolf who puts up with no funny business and trusts no one. He is very bloodthirsty, cruel, and arrogant. But after Dracula approaches him and begs him to help find and kill Spawn, Mawgroth is almost determined to work for him. But only if Dracula is able to keep his promise of becoming human again. Mawgroth is about 9 feet tall, has thick and shaggy brown fur, blood red eyes, and razor sharp claws and teeth. He is able to run over 50 miles per hour and jump at least 12 feet high in the air. He also has superhuman strength capable of lifting things 20 times his own size and weight. Mawgroth can also howl extremely loudly to stun his enemies, and uses this as a last resort in order to escape.

Krimson (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): Skarlet was not the only experiment infused with blood and dark magic. Shao Kahn orginally wanted a male assassin with the power of blood and dark magic infused together, but he failed to see the drastic concequences. Krimson was too chaotic and unpredictable, as well as much more resiliant to following orders. As a result, Shao Kahn had ordered Shang Tsung to despose of him immediately and help him to create a female fighter in his place; Skarlet. However; Krimson escaped before Shang Tsung could kill him and hasn't been heard from in a long time. But just recently, bloody murders have been occuring in Outworld and threatening messages written in blood were promising the death of Shao Kahn. Skarlet is called by her master to hunt down and kill him at any means neccessary, but much to his and several other's surprise, Krimson was too much even for Skarlet. Krimson himself has the same powers as Skarlet, though he also has some other original attacks of his own that surpass Skarlet's. Krimson can not only absorb the blood of his enemies and use it as his own, but he can also control the blood of others and use dark magic to mutilate them from the inside out! Krimson also uses longer katana swords, can throw a Harpoon Impaler like Scorpion's, teleport quickly in bursts of blood, and can even create little minions from pools of blood. He is twice as bloodthirsty and ruthless, and as such; he is to highly feared and respected. Eventually, Skarlet is able to defeat Krimson with the help of some new friends...including Raizo. (But not in his Hellspawn form!)

Jim Krow (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): The slightly more good version of the Joker. He was a psychopathic murderer for most of his mortal life. But when Razor murdered him and his entire family, Jim Krow had a change of heart and swore to clean up his act and use his newfound powers for good. How he was brought back from the dead, is a mystery to all but a few. That being said; he still has the same old psychotic sense of humor and is very ruthless and cunning. Now garbed in black leather and masked with corpse paint, Jim Krow spreads fear and annihilation wherever he goes. Given the power to resist all forms of pain and given immortality, no weapon or attack can kill or even harm Jim Krow. That being said, he's still able to be slowed down if he's too cocky or overconfident. Jim Krow is also very flexible and fast, and he can use any type of gun, sword, or just about any other weapon he can get his hands on. He's very good with martial arts and is also able to blend in dark environments. He can even summon a horde of crows to devour his enemies, as well as hordes of zombies. Jim Krow also has a talking crow named Maurice for a pet and a comrade; he is sort of like Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, except he's a crow how can change size. Despite his evil and psychotic appearence and behavior, Jim Krow is actually a very charming and sympathetic character. Eventually, Jim Krow finds Razor and avenges the death of his family in an epic battle.

Fuzzy (Spawnzilla014's 0.C!): An oversized, yet extremely friendly Pteranodon. After Scarface escaped from a public showing in Jurassic Park and unwittingly freed the other dinosaurs on display, Fuzzy flew off and made himself comfortable in a cave at the farthest reaches of Isla Sorna. Fuzzy became the new member of an oddball family of Pterosaurs after saving their leader, a Quetzelquathus to be exact, from the deadly clutches of a hungry Utahraptor named Ripper. Now the sole defender of the hatchlings and the old, sick pterosaurs; Fuzzy, despite his name, is a fierce protector and a heroic creature who is not afraid to stand up to even the largest of predators!

