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Free: Manager,, Editor, and Writer. Any message that you get from this channel will be from Free.

Thea: Writer, Editor, and Creator. Free and Heather's Adventure was Dot's idea and we're currently working on five stories that all relate to Free and Heather's Adventure.

Ari: Artist

Stetson: Writer and Brainstormer.

Bio for each person!

Free - This will probably be the only bio I will do today. Hi, guys! My name is Free. I also go by many things! I love to write and would love to, maybe, one day make a career out of it. I'm a horrible reader though. I can only read something if it is able to flow well. I'm bad with words... I'm pretty good at writing something entertaining though. I've learned from a lot of my mistakes from my earlier chapters.. I may go back and rewrite those... I'm 18, soon to be 19. I've been a fan of Pokemon since it first came out in the U.S.

Stories being written

Through the Eyes of Spade

Reaching for Indigo (Co-writer)

The Hazel From Hoenn

JohtoBlue Chronicles (Co-writer) *on standby*

Free and Heather Holiday Specials *complete for the time being*

Deka in Sinnoh *to be released in a few years* *halfway done*

Kengeon Crisis

A Battle With Time *complete*

The Wings of X 46 *in edit*

The Purity of a Rainbow

Collab with PokeStets23 *unnamed*

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Pokemon Personalities:

Character Biographies

Story - Free and Heather's Adventure

Heather Glacies - Heather was born and raised in Newbark Town. All her life, she has been surrounded by Pokemon battling due to the long line of gym leaders that runs in the family. Her cousin Splash, who is the Newbark Gym Leader, is one of her closest relatives, even though they have never really gotten along. Heather's father left whenever she was very young, and she never had anyone else to look up to as a father figure. She only had her mom. Whenever she was young, she would spend a lot of her time around Professor Elm's laboratory to study all types of Pokemon, but she eventually fell in love with the idea of receiving the water-type Totodile as her first Pokemon. When she was about nine years old, she began to take classes at Professor Elm's laboratory along with other aspiring trainers. There, she met her current best friend, Free. She was chosen, along with Free, to be given a starter Pokemon from Elm. On her tenth birthday, she received her Totodile from Elm and began her journey to collect gym badges in the Johto region along with Free.


Totodile - Ab: Torrent - Moves: Water Gun, Bite, Rage, and Hydro Pump (Only on occasion) Level 32

Flaaffy - Ab: Static - Moves: Thundershock, Charge, Thunder Bolt, and Discharge - Level 30

Muk - Ab: Sticky Hold - Moves: Sludge, Fire Punch, Shadow Sneak, and Sludge Bomb - Level 20

Jolteon - Ab: Volt Absorb - Moves: Thundershock, Pin Missile, Sand-Attack, and Double Kick - Level 28

Misdreavus - Ab: Levitate - Moves: Shadow Ball, Psywave, Perish Song, and Pain Split - Level 26

Girafarig - Ab: Sap Sipper - Moves: Shadow Ball, Crunch, Zen Headbutt, and Energy Ball - Level 27

Chinchou - Ab: - Moves: Thundershock

Won Gym Badges

Zephyr Badge - Chapter 11 Taking it to These Skies

Hive Badge - Chapter 20 Battling the Bug Encyclopedia Part Two

Plain Badge - Chapter 28 Heather vs. The Incredibly Pretty Girl!

Fog Badge - Chapter 33 Rematch With New Friends

Mineral Badge - Chapter 39 Battling With Steel!

Free Flarez - Free was born in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn Region but moved to Cherrygrove in the Johto Region once his parents divorced. He moved with his older brother (Fai), father, and grandfather. His father opened up a gym in Cherrygrove and quickly became region-renowned for it. Free and his brother grew up with fire-types all their lives. Fai quickly fell in love with fire-types while Free fell in love with all types of Pokemon. Free has always looked up to his brother and father but has always felt like he'd never reach their level. After Fai's journey, he succeeded his father at the gym so Free began to study under him. Since Fai was always busy, Free had to find new people to hang out with. He spent his time talking to Pokemon and eventually found a friend in a fellow school peer, Lauren. They planned on going on their adventure together. Around the age of nine, he began to study at Professor Elm's laboratory. While there, he met his current best friend, Heather. Lauren eventually stopped talking to Free after this. His brother always pressured him to get a Cyndaquil, but whenever he got the chance, he received a Chikorita instead. Since this, Free and Fai have rivaled against one another. Free currently travels in Johto with Heather, collecting all the gym badges that he can.


