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Author has written 21 stories for DC Superheroes, Teen Titans, Justice League, and Red Hood and the Outlaws.

CHECK OUT THE EARTH-69 WIKI PAGE... http:///wiki/Earth-69

For Wonderboy's direct page visit... http:///wiki/Wonderboy

It's fully updated with everyone's powers and histories as well as pictures for the OC's in Earth-69. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS FROM DC COMICS OR ANY BRANDS, BANDS, LABELS, ETC THAT I PUT IN MY STORIES. WONDERBOY I DO OWN AS HE IS MY O.C. Wonderboy was co-created by MadrinGenisis I also have a number of other OC's featured in my stories.


Donna Troy was killed by Lady Omega in 'Titan International' while protecting the younger heroes. Her death resulted in Wonder Woman changing her gold in her outfit to silver in honor of her fallen sister(she currently looks like her revamped version) and she has become more violent and less forgiving to criminals. Cassie changed her name to Troia in honor of Donna as well.

Captain Marvel has also died and Fawcett City is destroyed. This will eventually lead into the 'New World Order' crisis.

There are infinite Earth's

Indigo Lantern(Ronnie Miller), Orange Lantern(Darren Mayfield), Red Lantern(Nathan Daniels), Star Sapphire(Davith Callisto) and soon to be Blue Lantern Shane White are all from Earth.

Hawk and Dove have split up for unknown reasons.

A team known as the 'Seven Miraculous Women' consisting of Superwoman(Kara Zor-el), Batwoman(team leader), Donna Troy(deceased), Jade, Jesse Quick, and Miss Martian exist. Cassie acting as the new Troia will eventually leave the Titans Bludhaven to take Donna's place.

Kara has changed her costume to the new revamped version when she changed her name to Superwoman

As Troia Cassie wears her revamped costume

Starfire was a Teen Titan before the miraculous seven disappeared. Since then she has join Red Hood and the Outlaws after Nighthunter and Crimson Canary left the team to join the 'Birds of the Night'

Hello readers. My names is Zsashoah for those of you who are curious. My main goal here is to expand Earth-69 with MadrinGenisis as much as possible. I am currently working on a few different stories one of which being a story for a new Daxamite OC superhero called Superstar. He has made his first appearance as a civilian *David* in 'Wonderboy The Self Proclaimed Progeny'. Another project I'm working on is the first male Star Sapphire. He will be in his own city *Solar City* as a solo hero in Earth-69. He will also be making an appearance in 'Wonderboy'. A story I'm really excited to get started, is a story about Black Canary's first progeny Crimson Canary. It will be a male and also take place in Earth-69. Crimson Canary is the grandson of Silver Banshee and will become a Teen Titan. Later he will join a Titan's roster in Titan's International and then become a Bird of the Night. Titan's International will be a series of different Titan's teams spread across America with OC's and mainstream Titan's (we are also looking for OC Titan's to add to Titan's International so if you have an OC Titan let me know). So far we have Titan's Delta (Red Star, Osiris, Moonlight, Alo Verra, Hawkboy) located in Delta City, Titan's Zeta (Superboy, Kid Vixen, Zatarra, Wildfire, Bombshell) located in Fairfield, and Titan's Bludhaven (Wonder Girl, Nighthunter, Crimson Canary, Bombard, Kid Mercury) located in Bludhaven... Something that I've wished too see in the DC comic world are more gay heroes being a gay man myself. I think the reason why there are not mainstream gay male superheroes is because they don't want to make the male heroes seem wimpy in a sense so I think they should create a different type altogether for gay heroes. Super-heroines don't have male progeny's because it's not masculine, but if the male progeny was gay it wouldn't matter and in a sense it balances out. That's what I dominantly try to portray in my stories so now I hope you have a better feel about what I'm like as a writer...

Story Progress...

Story: Wonderboy, The Self Proclaimed Progeny
Protagonist (Main Character): Titus *Wonderboy*
Deuteragonist (Supporting Character): Cassondra Sandsmark *Wonder Girl, James,
Antagonist (Villain): Cloaked Figure
Other Characters: Shane White, Mary Anne, Tyler, Stephan, Titus' Father, Conner *Superboy, Robin, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Captain Marvel Jr, David Grand, Cory Jake Walton... Star Sapphire (Davis), Crimson Canary, Nighthunter, Mikael Race, Match, Sun Girl, Deathstroke, Kid Zoom, Seere, Dark Supergirl, Darkhawk
Fanfic: DC Superheroes
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Status: Active- Typing
Estimated Length: 100,000-125,000
Summary: Titus always deeply admired Wonder Woman as a child. One day on a trip to Egypt with his father, Titus discovered a pair of luminous silver gauntlet's with a silver lasso entangled in them inside a lost tomb. There he learned he was the reincarnation of Xseshuwa the previous champion of the Egyptian gods. When he put on the armor his powers fused with him indirectly catching the attention of the Egyptian god of chaos Seth. Seth murdered his father purely to see the extant of Titus's abilities. Shortly after Titus began to get his life back on track, Seth began to infect his close friends with chaos magic. After Titus saved a couple of his friends he realized he needed to take on a super hero persona. He chose to become Wonderboy in honor of his favorite superhero. Seth controlled Wonder Woman and made Wonderboy fight her. Wonderboy saved her and to show her gratitude she gave him her official blessing to use the Wonder name. From then on he joined the Teen Titan's as a full time member.

