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Well magnificent viewers, welcome to my domain. Only kidding, why don't you relex? Here, take a seat and I'll tell you about myself. I consider myself polite but I'm told that I often seem sarcastic when in fact I'm trying my hardest to be nice to people so please don't take it the wrong way. I am a massive mass effect junkie (see what I did there? No? *ahem* never mind) and a Warhammer enthusiast. I do have some Warhammer 40K fanfiction I have half-finished lying around somewhere, might publish that if I get the chance but for now I'm working solely on the adventures of John Thompson and Jane Shepard. I write whenever I get the muse and normally take only two days to write a chapter but then it has to be proof-read by my friendly neighbourhood Grammar Nazi, who has just begun playing mass effect 2. In other words I will probably be posting at least once every week. If you have any suggestions for my story(s) please let me know so I can steal...I mean use them.

Doubtless some of you are concerned about the fact that I seem to have dropped off the grid (Least-ways, I hope so...). It is because ever since I left for university I have been overcome with an insurmountable writer's-block. I have been unable to write so much as a sentence on my tale since arriving. Today however, things change. Today I have prevailed against the affliction that has hung over me for these last few months and have finally begun writing once again. Don't hold your breath, though, as I am still only 1700 words in, and I plan this to be a big chapter, hopefully worth the wait.

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