Chikorita - Ab: Overgrow - Moves: Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Vine Whip, Solarbeam - Level 33

Wooper - Ab: Water Absorb - Moves: Water Gun, Mud-Slap, Yawn, and Iron Tail - Level 27

Quilava - Ab: Blaze - Moves: Flame Wheel, Rollout, Flamethrower, and Smokescreen - Level 31

Umbreon - Ab: Synchonize - Moves: Dark Pulse, Quick Attack, Bite, and Shadow Ball - Level 27

Heracross - Ab: Moxie - Moves: Horn Attack, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, and Endure - Level 29

Teddiursa - Ab: Guts - Moves: Fury Swipes, Protect, Brick Break, and Slash - Level 26

Poliwhirl - Ab: - Moves: Dynamicpunch, Water Gun, Bubblebeam

Won Gym Badges

Zephyr Badge - Chapter 12 Can You Say Synthesis?

Hive Badge - Chapter 19 Battling the Bug Encyclopedia Part 1

Plain Badge - Chapter 30 A Rematch Vs The Incredibly Pretty Girl

Fog Badge - Chapter 32 The GhostType Leader

Mineral Badge - Chapter 39 Battling With Steel!

Deka Kusa - Deka was born and raised in Pallet Town in the Kanto region. At a young age, his parents split up and he stayed with his mom while his sister, Clover, went with his dad to Hoenn. Since a young age, he has always been brutally honest. Deka says what is on his mind and will hardly ever regret it. His mom taught him a few techniques of battle whenever he was young, hoping he'd be ahead of other trainers when the time came. Whenever he turned ten, he received a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak. He wanted to be a powerful trainer but wasn't comfortable with the idea of winning gym badges yet. He left for Johto when Clover invited him to travel together so he could train until he figured out what exactly he wanted to do with Pokemon. There, he met up wtih Free and Heather and has joined with them to stop Team Rocket from reviving.


Ivysaur - Ab: Overgrow - Moves: Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, PoisonPowder, and Stun Spore - Level 24

Scyther - Ab: Technician - Moves: Fury Cutter, Quick Attack, False Swipe, and Wing Attack - Level 21

Noctowl - Ab: Keen Eye - Moves: Wing Attack, Hypnosis, Peck, and Confusion - Level 20

With Professor Oak

Eevee - Ab: Run Away - Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack, and Quick Attack - Level 15

Clover Kusa - Clover was born in Pallet Town but moved with her father to Mauville City in the Hoenn Region. She spent a lot of her time picking flowers by a nearby lake where she would play alone with some Pokemon. Occasionally, she would visit her brother in Pallet Town, and they formed a strong connection. Whenever she was eight years old, she got the chance to leave Mauville City with her close cousin, Ryoku, to begin her journey early. She left and eventually caught a Torchic. She fell in love with grooming her Pokemon and makes sure that all of her Pokemon were beautiful. She captured a Bagon before her journey in Hoenn ended. Whenever Deka turned ten, Clover asked if he'd go to Johto with her so they could travel together. She currently travels with Deka, and her two best friends, Free and Heather.


Torchic - Ab: Blaze - Moves: Ember, Scratch, Flamethrower, and Focus Energy - Level 17

Bagon - Ab: Rock Head - Moves: Headbutt, Dragonbreath, Ember, and Bite - Level 24

Swablu - Ab: Natural Cure - Moves: Peck, Sing, Astonish, and Fury Attack - Level 16

Espeon - Ab: Synchronize - Moves: Helping Hand, Confusion, Quick Attack, and Swift - Level 20

Poliwag - Ab: Water Absorb - Moves: Water Gun, Hypnosis, Bubble, and Doubleslap - Level 19

Story - Through the Eyes of Spade

Spade Deno - Spade was born in an unknown part of the Kanto region. His mother was the previous leader of Team Rocket, Madame Boss, and his brother is the current leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. As a kid, he got to travel a lot and witnessed a lot of different Team Rocket operations. He never knew why Team Rocket did what they did as a kid, so he just went along with it. He never liked how Pokemon were treated by Team Rocket. He felt as though they were only tools to the members. Whenever he turned ten, his was unable to recieve a Pokemon from a professor or register for a league because of his affilitation with Team Rocket. He asked for a Pokemon from Giovanni, but he rejected him and dishoned him as a brother. Spade had to steal a Pokemon from Professor Elm so he could start his journey. He currently travels around Johto with Abby Ling.