Story: The Zenith Defenders
Protagonist: Meava *Miss Magician*... Emerald Archer
Deuteragonist: White Widow, Indigo Lantern, Alexis Luthor, Superstar
Antagonist: TBA
Other Characters: Power Boy
Fanfic: DC Superheroes
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Supernatural, Intense Action, Adventure
Status: Active- typing
Estimated Length: TBA
Summary: Mae had a normal life growing up. She went to school, got good grades and hardly got into trouble. As a young girl her mother gave her a silver and blue bracelet telling her it was a family heirlum that's been passed down for generation's and that she must never loose it. Afraid it might get lost Mae never took it off. At 3:32am on her birthday (the same time she was born) the blue on her bracelet began to glow. It gave her the knowledge of how to use the five basic forms of magic the Twilight Princess once used to defend herself. Confused Mae ran to her parents room hoping they could explain to her what was happening but when she entered their room, it was empty. Weeks passed by and Mae had no leads on the where abouts of her parents. Mae got an annonymous tip that her parents were being held captive in Zenith city by Cadmus. Using her savings Mae hired the bounty hunter Power Boy to accompany her Zenith city. Once their she asked Power Boy to help her infiltrate Cadmus but he denied her saying there was something more important he had to attend too. Mae attempted to infiltrate Cadmus on her own but was quickly discovered. She was saved by Emerald Archer who was there apprently with his own agenda. The two agreed to work together and found extra help from Superstar and Indigo Lantern then once again infiltrated Cadmus.

Story: Titan's Tomorrow
Protagonist: The Marauder, Wonderboy
Deuteragonist: Kid Flash,
Antagonist: The Justice Tyrants... Superman *Conner Kent, Batman *Tim Drake, Wonder Woman *Cassondra Sandmark, The Mystic Marauder *Revan, Malevolent Man *Titus* Dark Raven, Aquawoman
Other Charactors: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Flash *Bart Allen, Angelic Man, Shazam, Mistress Magician, Indigo Lantern, Supernova, White Arrow
Fanfic: DC Superheroes Genre: Mystery, Intense Action, Mild Drama, Slight Romance, Adventure
Status: Active- Typing
Estimated Length: 5000-7000 words.
Summary: The Teen Titan's Superboy, Robin, Wonder Girl, The Marauder, Wonderboy, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian were transported into the future by the Legion of Superheroes to aid them in there battle against the Fatal Five Hundred. After succeeding the Legion opened a boom tomb to send the Titan's home. Before they departed the Legion warned the young heroes to link hands during the trip. If the chain broke before they made it home the team could end up in a random era. Unfortunately the trip home was rougher for the Titan's then expected and Kid Flash accidentally broke the chain taking the Marauder and Wonderboy with him. The story takes place with the Marauder being to first to awaken in a cold dark quiet city in an unknown time.

Story: Star Sapphire, Love Conquers All With Violet Light
Protagonist (Main Character): Star Sapphire
Deuteragonist: Darkhawk
Antagonist: TBA
Fanfic: DC Superheroes
Genre: Romance, Action, Drama, Adventure
Status: Typing
Estimated Length: TBA
Summary: At Davis's high school Solar High, Davis was considered the token gay of his class. Many people knew him as a kind sincere person, but others (mostly jocks) took his kindness for weakness, and would often pick on him about his sexuality. Not having a strong build or much of a will to fight, Davis often just let his terrorizers have there way until they got bored and left him alone. On one occasion the bullies went to far and began severly beating him. The star quater back of Solar City High Cody, drove by and stopped his friends from attacking Davis. His friends questioned why he was helping Davis but he just threatened to beat them up if they didn't leave. Cody took the injured Davis back to his house were he helped Davis clean himself up. Davis questioned Cody about why he was going to such lengths to help him and after some prying Cody finally came out to him but not before making Davis swear he wouldn't tell a soul. Shortly after this event the two began hanging out, gradually becoming closer and closer until their friendship grew into a romantic relationship. They kept their relationship a secret as to not jepordize Cody's chances getting a good scholarship for sports. After high school they were able to publicly display their love. Davis lived happily with Cody for more then a year, but after a while Davis felt Cody growing distant from him. Davis discovered that Cody was seeing another man who he was clearly much more in love with then Davis. Knowing Cody would be happier with his new boyfriend Davis broke up with him with out explaining why so Cody wouldn't feel obligated to stay with him. As much as it tore Davis apart to do it he knew he had to break it off and knowing Cody would be happy kept him content. Star Sapphire Miri Riam was killed in combat causing her ring to find new host. Miri Riam's ring felt Davis' love for Cody and the void left in his heart for having to let him go and sought him out. The same day he broke up with Cody, Davis accepted the ring and became the first male to ever be inducted into the Star Sapphire Corps.