Nortt the Phantasm (Spawnzilla014's O.C!): A mysterious and frightening phantom menace, whose origins is completely unknown to all but a very few. Many years ago, Paul Anderson was once a missionary sent on a trip to the the islands of Fiji to teach the natives the blessings of God. However, after tripping and falling into a mysterious volcano full of melting black ore of some sort, Paul was thought to have been dead. But many years later, it is learned that the mysterious black substance was actually phantasm blood and that the volcano was the resting grounds of slain phantoms from a violent war between demons and angels. Paul eventually woke up in the middle of a graveyard, but to his horror found himself transformed into a horrible phantom monster. Now his face is horribly disfigured and is nothing but a skull with blazing white eyes. His skin is no longer skin, but a black phantasmic mist. To hide his features, Paul clothed himself in pitch black robes. But what really horrified Paul most of all was how demons dwelled in his own hometown and turned the place into a miserable hell for everyone. Choosing to use his newfound powers to hunt down and destroy demons and protect the weak and innocent, Paul renamed himself Nortt the Phantasm. Able to use his body as a weapon, Nortt can spread fear into the very hearts and souls of anyone he chooses. His phantasmic body can stretch into any size or shape, and he can also teleport anywhere he chooses. He can even summon giant skeleton hands to tightly grab and squeeze his victims, and even summon bolts of lightning to zap his enemies. Nortt can also shoot bursts of black energy to completely paralyze his victims and confuse them, which is perfect to help him either escape or interrogate them for information. Nortt can even use a rope to lynch his enemies to death or even use a scythe, if needed. At one point, Spawn was confused by many to this new and mysterious phantom menace. Spawn confronts Nortt, but later learns that he is not much different from him. They immediately become tight friends when the evil Tormentor kidnaps Paul's family and work together to defeat him. As Spawn disappears, Paul's human spirit thanks God for his new gifts and vows to use them for good; though he also promises not to show his enemies any mercy. Nortt is one of the very few creatures who has any similar powers to Spawn and has a clear understanding of spirituality.

Sid the Ceratosaurus (Yoshi 2.1's O.C!)

Bio: Sid was once the oldest offspring of a mother Ceratosaurus, whom had lost her mate after he was killed by a Carcharodontosaurus named Axel. Raised together with his two younger brothers, Sid lived peacefully without harm, until one horrible night when Axel had returned to finish off his family. Sid's mother fiercely fought to protect her young, only to lose her life right before his very eyes. Furious over his mother's death, Sid and his siblings vowed to get vengeance on Axel. By the time he reached adulthood, Sid was surprisingly bigger than any other Ceratosaur around, reaching over 40 feet long and 7 tons. Having another encounter with Axel, Sid attacked him in a bloody fury, with his brothers joining in. Though Axel had gotten away, he knew that he would be back.

Attributes: Out of all the Ceratosaurs on Isla Sorna, Sid is the biggest of them all (how he grew to this size is currently unknown, assumed to be mutated). Possibly due to a birth defect, he has two horns on his nose instead of just one, and his skin is dark green, in contrast to the usual red head and lighter grey body like many of his kind. He is very protective of his two brothers and will attack any intruder who threatens them. His size is equal to that of a full grown adult Allosaurus, only slightly bigger.

Dash the Deinonychus (Yoshi 2,1's O.C!)

Bio: Being born as the youngest of his litter, Dash was often watched over by his five brothers and three sisters, especially Cain, whom was closest to him. But one day when their parents left them in the care of their uncle to go hunting, they never came back. After failing to look for them, Dash and his family would grow up without them under his uncle's protection. Once he was in his prime, Dash would become the leader of his own pack, which was composed of his brothers,his sisters, his new mate Ginger and his uncle. Together with his family, he would face many challenges throughout his life, while still investigating the whereabouts of his parents. Along the way, he would encounter a deadly and violent Velociraptor named Slash, whom would go on to become his greatest enemy.

Attribute: Despite being the youngest of his family, Dash is surprisingly more smarter and clever than most of his species, and is also a good pack leader, deploying strategies and attack patterns when hunting prey or fighting a threat. As his name speculates, Dash is the fastest of his kind, being able to outrun all his enemies with relative ease. He is easily distinguishable from others due to the three red stripes on his back. He takes his role as leader very seriously, and will even scold those who disobey him.

Clamp Jaw the Sarcosuchus (Yoshi 2.1's O.C!)

Bio: Wanting to try a more different approach, John Hammond tasked the scientists with creating and cloning the prehistoric crocodile known as Sarcosuchus. Though they were successful in doing so, they were unable to keep a specific specimen contained as he busted out of his aquatic tank and escaped into the waters of Isla Sorna, where he joined up with others of his kind. Large, ravenous and deadly, Clamp Jaw became a major antagonist to both the herbivores and carnivores of the island, attacking every dinosaur that wandered near the water.

