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WARNING: The following text will indefinitely arouse you more than any written text ever has before. Read with caution.

1. Earth 69

2. Personal Information

3. Miscellaneous

4. My Stories

1. Earth 69

For pictures and full information about all the characters in Earth-69, and much more check out the official website at http:///wiki/Earth-69 is under constant update. Seriously, its super awesome. And be sure to let us know what you think by either commenting the pages you like or by taking the poll at the top of my profile.

Search “Earth 69” under stories on FanFiction to find all the stories of our Earth.

We also will accept writers to join us in writing for our Earth for the long term under the right circumstances. All the stories based in Earth-69 follow the same timeline which you can find on the main page of our official website, and most of our stories tie into others. The two main arteries of Earth-69 would be the stories Wielder of the Black Flame written by myself, and "A Wonder of the World" by Wonderboy-Earth-69.

Currently the writers involved in Earth-69 are myself, MadrinGenesis, Wonderboy, Thiskidd, and GeckoGecko554

Earth-69 is the ever expanding universe that the writers involved and I base all of our stories in and they all have relevance to each other, unless specified that they don't, and were always looking for feedback and cleaver ideas to make our stories even better. '''So feel free to let us know what you think.''' :)

Earth 69 has several characters Including names like The Marauder, “Wielder of the Black Flame” Wonderboy, “A Wonder of the World” Indigo Lantern, “The Amethyst Knight” Power Boy,“The Strongest Guy Around” and Other OCs:

Alexis Luthor, Alo Vera, Bombard, Catalyst, Crimson Canary, Daina Wescot, Darkhawk, Donald Ray, Emerald Archer, Firestar, Flame, Green Angel, Hawkboy, Kid Mercury, Kid Vixen, Lance Sanders, Lightray, Marvel Boy, Miss. Magician, Moonlight, Morningstar, Nighthunter, Nightwalker, Northwind, Red Lantern, Star Sapphire, Superstar, Surge, White Widow, Wildfire, Wonderman, plus many more.

2. Personal Information

Id rather my readers have their mind in my stories when they're reading, rather than thinking about me, so I’m gonna dedicate most of my profile to my stories. So to start things off i would like to declare I am a DC comics fan, meaning odds are i will probably stick to only writing for the DCU.

My favorite hero of all time is Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Pretty much a total badass who does nothing but get shit done and get the girls.

My other favorites are in the order their name came to mind. The Spectre, Ion, Doctor Fate, Captain Marvel, Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Adam, Osiris, Captain Atom, Apollo, Nightwing, Martian Manhunter, Red Robin, Superboy, Power Boy, and Zatanna. This list will probably grow as it sits, i didn't want to take the next four hours thinking of my favorite superheros.

I couldn't be more excited for DCs new 52 and I plan on collecting them all. Cyborg? What the hell? I cant wait until he gets blown up again so he isn't with the League anymore. That's just not where he belongs. Were gonna miss you in the League Martian. Oh, and second runner up for messups is Midnighter, what kind of power is to just win? LAME. Then third is Bunker, the gay mexican sterio type who wears pink and purple as his colors, and his power is to make walls. DC got it right with Apollo, hes a gay hero but that's not where everything about him is centered.

3. Miscellaneous

Tweens are hilarious because they think they have power over people because they dont know they know who they are on the internet. Im 20, im proud of what i look like, this is my facebook!/profile.php?id=100001633887124

In a world that's perfect, there is no crime, and where there is no crime, there is no need for superheroes.

Mary Sue (sometimes just Sue), in literary criticism and particularly in fanfiction, is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader. It is generally accepted as a character whose positive aspects overwhelm their other traits until they become one-dimensional. Mary Sues also often have some kind of dark or tragic past that is often referred to in the story. While the label "Mary Sue" itself originates from a parody of this type of character, most characters labeled "Mary Sues" by readers are not intended by authors as such. Male Mary Sues are often dubbed "Gary Stu", "Larry Stu", "Marty Stu", or similar names.

Having certain elements of a Mary or Marty Sue is perfectly fine, some characters are made to outshine the rest, from an outside perspective if your character seems to "god" like they will definitely fall into the Mary Sue category.

Jason Todd, voted to die on more occasion, get off your high-horse before Nightwing puts you in your place.

Oh, and i also love it when people go on about having the right to put whatever they want on this site, but get all butthurt when someone expresses their equal right to say it sucks.

Why the hell would you flame a good story to prove a point? Sounds like children at play to me.

