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Author has written 4 stories for Night World series, Raised by Wolves, Jennifer Barnes, and Vampire Diaries.

This is ParaWolf's profile! Which you probably know since your looking at it! :O Thank you for looking at it!

ParaWolf's acount is made up of just Paranormalcy and werewolf235. We wanted to do fanfics together since we are always working on each others stories, helping each other, reviewing and giving ideas. The point of this account is that we would some day like to publish a book together so we are writing fanfics together here! :)

Names: Werewolf Goddess's (you either love it or you hate it!)

Type of stories: Fantasy, humor, romance.

We both have a wicked sense of humor. Who can blame us?! Teachers say we are like a married couple :O !!!! Others say we are like twins, we don't look alike, we act alike!

Paranormalcy: TweedleDUM

Werewolf235: TweedleDEE

LOL! Together we are the tweedle sisters! That is really our nicknames (note: we are not fat or ugly or boys like the actual tweedles!)

Just a quick note for you all: Notice why a part of our names are in capitals! LOL! Its just a little joke of ours. We add anything to the end of tweedle, for example: tweedleDITCHER, tweedleBITCH, tweedleSMART etc!

Our fav books are: Night World and Raised by wolves!

Fav Night World characters: Ash, Quinn, Hunter Redfern.

We would add Mike, Cooper and others coz we obsess over characters we invented in our own stories!

Fav Raised by wolves characters: Devon and Chase ;)

Not to mention Taylor from werewolf235's storie coz he is sooooo damn hot in our seriously messed up brians!

We are posh woman. We love it. Don't judge us common people ;)

We don't swear (if we can help it!)

We get our friends in trouble. Poor panda girl. So sorry about Sparrow! We didn't mean to tell him you love him! We didn't know he was behind us! We apologise. For ruining any life you could have had. -.-

Just a fact: We hate history. Live in the future people! The past is the past!

History class moment:

History Teacher: What have you learned this lesson?

TweedleDUM: Um. I don't know.

History Teacher: We spent a whole lesson on it?!

TweedleDEE: The past is the past.

TweedleDUM: We must learn to live in the future.

History Teacher: Your supposed to know about the past!

TweedleDUM&DEE: Really? *mouths form a huge capital 'O'*

Music Class Moment:

Music Teacher: Have you wrote any new songs lately?

TweedleDEE: Were we suposed to?

Music Teacher: No, you don't have to but I like it when you show me your songs. They are really good and I would like to help you work on them.

TweedleDUM: Why would we want your help? We are the best song writers ever, we don't want your useless help.

no reply

TweedleDEE: Can we sing now?

Music Teacher: Ok. Can I watch you?

(The lesson was just singing. We are going to be recorded!)

TweedleDUM&DEE: Yep! Touch a touch me, I wanna get dirty. Rumma dummie fulfil me. Creature of the night. Oh touch a tou-

Music Teacher: You can't sing that!

TweedleDUM&DEE: What does I wanna get dirty mean? (we knew- we just like to be awkward!)

Literacy class moment:

TweedleDUM&DEE: We strongly suggest you read our stories.

Literacy Teacher: I'd be happy to.

TweedleDUM&DEE: Ok, search Paranormalcy and werewolf235 on fanfiction.

Teacher does what we ask

TweedleDEE: OH NO! You can't read that! Don't read my story! It has sex in it!

Teacher gasp

TweedleDUM cover TweedleDEE's mouth

Maths moment:

Too many. ;)

Quick example: Shoes thrown, pinching, pasta flicked etc.

P.S Look at Paranormalcy's love me, or love me not fanfic and you will know EVERYTHING! Coz basically everything that happened in it is true! :O

But just incase you REALLY wanted one... (heads up, it was a starter!)

Teacher: Whats... 1 times 1?

TweedleDUM: *with confidence* TWO!!!! *Has a really big smile*

TweedleDEE: *thonks head* Not again...

TweedleDUM: *looks confused* Whats going on? I didn't get it wrong...

TweedleDEE: Of course you didn't *sarcastically*

Whole class goes silent...

TweedleDUM: Ooooooohhhhhhhh. I got it!

Ok. We are now stopping the moments!!!!

*voices take on a deep mermerising tone and we look you in the eyes* "We strongly suggest you read our stories and review. If you don't read them then you will be hunted down by the most fierce wolve's. But they are no ordinary wolve's. They are werewolf goddess's." ;)

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