Attributes: Lurking deep within the waters of Isla Sorna, Clamp Jaw is truly every dinosaur's worst enemy. He is so dangerous and powerful that even deadly carnivores like Dread and Scarface have gone a few rounds with him when invading his territory. While he mostly attacks and eats dinosaurs, due to his large size (60 feet long) he will also fight and kill aquatic reptiles like large Mosasaurs, and even small Pliosaurs when out in deeper water. His powerful jaws and death roll allow him to tear off large chunks of meat.

Bruiser the Allosaurus (Yoshi 2.1's O.C!)

Bio: After losing his original family to Axel while he was still an embryo, Bruiser's egg was found and recovered by a family of Acrocanthosaurs. Upon his hatching, Bruiser was raised among his new family, where they taught him how to hunt and to fend for himself. They treated him like he was their own, and he felt closer to them as a result. By the time he was a mature juvenile, Bruiser proved his worth in his first solo hunt by attacking and killing a Camptosaurus after a long chase. In later years, he went on to become a large (50 feet long), powerful and confident Allosaurus, sticking by his adopted family through everything.

Attributes: As the only Allosaur in a family of Acrocanthosaurs, Bruiser cares deeply for his adopted family, protecting them from all forms of danger, most notably Axel, and on many occasions, Dread. True to his name, he is vicious and brutal in battle, having fought and triumphed over many dinosaurs, even a Torosaurus. However, he can also be a capable pro when hunting for prey, relying on his powerful bites and ambush methods. He is also very strong and well organized, being able to take on, fight and even overpower opponents more larger than himself, including Bull. While he is mainly a solo hunter, he will also hunt with his family from time to time, especially when targeting sauropods.

Axel the Carcharodontosaurus (Yoshi 2.1's O.C!)

Bio: A 60 foot long, vicious, cruel and murderous Carcharodontosaurus. Merciless to a fault, he is known for murdering various dinosaurs, including Sid's parents, Bruiser's biological family and so on. More than once he has crossed paths with both Sid and Bruiser, with Sid wanting to avenge his parents while Bruiser fights to protect his new family. He harbors a strong and violent rivalry with Dread, mainly due to the natural hostility between Carchardontosaurs and Spinosaurs, and as such, they often compete with each other for food and territory. Regardless, Axel continues to stalk the lands of Isla Sorna, running a foul of other dinosaurs.

The Three Rulers of Hell

Bromlock (Yoshi 2.1's O.C!): One of the most powerful demons in Hell & one of the three rulers of it, Bromlock is one of the most powerful foes Spawn, the Smash League & the Burke Bros. have fought. Bromlock is also the one who was responsible for the death of Melissa Trey, thus causing the break-up of two best friends, Marco Roland (Melissa's boyfriend) & Tom Burke. Marco became cold, cynical antisocial, bitter & distant whereas Tom then cursed himself for not being able to protect Melissa in time & was forced to keep this incident a secret. Marco also encountered Bromlock in the woods & in a desperate chance, Marco attack with savage fury, but Bromlock was too strong & then defeated Marco by beating him to near death. But rather than killing him, Bromlock became impressed & granted Marco a fraction of a demon's power & thus allowed him to join his army. For some years, Marco worked with Bromlock with his son Devilok, but soon thereafter, he defected & instead joined forces with one of his sworn enemy, Malebolgia. Spawn however, was able to get Marco to get back to his senses & has resumed being friends with Tom. Bromlock can use very powerful dark magic & can also possess strong teleportation, allowing him to reach one area to another in seconds without the definitions of space altering it. He is 9 feet tall, possess a long, thick tail with a stinger, giant, clawed hands & feet, grayish red skin, two jagged horns, a mouthful of sharp teeth & giant menacing red eyes. Currently, he is on a war between the other two rulers of Hell Malebolgia & Nightmare for leading Hell's Armies.

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Mario & the Smashers were about to go on a train for a vacation until Mario sees him and his friends die on the doomed train. They escape, but soon find themselves hunted by death. Can Mario save them all? Rated M for Violence, Horror, Suspense, and Gore.
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