Story: Tournament Of O.C's
Protagonist (Main Charactor): None
Deuteragonist (Supporting Charactor): All entered OC's
Other Charactors: Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Flash
Fanfic: Justice League Genre: Action, Mild Drama
Status: Hiatus as of now but I will finish it after I complete a few other projects
Estimated Length: 10,000-15,000 words
Summary: A tournament were OC's compete from different authors

Story: Love and Beauty
Protagonist: Wonderboy
Deuteragonist: Star Sapphire *Davis*
Other Characters: TBA
Fanfic: DC Superheroes
Genre: Romance Status: In Thought
Estimated Length: One Shot
Summary: Highlights of the adventures Wonderboy and Star Sapphire experience together

Story: Nighthunter
Protagonist: Nighthunter
Deuteragonist: Jake, White Panther
Other Characters: Huntress
Fanfic: DC Superheroes
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Estimated Length: One Shot
Summary: While Huntress is away in France breaking up a prostitution ring, Nighthunter will be forced save a high school student Jake, he once saved as a child. With the sudden appearance of a new thief in town going by White Panther, and their relation to a mob family that wants to capture Jake for unknown purposes Nighthunter's going to have trouble keeping his new friend safe.

Wonderboy Stats...

Favorite Quote (from Wonderboy to The Marauder): "That's not what I'm getting at. I have to say the thought of leaving the Titans has already occurred to me too, and I'd gladly leave with you, but the fact is you really are an amazing hero. You have so much power and I know you have a good heart. We can leave the Titan's, we can do it tomorrow, but don't strip yourself of the honor that is in being a hero. Who knows, you can save the entire world someday.

Strength: Granted vast strength by the Egyptian god Amon, Wonderboy can easily lift 100+ tons.

Speed: Granted speed by the god Heru, Wonderboy can reach Mach 10 when using his full potential

Durability: Granted durability by Shu, Wonderboy can withstand punches from powerful meta humans like Wonder Woman and Bizarro and continue to fight. Wonderboy also regenerates at a superhuman level and can heal from grave injuries in just a few hours.

Flight: Also granted flight by Heru, Wonderboy can fly at Mach 10 when using his full potential.

Allure: Wonderboy's allure has more then one ability. First it hides his secret identity since he chooses not to wear a mask to follow the Wonder tradition. It does this by minimally altering reality for instance, people who know Wonderboy in his civilian identity and also know him as Wonderboy won't make the connection that he's the same person. The flaw in this is if someone saw Tidus change into his Wonderboy costume his allure's effect will be broken. It does also make those around him attracted to him. The more Wonderboy is attracted to someone represents how potently the allure will effect them. This ability was inspired from Wonder Woman being blessed with beauty from Aphrodite.

Serqet's Ankh: Wonderboy can call on the god Serqet's healing abilities to heal his comrades in a matter of minutes. As long as the victim has a shred of life in them, Wonderboy can fully repair them.

Celestial Arrow: The Celestial Arrow is Wonderboy's most powerful attack. It draws it's power directly from the Egyptian gods and is fast enough to catch the Flash. The arrow fire can burn through any substance. This attack nearly depletes Wonderboy of his power so he'll only us it in dire situations.

Telepathy: With help from Green Angel, Wonderboy has developed his telepathy to the point were he can willfully hear any person's current thought within a half mile radius. He can also see images and memories if he's making physical contact with that person. If Wonderboy has someone within his eye contact he can hypnotize them to do his bidding depending on how much will power they have. If a person has a stronger will power then Wonderboy, he will not be able to mesmerize them.

Equipment: Lasso of Neutrality, and his gauntlet's

Lasso of Neutrality: Wonderboy's lasso takes away any meta human's abilities once they come into contact with it. The lasso does not effect the owner hence why it does not effect WonderboyThe lasso is infinite in length and indestructible.

Gauntlets: Wonderboy's gauntlets are protected by magic and are virtually invincible.

Facebook URL: http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/profile.php?id=100000939230394

A little bit about me: Wonder Woman has been my favorite superhero ever since I got into comics. Creating the character Wonderboy is one of the funnest creative projects I've been working on. My stories all take place on Earth-69 along with Madrin Genisis's O.C character The Marauder (Revenant). This universe has basically the same history as New Earth with a few minor changes like the existence of Wonderboy and the Maruader. If you have any cool O.C characters you want to be in our universe let us know. We'd love to work with others on new stories.

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Titan of the Future by Rider Paladin reviews
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Learn how a trip to Egypt with his father changes Titus's life forever, and tranforms him into the superhero he's always wanted to be Wonderboy. Contain's OC's, romance, action & mystery. CHAPTERS 1-17 EDITED AND REVISED... EARTH-69.
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the original charactors participating in the tournament other then Wonderboy. I also do not own any DC or Marvel comic charactors. This is just the start... as of right now on hiatus until I finsish some other projects...
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