4. My Stories

The characters i plan to mainstream at the moment are

The Marauder "Wielder of the Black Flame"

Overlord "The Champion of Andromeda"

Indigo Lantern "The Amethyst Knight"

Emerald Archer "The Living Armory"

and by mainstream I mean that they will appear as the main character in their story, and each will be at least 10,000 words long, but i odds are they will be ever expanding. I am also going to focus on Mainstreaming an O.C. Team named the Justice Empire, who will be featured in the story "Rise of the Empire" and they will have several branches of the team across the world. One including the J.E.A. (Justice Empire Australia) and they will be featured in the story "Justice Empire Chronicles"

Power Boy’s Challenges” is at a halt for the moment, but it will continue soon.

My Main O.C.

The Marauder (Revenant)


Half Mantikai Physiology: The Marauder's cellular structure is much more dense than a regular human body, making it much more durable. The physical limits of the Mantikai's structure is similar to that of the Atlanteans.

Mantikai Wings: The Marauder can summon a pair of wings that lay dormant in the tattoos in his back. The wings themselves being that of the Mantikai are near indestructible, and with them alone allow The Marauder to fly at speeds as high as Mach 1.

Mantikai Eyes: The eyes of the Mantikai are far superior to the human eye. The Marauder's eyes allow him to see a full 360 degrees at once, or focus on a single area, they also have a far greater distance range than that of a human, but its full extent has not been tested.

Enhanced Thought Process:The Marauder's thought process is heightened greatly because of his Mantikai physiology, allowing him to perceive objects moving at high speeds. The Marauder's eyes are even been able to follow The Flash.


Master Swordsman: The Marauder has mastered swordsmanship many lifetimes over.

Strength level

The Marauder can lift 10+ tons due to his half Mantikai physiology and the Nth metal belt.


Hand Usage: The Marauder needs to be able to have access to The Runesword to use its power.

Power Exertion: If the Marauder uses too much of his swords energy at once it takes a physical toll on his body. He has yet to reach that point.

Insanity: In dire situations when the sword itself feels threatened, or is triggered by extreme emotion, it has the power to completely control The Marauders body to do its own will. The sword itself normally has wicked intentions by then. The Marauder has little control of this happening.


Equipment: Nth Metal Belt: The metal the belt is made of is psycho-reactive, responding to its bearer's thoughts and in its base form has a number of electromagnetic/gravitational properties. It was given to him b y Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) from Doctor Fate.

Weightlessness: The Marauder flies at high speeds up to Mach 10 by combining the energy of The Runesword to propel him, the efforts of his wings, and an anti-gravity technology of his belt.

Superspeed: With the belt making the Marauder weightless, he has figured out how to use the energy from his sword to propel any part of his body at speeds as fast as Mach 10 and mastered it to the point where its instinctual.

Enhanced Durability: The Marauder is able to withstand a few blows from superhuman opponents as powerful as Solomon Grundy due to the electro magnetic field produced by the Nth metal.

Temperature Control:Exposure to the Nth Metal allows The Marauder to regulate his temperature to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures

Transportation: Usually Teleportaton, Flight


The Runesword: The Marauder draws most of his power from The Runesword, which is a age old sword said to have been sent down from the god Madrin, who is supposedly the creator the world and universe in the religion from The Marauder's home.

Dark Flame Explosion: The first ability The Marauder learned to use with his sword. The sword emits dark flame like energy in various amounts. The energy has been to been compared to the strength of a solar flair, but the extent of its energy is virtually limitless.

Dark Matter Construction: The Marauder can shift the molecules of his blade into various shapes, and even multiple sizes, normally shields to evade attacks.

Matter Reconstruction: The Marauder can tap into the swords energy with his body, making it possible to break down the molecules of his body (Similar to the way the sword breaks down its molecules to create constructs) then reconfigure them in other areas almost instantly, which emits a cloud of dark smoke upon both configuring, and reconfiguring stages.

Tactical Aura: By further understanding the Dark Matter Ability of the sword, The Marauder is able to create barriers in short bursts over his body to avoid serious damage. It also allows him to fly at high speeds without the effects of friction. Extremely extensive use of this power takes a physical toll on his body. The Marauder was inspired by the Green Lantern's aura to develop this power.

Tactical Repositioning: By using the Matter Reconstruction ability, The Marauder can reconfigure his molecules to the point where he can change his position instantly.

Energy Propulsion: The Marauder uses the energy of his sword to propel any part of his body at speeds as high as Mach 10 within the earth's atmosphere.

Reincarnation: The Runesword and the Marauder are completely bonded through the soul, making it so his soul is forever tied to the sword until it chooses another host. Upon death, The Marauder will be reincarnated into the body of a new born infant the moment of his death. The infant to be born is already chosen by by a mystical force.

Immortality: Once the current incarnation comes in contact with the sword, the aging process stops, and is gifted infinite youth. The Marauder also has no physical need for substance of any kind, though it may be processed if desired. The Marauder can be slain in battle.

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