Pokemon on a Rotation Team

Monferno - Ab: Blaze - Moves: Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Mach Punch, and Dig - Level 38

Machamp - Ab: Guts - Moves: Foresight, Low Sweep, Karate Chop, and Cross Chop - Level 36

Gengar - Ab: Levitate - Moves: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, and Confuse Ray - Level 36

Flareon - Ab: Flash Flare - Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Quick Attack, and Sand-Attack - Level 31

Spinarak - Ab: Swarm - Moves: String Shot, Poison Sting, Night Shade, and Leech Life - Level 28

Electabuzz - Ab: Static - Moves: Thunderpunch, Thunderbolt, Low Kick, and Light Screen - Level 33

Gyarados - Ab: Intimidate - Moves: Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Splash, and Dragon Rage - Level 35

Magmar - Ab: Flame Body - Moves: Fire Punch, Flamethrower - Level 33

Granbull - Ab: Intimidate - Moves: Headbutt, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, and Take Down - Level 34

Zubat - Ab: Inner Focus - Moves: Wing Attack, Bite, Air Cutter, and Swift - Level 33

Shellder - Ab: Skill Link - Moves: Withdraw, Clamp, Razor Shell, Aurora Beam - Level 35

Abby Ling - Abby was born in Pallet Town to a single mom. Her dad left the picture when she was only five years old. Her mother is a semi-famous model and was hardly ever home whenever Abby was growing up. Abby was often left with her grandmother who raised her to be who she is today. Around the age of six, her mother had another child named Amber. She grew close to Amber and they almost became unseperatable. After awhile, Abby felt like there was almost no place for her in the world. Her grandmother told Abby that becoming a trainer could help her figure out her place. Abby received a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak and named him Sam. She quickly left for Johto to start her journey and try to become a Coordinator. She now travels with Spade.


Sam (Bulbasaur) - Ab: Overgrow - Pedal Dance, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, and Sleep Powder - Level 26

Pinki Pie (Ponyta) - Ab: Flash Fire - Bounce, Stomp, Flamethrower, and Fire Spin - Level 23

Shin (Vulpix (Shiny)) - Ab: - Moves: Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Ember, and Iron Tail - Level 23

Nika (Eevee) - Ab: Adaptability - Moves: Double Team, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, and Tackle - Level 19

Bing (Venonat) - Ab: Compoundeyes - Moves: Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Confusion, and Disable - Level 23

Rin (Absol) - Ab: Forewarn - Moves: Razor Wind - Level 27

Story - Reaching for Indigo

Azul Claywood - Azul was born and raised in the Kanto Region's Pallet Town. Quirky and timid, Azul usually stuck to himself because he wasn't great at making friends. Near the beginning of his life, his father disappeared and Azul has no memory of him. His mother has raised him from a boy, and his only father-figure was Professor Oak. During his school years, he made a friend, Rouge, and a tormentor, Verde. Azul and Verde have never gotten along as young children, but would do so whenever it was dire. During their quarels, Rouge would jump in and split them up. The three eventually were brought into Professor Oak's laboratory to study Pokemon. After spending some time in Professor Oak's lab, Azul made the firm decision that he was going to pick Charmander as his starting Pokemon. On the year of his tenth birthday, he got the chance, but lost the Pokemon to Verde by a dirty trick. Azul ended up with a female Bulbasaur that he nicknamed Cherry. He now travels with his new friend Jaune across the Kanto Region.


Cherry (Bulbasaur) (Female) - Ab: Overgrow - Moves: Take Down, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Leech Seed - Level 17

Nidoran (Male) - Ab: Poison Point - Moves: Poison Sting, Peck, Focus Energy, and Double Kick - Level 15

Spearow (Female) - Ab: Keen Eye - Moves: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, Pursuit, - Level 14

Pichu (Male) - Ab: Static - Moves: Volt Tackle, Thunderpunch, Thundershock, and Quick Attack - Level 16

Verde ??? - Verde was born and rasied in the Kanto Region's Pallet Town. Verde, since he was young, always has shown a talent of getting along with Pokemon. In his early years, he was always the top of the class. He always had a close relationship to his sister, who would teach him what she knew about Pokemon. Whenever she left for her journey, Verde began to hang around with Azul and Rouge a lot more. A rivalry was formed between the three of them, and they each knew that they would one day recieve their Pokemon together. Verde used this as a drive to better himself so that he'd be prepared for the day Azul and him would battle. As he studied in Professor Oak's laboratory, he eventually fell in love with the thought of having a Charmander. He would go on to beat Azul in receiving a Charmander, who he would name Charger. He now travels alone, training his Pokemon to one day become the best.


