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Hello all. FBL here (don't ask me why I chose Funny-Bunny-lover as my penname... I was like 12 when I made this, and it just stuck)

I'm wondering why you are here right now, but I don't really care how you got here. Just makes me happy someone is here to say "Hi" to me! :)

If you are here and you are planning on writing an amazing SYOT, PM me!!! I love making characters! It might take me a bit because I like to think a lot before I get typing, but I usually am pretty quick and detailed about it.

I tried to write a SYOT once... It did not work out. I am not a patient person (I'm an Aries), and I couldn't do it.


Some stuff about me:

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: I have blonde/brown that is just past medium length hair that I can never pinpoint down to one color, biggish brown eyes and I have pale, but still tan skin. That was weird. I guess my skin would be considered light olive, because I never really burn, but who knows? I’m quite tall for my age and my height is 5’9 (though I am shorter than most of my family). I think I have a big nose, but people tell me I don’t. I also believe that I have amazing Diva Eyebrows ;) (yes I’m weird).

Favorite Color: Lilac with grey

Favorite Animal: Fox!!!

Favorite Movie: Dead Poet's Society

Favorite Book: … I wouldn’t know where to start

Favorite Song: Gasoline by Halsey

Myers Briggs: ENTJ

I took a quiz a while back at: And I would highly recommend taking it.

Here are the results to the fandoms I know:

Harry Potter: Slytherin

Hunger Games: District 7

Twilight: Human (I actually don’t dislike Twilight. It isn’t great, but it isn’t awful either. Anna Kendrick as Jessica is SO FUNNY! Also Charlie is just great. I want a rewrite from his perspective, but he just goes off and like slays everyone.)

Lord of the Rings: Elf

Star Wars: Jedi

Divergent: Candor

His Dark Materials: Will’s Oxford

Mortal Instruments: Shadowhunter

Percy Jackson: God

Chronicles of Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve

Game of Thrones: House Tyrell

Dr. Who: The Doctor

Tributes Submitted:

Too Fucking Many.

Honestly, I love SYOTs, but I have this curse that every time I try and submit to a good one, the author decides to take a break from FF.

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