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- WARNING - I do not support slash. Slash, in my definition, is a boyxboy pairing that was not meant to be in the anime/manga/book, etc. Same goes for incest. I do not like Carrot/Marron stories, nor do I like Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha ones, or Naraku/Inuyasha, or any of the sort. I'm open to new pairs, yes, but not slash. HOWEVER! Firstly, I'm not homophobic, and secondly, I support yaoi/shounen-ai! As well as shoujo-ai, but whatever, like in Utena. The current couples I know of and read about happily, are D/Orcot from Pet Shop Of Horrors, and Yukito/Touya from CCS and Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles. I'm planning to read FAKE as well, so I'll support that couple. This simply is a warning and notice, because I detest the hate mail I've recieved in the past for the few flames I've doled out. ~


~ Notice-I took off my JACK manual, everyone. O.o I'm lazy. I'll put it up later after I fix it. But, for now, go to Theresa Green's directory page and get the link to the other JACK manual. O.o;; I forget her penname, the other one who did a JACK manual...>_> ~


Katani: Ohayou! (Or whatever else you'd like, depending on the time you be readin' this!)
Ebil: *prods her* Katani, tell them about yeh idea!
Katani: *pouts* Why? Not like anyone reads meh fanfics, only cuz they aren't rated R. Anyways, it's YOUR idea.
Ebil: ...I won't comment on that. And secondly, yes, I know, I'm your muse, big deal. Still your idea.
Katani: Oh fine. Y'know how I said a while ago, that I planned to start writing only songfics, with the exception of my CCS fanfictions? Well, I was bored, and came up with songs for each of the anime/mangas I like, perhaps someday I shall write each one! Yeah right...
Ebil: How did I get stuck with such a procrastinating person?! THIS IS TOO HARD ON ME! I'M ONLY A MUSE!!!!
Katani: *smacks her* Oh, and, when I say my "why" was "AMV," go to www.animemusicvideos.org and you'll be able to see the AMV if you have an account.
Ebil: Well, what this is, is sort of all the songs Katani-sama can think up that fit the animes/mangas well. For now, only one song will be put for the animes/mangas. When we get around to it, we'll post new ones.

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