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Hey. just wanted to say a few things about myself. i'm in high school. i love books, i like any type of book really, unless it sucks(girl with the peal earring*random coughing in the background* who said that?) i listen to all types of music so i'm pretty open to most art forms and types of literature.

i have quite a few series that i absoloutly fell in love with: Mortal instruments, Gone series, Harry Potter, vampire academy, infernal devices, and the list goes on. i've only been on fanfic for about a month or so...kind of lost count. i'm slightly obsessive with certain ships in books; so expect repeated ships in my stories. so yeah; that's about it. i honestly thought i'd have more than two mini paragraphs about myself but i guess not...

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Éponine begins working in Montparnasse's coffee shop, and her life becomes entangled with the students in the bar downstairs who talk of revolutions. (Modern AU. Enjolras/Éponine.)
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He shouldn't care that the kid was about to die. Hell, he'd lost track of how many times he'd tried to kill him himself. But dammit, Charlie was his! Unintentional h/c! The best kind! :D
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Instead of Amy it's Charlie Jerry catches at the Night Club.
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Tessa can't move forward. Magnus can't root himself in the past. Two friends share a conversation over a century after they first meet. Malec, implied Tessa/Will and Tessa/Jem.
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City of Glass, starting at page 421 in the book, from Alec's point of view. It goes through the entirety of the book as well as after. Pairing: Alec/Magnus, Slash. Rated M for language and sexual themes. Mortal Instrument's belongs to Cassandra Clare.
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Lana's Comfort by II Escape F A T E II reviews
Lana's alone at Clifftop;; thinking about her life in the FAYZ when Edilio comes in. Who knew that one little conversation could possibly change her pessimistic attitude? Rated T for Lana's little 'habits'. Set Post LIES.
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Diana is turning fifteen, and she is determined to blink out. Caine, however, will do anything to make her stay.
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Girl Talk by Raven-Rach reviews
Isabelle and Clary attempt some old fashioned bonding, but Clary never imagined that Girl Talk could involve such serious issues. What does Isabelle think of Clary & Jace's complicated relationship? And why does Clary want to run away from it all? Oneshot
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One shot: survival in the arena is near impossible, esepcially when surrounded by the shady characters of districts one and two. But when Cato offers his unlikely friendship,Clove is torn between preserving her dignity or her life.
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set after lies: Will she pluck up the courage? Will she even know what to say? Her words always seem to be drowned out by the rapid beating of her heart. How hard could it be to say I love you?
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set after COFA. Clary is suspicious of Jace's recent, odd behavior, finds out the truth after multiple hints from antisocial vampire head Raphael who seems to know more than he is letting on. review please.
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