Charger (Charmander) - Ab: Blaze - Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, and Smokescreen - Level 12

Nidoran (Female) - Ab: Poison Point - Moves: Growl, Scratch, Double Kick, and Tail Whip - Level 10

Jaune ??? - Jaune's background is shrouded in mystery. She has yet to reveal to Azul anything about her past, not that Azul has asked. So far, it is known that she does not love battling but will battle if asked. She came to Pallet Town at Professor Oak's request. She received a small Pikachu who she nicknamed Chiboo. She currently is currently traveling with Azul.


Chiboo (Pikachu) - Ab: Static - Moves: Thundershock, Quick Attack, Growl - Level 15

Pidgey - Ab: Tangled Feet - Moves: Tackle, Gust, Sand-Attack - Level 9

Diglett - Ab: Arena Trap - Moves: Dig, Sand-Attack, Astonish, Mud-Slap - Level 13

Rouge Blaise - Rouge was born in Pallet Town around the same time as Azul and Verde. She grew up alongside the two, developing a crush on the both of them. Whenever the two would get into fights, Rouge would step in and stop them. She developed a love for Pokemon because of her oldest brother, who was a Pokemon trainer. Whenever her class graduated, she ended up with Squirtle. She now travels alone throughout Kanto alone, hoping to collect enough badges to enter the Indigo League.


Champion (Squirtle)



Story - The Hazel From Hoenn

Hazel Hackberry - Hazel was born in the Kanto Region, but as soon as she was cleared to leave the hospital, her parents moved to the Hoenn Region. She lived in Littleroot Town with her mother while her father worked on becoming a Gym Leader. Hazel had fallen in love with Pokemon at an early age, and had decided to become a Pokemon Trainer after watching the Ever Grande Conference on television. She met her best friend, Soru, around the age of seven. They have decided to take their journey together. Once she turned ten, she received a Mudkip and left for Kanto where she plans to take on the Indigo League.


Mudkip - Ab: Torrent - Level 16 - Mud-Slap, Tackle, Growl, and Water Gun

Bulbasaur - Ab: Overgrow - Level 14 - Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Tackle, and Leech Seed

Soru ??? - Soru was born and raised in the Hoenn Region. He has always had a very hyperactive personality, never been able to stay in one place at a time. His reckless attitude has forced his mother to be overprotective of him, forcing him to eat healthy and keep up on his workouts. He loves a good time and is unable to see the evil inside of people. He also knows no boundaries, often hugging someone even if they are not a touchy person. Because of his no boundaries, he has been able to pull Elise more out of her shell. Early into his journey, Soru found that he had knack for cooking. He has since become the group's official cook. Soru is unsure of his battling skills, but has taken an interest in Pokemon Contests.


Torchic - Ab: Blaze - Level 14 - Ember, Scratch, Focus Energy, and Peck

Charmander - Ab: Blaze - Level 14 - Ember, Flamethrower, Scratch, and Smokescreen

Stetson Smitty - Stetson was born in the Johto Region's Goldenrod City. His family had parted themselves from most Pokemon oriented jobs, seeing them as useless. Stetson grew up thinking differently. He had taken an interest in Pokemon at a younger age, even becoming interested in Pokemon Breeding. He first fell in love with Pokemon Breeding after watching a fashion show with his uncle, showcasing the different styles of Pokemon Breeding. His uncle had mentioned Stetson to Professor Oak, who later offered him an internship at his laboratory. Much to his parent's protests, he left. Since he has been there, he has paired up many different Pokemon, and fathered others. He has since left the laboratory to journey across Kanto with Hazel and Soru.


Squirtle - Ab: Torrent - Level 15 - Water Gun, Muddy Water, Bubble, and Withdraw

Nidoran (Male) - Ab: Rivalry - Level 13 - Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, and Poison Sting

Elise Holmes - Elise was born into a large family, having five siblings. She is the fifth born and looks up to her older brother. She has lived in Ecruteak for the majority of her life until receiving her Cyndaquil from Professor Elm when she turned ten. She decided to become a Pokemon Photographer, seeing as she has never been able to pick up battling. She often stays quiet, only speaking when spoken too. She has warmed up to Soru the most, seeing as he won't allow her to feel alone. She is still unsure of what she wants to do as a Pokemon Trainer, but in the meantime, she will continue taking pictures and publishing them.


Cyndaquil - Ab: Blaze - Level 13 - Tackle, Leer, Ember, and Smokescreen


More to come! Raver, Kageon, Brogan, Trina, Lauren, and Noir!

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